Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Request to Require -- Tolerate to Mandate

In its early days, what we now know as the “LGBT Community” begged society for tolerance of “alternative lifestyles.” Then it asked for acceptance. After gaining some measure of political clout, it demanded “rights.” Lately, it is imposing conformity by legislating civil penalties against people who adhere to biological facts and religious beliefs about LGBT issues. How soon before it criminalizes dissent? How soon will we discover as Cool Hand Luke did that if you don’t, “Get your mind right,” you’ll “spend a night in the box.”

Last week I saw two stories alerting me that it’s just around the corner. The first was in National Review about a former 30-year Emergency Room doctor in the UK who didn’t have his mind right and was fired. His offense? He said he wouldn’t use a “preferred pronoun” when treating a hypothetical “transexual.” He’d refuse to call a man who claimed he was a woman “she.” He said — as a scientist — that it’s impossible for a man to change into a woman. “If somebody has male XY chromosomes and male genitalia,” he said, “I cannot in good conscience call them a woman.” As a Christian, he believes God created humans: “Man and woman he created them,” he said, citing Genesis, Chapter 5: Verse 2.

Dr. Mackereth
Doctors in the UK, however, work for the government and the LGBT lobby mandates conformity from all government employees. It determined that Dr. David Mackereth didn’t have his mind right and could no longer practice medicine. At fifty-five, he was out of a job. Government would force him to ignore science, deny his religious faith, and lie in order to continue practicing. “I knew it could be the end of my work as a doctor,” he said, “but I could not live with myself if I didn’t speak up. It would be dishonest — and I didn’t want to live a lie.”

The second story was in The Federalist: “Starting July 1, 2020, all Illinois public schools are legally required to teach children LGBT history and only buy textbooks that include the topic. NPR affiliate Illinois Public Radio labeled Christian and conservative opposition to this law while it was being considered as stemming from ‘hate groups.’”

According to government-sponsored radio in Illinois, Catholics who believe Catholic doctrine that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered belong to a “hate group.” How long before Catholics are charged with “hate crimes” and imprisoned?

I’ve watched the steady advance of leftist control in public education ever since my own career began in 1975. In 2000, I had to pick out a textbook for 8th graders, but all texts by the standard publishers contained a pronounced left-wing bias and they were costly. I told the principal if I could pick save him money and purchase two cheaper texts for each student: leftist A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn and conservative: A Patriot’s History of the United States by Schweikart & Allen — I could get both for far less the price of one standard text. I could then compare and contrast perspectives in each of my lessons. He said that would be fine if I were to continue teaching, but what if I retired? What was the likelihood that whoever replaced me could do that?

I had to admit it wasn’t likely and had to pick one of the standard, leftist texts: Prentice Hall’s The American Nation, the most-used text in the country at the time. I didn’t like it but figured I would offer students contrasting perspectives from other sources when the bias got too strong. As bad as The American Nation was, it seems middle of the road now compared to what is mandated in Illinois — as well as in California, Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon where similar laws have been passed. The left controls education thoroughly now, kindergarten to graduate school, and the LGBT lobby is riding high.

Illinois teachers' guide from Human Rights Campaign
Illinois’ Evanston/Skokie schools adopted a curriculum like what will be mandatory next year across the state. The equal sign logo of the Human Rights Campaign — the nation's largest, most powerful LGBT lobby — is stamped all over the materials. Children 3-5 are told about Jazz, a boy who wanted to be a girl. They see a video in which he reads from a book about his transition that made him happy. At the end, Jazz says: “To all the kids out there who are seeing this book for the first time, I just want to say that you can be like Jazz. You can be your true self.”

Illinois teachers' guide from Human Rights Campaign
The left insists homosexuals and transgenders are born that way, but what if they aren’t? Research at Brown University strongly suggests that: “‘Rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ [transgenderism] may be a social contagion linked with having friends who identify as LGBT, an identity politics culture, and an increase in internet use.” Are public schools turning into laboratories for LGBT identity culture?


Jared James Bristol said...

Can't wait to hear what idiot Brian has to say on this one!

CaptDMO said...

Tell me again why the police (repeatedly) responded to The Stonewall bar, and the surrounding neighborhood.
(I noticed a reference in the "coloring book" designed to appeal to children.)

Brian said...

Health care is a service industry, and in the service industry “the customer is always right”. If a customer wants to be called an egg salad sandwich, then call them an egg salad sandwich, who cares. Using religion or saying it would be “living a lie” to use another pronoun is melodramatic nonsense. Employers have a right to get rid of employees who do not treat their clients or customers with respect. My daughter has a friend who has transitioned, and I find it quite silly to refer to him as “they”, as in “Are they coming over to visit?” when it is just one person being referred to. Since “they” are never around in this situation I do not use the pronoun I find to be silly. But when this person is around I use male pronouns as that is how they identify. It just seems like it would be an A-hole move to not show them that respect. It’s no skin off my back. Live and let live.

Jared James Bristol said...

Well, there's the first response, in effect..."Your truth and my truth". Anything less from Brian wouldn't be progressivized. So we should teach Brian's truth to my kids when they're so young they will belive it?

Brian said...

Your comprehension skills are in question, Jared. How did I in any way mention different truths?

Kafir said...

Whatever happened to “Think for Yourself; Question Authority”? All good doobie Leftists understand the tactic of incrementalism from the old Soviet playbooks. Agenda driven change doesn’t happen overnight. The masses need to be gradually spoonfed gibberish until it becomes a reality no matter how long it takes.

I’ve posted this quote several times which originated with David Horowitz when he was a 60’s radical before becoming a champion of conservative causes: “The issue is never the issue; the issue is ALWAYS the [Marxist] revolution. Pick an agenda - gay rights, civil rights, immigration, the environment. To the Left, the issue is ONLY relevant if it provides them with power and wealth to the expense of all else.”

Think about that whenever you hear about an issue which may appear absolutely ridiculous on the surface. The revolutionary, instead of lurking in the shadows to gradually change our culture and values, is now right up front to shove his BS down your throat. Question those who try to lord over you and then kick him or her (only) in the ass!

Brian said...

The notion that Civil Rights were fought for in order to provide power and wealth to liberals at the expense of all else is so incredibly ludicrous and laughable that Kafir comes off simply as an ignorant dolt.

It is very strange that the concept of tolerance is so repulsive to some people and gets them all riled up to spout gibberish like this!

Kafir said...

I must admit I’m no genius like Brian who likely sides with the scum in Antifa who claim to be tolerant and consider conservatives to be Fascists when they themselves are Fascists.

I’ll break this down for you using small words and short sentences so you might understand my point:

* Liberals don’t care about civil rights for blacks. They only pretend to so they remain on the Democrat plantation.
* Liberals don’t care about illegal aliens. They only want a permanent underclass and votes.
* Liberals don’t care about Muslim refugees. They have formed an “unholy alliance” with them to help destroy American culture.
* Liberals don’t care about gay or women’s rights. Otherwise, they wouldn’t align themselves with Muslims.
* Liberals don’t care about fake Climate Change. It’s a means for Al Gore and others to become wealthy.

Now, I have to excuse myself so I can watch “The Five” on Fox News.

Jared James Bristol said...

OK, Brian, let me try to spell it out for you. I won't necessarilly use small words and short sentences like Kafir did. Afterall, I don't have your comprehension skills! But I will type slowly for ya. You kowtow (Sorry, is that an Indian term? Oh no, that's pow-wow.) to the whims of your child's friend and its perceived trans status, right? The truth (biological) vs its truth. You make its truth yours. You concur and encourage. Here is how that issue has progressed: First, confused and deluded people were hurting and asking "normals" to tolerate their perceived differences. Not long down the road, they were demanding tolerance, and acceptance. Then they institutionalized their differences as somehow "natural", even good. Then they fought for, and with help from your type, got laws to back up those demands, parades to flaunt their behaviors and penalties to anyone who doesn't kowtow like you like to do. In time, they produced "hate laws" to punish the "normals" they hate. Today, their efforts have resulted in them being able to pronounce their hate in violent demonstrations against those who argue that their differences are not OK, for society or for they themselves. That would violate free speech laws that are surely suffering. Our country is suffering. It's not because I'm conservative, which I am, because we were fine before the progressive, leftist, communist, Marxists like yourself began the transformation in the 60's. Can you dig this, Brian? All the upheaval in America has been triggered, and enflamed by the left (you too), under the auspices of the communist manifesto and ala Rules for Radicals (dedicated to Lucifer). We will not let you finish the job.

Brian said...

Ah., so your claim is that liberals fight for what is right for the wrong reasons. I'm not accepting that as true, but even if it were it is better than fighting against what is right for the wrong reasons, as the far right seems to enjoy doing.

Your fantasizing about the true motives of liberals is woefully ignorant. I'm not a democrat, but I am a liberal, and I am calling you out for being an A-hole for claiming that I don't care about civil rights, or refugees or women's rights, or climate change. Because you don't know me or why I stand for basic human decency, or care enough about my grandchildren to want to protect the environment.

So keep your head in your bubble and get back to your State-run "News".

I'll get back to counting my chestfuls of money I have gotten from siding with good causes like civil rights, and cackle my best villain laugh as I gloat over the wealth and power I have at the expense of you and everybody else....

heh heh heh.....

Brian said...

Jared, your naive thoughts really peeked when you said:

"we were fine before the progressive, leftist, communist, Marxists like yourself began the transformation in the 60's."

That says it all. That screams that you are a blatant racist who thought we were "just fine" before leftists fought against ongoing segregation in the 60's.

And now, just look at all the enflaming the far right is doing, such as with their video of Trump killing his enemies, etc.

And sorry, the job WILL be finished. The job started with the Civil War and continuing onto the 60's fighting for civil rights, and with the soon to be squashing of the last tired old pathetic weak pimple burst of a president representing the lost "good ol days" when people knew their place.

Can you dig this, Jared?

Jared James Bristol said...

The best the left does is to project. Your history is twisted, Brian. Republicans ended slavery. Remember Lincoln? And Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act in the 60's, over decided left opposition. Need anyone say more? As I invited you to react, you again prove your idiocy. On top of everything else, you're so enraged at hearing the truth that you've mixed your projections to my comments with those of Kafir. And just exactly what did I say that was racist? It always comes down to name calling and the race card.

Brian said...

I have always said that the Republican party used to be honorable. I come from a long line of republicans which only changed starting in the Bush II years. That party is long gone, sold it's soul for power. Lincoln would puke if he saw what the bitchy little incompetent clown is doing to the country.

What did you say that was racist? I already told you, try and stay focused. You said that we were "fine" before we ended segregation and the Jim Crow laws of the 60's. That is like saying there were "very fine" people that marched with the neo-nazis. Pure racist talk. Funny you complain about name calling in the same post you try and say I'm an idiot.

But back to your ignorant thoughts on my daughters friend. I have known this person since they were little. I have seen the struggles, the agony, the bullying, and the depression that they have gone through. They did not want this....the decision to transition was certainly no "whim." THAT thought is idiocy. Showing this person tolerance and acceptance is not "kowtowing", it is simply showing something you lack - human decency.

And once more your comprehension skills prove to be miserable. At what point did I confuse your inane ramblings with those of Kafir?

Jared James Bristol said...

Brian, look back at your first response in this increasingly vile string (as all of your strings evolve). In it you tell of your daughter's friend (referencing him) but then you say you use male pronouns because that is how they identify??? Reread what you wrote and then talk to me about comprehension... or correct your confusion. No, I never said we were fine before we ended "segregation and Jim Crow". I repeat it was Republicans who ended slavery and passed Civil Rights. I simply mentioned the 60's. Much more than racial issues spewed forth from that decade. Permissiveness, free love, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, lack of discipline, relative truths, "power to the people" like Antifa?, etc., etc.. But where do you reflexively jump? Race card. I was a hippie then. Now I'm conservative. As some of us grow older, and dare I say wiser, we change. You've undoubtedly heard the saying, "If you're in your 20's and not a liberal, you have no heart, but if you're in your 40's and still a liberal, you have no brain", yes?
Look, maybe in other aspects you're OK. But in the comments section of Tom's blog, you are an itolerable bore. You get along with nobody. Do you see that? I actually wish you well. I have to. God demands it.

Brian said...

Jared, I am not sure what your confusion is, but your comprehension problems continue. Yes, I use "him" because that is how he identifies. He looks, sounds and acts like a male.

Your direct quote: "we were fine before the progressive, leftist, communist, Marxists like yourself began the transformation in the 60's." THE biggest transformation of the 60's was with civil rights. We were certainly not "fine" with segregation going on. Your defense is akin to somebody claiming that things were fine in Germany in the 1930's (because of things like low unemployment, etc) while ignoring THE main issue.

I've heard this: "If you're in your 20's and not a liberal, you have no soul, but if you're in your 40's and no longer a liberal, you have sold your soul"

I guess the posters I get along with by agreeing with them, like steve and nick, don't count for some reason. Thank you for wishing me well...I return the sentiment.

Jared James Bristol said...

Reread your first post. " My daughter has a friend who has transitioned, and I find it quite silly to refer to him as 'they'"... Anyone would read that as though the friend is a male. You don't see you could have confused this in your writing? You see, the whole trans thing is a confusing, rather significantly new social class, Brian. God created them man and woman, still to this day. Psychology and social systems have created the alphabet of deluded variances. Now before you preach psyche 101 to me, my first degree is the BA in Psychology, albeit from a time when homosexuality was considered a personality disorder! Subsequently I hold BS's in Science and Education. If you would now call this BS, consider that you can look me up. I'm using my full, real name, unlike yourself. I have nothing to hide. There's no Steve or Nick in this thread. By all means, let's hear from Stevey Nicks!

Brian said...

He IS a male. That is what HE transitioned to.

Yes, it is confusing....just as confusing as God made it, if that is your belief. Have you ever heard of hermaphrodites? Shit happens. If God can make a slightly more obvious mix of man/woman, why is it so hard to believe he/she also creates slightly less obvious mixes?

And I guess since steve or nick haven't posted on this thread you must be right and I "get along with no one". If that makes you feel better.

But since you wanted to hear from Stevie Nicks:

"I have never looked at gay people as different from any other people,” she says. “We are all one consciousness. She talks about a close companion who struggled with coming out years ago... “The idea of carrying that secret around would have killed me,”

Sounds like she has some basic human decency!

Kafir said...

Brian is a bit misguided and not very knowledgeable about American history. The modern Democrat Party has evolved into a pathetic excuse for a major political party, but they have always been on the wrong side of the issue when it comes to civil rights. Historically, they have "defended slavery, started the civil war (war of secession technically), opposed reconstruction, founded the KKK, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings and fought against civil rights acts."

Don't take my word for it. After all, I'm not in your league intellectually. You should watch this 5 minute video by Carol Swain, a professor at Vanderbilt University who happens to be black. https://www.prageru.com/video/the-inconvenient-truth-about-the-democratic-party/
The Democrats try to control the narrative, but do not control the truth. Have a nice day!

Jared James Bristol said...

Well, at least now you're clearer. No admittance of confusing verbiage, however. Oh well. I think Kafir put the issue on Democrats better than I could. The truth is...hmmm...might you consider that people who trans end up more troubled than if they had sought good counseling and stayed with their biological sex? "Might". And yes, I know about hermaphrodites. I also know about a "tribe" of chimps where females are the aggresors, the alphas, and everybody screws everybody. You jump straight from the exception to acceptance of very rare behavior and from tolerance to demands all the way to criminal penalties to those of us who dare to express the old fashioned perspective and question the rather outlandish changes you want. That's Tom's point here. It's out of control and it's tearing our country to shreds. That is, the left's neurotic if not psychotic issues. Like I said, we will stop you, and I don't think the left is ready for what they are unleashing. Just cool your jets and talk sanely. Very cute on Stevie Nicks but I don't subscribe to her philosophies, anymore than Michael Moore, probably another of your gurus.

Brian said...

For a more nuanced look into Swain's claims:


Revisionist history or not, it is history. Let's look at what is happening in this day and age. Let's look at all the white supremacists who have been endorsing REPUBLICANS, or even running for office as REPUBLICANS:

Andrew Anglin, who runs the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, bragged that his people helped get Trump into office.

Former leader of the American Nazi Party and Holocaust denier Arthur Jones was the Republican candidate for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

Russell Walker, who ran to represent District 48 in the North Carolina House of Representatives, argued on his personal website that “God is a racist and white supremacist”

Corey Stewart ran for U.S. Senate in Virginia making several joint appearances with white supremacist Jason Kessler,

White supremacist Paul Nehlen ran in the Republican primary for U.S. Representative from Wisconsin's 1st congressional district in 2016 and 2018.

Then there are the endorsements from one time Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke ("that's why we voted for Donald Trump)....

...So let's hear your list of KKK members, Neo nazi's and white supremacists who have recently ran as Democrats.....

...I'm waiting.

Brian said...

Jared, could you give me some examples of how you think transsexuals, or the acceptance of them, is "tearing our country to shreds"? Our country has far, far greater problems.

...Or an example of anything I said that was not "sane"?

And you avoided this question: If God can make a slightly more obvious mix of man/woman, why is it so hard to believe he/she also creates slightly less obvious mixes?

As for "stopping us", I don't think that will happen. I believe good inevitably wins out. In the famous words of MLK:

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”

Anonymous said...

I'll look at your website if you'll watch a 30 minute video speech by Pamela Gellar. I can't wait to hear your take on it and we can swap stories. I gave you a relatively short list of the left's leanings, certainly not just trans people are tearing our country apart. On the trans issue, your people are jumping all over toddlers to encourage them to possible consider they are not male, even though they have the penis. Is that sane?

Brian said...

...I'm waiting.

Jared James Bristol said...

Sorry you're waiting, Brian. I have a life playing guitar on our worship team and we practice. I've read your article. Over and over it says both "parities" are guilty of not acting real well toward blacks. Maaybe some truth in that. But like this statement quoted below, it also points out many times that generally the Republican North was anti-slavery while the Democratic South was for it.
"The Republican Party was created in 1854 from the ruins of the Whig Party in direct response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed the extension of slavery into some U.S. territories. Its early ideology was in support of classical liberalism. Because Republicans opposed expanding slavery, it isn’t surprising that, by 1860, when they first came to power, there were no Party leaders who owned slaves."
Although I'm not a political science student, I believe the forces of the 60's Dems opposed the Civil Rights Act. Their voting record is public knowledge and it was the R's who voted it in. No? Beyond that, there are the modern racial horrors committed in the deep south, largely D's. Senator Byrd (D) was the grand puhpah of the KKK and Hillary's mentor! Beyond that, what do you say about the plight of so many of our cities controlled by D's where blacks have floundered in abject poverty, violence, educational deprivation, slums, drugs, crime at all levels? Are they not the racists in their corruptions? Lincoln's statement is very interesting in that he stated some truths. We are different in several aspects. Anyone who denies that is simply deluded...it's not racist to see the differences. It's rational.
So what do you have to say about Pam Gellar? PS: "Anonymous" above was obviously me missing a click when entering a response.

Brian said...

blah blah blah about the past....

...So let's hear your list of KKK members, Neo nazi's and white supremacists who have recently ran as Democrats.....

...I'm waiting.

Jared James Bristol said...

And you can wait...until you fulfill your side of the bargain.

Brian said...

Lame excuse Jared.....I wait because you have no answer and would therefore have to admit that it is the Republican party that now best represents white supremacy and Anti-Civil Rights.

I asked first, THEN you make a "bargain".....beyond lame.

While I wait, you can digest this....as Trump mocked Lincoln last night General Mattis gave some Lincoln quotes suggesting that they fit the Child Clown in office:

"Lincoln went on, it was not the foreign aggressor we must fear; it was corrosion from within. The rot, the viciousness, the lassitude, the ignorance," Mattis paraphrased from the Lyceum speech. "Anarchy is one potential consequence of all this. Another is the rise of an ambitious leader unfettered by conscience or precedent or decency who would make themselves supreme.

Brian said...

As for Geller, why waste 34 minutes of my life listening to somebody so careless and/or dishonest. This is the lady who included a video in her newsletter intending to prove that immigrants posed a dangerous threat which proved to be in actuality an amateur recording of the shooting of an Italian film called Mediterranea.

Oh, and the other question you are still hiding from: If God can make a slightly more obvious mix of man/woman, why is it so hard to believe he/she also creates slightly less obvious mixes?

Jared James Bristol said...

Talk about lame? I read your article, responded on it and you won't watch a video. Bye.

Brian said...

Jared says "Bye".

Here is what that obviously means....

"I give up, you win. I can't answer your question about Nazis and white supremacists because they only seem to support, and run as, Republicans nowadays, and my deflection to long past history didn't work, and I can't answer your question about my god creating male/female mixtures because that would make me think too much and disturb my Black/White world view, and I can't defend Trump because we all know General Mattis is right about him, and I can't defend Pam Greller (who has also been caught in other lies, such as about the Parkland shooter) so I'll ignore your reason for not wasting your time with her, and just say "bye". Because what else can I do?

Thanks, Jared, you have said enough.

Sami Gay said...

I love how Brian runs circles around the bigots and always gets the last word. Keep up the good work, lad!