Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Male Issues

At the Women's March

Men aren’t doing well here in the 21st century. Male life expectancy has always been lower than that of females by about five years but lately, it is declining further. Researchers cite what they call “deaths of despair” in non-college-educated white men aged 45-54. “The mortality rate for that group… increased by a half percent each year from 1999 to 2013,” according to NPR, mostly because of suicide, drugs, and alcohol, yet progressives insist men should renounce their “white male privilege.” It would appear that white men are feeling anything but privileged.

Fifty years ago, 60% of those with bachelor’s degrees were men. Today the reverse is true. Boys are behind girls in primary and secondary schools as well and according to a 2002 60 Minutes report they’ve been falling behind for a long time. Increasingly, boys simply don’t like school. For many parents, it’s a fight to get their sons to school every morning.

During my teaching career, it was clear that the culture of most public school classrooms suited girls much more than boys, many of whom found it confining and restrictive. They needed more active, hands-on activities such as a vocational school environment would provide. Unfortunately, those were reserved for high school boys only — by which time many had developed profoundly negative feelings about school and themselves that were very hard to penetrate.

Men who do go to college might be considered part of a “rape culture,” especially white men. Ask the Duke Lacrosse team. Ask the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity about “rape culture.” With no evidence, and only on the word of a single woman in each case, two large universities made these young men’s lives hell because both institutions denied the men any presumption of innocence and automatically assumed the worst. The same phenomenon led to the Kavanaugh Hearings debacle.

At the Women's March
This is not to deny that a lot of men behave abominably toward women and always have. Such men have little or no control over their sexual urges and don’t think they need to either, no matter who is hurt by their actions. Relatively recent laws against sexual harassment were much needed and overdue, but presumption of innocence and due process must be enforced at all times.

Last week’s news included articles on “toxic masculinity” and a Gillette commercial titled: “Is This The Best A Man Can Get?” Several conservative pundits objected but I saw little problem with it. It dramatized examples of men and boys bullying others and disrespecting women, but also of good men speaking up and acting to intervene.

Conspicuous by its absence in any of this was the plague of pornography to which so many men and boys have become addicted, and which contributes enormously to the dehumanization of women. That scourge was never mentioned.

At the March For Life
Last weekend there were two women’s marches in Washington. Friday saw the 44th March for Life. It was attended by a hundred thousand or more conservative women and a few men marching against abortion. Saturday it was the 3rd annual Women’s March with liberal women and many themes: Mostly it was a march against President Trump because the 1st march occurred the day after his inauguration. Second to that was a pro-abortion theme. Then there were climate change, black lives matter, and an anti-male theme. One sign called for the extinction of old white men. 
At the Women's March
Numbers were down at the Women’s March after a controversy over anti-Semitism — especially that of Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. One of the March’s organizers, Tamika Mallory, has a close association with Farrakhan and refused to denounce his Anti-Semitic statements. Ironically, it was Farrakhan who organized the Million Man March which drew more than 400,000 in 2005 and pushed themes of black unity, personal responsibility, and respect for black women — all good things it would seem. Anti-semitic remarks by Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian Muslim, drove down numbers as well.

At the Women's March
Meanwhile, $4.4 million in taxpayer money funded an American Psychological Association study that purports to define “traditional masculinity” and especially what it sees as negative aspects of it. Psychologists from Clark University and other institutions contributed to the "First-Ever Guidelines for Practice with Men and Boys," which includes, for example, a "Male Role Norms Inventory-Short Form” by former APA President Ronald Levant — an analysis of how much “toxic masculinity” men have as determined by questions like: “Do you think men should be macho, or do you lean more to the metrosexual?” That is the highlighted question on his web site.
At the Women's March
Levant discounts biological differences between men and women, believing masculinity is entirely a social construct. I suspect that when men learn more about the APA’s new guidelines, even fewer will seek counseling from guys like Levant. They’d rather kill themselves.


Brian said...

It was awful what happened with the Duke students. Where their white privilege kicked in was not having big A-holes like Trump calling for their execution, and still considering them guilty even after they were proven innocent by DNA, like he did with the Central Park Five. Wrongful convictions have been shown to disproportionately affect minorities, which is a piece of the white privilege pie.

Mr Ed said...

Yeah Brain Like the Covington Catholic Kids. They were fried by the legacy media and SPLC while if the idiots had just looked at the complete videos, they would have seen it was all BS.

But that is what the Legacy media pushes, BS and identity politics. You know who pushes hate, is it Trump and his male and female supporters or is it the warmongering Legacy media and congress critters on both aisles. Yes duty to protect, to push for more wars, can't leave Syria, need to push NATO right up to Moscow.

Toxic masculinity, what's that bulge in Hitlary and Nuline pants.

Males have been pushed as stupid for decades, in every sitcom, drama from hollywood for 50 plus years. Now the multinational corporations are ramping up so as to push we are the world, invade the world, invite the world of global world government and they need identity politics to push it.

Anonymous said...
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Brian said...

Aw, poor widdle men have been abused for years, always portrayed as dumb, unlike the females who never get portrayed as helpless bimbos needing to be saved by heroic men. So unfair. Wahhhhh.....

Uber_Fritz said...

"Aw, poor widdle men have been abused for years, always portrayed as dumb, unlike the females who never get portrayed as helpless bimbos needing to be saved by heroic men. So unfair. Wahhhhh....."

I can see that we've taken the juvenile approach with this comment. It is not an argument and adds nothing to your writing skills or lack thereof. If you are serious, then present a logical argument based upon facts instead of resorting to a typical Democrat response based upon emotions and foolishness.

That being said, Tom, this piece is very well written . . . despite the typical troll behavior.

A an excellent read is a piece recently authored by Jocko Willnick and published on Fox as follows:


Brian said...

The juvenile approach began with "what's that bulge in Hitlary and Nuline pants."

Interesting how you hypocritically only call out one side and don't rail against Mr. Ed's typical Republican response based upon emotions and foolishness.

Jay said...

I think this blog post is dead on. There has been a war for the last fifty years against many things and many people. White Christian Males seem to be the target these days. Patriotism is under attack as well along with any person who is for it, ala, Donald Trump.
The latest democrat darlin, OAC, is now saying that within 12 years our planet will be unable to sustain us because of “global warming”. Anyone who believes that obviously is a follower of main stream media. But, I think there is a a threat we can’t ignore.
In 12 years or less if things continue the way they’re going, American Males will be a thing of the past.
My own father convinced his mom to fudge his birth certificate so he could join the navy and help fight Germany and Japan. Today’s crop of young people would be hard pressed to fight anything. We are being taught that to be masculine is wrong. If you believe in standing up for yourself or those you love you are accused of “toxic masculinity”.
In 12 years or less we may be a nation or crybaby wuss boys who run and hide at the sound of anyone with a raised voice. “Men” will simply be a slander against anyone who won’t roll over and stand up for themselves.

Brian said...

A "war" against white christian males, a "war" against Christmas.... Oh, yes it's like Vietnam out there. You guys love your fantasy "wars". A war against Patriotism? Depends on what you consider patriotism. If, like Donald Trump or a second grader, it means having a great big military parade, ok. But if you are like a real patriot like Bin Laden killer Robert O'Neil, you call Trump's form of patriotism “third world bullshit". Patriotism is not to be confused with parades and jingoism, it is wanting what is best for your country. Over yourself. And there's nobody that truly believes Trump puts anything over himself.

You say that OAC is "saying that within 12 years our planet will be unable to sustain us because of global warming”. That is wrong on multiple levels. First, you fail to mention she is simply repeating what the scientists that make up the IPCC have concluded, and second, you even got the conclusion totally wrong to begin with. They didn't say that within 12 years our planet will be unable to sustain us because of global warming, they said we have just 12 years to make massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels. Big difference. These misunderstandings of reality you frequently display make me understand how you have been fooled into your positions. Fooled enough to sacrifice your children's and grandchildren's well-being over some bizarre political crap.

Hopefully you are right, and that in 12 years males with your attitude, and Trump's attitude, will be a thing of the past, and there will no longer be people who are ok with powerful males boasting that they can sexually assault women "because they can". I give Tom credit for saying there was nothing wrong with the Gillette ad, and that it showed "good men speaking up and acting to intervene."

Who is trying to teach that being masculine is wrong? Go ahead, give a specific example. You are so insecure that you believe people are attacking your manhood? Interesting. The American Journal of Sociology found that men whose masculinity was “threatened” (by being told that they tested as more “feminine” on a made-up gender identity survey) were more likely to support war, as well as show homophobic beliefs. No need to overcompensate for anything, jay, just relax.

Masculinity is alive and well in our country, and the proof is in the immense popularity of the NFL and WWF and the UFC, etc. I have nothing against such masculinity. The problem arises when sexual assault and unwarranted violence arise from a twisted take on "masculinity".

Jay said...

Wow Brian, I don’t know what to say. Looks like you have schooled me again. Thank you for setting me straight on these matters and thank you for sharing your infinite wisdom.

Mr Ed said...

We've all read Brain's lefty BS for years.

Now they are frying children for wearing MAGA hats and just standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The lefties have morphed into warmongering violent mongers. When did they start that stick or has it always been that way, it's the latter.

Kill them all, punch them in the face, a MAGA hat is like a white hood, men should be metrosexuals not standing up for their families and freedom. Brain's grey matter explodes if you contradict his soy view, as does the Legacy Media.

Mr Ed said...

As far as being for more war as Brain tries to assign to masculinity and the alt-right, let's view the recent warmongering presented by the past Obama administration, by the Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, MSLSD, now, all a bunch of Legacy Media pushing Global intervention and governance.

As far as global warming goes another tax to be levied on the poor and middle class while Al Gore and the elites Palosi and family fly around the globe on fun finding vacations.

Wonder how much green house gases comes from all those duty to protect wars Obama started, continued. At least MAGA gave some lip service to ending some of that waste of lives and wealth and fuel, but the MSLSD crowd will have nothing to do with it.

Multinational corporations and the military industrial base united at the hip with CNN and MSLSD. they the good guys

Jay said...

I find it interesting that the very last topic of this Blog was prejudice against the Catholic religion. Now we have a bunch of fools trying to denigrate these poor kids from Kentucky.
More proof that the media is completely off the rails and that the left is filled with nothing but hate and bigotry. And that Buzzfeed piece was another example of why intelligent people call the mainstream media “fake news”
I find it repulsive and disgusting that those Kentucky kids were castigated simply because they were white, Catholic and wearing MAGA hats. Oh yeah, they were males too. Four strikes and yer out. The loony left has totally lost its mind.

Jay said...

I must apologize to everyone. I did not check with Brian before I posted my last comment. I could therefore be wrong, have my facts wrong, my opinion could be wrong. I may be in error or maybe just be totally, flat, dead wrong. I may also be incorrect or not quite have my facts straight. I should probably stop listening to Rush Limbaugh 24/7 and watching the Fox News Channel 24/7. I know I still approve of our President and I know that’s Wrong.
I again apologize to everyone for my immense, intense and offensive wrongness.

Mr Ed said...


Legacy Media is fake news, or properly said, multinational corporation news. They have become completely unhinged once their choice to continue the permanent state was thwarted by the election of MAGA, how did that happen?

The Deplorables, meaning those in America that didn't live in the welfare/warfare state flush with obscene debt, the left and right beltway coasts, said damn I'm not voting for that lunatic and instead voted for the lesser.

I still hold out hope that MAGA will do what he promised, but what MAGA's election has shown us so clearly, is how the multinationals and their useful idiots, the neoliberals have infiltrated the permanent state and turned everything that America was, made us who we we were, upside down.

Only a pussy would put up with the shit shoveled out of DC New York on a daily basis.

In case twitter is listening, pussy refers to that guy on the Supranos, so they don't ban this fine site.

Mr Ed said...


Here's a link that highlights the campaign against anything that doesn't follow the tripe about racism promoted by the lunatic left and the liars and con-artists that continue to assault christian white "teenage" males and even some non-whites that were also part of coyvinton catholic school.

Obviously someone is wound up with testosterone, or is it just irrational hate by the neoliberals out there, but let's call them what they are, Marxists, or a kinder word Postmodernists. Where is the gulag that these children must be sent after tearing up their MAGA hats? Mandatory castration maybe?

The female/etc hate that was exhibited in twitter, continues even today after the BS is easily seen. Can't we all just get along? comical.

Jay said...

Hey Mr. Ed,
I have to say that I agree with pretty much everything you just said.
An observation ion of mine: I try to be a gentleman. I will hold a door open for a lady, etc etc. I have noticed that in the last year about half the women I hold a door open for will give me some kind of odd look as if they really don’t appreciate it. The other half still thank me. I will continue to do things like that I guess until I get slapped or cussed at. Hell, that could be sooner rather then later. It’s damn difficult to be a gentleman when women these days are taught that men are “toxic”.

Brian said...

Wow, I was going to suggest that jay and Ed got a room, but I imagine that is why they have both been silent since 2 AM. Snuggled up cozy telling each other how masculine they are. Cute.

I have never gotten an odd look by holding a door open for a lady. It must be the door holder and not the act of holding the door.

Sandy Hooker said...

This song sums up how scary and difficult it is to be a guy these days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N34hehRgw9g&feature=youtu.be

Mr Ed said...

Good ole Brain still humping Lois's leg.

He certainly tries to undermine web sites and spread his Marxist drivel.

Brian said...

Can you point out anything I have said here that is in the least way "Marxist"?

No, I didn't think so. Just another example of your disassociation with reality.

It's also interesting how anybody disagreeing with something said in your safe place, your echo chamber, your little bubble, is trying to "undermine" the site.

Jay said...

Hey Brian, or Brian/Spartacus, or BS for short, I don’t know for sure if you’re a Marxist. I’d say closer to a Nazi.

Brian said...

Hah! A sure sign that somebody has no rational thoughts and has lost the argument.....going to the tired old "nazi" name calling.

"I know you are, but what am I?" ha ha

Brian said...

A tip for jay. If you insist on talking about Nazis, you should do it with some facts instead of meaningless name calling. Perhaps you might state some facts about neo-Nazis who have run recently as Republicans, such as John Fitzgerald. It makes sense to run in the party with values most aligned with their own and with a voter base that could vote for them. I guess that is why none have run as Democrats.

Jay said...

It’s funny that you don’t mention the democrat party being peppered with KKK members for years. You socialists are still trying to somehow hang a Nazi sign on the GOP? Very lame. Bad. Weak. Nazi=socialist=democrat.
You’ve lost this one BS. Bow to your big photo of Adolph again. Shine yer boots. Straighten your brown shirt. Continue your trolling while you berate Christians, whites, patriots and anybody who disagrees with you. Tear down more statues. Cover up more paintings. Disrupt more conservative gatherings. Preach more gun control. Higher taxes, more regulations, bigger government. Encourage more hate. Continue to try to divide us. Shut down more conservative speech. Open the borders, (we don’t need them anyway). Shut down Fox News. Continue to hate Jews and Catholics. Continue to elect morons like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters and AOC. You and the rest of your Nazi party are filled with nothing but hate.
My question for you is: how long will it be before the name changes from the DNC to the ANP, (the American Nazi party?
Tip for BS; give it up dude. Hate only wins when people allow it to win. Over half the country is on to your Nazi party games.

Brian said...

Blah blah blah but the facts remain. When a nazi wants to run they pick the Republican party because it most aligns with their own.

Mr Ed said...

Brain like Ron Paul, sure.

How about the new brain trust Occasional Cortex, she's gonna be on the finance committee with Maxine Waters as head. Now there's gonna being some Marxist numb scullery.

Jay said...

Not at all BS. Everything I described in my last post is completely in line with the Nazi party AND the democrat party. They are one and the same.
Your MO of trying to blame others for what you and your party are guilty of is apparent and a very old tactic.

Brian said...

Ed, you certainly hung up on this Marxist thing. I asked if you could give an example of my marxist comments and you couldn't.

jay, give it up. I'm giving you current names of nazis who just ran as republicans: John Fitzgerald....Steve King....Authur Jones who was THE FORMER HEAD OF THE NAZI PARTY!!!!

Case closed...but I'll wait for you to give me the last nazi that ran as a Democrat.....

Jay said...

You can NOT hang a Nazi sign around the GOP. I don’t care who you name. As I said, the Nazi party IS the modern day democrat socialist party and you can not argue with that. Your argument is lame and totally wrong. Sorry. Survey says.....wrong.
You can not argue with the fact that everything I mentioned in my post a few posts ago is absolutely 100% accurate in describing the democrat party of today. And you can not argue that the democrat party has always had members of the KKK in it. The democrat party STARTED the KKK.
Again, Nazi=socialist=democrat.
Indisputable and irrefutable.
Give it up Buckwheat. Your B/S bs is obvious.

Brian said...

So, I named a bunch of Nazis who ran as Republicans, you could name NO democrats.

That is the end of the story. Your fantasizing does not effect reality. The proof is in the pudding. When a nazi runs he chooses the Republicans. That has been indisputable in recent elections. A fact. Stick your head in the sand and pretend if you want, but the truth is the truth. Sometimes reality is hard to face. Man up.

Brian said...

Oh, and it wan't ME that hung the nazi sign around the necks of the republicans. It was the Nazi republicans that I mentioned.

Jay said...

You can try all you want. I haven’t heard you dispute my claims that the democrat party truly is the Nazi party.
Your argument is invalid.

Brian said...

Dispute your "claims"? Are you really this dim or are you putting me on? How can I dispute something you gave NO evidence for? You gave NO examples of nazi democrats. Zilch, zero, nada.

What do you mean my "argument" is invalid? I gave you facts. I gave you a list of republican nazi names. Facts are not invalid just because you don't like them.

Brian said...

Here is another FACT for you to chew on while you try to come up with any of your own. Remember the Charlottesville event? Yup, the one with Nazi symbols and gestures. This event was not called “Unite the Left,” but “Unite the Right.” Proof shows that with their events and politicians, they align themselves with the republican right.

Mr Ed said...

The last Nazi that was POTUS was Obama, then Bush before him, Clinton before him, HW Bush before them, the real question is has there been any liberty republic POTUS in my lifetime?

I suspect once MAGA is done, I can say Maga was a Nazi. all have incorporated multinationals and government together and all the shit continues to slide down hill. The rich get richer and the middle class and lower class get peanuts, then lose their nuts.

I'm going to get my first SS check come February, and I have to laugh because this Ponzi scheme of the welfare/warfare state cannot last long. 22 trillions in debt, and that's just on the books right now, they found 21 trillion unaccounted expenditures in DOD and HUD. Not to worry and now they want to start carbon taxes, ie yellow vests.

Brain, hump Lois's leg some more.

Jay said...

The proof of the theorem that Nazi=socialist=democrat is everywhere. Everything the democrat party stands for today is proof. If you want proof, look to your media. So basically, any democrat who favors these policies is by definition a Nazi. You can’t deny it and so far you haven’t. And you won’t because you can’t.

Brian said...

Nazis are holding rallies to unite the right and running as republicans.

That's the facts , plain and simple. I know how desperately you wish you could come up with some evidence of your own.... Nazi Democrat names, or events the nazis have thrown in the name of democrats, but you got nothing. NOTHING!! It sounds as though you are suffering from Trumpitis, the infliction that makes one believe that because they say something it is true, facts and truth be damned.

It sure is fun rubbing facts in your face!!

Jay said...

Fact: the Nazi party is leftist. Socialism is leftist. Study your history. There can be no such thing as a Nazi GOP. That would be a far left and a right. As much as you love to hate the gop, those are the facts Buckwheat. And no matter how much you cry and whine, they will not change. Believe what you want. People who actually study these things know better.
Proven formula.
When you bump up against the facts BS, just try to realize the truth of them instead of hiding behind your hate filed missives that mean little or nothing. I used to enjoy your girlish rants but it’s getting old. I can only laugh so much at foolishness.

Mr Ed said...

What a crock of shit Brain. Nazis are holding rallies to unite the right and run as Republicans. BS Antifa and the Maxine Waters of the country are.

There is your Marxist diatribe Brain. The Marxist are parading around as Antifa and punching people with MAGA hats in restaurants and hoping to on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Didn't take too long for me to find your Marxist shit it was just in your previous post. Marxist are stopping free speech across this nation on universities and in collusion with the legacy Media, the whore corporate media CNN MSlsd, the toilet paper of record, NYT WAPO.

You and your ilk are a pos Brain and you push your agenda on the ignorant uninformed masses as if it is gospel, the covington debacle proves it completely.

Go hump Lois's leg some more Brain.

Have to say that I'm tired of proving I'm not a robot.

Anonymous said...

"Study your history"? Open your eyes. And your mind. I'm telling you the facts about what is actually happening here and now, not about old history. Which is:

Nazis are holding rallies to unite the right and running as republicans.

Sorry, you can't get around that fact. So go study your history books, then come back and open up to reality. Nazis are holding rallies to unite the right and running as republicans.

And Ed, I know you live in a world of sweeping generalities, but can you be more specific? Are you saying my pointing out the facts that Nazis are holding rallies to unite the right and running as republicans is a Marxist diatribe? Pointing out facts is Marxist? You seem to be more into Marxism, and knowledgable about it then me. I thought it was about socioeconomics and using a materialist interpretation of historical development, but I could be wrong. Can you tell me how I espoused those views, or else how your interpretation of Marxism differs?

Not sure who Lois is, but your fascination about humping her leg makes me worry for her.

Jay said...

Again BS, you are mixing ideologies. It is not possible to have a Nazi GOP. They are two very different and far flung things.i don’t care who you think is trying to “organize the right” as Nazis. Those two things don’t work together at all. Again, for your education:
No matter how hard you jump up and down while you turn blue it ain’t gonna change the facts.

Jay said...

I’ll also add, again, that everything the democrat party is doing today or trying to do, is totally in line with the Nazi party.
Sad, isn’t it, that the democrat party has gone from the likes of JFK to a party that has more in common with Hitler and his goons.
Very sad.

Brian said...

Again, you can blabber your opinion, but can you give one single specific example about the current democratic party being in line with the Nazi party? I can't imagine how incredibly awful it must have been for a true republican to see their party change so. As I said, my grandfather left the republican party in the 90's, but if he had live to see that now Nazis are holding rallies to "unite the right", and running as republicans? From the days of Lincoln? How sad.

And I will repeat this because I know how hard you are trying to resist this fact:

Nazis are holding rallies to unite the right and running as republicans. The goddamn FORMER HEAD OF THE NAZI PARTY just ran as a republican!!

So you see...it IS possible to have Nazis in the GOP. They are REGISTERED as Republicans. Verifiable fact. What is not possible is to change the mind of a brainwashed ideologue. So I leave you with this challenge. Present to me any sort of evidence that the current democratic party has any sort of Nazi ties. Because I have proved to you the ties the republicans have with the Nazis, with the holding rallies to unite the, right and running as republicans and all. If you once again fail to give any actual facts, and try to rely on "it's true because I said so", then you have surrendered and there is no need to reply on my part.

I bet you have nothing but your opinion, and you give up. But surprise me and we'll chat sooner than next thread.

Jay said...

Hey Buckwheat BS,
If Charley Manson tried to run as a democrat, would that somehow implicat that party?
Get real dude. Stupid and weak argument. Survey says......invalid premise.
And again, for the forth time, all you have to do BS is look around you and see what the democrats are doing. Or trying to do. There is your proof that the dems are now socialists heading right to the Reichstag. Perhaps now that little miss crybaby dictator Pelosi is angry she can make another night of the long knives? Another Kristallnacht perhaps? Maybe burn the Capitol building down?
As to your family and grandfather, I can’t speak to his level of intelligence or understanding of our political system. I CAN speak for yours. Perhaps you should start goose stepping to your anti Trump meetings?
Perhaps those “coyotes”, of which you knew nothing about even though you were a self proclaimed expert on the border crisis will help you in some way?
GOP....the party of Lincoln. Always has been. Always will be.
Democrats? The party of hate and corruption and a party filled with moronic “leaders”.
Again, you can’t mix ideaologies. Democrats are FAR left and heading further. The party is one goose step away from the Reichstag. Maybe a half step.
Very sad. If Kennedy were alive today he would be ashamed and immediately change his affiliation to the GOP. (JFK’s father was a crook and bought him the election. There’s the reason he joined the dem party.) for democrats, crime, lying and cheating are resume enhancements.

Mr Ed said...

Maybe Meg's leg than

Brian said...

"If Charley Manson tried to run as a democrat, would that somehow implicate that party?"

Well, if he actually won a democratic primary, then HELL YES it would.

Just like Nazis winning republican primaries implicate them. Simple. Think things through, jay.

If that is the best you can do then I am truly done.....TTFN

Jay said...

BS, I figured you’d run off after that. Facts are a tough thing for you to digest.
Remember BS:
Since you claim to hate Nazis so much, perhaps you should get out of the democrat party..

Mr Ed said...

When will the Democrats and Antifa start punching themselves, like Fight Club?

Mr Ed said...


Found this interesting

Jay said...

Democrats and Antifa are both the same.

Jay said...

I know it’s off topic but it sure seemed like Nazi tactics being used at Roger Stones house this morning.

Mr Ed said...

CNN tipped off by FBI an hour before Arrest

WHO is running the permanent state?

Brian said...

Oh, how I love seeing one bitch "bitch-slap" another bitch.....

"Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States"

-Ann Coulter on Donald Trump

Anonymous said...

Must make you proud to be the good little Nazi socialist democrat that you are.

Mr Ed said...

"Read my lips no new taxes"

One thing that the election of Trump had shown, is that the permanent state runs this country whether it be the FBI DOJ DOD or other. Trump is just a figurehead

Brian said...

Sounds like anon is the nazi supporting jay!

Mr Ed said...

There is little doubt that the Nazis are antifa, lefty democrats, permanent state and legacy media.

The actions of the last few years by them shows the length that they will go to, to vilify/kowtow/browbeat/silence any that they think is a threat to their control, whether it be a 16 yo wearing a MAGA hat or bringing a 20 member swat team down on 66 yo trickster Roger Stone.

The enemy of the republic is clearly showing themselves and it is deep seated in the corporate controlled press, bureaucrats and judges in our country.

Brian said...

Forget your "doubt", There is PROOF that republicans are voting for Nazis in their primaries. There is PROOF that Nazis are holding rallies to "Unite the Right".

So your fantasy Nazi games are over. Case closed.

PS...I can't wait until the SWAT team raids and brings down the orange 72 year old.

Brian said...

Oh, in case you didn't know who I was referring to with the "72 year old orange guy", here is another hint:

"the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States" - Coulter

Jay said...

The word desperation comes to mind when I read your posts B/S.
Are you trying to convince others of you faulty ideological views, or yourself, or both?
Learned people know that Nazi=socialist=democrat.. it just is.
I’m glad, for your sake, that you didn’t call our last president a name referenced by color. That would have shown YOUR true colors. Nazi socialist democrats always seen preoccupied by race, creed and color, as you seem to be.
I think Ann Coulter is just steamed about Trumps apparent caving on the Wall situation. On the face of it I agree. I do think that the President has a plan and that we will get the wall eventually.
If you are quoting Ann Coulter, perhaps you would like to read some of her books? You will find some very good and accurate information that might help dispel your Nazi views. And, by the way, Ms. Coulter was one of the first pundits to predict Donald Trump would win the Presidency. It makes me laugh that you are actually quoting Ann Coulter. But at least you’re quoting someone who is smart. Unlike any of the democrats currently in the limelight. From some of the quotes I’ve heard from the modern day Nazi socialist democrat party, I believe it would take about 100 democrats brains put together to try to figure out how to beat their way out of a wet paper bag. However, like a kitten freshly born immediately knows how to use its claws, a Democrat ALWAYS knows how to lie. It is their forte. Pelosi and Chuck U Schumer are currently some of the best liars, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Clintons and the Obama’s and, well, pretty much 99% of all democrats.
Sadly, democrats are showing today that they are only good at two things: spending other people’s money and lying.

Brian said...

Sorry jay, simply saying "it just is" fails horribly when put against the facts: "Republicans are voting for Nazis in their primaries and are holding rallies to Unite the Right". The reality and proof of what actually is crushes your opinion of what is. Simple.

As to your deflection about Democrats spending other people's money, are you really so ignorant as to not know what Trump is doing to our deficit and how much is he making taxpayers spend on his rich-boy extravagant lifestyle? He has spent more on his vacations to Mar-Lago than the total costs of the patriotic Mueller investigation. He has made taxpayers pitch in for many millions towards his golf. Remember when hypocritical republicans used to ridicule Obama for his golfing! Ha ha...

And I know that even you don't believe that anybody, president or not, has ever lied more than the clownish, wimpy Trump. Talk about desperate! Your arguments are pathetic.

Mr Ed said...

Brain shows the hand of the entire Democratic Nazi/Marxist legacy media, lefty democrats and permanent state, they just can't get over the fact that their wonderful corrupt charity fraud candidate lost.

Not only did she lose but she lost to Donald Trump, ohh the horror. It was supposed to be a race between her and Jeb

Now It's Get Donald Trump, damn the rule of law

How these lefty commie/nazi/marxist people could be so delusional, a cake walk, to think that she was going to slide in behind Obama, well she came close, but no cigar, pun intended.

Now Trump has been a disappointment, he is totally unprepared to deal with the corrupt bureaucracy that is below him or he may even be just a fake, but at least he doesn't have to be thrown into the back of a van like a sack of grain and he is at least pissing people off like Brain here.

For just that is enough to vote for him for 4 more years because you can bet, we won't be offered any better, only much much worse.

Brian said...

Ed says..."they just can't get over the fact that their wonderful corrupt charity fraud candidate lost." But I have stated the facts before....I did not vote for Hillary. I "wasted" it on a third party candidate. I think our two-party system is awful, and that Hillary was one of the faces of it. Good riddance.

As for Trump...lets make all, rich and powerful, or poor and downtrodden, follow the rules of the law or suffer the consequences.
I don't see Trump as a "disappointment" because my initial expectations were the exact failure that we are now witnessing. He is certainly unprepared and in way over his head, but I do get a certain kick out him upsetting some of the established apple carts. But for the most part he is a bumbling, infant, spoiled and pouting tyrant wanna-be.

I hope somebody appears on the ballot in 2020 that is decent and intelligent, but I could never stoop to voting for a "I'll grab 'em by the pussy, because I can" pathalogical liar like Trump. But facts show that republicans are ok with lowlives, hell, they have even been voting for Nazis lately!

Jay said...

Yeah....Donald Trump is a failure.
Live in an alternate universe much?
Oh, wait, you mean 20% inflation and gas lines. No, that was Carter.
You mean a balanced budget and welfare reform. Oh wait, that was Gingrich and the republicans.
Oh wait, you mean a president who “loathed” the military and had sex with a subordinate intern in his office and then lied about it repeatedly to everyone and then had impeachment proceedings brought against him? Oh wait, that was the Clinton crime syndicate.
Oh wait, you mean the black population suffering the worst unemployment in history, you can keep your doctor, gun running, huge bailouts to corporations who would ultimately dis the US, racial divide worse then ever, (I could go on)? Oh wait, that was the Obama crime syndicate.
And BS, you still can not out a square peg in a round hole. There is no such thing as a GOP Nazi. It can not exist. A wheel is not square. A true GOP is not a Nazi and a person telling the truth is not a democrat.
Try as you may BS, your distortion of the worlds reality doesn’t work.

Mr Ed said...

So the Clintons aren't lowlifes and the full spectrum of Obama appointees were not lowlifes. The Bushes and Clintons were mature people who weren't tyrants?

Obama promised transparency and gave us the exact opposite. Maybe it's the color of Trump's hair that you despise so much or the color of his skin as so many viewed the covington kids? Certainly anyone that opposed Obama was declared a racist no matter how horrible and similar his foreign and domestic policy was to Bush.

The issue is not so much who leads this government but what our government has become, the behemouth, and those that lead it may go into it with good intentions but soon just become corrupted by it.

Trump was the first Republican I had voted for since HW Bush, but my hatred for the Clintons runs deep and I couldn't vote third party or not vote when that witch would sit in the WH.

On one thing we can agree the 2 party system is rotten to the core, unfortunately it's not just the politicians, but it is the legacy media, the universities, the bureaucracy and many of the populace.

Will America's liberty survive, I don't see any help from those I've mentioned

Brian said...

Funny that in your attempted defense of Trump not being a failure, you fail to mention any facts or evidence that he is not a failure. Just blabbering your opinion about other presidents. What do they have to do with Trump's failures?

As for the Nazi thing, your denials are nothing more than you putting your fingers in your ears and saying to yourself...."It can't be....it can's be.....". Maybe if you throw some fairy dust while saying that will help you alter reality. Which is:

It is indisputable that Nazis are in the republican party. They are registered for crying out loud. I would concede that they were not a true part of the party if they weren't WINNERS IN REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES!!! So they are not only in the party but Republicans are VOTING FOR THEM!!

I agree that nazis do not belong in the republican party, but hey, there they are in the party getting lots of votes.

Mr Ed said...


I'd say it's indisputable that Marxists are within the Democrat Party. Why one was just voted into the house Occasional Cortex. Democrats are voting for them.

Mostly what you pointing to is that anyone that doesn't believe Occasional or just mocks her is a Nazi.

I think it's important to say who is stifling free speech in this country, whether they be nazis or marxists. The primary stifler of free speech in this country comes from the left whether it be at a university or another venue/gathering.

They are out there with their bull horns and chants and stopping any speakers who do not conform to their identity politics and socialism.

They are punching MAGA kids in the mouth figuratively or actually. White privilege is just another term for I hate white people, they are racists.

Just like the black israelis, not much said about those assholes as lefties rail against catholic kids.

Brian said...

I only discussed Nazis because jay threw it out as an insult. I shouldn't be baited by such childish stuff, but having the ammo of Arthur Jones, a President of the American Nazi Party, being elected by republican voters as the guy to stand for them in the general election...how could I resist? And the Nazi "Unite the Right" thing? Cherry on top.

So Nazis in the Republican party is just as indisputable as Marxists in the Democratic party. I'm not connected with either party, but if I had to choose between the lesser of those two evils.....

Jay said...

It’s not an insult BS. It’s the truth. Most of the main platforms of the modern day democrat party could have come from Hitler’s Germany.
So if you really were choosing between the lesser of two evils, I’d go with the Party of Lincoln and not the Nazi=socialist=democrat party.
As for our current President doing a good job, of course you wouldn’t know anything about that. The main stream media does a good job broadcasting lies and lies of omission and making it believable to little Nazis who need to hate.
Good luck with that BS.

Mr Ed said...

Who knew, Susan Collins a nazi sympathizer, she might be a fascist though, the merging of government and corporate powers, General Dynamics. What's up with King being a warmonger, wanting to stay in Syria and Afghanistan?

There isn't a dimes worth of difference between many of these politicians, just depends who is contributing to their "election" funds. Want to become a millionaire? get elected to DC. That's where the money is printed. Jared Golden has his hopes up.

Brian said...

Poor jay, so ignorant of history and so brainwashed by propaganda. Are you confused because of the "National Socialists" tag? Are you also confused by the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea"? You must believe that because of their name they are a Democratic republic of the People, right?

The Nazis were fascists. Indisputably. They drew their ideology from Italy's fascists, who arose in reaction to the Left. Mussolini gave us the first fascist platform - national/racial superiority, rearmament & expansion, and consolidation of capital. Italy's fascist government formed corporate cartels, enriching the few. Hitler sees this and decides that they need to steal support from actual socialists, but make no mistake, they were fascist - 1. Saw themselves as racially/nationally superior, 2. Wanted rearmament & expansion, 3. Consolidated capital.

Fascism and socialism are complete opposites. Nazi Germany was obviously anti-socialist, and believed so ardently in the virtues of private property and entrepreneurship, and socialists were among the earliest and hardest hit victims of the Nazi party. Facts, jay. Your opinion does not change these facts.

You have yet to give a shred of evidence that democrats have anything to do with supporting nazis. Your mere name-calling and empty words mean nothing. Actions speak way louder than words. Actions like voting for nazis to win republican primaries. Actions like nazi rallies to “unite the right”.

Enjoy your party that voted for the President of the American Nazi Party. That is enough proof of what is happening, the history lesson was just a bonus.

Anonymous said...

Very good try B/S.
A perfect example of taking a small piece of knowledge and then using it to illustrate a view that is untrue. In short, your last post is a pretty decent example of modern propaganda. Perhaps you should apply to CNN?
It’s been done throughout history. Formulas of thought rearranged in odd entanglements of Logic.
X + Y = the world is flat.
X + Z = man made global warming.
X + Q = it’s okay to murder a baby
All of these thought processes are flawed, of course but some are still persistent today.
An equation that works today is bigger and bigger government + more and more regulations + thought and mind control + lies and deceit = the modern day democrat party.
Broken down to its simplest denominators the equation looks like this:

Brian said...

I knew that would be too complex for you jay....let's bring it back to the simple and indisputable fact:

Republican voters chose the President of the American Nazi Party to represent them!!!

That bares repeating:

Republican voters chose the President of the American Nazi Party to represent them!!!

Do you get the significance of that?

Republican voters chose the President of the American Nazi Party to represent them!!!

Sunk in yet?

And again you've shown nothing. Which means you lose again....because:

Republican voters chose the President of the American Nazi Party to represent them!!!

hahahahah hahahaha hahahahahahahahahha

Jay said...

You’re very funny BS.
It does get old though when a child who is told that that stove is really hot and yet keeps touching it and burning his hand. Your posturing and political nonsense demonstrate this same thing. Mostly when children do things like that it’s because they desire attention. Why else would you troll these blogs and espouse your propaganda? Need attention much?
It is interesting to see the twisted logic you spew. Sometimes. Obviously you are the kid who refuses to stop reaching for that burning stove top. And worse yet, you claim victory in defeat by saying to the world that your blistered hand doesn’t hurt at all. Anyone who’s read your posts knows better.
But I digress.
The Rush Limbaugh show just started and I’d rather tune in and listen to some rationality and knowledge.
Good luck with your Nazi propaganda. The more you spew, the more we all learn about the twisted mind of the modern day liberal socialist democrat nonsense.
Have a great day living in the best country in the world, mostly thanks to the GOP, the party of Lincoln.

Mr Ed said...


Ann Coulter Break Ground Not Promises

Couldn't agree more with Ann, Trump's wall of tweets.

Appears the Trumpster is going to be a one term president and not because the Marxists beat him, but because he's a liar and a wimp, Mr 3-d chess and tweets, lol.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Any more anonymous posts I'll be deleting them. Use you name or invent a pseudonym -- or sign your post on the bottom.

Mr Ed said...


and again who in our society is doxxing 16 year old boys for smiling in a maga hat when a Native American Con-artist and liar, who very well makes a living accosting teenagers and college students by staging, perpetuating confrontations.

Who in America has stopped conservative speakers at universities by staging riots and/or shouting down anyone that tries to express their views? Antifa and marxist sympathizers.

Who routinely lies about the deplorables, so called, by those in the leftist media and democrat party, these deplorables are hard working people who have seen their life style destroyed by the elite one worlders, they were formerly middle class, who continue to be stuck in a stagnate economy in some part also as a result of both GOP and Democrat politicians catering to their corporate betters.

Voting for nazis, that is all Americans are offered or are they true evil one world corporate fascists that as just before in WW 1 and WW2 now consider the masses no more than cannon fodder or slaves.

Steve said...

Mr. McClaughlin, in your blog dated June 26, 2017, http://tommclaughlin.blogspot.com/2017/06/democrats-diminishing-brand.html you accused the media and Democrats of insulting Americans by referring to a demographic as “non-college-educated men.” But in this blog, you referred to the exact same demographic: “non-college-educated men.”

In the absence of another’s declared intention or motivation, there is always the impulse to fill that in with our own prejudice, partisanship and cynicism, and I think that’s what you’re doing here. When you talk about “non-college-educated men,” you’re simply referring to men who have no formal schooling beyond the twelfth grade, but when a Democrat refers to “non-college-educated men,” you can only assume it’s a thinly veiled insult. Shouldn’t we assume you’re insulting the same group?

If you can get your hands on the ESPN, 30 for 30 episode called Fantastic Lies, do it. It’s the most compelling 90+ minutes of TV I’ve ever seen. It’s about the Duke lacrosse team. What happened to the guys was criminal. A number of institutions failed those kids, and the media was by far and away the most egregious. The university failed them and law enforcement failed them when they turned investigation of the incident over to the prosecution. William Nyfong, the prosecutor, was later disbarred for his actions in that case.

I agree with you that everyone should be assumed to be innocent. Here is a link to your blog dated 8/8/2012 http://tommclaughlin.blogspot.com/2012/08/ There is an article from the Toronto Star about women being profiled, and in the article a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by her arresting officer. This is an excerpt from your blog, “The first of the 20 comments following the story was from Stan M said: ‘I doubt Alicia Ridge was sexually assaulted. There is a picture of her with the story.’ I went back and looked at her picture and I think Stan had a point. Not only was she unattractive, but she had that petulant, Gloria Allred I hate men look going on. Maybe Alicia and her fuzzy friends half a case. I don’t know about the preventative detention in Canada, but I do appreciate the comic relief they provide as I follow the case.” You delighted in Stan M’s insulting dismal of sexual-assault claim so much, you reprinted in your blog making sure your readership was aware of it. We shouldn’t assume a conservative accused is guilty, and we shouldn’t assume a liberal accuser is lying. Fair enough?