Sunday, September 26, 2021


Newspaper publisher Mark Guerringue sits in the left chair.

Covid dominates our discussion. Mark believes everyone should be vaccinated. I don't agree that government should force it. We have both been vaccinated for Covid. Mark points to George Washington mandating that all his soldiers be given smallpox vaccine. I point out that he was a general then and not the president. I question whether a president has constitutional authority to force citizens to get the jab.

Mark says this covid vaccine is different from traditional ones like smallpox in that it doesn't transfer weak virus but there's a change in its molecular structure, so it's new. He insists that most nearly all new infections occur in the unvaccinated. I point out that Israel's population is more than 85% vaccinated but also has the most new infections. I point to studies indicating that natural antibodies in someone who got Covid and didn't get sick are several times stronger than those from a vaccine. He thinks it's just the opposite.