Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Left & Right January 2, 2019

Newspaper publisher Mark Guerringue again sits in the left chair and we begin with Trump's wall. The producer asks us if the wall is built without funding from Mexico, will it hurt Trump's reelection chances in 2020. I say no. If he gets a wall at all, or part of one, it would be good for him. If he loses this standoff with the Dems and doesn't get funding for his wall, that will hurt him badly.

Mark agrees and cites Bush 41's "No New Taxes" pledge as a comparison. Should Trump not get his wall, he could be in trouble for reelection.

We go to Mitt Romney's op-ed in the Washington Post critical of Trump's character. I contend that if Romney's move portends decay of Trump's Republican support in the Senate, that could spur the new Democrat House to begin impeachment proceedings because the likelihood of finding Trump guilty in the Senate might increase.

Again, Mark agrees. He thinks Trump a terrible person and Republicans who support him sell their souls. He says Democrats will be forced to impeach. I contend that Democrats are driving the impeachment investigations, not being forced by circumstances.

Mark cites former Trump Attorney Cohen's testimony about payoffs to women with whom Trump had affairs as impeachable offenses. I disagree, citing Alan Dershowitz and suggesting that Trump's base knows what he's like and supports him anyway because he gets things done. Mark interrupts, suggesting that no one should be supportive of Trump because he's a terrible person and I should be more critical of him.

I contend the Meuller Investigation exists to divert attention from Obama officials spying and interfering in the 2016 election against Trump and Trump's base sees it that way -- that cooperation between mainstream media and Democrats drives Meuller's efforts. Mark calls that another conspiracy theory. I point out that no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia has come out because there isn't any. Mark says we don't know because there's an investigation going on and we have to wait for results -- and to talk about it is pointless.

Mark cites the Trump Tower meeting, but gets riled and interrupts when I try to comment on the meeting that he brought up. Things get contentious and Mark asks to change the subject.

Mark brings up global warming and a NASA report citing that 97% of climate scientists say human activity is mostly responsible for global warming. I dispute that claim and remind Mark that we have had many heated discussions about this in another forum. I had previously cited thousands of other scientists who refute the 97% "consensus." He derides those scientists as funded by petroleum interests and therefore not reliable.

Again he gets riled up that I still don't agree with his global warming claims and interrupts me when I offer conflicting evidence. It goes on that way for several minutes until nearly the end of the show.


Brian said...

C'mon Tom, investigate all those "experts" that disagree with the SEVEN climate consensus studies — including Naomi Oreskes, Peter Doran, William Anderegg, Bart Verheggen, Ed Maibach, J. Stuart Carlton, and John Cook — which found these conclusions:

1) Depending on exactly how you measure the expert consensus, it’s somewhere between 90% and 100% that agree humans are responsible for climate change, with most of our studies finding 97% consensus among publishing climate scientists.

2) The greater the climate expertise among those surveyed, the higher the consensus on human-caused global warming.

I know you ran and hid when I pointed out your just as obviously wrong statement about people looking for refuge, so I'm sure you will again.

Think about all the industry backed "experts" who held out so long about the dangers of tobacco. Think of how stupid, and of how evil they look now. It's the same thing.

Jay said...

Too many reputable scientists disagree with man made global warming. There is not a consensus. Too much scientific data suggests that the earth has warmed and cooled in cycles over the years.
This whole impeachment thing is disgusting. It seems to be the democrats answer to losing elections.
The left really appears to be completely unhinged today.

Brian said...

If you consider 3% to be "too many" deniers to call a consensus, whatever.

Was trying to impeach Clinton over lying about a BJ the republican answer to losing elections?

And what you are observing from the left is a rational reaction to an unhinged, dishonest president.

What a joke he is. He claims that past presidents have told him they should have built a wall. All living presidents say that he is lying his ass off! Yet you eat up his every word!

Steve Tanton said...

This Guerringue fellow, who've I've never heard of and don't really care to know much more about, seemingly hasn't an original thought in his head. His chatter is pretty much leftist talking points, several are hypocritical and when confronted with good arguments reminds me of how liberals yell 'racist' much of the time - they don't really want to talk about the issues, largely because they cannot support their arguments. For one example, the ole' '97% of scientists' argument. Esteemed Norwegian physicist Ivar Giaever once noted that the reason they come up with such a figure is that the poll-takers rarely call up scientists who disagree. Sounds about right. And if scientists who disagree are paid by the oil companies, I wonder exactly on whose payroll are the scientists who support such unproven theories? I'll leave you to figure that one out, but do remember that every scientist is on someone's payroll. That's the way it works. And while Trump may have moments of brashness or crass demeanor, demeanor has a different meaning than character. I can tell that Trump has good character because of his good policies, his patriotic stand and his adherence to the Constitution. Trump often speaks in hyperbole, one author noted. Well, what politician doesn't? But Democrats/liberals deny. That's the way of Democrat politics. When they cannot win an argument, they often turn to slander. "Terrible person' is a highly subjective view and not one I agree with. Why does he get to decide anyway? Again, I don't know who this fellow is really and I don't care. I don't agree with him and that's that.

Brian said...

Listen to this climate change denial is like listening to Sandy Hook deniers. Yes, there is a consensus. Here it is all layed out for you by NASA, showing how scientific groups from the American Medical Association to the American Meteorological Society to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, etc, etc have come to an indisputable consensus:


So, unless you are the type that believes NASA is behind such conspiracies as the "fake moon landing", you will believe them in this case too. It is just as crazy to believe either conspiracy.

Jay said...

I need to know what scientists to believe; the ones who predicted a coming ice age or the ones who predicted the polar ice caps would be gone in 2012?
The whole man made climate change hoax is laughable to anyone with common sense.
Hundreds of years ago leading scientists thought the earth was flat or that the sun revolves around the earth and the earth was the center of the universe. I’m pretty sure they were wrong about that.
I’m curious what those NASA scientists get paid and I’m also curious what would happen if they actually admitted that they really don’t know what the earth will be like in fifty years. I think they’d be out of a job and they have those BMW payments to make so......
If you took all of the claims of science over the last 50 years about global climate change that didn’t pan out as predicted, you’d have almost as many false claims as lies told by democrats. That’s stacks of paper from here to the moon and back 7 or 8 times, I think.
Climate change and we don’t need a wall. What will democrats think of next. Oh yeah, we no longer need the Electoral College and we need to raise taxes to 70% and we’re going to impeach the mother f***er. Oh yeah, and he didn’t have sex with that woman, Mrs. Lewinski and we can keep our doctor. AND our rates will go down.
Perhaps if democrats stopped lying, the amount of CO2 saved would stop the damned global warming? Just a guess.
Thank God for democrats. They give us all something to laugh at.

Brian said...

OK, you convinced me that you know more than NASA scientists and that they were also lying about the moon landing. That damn flag never did look quite right. Why even consider the possibility that all these scientists may be right, that would be stupid. Of course it is all another big conspiracy. Thank you for helping me to understand!

cowboy ted said...

True science does not conclude that global warming is man-made. Read:

Second, build the wall--a nation is defined by language, culture, and borders.

Third, Obama's campaign spent campaign money or non campaign expenditures, he got a fine, not impeached.

Fourth, Romney is a choker--and liberal republican, or as we used to day before the Joey's invaded us, a RINO.

and Fifth, perhaps we should just geographically divide our state of Maine in 2, after all it is already culturally divided-

Brian said...

I don't need more articles from the 3%, I told you that I am convinced that they know more than the 97%. It's just a coincidental bonus that the 3% align with the political goals of Big Oil. Common sense, say no more.

Second, a feel a nation is more defined by it's values than whether or not it's borders are walled off. Values such are stated on The Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Third, if Trump gets impeached it will be for a hell of a lot more than illegally spent campaign funds. I'm doubtful he gets impeached though. It will be much more satisfying to send him away with an election.

Fourth, Republicans seem to hate any politician with a set of balls (and almost all politicians that weren't born with balls) that speak their own mind and doesn't kowtow to the establishment power. They seem to hate anybody that speaks up for decency and moral values.

Fifth...how about instead of dividing, learn to get along with others?

Last, I would like to share a hilarious comic I just read that seems relevant. It shows lots of people walking around in shorts and Summer clothes, with the exception of one guy bundled up in a parka and full winter gear. He is telling somebody "Yes, I know what the crooked mainstream weather stations are saying about today's weather, but I found an alternative station that says today is freezing!"

cowboy ted said...

to Brian...

-why read a scientific article?? facts always confuse liberals....
all of the dire weather predictions over the past 20 years haven't come true--the global warming scammers basically want a world tax to take from us and give it away.

- second...immigrants came here to ellis island legally---the statue of liberty never said anyone can come illegally.

- The dems are a party of leftists radicals--Trump will easily win re-election..who are they going to run...the commie from Massasschusetts?

- Getting along..like the Muslim congresswoman who cursed trump and got sworn in on a Koran--that is not getting along...

all the lefties want to do is go against trump--doesn't matter what it is--


Brian said...

-I read the NASA article which compiled many, many studies showing how scientific groups from the American Medical Association to the American Meteorological Society to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, etc, etc have come to an indisputable consensus:


It is crammed full of facts which may confuse your fondness for opinion.

-second...Until relatively recent times there wasn’t any such thing as “illegal” or “legal” immigration to the United States. "Illegal" immigration was not even a concept to our founding fathers. The U.S. had almost no immigration restrictions right up until the early 20th century. Before 1965 there were no restrictions on Mexicans immigrating to the USA. It is a "crisis" for old white people who are afraid. Anyway, I think we are on the same page in wanting an immigration policy and tight, state of the art border security, we just differ on how to do it and how much the wall will help. It seems it would have very, very little effect on our countries crime, drugs, economy, etc. It would just be a big ugly construction running through people's otherwise nice land, and one day another leader like Reagan will be cheered for saying "Tear down this wall!". Remember, Reagan was for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Peter Robinson, a former Reagan speechwriter, says, "It was in Ronald Reagan's bones -- it was part of his understanding of America -- that the country was fundamentally open to those who wanted to join us here."

Reagan understood what makes our nation great.

As easy response to some ignoramus saying - The dems are a party of leftists radicals- would be -the republicans are a party of right wing racists and Nazis.

Both are dumb statements.

There is not a chance in a billion that the current incompetent, unintelligent, clownish buffoon wins re-election. There is a much better chance of him ending up in jail. No sense arguing about this now, we will soon find out.

Jay said...

I’m sure 30 or 40 years ago there were people quoting “facts” from various venerable scientists who said we were going to go into an ice age or our polar caps would be totally ice free in so many years.
Science tells us one day coffee is bad for you. Two days later drinking coffee adds years to your life.
Medical science has come a long way in 100 years. One hundred years ago science was dead wrong on a lot of things, pardon the pun.
But alas, these things mean nothing when you are married to a narrative.
I don’t like when liberals try to quote great conservatives and twist their words for their own wishes. Of course the US is fundamentally open to those who wish to come here. That’s always been a given. But there are procedures for entering into citizenship here. They must be followed. Reagan understood that too.
Funny that some libs who call trump awful names are now quoting Ronald Reagan. Yet when he was alive the left despised him and called him the same names as they now call Donald Trump.
Funny how that works.
I also don’t like when liberals forget that their own liberal leaders have many time talked about putting up a wall. Liberals tend to say things when it is in fashion and will get them re-elected. Years later they either pretend they never said those things or lie about saying them.
Funny how that works too.
Walls work. That’s a fact Jack. It’s very easy for rich liberal politicians to say we don’t need one for their own political reasons when they themselves are all protected by walls and armed security. Apparently, that’s good for them but they don’t think us regular Joe citizens should be afforded the same protection.
Funny how that works as well.
Liberals constantly call those on the right Nazis. The Nazi party was a leftist socialist party. They either don’t know the difference or are just trying to lump Nazis in with conservatism.
Funny how that works.
A lot of funny business in the democrat party these days.

Brian said...

OK jay, enough trying to pull the inaccurate talking point of scientists in the 70's having a consensus that an ice age was coming.
An article in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society examined all the published studies from this time period to weigh what was really going on in climate science. It showed that there were far more studies projecting global warming than expressing concern about cooling. But that reality wasn't reflected in what the public heard at the time.

But people who obsess about these few instances of cooling-focused press are being a bit selective. It’s not as if the concept of global warming wasn't a topic of scientific concern for decades already.

So no, there was no consensus then. Now there is. Simple.

And no one "twisted" Reagan's words. They were his stated in complete context. He was a great Republican back before the party went off the rails. As I stated, I grew up in a Republican family who quit the party after Reagan. I am an independent.

Claiming that "walls work" is a fact is just plain ignorant. For one thing it is an opinion, but even as an opinion it is not too bright. The Great Wall of China did not keep out Mongals. And so on and so on. Terrorists come mostly through ports. Drugs come mostly through border checkpoints. Walls would do nothing in these matters. Democrats want border security. Smart border security.

Nazis? Check the party affiliation or voting records of neo-Nazis in our country today. Good luck finding a liberal.

There is a lot going on in the Republican party these days, none of it funny.

cowboy ted said...

There's no consensus on global warming, only payoffs--

- But, I will agree that less garbage is better. But, try to sell that to china and india.

- Now Mars corp. might be drinking the coolaid, but I prefer lager.

- illegals do not belong here. legal immigration is fine.

- Liberals hated Reagan, I lived during the Reagan Admn. and remember it well.

- I like walls--walls work. Keep them out, keep the drugs out.

Brian said...

It's not up to you to decide if there is a consensus. That is up to the scientific community, who agrees it is a consensus. And I am speaking to you as somebody who was a Reagan fan who now sees the obvious horribleness in Trump.

Keep the drugs out? The FACTS are that almost all the drugs that came across the southern border came through checkpoints in which a wall would have no effect. Good for you that you like walls, but they are pretty irrelevant when it comes to drugs.

Jay said...

President Donald Trump himself said he wants to push funding “to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.”
Oh wait...that was Hillary Clinton. A few years ago.
The Vice President said flatly that “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple,”
Oh wait, that was Chuck U Schumer. A few years ago.
Rush Limbaugh says that “we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked.”
Oh wait, that was Barrack Obama. A few years ago.
These are but a few quotes from just a few democrats.
Something funny going on in the democrat party today. I might postulate that democrats were for a wall when it seemed politically expedient to be. Now, they are dead set against it because they don’t want Donald Trump to be the one who gets it done.
But hey, that would mean the democrats were playing a political game and not at all concerned with our country’s citizens security.
Nah.....that just isn’t possible.
Something funny going on with the democrat party today....
I call on all democrats who are against the wall to not only take down their doors and leave their homes open to anyone at any time, but to also pay for the funerals of all of our citizens who have been killed by illegals, or feigning that, sacrifice one of their own children or spouses for them.
Plain and simple dems. Stop being hypocritical.
Perhaps we should rename the democrat party to the “Liberal Socialist Lying Hypocritical Anti American Democrat Party.

Brian said...

“we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked.”

I agree with Obama, as do most people. How does this relate to the wall? Yes, some barriers are needed, as Hillary said. Yes, illegal immigration is wrong. These things do not go against building thousands of miles of big wall to compensate for Trump's inadequacies. Not sure what your point is. We all want strong border security, but smart.

Nobody wanted it done. Hilarious how Trump had to pathetically lie about other presidents telling him otherwise, and getting called out for it by all living presidents. That IS funny!

I still call on all you hypocrites to build big walls around your properties.

I don't care what you call democrats, but maybe we should rename the republican party the "Radical Racist Nazi Lying Hypocritical Anti American Republican Party".

Wow, this is childish!

Jay said...

Democrat genius (are there any other kind?), Alexandria Cortez was asked what she thinks about Roe Vs. Wade.
She replied, “That’s the only way the immigrants can cross the river.”

Jay said...

In normal times I would say I feel sorry for the democrat party, a group of men and women who have made it their business to try to take down a duly elected president instead of actually working to do their jobs. But these are not normal times for the very reasons I just cited. Every time the democrats try more B/S tactics to harm a president that half the country is behind they insult those of us who either voted for him or are behind what he is doing.
To hear the main stream media talk about him you’d think he was the anti christ. They too are desperate. It is sad that the democrat party has turned from being the loyal opposition to actually impeding any progress we might be making if they would learn to actually work together.
I believe that with every sick move these obstructionist democrats make they convert another democrat to the GOP. Common sense usually wins out and common sense is not a hallmark of the democrat party. For every blow hard that insists Trump is a racist buffoon there is a democrat realizing they have been backing the wrong horse.
So I say keep it up dems. Eventually you’ll run out of members. Keep it up mainstream media. Eventually you’ll run out of viewers.

Clipping Path Service said...

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Brian said...

Let me guess....you found the Cortez thing on a meme.

OK, let's enter your fantasy world. Memes are real. Every time somebody says they don't believe in fairies, a fairy dies. Every time somebody calls Trump a buffoon, a Trumpette is created. Every time somebody distorts reality common sense is created.

Snap out of it jay....stop falling for memes and believing in your fantasies. The facts would lead a rational thinker to just the opposite. Trump's dismal poll numbers, off since his weak peak, tell a different story. Trump suffering the worse midterm losses in a century tell a different story. MSNBC recently beating Fox in the ratings for the first time in 17 years tells a different story than your claim of "running out of viewers". Trump's loss of support indicates that lots and lots of people have realized they backed the wrong horse.

But to indulge your fantasies, let me throw you this bone:

Trump is a racist buffoon.

There, I created another Trumpette for you! You're welcome!

Shane said...

Of course there was/is no Russian interference/collusion. To claim as much is truly absurd and very insulting. However, this is what you get in a corporate run media--propaganda and lies to deflect and distract. Russia? Laughable. Israeli influence and meddling? Now we are getting somewhere. The elephant has been in the room for a very long time and despite mainstream media refusal to do their job, and the insanity of the John Hagee led zio-christians (is there a scarier bunch in the USA?) the truth is emerging.
""Israeli intervention in U.S. elections vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done," Chomsky said. "I mean, even to the point where the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, goes directly to Congress, without even informing the president, and speaks to Congress, with overwhelming applause, to try to undermine the president’s policies—what happened with Obama and Netanyahu in 2015. Did Putin come to give an address to the joint sessions of Congress trying to—calling on them to reverse U.S. policy, without even informing the president?"

"And that’s just a tiny bit of this overwhelming influence."

Chomsky also said Trump is "perfectly right when he says we should have better relations with Russia. Being dragged through the mud for that is outlandish." "

Shane said...

And I have always questioned the Christian support for Zionism, as it flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus. Not Judaism mind you, zionism. They are NOT the same. I personally love all good humans, jew, christian, buddhist, muslim, etc. The basic tenets of ALL major religions are essentially the same and boil down to this---be a good person. Pretty simple. Zionism on the other hand, while not a "religion" per se, has an unbelievable grip on this country, especially the bible belt christian right. Oh, and yeah, our congress, men and women. The bill marco rubio is introducing is pure treason and he should be jailed. The freshman congressmen are now on their obligatory trip to Israel! Can you believe that non sense! Pledging loyalty to another country! And if you choose not to, well, enjoy your one term, if you make it that long. So, are you an American?

"Another area where one might have expected more pushback from Americans is the lack of any serious resistance from Christian groups to the process whereby the conservative Likud dominated Netanyahu government is seeking to turn Israel into a purely Jewish state. That too is changing due to Israeli behavior. Even though Israel boasts that it provides a safe haven for Christians to practice their religion, reports occasionally surface suggesting something quite different. Jewish Zealots spit on Christian clergy and curse them out in the streets without any fear of repercussions. Some clergy have been harassed and even assaulted by Jewish extremists. Churches and religious foundations are frequently vandalized or defaced with obscene graffiti and the Israeli government has also confiscated or destroyed church property."

Jay said...

I just wanted to clarify that my earlier post about Cortez was a joke. Some democrats may not know this.
We all know, even democrats, that Cortez is possibly the dumbest member of Congress ever, and that’s saying a lot, but even she could not be THAT dumb.
I think.....

Brian said...

"Of course there was/is no Russian interference/collusion. To claim as much is truly absurd and very insulting."

Now that is a pretty dopey statement coming before the report is even out. It sounds like the statement of every defense lawyer before the evidence is present at the trial. So why listen to the rest of your babbling when you start off talking nonsense?

Brian said...

To jay...ok, let's pretend that you really were not duped once again by right wing fake news and go with the premise it was a joke. Pretty lame joke.

I wish I could see the results of an IQ test of both Cortez and Trump. Or you, for that matter. She would trounce you both.

Hmmm....she'll be 35 in 2014.

Shane said...

Babbling Brian? How so? If the Russian bs were true there would be proof. Don't ya think? Not to mention, I'll take Noam Chomsky's word over yours, or CNN's, or Fox, etc.

I am more concerned that you appear to accept the FACT that Israel does indeed, and in fact, meddle with not only our elections, but our congress men and women, our nuclear program, our navy (USS Liberty), our Marines (lebanon), our tax dollars, our laws, etc. etc. Where is the dreaded Russian equivalent to this? But hey why bother with facts when you can fantasize about the Russian canard.

You were ok with a foreign PM waltzing into our Congress, with no invite, and getting 29 standing ovations? It made me sick. But then again, I am out my own country before any other.

Make zero sense by the way...

Brian said...

Skip over the many, many lies, connections and suspicious behavior and focus on one fact....the report is not out yet!!!! Maybe their will be nothing, but it is absurd to say otherwise at this point. As to whatever else you are babbling about, how do I seem to accept any fact about israel...what are you talking about? I was OK with what?? See what I mean about babbling?

Shane said...

Sorry, it isn't "absurd" to call bs on Russia Gate. Why? Because there is no proof. The absurdity is after all this time we have NO proof. That is absurd, truly. We operate the most sophisticated intelligence gathering on the face of the planet Brian.. Please.. And it is indeed absurd to avoid discussing proven meddling by our special friend in the middle east though. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?!

Oh, the "special report" that will prove Russia was behind our elections--sorry, it will never happen because it's all bs Brian. Obviously, or we would have proof by now. So, logically speaking, you want people to believe something that has not been proven, wait for the "special report", because it is true, well not really, but it will probably be proven once the "special report" comes out, well maybe, and if you disagree you are a moron.....Uhm.....Wow.

Yet, we have actual proof of serious intervention into our gov't via Israel. We have a Prime Minister waltzing in to the congress of the United States, UNINVITED by the sitting President (imagine Putin doing this Brian) and you want me to be concerned about Russia? Why? The scariest part of that visit was that our congressmen gave the fool 29 standing ovations!!

How about the special trip to Israel that most every freshman member of congress takes (just happened with new members). Imagine the outrage if they "had" to visit russia?!?! I can go on with proven examples but would be happy if you just addressed one!

Brian said...

You are seeming pretty thick here, Shane. Of course there is no "proof" yet. The evidence/report has not yet bee revealed!!!!

I do not want you to believe anything that has not yet been proven. I want you to keep an open mind on what might be, and not just call it absurd before it comes out, and think that if one disagrees with you they are absurd and insulting.

We already found proof that the Russians used social media to influence voters towards Trump. We have already had many lies revealed concerning Trump's people secretly meeting with Russians. We have already had 3 Russian nationals and three Russian companies indicted on conspiracy charges. The charges related to a Russian propaganda effort designed to interfere with the 2016 campaign. We have already had 12 Russian GRU officers charged with crimes related to the hacking and leaking of leading Democrats’ emails in 2016. So it is far too late to call BS or witch hunt on it all. There is already too much "there" there. We will have to see what else is in the report.

Jay said...

I wish I had a dollar for every Russian that talked me into voting for our current President. My next door neighbor is Russian. The people I work with are Russian. All of my FB friends are Russian. Hell, I’d be rich!
What amazes me about democrats is that 1, they believe this Russian Collusion B/S and 2, they actually think that conservatives would fall for something like that.
Democrats are the ones who are slaves to the media and FB. They have been blindsided by the media for years, believing anything the media says about conservatives and now Trump. It would be easy for any foreign country to turn an election against a conservative in this country because the unwitting democrats would eat up any and all propaganda. They have been swallowing the koolaide for so long they don’t even know that it IS koolaide anymore.
The whole Collusion investigation is a farce. A true witch hunt. Brought to you by the same corrupt folks who backed an exoneration of Hillary before the investigation even started. The same ones who did NOT see the IRS targeting conservative interest groups. It has taken over two years for this witch hunt to find nothing of value to link our president to anything wrong. It has cost millions. The dnc should be presented with the bill.
Hell, I’d pay it myself with every dollar I got from each Russian who talked me into voting for Donald Trump.

Brian said...

There goes that babbling again. It seems to once again have something to do with backing an exoneration of Trump before the facts of the investigation are revealed.

Brian said...

About the Russians. They wouldn't TELL you that they are Russian...duh. So you wouldn't know who they are online. And they wouldn't bother with trying to talk to people that are already obviously decided. They tried to convince women and blacks and other likely Hillary voters that she couldn't be trusted. This is a proven fact. Think things through, jay.

Jay said...

So women and blacks are easily coerced?
There ya go. The typical democrat mindset.
Damn. If it wasn’t for those easily mislead women and blacks, Hillary would have won.
Too funny. Democrat thinking on parade.

Brian said...

Why are you harping on me and democrats about this, it wasn't my plan...blame the Russians. And their Republican accomplices. Oh, and they went after radical right males as well, on a lesser scale....they just didn't have to put as much effort into it as with the women and blacks because you are so easily duped. The money and concentration had to go on the harder to flip.

C'mon, think it through.

Jay said...

Too funny.

Jay said...

I just watched Hannity interview the President at the border. Very compelling. That the President is genuinely concerned about our citizens is without doubt. I don’t see a monster, racist, moron, bigot. I see a man who was a private citizen, not a politician, who gave up a life of luxury and retirement to try to help fix some things.
Before Hannity aired the interview he showed a collection of clips from prominent democrats touting the virtues of building a wall. All the dems were behind it. But that was then. Trump is the President now and he must not be allowed to win this. In other words, screw the safety and security of the United States Of America. Democrats just want to win a political victory.
Plain and simple.
Another little video collection Hannity showed was all of the main stream media talking heads calling this whole thing a “Manufactured Crisis”. There was even one moron who was filing her nails feigning complete disinterest while a conservative was trying to make the rest of the panel realize that this is indeed a very REAL crisis.
The moron twins Pelosi and Schumer have the gall to stand in front of American flags while lying about national security?
Seriously, the last decent democrat was JFK. Since then the party has continued a downward spiral. Today, the democrat party is just a disgusting vile pile of lies and political games with no value to our country.

Brian said...

It's cute you idolize the man so and see him as you do! Most of the world sees a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, pampered and spoiled since birth, with not the slightest connection or feeling for what life is like for the average American. They see a man who does not care at all for the average American (unless he can get them to vote for him), but cares only about his massively bloated ego. The man seems to lack any humanity....has he ever cried, or had a genuine belly laugh?

He also seems to have zero core values, but will do or say anything that benefits himself. How many times has he changed political parties? He loved Hillary and invited her to his wedding until it became politically convenient to demonize her. For the same reasons he changed his positions on abortion and gun control. He said he would love to see Universal Healthcare. The only thing that holds steady is his love for himself.

Trump is also not a man of character, a man who's word has proven to mean nothing. A man who is on camera bragging about being able to sexually assault women because of his money and power. Despicable. I can only imagine if Obama was caught saying that! But hypocrites will be hypocrites.

And he most certainly did not run for president to help others. He ran as a publicity lark that went astray. I'm sure part of him wishes he had his old life back, but being "the most powerful man in the world" is too much of an ego stroke to give it up. He doesn't care about the wall. He had agreed on a deal that didn't include a wall and only flip-flopped because the radical-right media puppet masters called him names on their shows. His main reason for the wall is so he doesn't look like a failure over his biggest promise. (but oops, what happened to Mexico paying for it?) What a dishonest dope he looked like standing before a table of weapons and drugs that were confiscated at legal ports of entry in which a wall would have had no effect.

Yes, the border issue is a manufactured crisis. I hope he declares his fake emergency and gets people back to work. But he better be careful about the precedent it sets or in 2020 the Democrat president may declare a national emergency concerning guns, or climate change.

History will show this man to be a crooked buffoon who was a national joke for 4 years.

Jay said...

The above post proves that the main stream media has done its job on some average Americans. This is what some people actually believe. And worse, they are told by their main stream media propaganda outlets that any news they hear that conflicts with these views are lies and should not be trusted. And they believe it and blindly go forth and spew these falsehoods.

Brian said...

The mainstream media has nothing to do with his changing positions. The mainstream media has nothing to do with his bragging about sexual assault. The mainstream media has nothing to do with his lies, etc etc.

It seems that when the right has nothing of substance to refute a statement they disagree with they simply fall back on their tired old overused excuse of blaming the media. Predictable.

Go back to your safe place of Fox and Hannity, etc where they will tell you what you want to hear.

Shane said...

Brian, First of all, we do not have a "media" anymore. The fourth estate vanished long ago. This isn't difficult to comprehend, you merely look to who owns the NYTimes, CNN, Fox, etc. All corporate propaganda outlets. Not to mention how embarrassingly incompetent and pathetic they are.

As to your above comments to Jay re: Trump much of the same can be said about his predecessor. A man won a "peace prize" only to drone murder thousands of innocent people authorized his first drop three days into office, it ,missed it's target too killing and maiming innocent people). Including at least two American citizens we know of, one a teenager. That alone qualifies his as an evil scumbag. The list of his crimes and lies is very long.

Third, I am at a loss as to your obsession with Russia. Israeli influence and control of this country and our gov't is real. It is proven. It is actually happening. We don't need to wait on a "special report". We already know.
Yet, somehow, Russia is the boogeyman? (do you realize how many Zionists control the media Brian, do some research.) It doesn't make a lot of sense, if you truly care about America's autonomy that is.

Brian said...

Israeli control of this country and our gov't is real? What is the proof of this? Is this some connection to the Rothschild Conspiracy theory?

Shane said...

Brian, I have mentioned many examples in previous posts. Feel free to address any one of them...Or, cry "conspiracy theory" to deflect and attempt (pathetically) to try and deride and belittle. Original.

Brian said...

There is a big difference between a leader getting invited by House Speaker John Boehner and giving his opinion to congress than with a hostile nation secretly meeting with a candidates people, hacking into DNC servers, and spreading disinformation to influence our election.

Besides this Chomsky thing I saw nothing in your posts that showed proof of Israel "controlling our country".

And it really does take away from your credibility and powers of reasoning when you keep insisting on exonerating Trump before the report/evidence is revealed. Yes, right now he is innocent until proven guilty. But why call it absurd that he may end up being proven guilty?

Brian said...

Shane, you have steered clear of the discussion about climate change, but since you are a big Chomsky fan I assume that you also agree with him that global warming and climate change constitute the greatest challenge facing humanity, and may pose an even greater threat to our species than that of nuclear weapons and that the capitalist world economy are at the core of the climate change threat, with him calling capitalism an "enormous, murderously destructive catastrophe."

Jay said...

I believe at one time our Earth was very very hot. It cooled down to the point that many areas we live in today were covered with glaciers. Then it got warmer again.
Damn dinosaurs and their techkowolgy heating our planet. If Al Gore were alive then he could have slapped a carbon tax on those Dino’s and we’d still have our glaciers.
As for our current President, I am 100% behind him and what he’s trying to do. The media tries to make him out to be something he’s not and some democrats fall for it. I couldn’t care less.
The last president was indeed a liar. Obama, like most democrats, lied every time he talked. My own insurance, or lack of it, proves this. Rates went up over ten times the original amount in less then two years and I did NOT get to keep my doctor. I finally cancelled that crap.it was a joke. A mess. The marketplace is a disaster. Obamacare is a farce.
Some democrats refuse to acknowledge the fact that democrat leadership were for the wall until Trump. Those collections of dems railing for a wall are funny to watch in light of current democrat leaderships stance on building it. Certain dems will ignore this and pretend it never happened.
Hypocrisy. The hallmark of the democrat party. Unless you’re a woman or black. Then democrats believe you are just too dumb to make up your own mind. Democrats; hypocritical and racist to the end. And the end is coming soon.
God bless America!

Brian said...

Here is a link where scientists will explain your dinosaur scenario and how what we are experiencing cannot be explained by the earths natural cooling and heating. I realize you are adverse to reading things that go against your made up mind, but really jay, try to open up that mind of yours.

As for lying, it truly seems that Trump says more lies than truths...by far. Here is a list of 4122 lies since he took office. You do the math on how many lies per day;


And I realize you have to be told things many times before they sink in, but once again...what is this thing with democrats thinking women and blacks are dumb. You are forgetting that it was the Russians and their Republican accomplices who targeted them over the more easily duped angry white male.

And yes, the end is coming soon. In 739 days....or sooner!

Jay said...

It’s odd that some democrats still believe that Trump is a liar. I’ve watched many of his speeches and press conferences and don’t recall hearing him say anything that wasn’t or isn’t true.
Zip. Zero. Nada, as Rush would say.
I can only conclude that democrats who think our President is lying have never actually watched a speech.
I have, and then the next day see the main stream media misquote and put soundbytes out of context for days. This has been going on for over two years. Amazing too because if any democrat actually took the time to watch his speeches they’d know they were being duped by the media. But dems are too busy to watch speeches. They’re just not to busy to hate. The main stream media is the catalyst for this and does it well. The sheep will follow the wolf.
It was easy to get Germans to hate Jews. He had great propaganda too.
Speaking of propaganda, Russian Collusion is a joke. Climate change is a joke. The problem on our southern border is very real. The main stream media propaganda problem is very real. No democrat can deny that dems were very much for a wall before Trump and now are against it simply for political reasons. This is obvious to all but the most brainwashed democrats. Same with the Russian Collusion and man made climate change. Propaganda works. The proof is that the democrat party, the racist party of the KKK, still exists.

Brian said...

Your not understanding when Trump is lying speaks to your ignorance, not to Trumps truthfulness. And you are stunningly ignorant. Let's just stick to the Russia topic. Are you telling me that you never heard Trump say: “I know nothing about Russia. I don’t deal there. I have no businesses there. I have no loans from Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia. I never did" ???

Really? That's odd. This quote was from a July 2018 interview, but on at least 23 occasions since 2016 he has said either that he had ‘nothing’ to do with Russia, or that he has ‘no deals,’ no investments and no ‘business’ in Russia,”

Outright bald faced lies. At a 2008 real estate conference, his own son Donald Trump Jr said that Russians accounted for a significant part of the Trump’s business interests. “In terms of high-end product influx into the U.S., Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” he said. “Say, in Dubai, and certainly with our project in SoHo, and anywhere in New York. We see a lot of my pouring in from Russia.” He also told author James Dodson in regards to golf-course financing, “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

After he was caught lying he switched tactics to trying to justify his business with Russia. So your not even knowing one of his most frequently repeated outright lies explains why you are clueless about the other 4,121 documented lies. Being brainwashed by propaganda keeps you in the dark.

As for climate change.....even pretending that you are right and that there is no scientific consensus, I can't give you better than 50/50 odds that man has not added to the planet's warming. So let's go with the notion that we just don't know. Maybe yes, maybe no. After lecturing me so on how often scientists are wrong, there is no way you can now claim to be so very confident that the scientists you choose to believe are definitely right. Fair? Ok then, let's consider the consequences both ways. Let's say you are right. Then by listening to the climate change alarmists you would have to start switching over to alternative energy sources, and maybe have some higher bills for a period of time until renewable energy ultimately comes incredibly cheap. But what if you are wrong. Then the consequences will not matter to selfish people today, but just think of the effects on your children and grandchildren with coastal flooding, intense droughts, massive storms, destroyed farming, etc. You would risk your childrens and grandchildrens future for the sake of saving a little money in the short term, and for blindly following and trusting a political party?

That is no joking matter.

Jay said...

Interesting thing I don’t believe democrats understand is that even if Donald Trump actually told 4,000 lies that’s about one tenth of what Obama and other democrats have told. I HIGHLY doubt Mr. Trump actually told over 4,000 lies. I don’t think anyone but a truly died in the wool propaganda swallowing democrat would buy that. Let’s get real here.
Pelosi and Chuck U Schumer told nothing BUT lies in their rebuttal. Democrats will not admit this. Nor will they admit that they were for the wall until Trump was elected.
We are sick to death of lying democrats. We are sick of the lying media. Personally, I don’t care if the President told 50,000 lies as long as he does what he promised to do. And he is doing that.
Obama told about 10,000 lies and never did anything of value. No democrat does.
Global warming may seem like a huge problem to propaganda swallowing democrats. The border problem is very real. The facts are there and they are indisputable.
THAT is no joking matter.
Whether you wish to worry about man made global warming which has not been proved at all or worry about the very real problem at our southern border depends on whether you want to deal with a fantasy or a very real problem that ultimately results in the deaths of many of our citizens.
When climatologists can predict the path of a hurricane a month out without a cone, perhaps I’ll listen closer to the dire warnings of these brave scientists who are on payroll and don’t want to lose their jobs.
They’ve been wrong for the last 50 years.
In short, the claim that Trump has told all of these lies is ridiculous at best. And even if he did, the number would pale in comparison to lies democrats spew daily.
I couldn’t keep my doctor and my rates went up ten fold. I am now uninsured. Thanks Barrack. Thanks democrats.
Can any democrat please explain why dems were so adamant about building a wall until Trump was elected?
I didn’t think so.
Can any dems explain why the main stream media misquotes Trump and takes quotes out of context everytime he makes a speech?
No? Didn’t think so.
Can any dem explain why we are looking at an invasion on our southern border and now dems say it’s a manufactured crisis?
No? Didn’t think so.

Brian said...

OK, I get it...you would sacrifice the quality of life of your children and grandchildren for the sake of partisanship

You blabber about misquotes and "out of contest" remarks, yet never are able to give actual examples. Cute how you have so quickly started parroting the new, hot talking point word "invasion".. See what I mean about .brainwashing working so quickly on you angry white guys? It would have taken Russian bots weeks to get women or blacks to start using such a ridiculously misused word.

I've grown bored of your repetitive rants, and after hearing your outlandish, obviously lie about your insurance going up tenfold, you have taken rational discussion off the table. Learn to reel in your exaggerations and you may get away with it. But trying to take people for fools usually just makes you look like a bigger fool. So once again, good bye for now. I will check another thread to see if you have learned anything about how to debate.

Jay said...

People who lose arguments, or have no valid argument always run off. It’s the fight or flight thing.
This usually means democrats because they have no valid argument for......anything.
My guess is that democrats can only posture and point to some link somewhere rather then use their own common sense to actually debate a topic. But that’s okay. When they run away the air clears, the seas calm and common sense comes back into the fold.
In my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of scientists, man made global warming has not been proven to be real. Those scientists who do put forth this theory definitely have a bias toward this theory. Funding, usually.
As I said before, when climatologists can accurately predict a hurricanes path, with no cone, a month out, I’ll maybe start to listen this doesn’t yet happen because the world climate is far more complicated then our best computer models can predict. And yet these global warming alarmists would have us believe they can predict our climate in 50 years or longer? So far, they have failed miserably.
The border wall is a must have. By any accounts of people who actually know what they’re talking about it’s time we do this. Just today I received a letter from someone who lives close to the border and confirmed again that what Trump is talking about is exactly true.
Democrats have in the past been for the wall. The fact that they’re playing political games today with the safety of our country and it’s citizens proves once again that democrats can NOT be trusted in any leadership role.
In my opinion President Trump is doing a good job. A far better job then his predecessor. I am not alone. Contrary to what the media would have us believe his approval ratings are not waning. If anything they are holding steady and maybe increasing some as well. Any lying democrat who calls Trump a liar should tell that to him in front of the tens of thousands of folks who attend his rally’s. Trump draws crowds. Obama and the Clintons can only draw flies.
Having said that, I urge everyone to read all of Brian’s posts. They are a testament to media control of our population and the very face of the modern day socialist, liberal, racist, party of the KKK democrat party. These careless opinions are why nothing is getting done in DC.