Monday, January 28, 2019

Courage From a Boy and a Priest

Father Peter Shaba
America sent many missionaries to Africa. Now Africa is sending them to us because the Catholic faith is growing there but has atrophied here. One such is Father Peter Shaba from Nigeria who said 10:30 mass last Sunday at Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Fryeburg, Maine. His homily on abortion was only the third I’ve heard in thirty years of attending mass nearly every week all over New England.

“If the mission of Jesus is to save life,” said Father Shaba in reference to Sunday’s mass readings, “for us his followers, our mission is to save and protect life as well. Yes, to save and protect life no matter how young or old that life is, especially the most vulnerable, the unborn. But is that the world mission today? Especially [for] those [who] call themselves Christians — good Catholics? Brothers and sisters, good Catholics don’t support the killing of innocent children — never.”

“We [all]watched what just happened in New York — the passing of the abortion law legalizing abortion up until birth, the Reproductive Health Act which was called ‘a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values…’ Are we progressing as humans in matters of life or are we retrogressing?” asked Father Shaba. “When we can kill babies who are very vulnerable, who should be cared for and protected since they cannot do that for themselves — but instead of doing that, we are happy and joyous that a law signing their death warrant has just been passed?”

He was referring to all the Catholic legislators who celebrated as Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law on the 46th anniversary of Roe V Wade. As Fox News reported it: “Cuomo directed the 408-foot spire on the One World Trade Center, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, the Kosciuszko Bridge, and the Alfred E. Smith Building in Albany to be lit pink to ‘celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.’” 

Father Shaba continued: “I watched with sadness the man who signed this law [and] the women who were with him, other men and women present there especially those close to him — how happy they were, cheering him on, the grandmother who sat close to him, happy, laughing, cheering evil and thinking that all is well? These people should be crying and wailing. Brothers and sisters, I am telling you today: all is not well. We need to pray for our nation.”

Catholics, including lay people, priests, and a few American bishops are calling on their fellow bishops to censure Governor Cuomo — either excommunicate him or at least to deny him the Eucharist in his home parish. Is anything stirring? On Saturday, Bishop of Albany Edward Scharfenberger wrote to Governor Cuomo, according to according to Fox News: “Your advocacy of extreme abortion legislation is completely contrary to the teachings of our pope and our Church.”

Cuomo knows what he’s doing: making an ass of his bishop. So what now Bishop Scharfenberger? Another strong letter to follow? Only days before signing this sinful bill, Governor Cuomo “touted his Catholic faith during the State of the State address,” according to Fox News. Ordinary Catholics want their bishops to do something and we’re gravely disappointed with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for refusing to uphold, or even practice Catholic teachings. How can they now allow Cuomo to peddle his Catholicism for political purposes and days later publicly defy the church to which he claims to belong? According to the Catholic Encyclopedia of Canon Law: “The diocesan bishop governs with legislative, executive, and judicial powers according to the norms of law.” Do your job, bishop!

Nick Sandmann, Bishop Foy
And speaking of cowardly bishops, what did Covington, Kentucky Bishop do last week after a Covington Catholic High School boy was pilloried in the pro-abortion media for marching against abortion? Did he defend the boy? No. The bishop threatened him with expulsion! As LifeSiteNews reported: “Bishop Roger Joseph Foy of Covington, Kentucky, along with the Covington Catholic High School administration succumbed to the mainstream media's leftist spin of the Friday, January 19 altercation.”

When our bishops lack the courage of a sixteen-year-old high school junior in the face of political and media pressure, what are we to think? Do they really believe in the teachings of the church they pretend to lead? It’s no wonder pews are emptying and churches are closing in America and Europe. Too few priests and bishops believe strongly enough in church teachings to champion them.
It takes a boy and a priest from Africa to show us what courage looks like, to shine the light on what America has become when “progressive” Catholics celebrate the slaughtering of our unborn children while calling it “Reproductive Health Care.”


CaptDMO said...

"The Church", taking theblighttouch, lest there be a loss of "popular" parishioners.
How odd this isn't seen as a chance to drain the swamp of Cafeteria Catholics, restoke the fires and just see who comes BACK IN from the cold as a result.
Might even help with integration if more congregants? parishioners? pine riders? folks had a skirting relationship with Latin.
Don't get me wrong. I have no dog in THIS front other than a community with more solidarity. I've always found that folks of ASSORTED churches, willing to announce SOME sort of commitment to striving for "better", tend to be the folks I can (*sigh* mostly-self included) take at their word in most other matters.
But that's just me of course.

DAWN said...

Kudos to the boy and the good Priest for standing up to bullies and for truth. I'm afraid though the Roman Catholic Church has been terribly exposed for what they really are. They are not workers for the Kingdom. Not really. They are workers for the evil one. Yes, there are some good Godly people in the institution but I believe God will call them out just like he called Abraham out of Ur.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues Revelation 18:4. It's coming down.

We need to "come out." Out of New York. Out of fallen churches. Out of government schools. Out of sin. We need to stand for truth. Stand for Holiness. Stand for Purity.

Be part of the remnant. The rest are heading for destruction.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it." Matt 7:13

Shane said...

Do you believe that race is a "social construct", that people are the same all over the world, or that Israel is our greatest ally?

Are you a Catholic who attends the new Mass and believes Francis to be a legitimate Pope? Are you a Protestant who is unaware that all Protestant denominations are man-made religions that have their roots in Martin Luther, a priest from the early 1500s, who was duped by the Jews of his time to create division within the Catholic Church?

Shane said...

What does this mean for you? It means if you support the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, the counterfeit Catholic Church (post-Vatican II), Protestantism, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the mainstream media, or the state of Israel, then you support Communism, pure and simple.

DAWN said...

Directed at Shane...

I support Israel. The only one in your last list I do support. So that makes me a communist? Says who? You?

And...I think Luther was a hero for standing up to a mega powerful Roman Catholic Church which meant most certain death in his day.

Pure and simple!

Shane said...

I have learned through hard experience that when Zionist-crime-mob-linked ex-Democrat billionaires (Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO) launch supposedly populist campaigns for president, it pays to be suspicious.

Trump looks to have been a stalking horse for the Ziocons. For proof, look no further than Bolton and Pompeo, who are running what passes for his foreign policy. And then there is the small matter of Kushner…and funding from Sheldon Adelson…and the “Russian mob ties” which are really Israeli mob ties.

Netanyahu and his friends—the guys who did 9/11—want to keep Trump in power long enough to go after Iran. As historians are already pointing out, Schultz’s candidacy seems tailor-made to hand the 2020 election to Trump.

Schultz’s candidacy may also represent a Zionist pre-emptive strike against the pro-BDS left wing of the Democratic Party. “Okay, Democrats, go ahead and run an anti-Likud left winger! You’ll never win…I’ll make sure of that! Bwa-ha-ha!”

Schultz’s Israel-inspired “candidacy” is yet more evidence that a small, genocidal foreign nation totally owns our political system. Barring an anti-Zionist, pro-American coup d’├ętat by a bunch of patriotic colonels (the generals are pretty much bought and paid for) I don’t see much hope for that sorry situation to change any time soon.

Ian said...

"It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of jewish Bolshevism (Marxism)."

DAWN said...

Shane...have you been to Israel? I have. Twice. I was in an underground bunker talking to the mayor of a small town Sederot near the Gaza Strip. He begged us to tell the outside world because the media is NOT reporting this!!!!

This little town was taking incoming bombs constantly. Besieged. As many as 8,000 missiles in one year. There were bomb shelters on every street. They have like seconds to get into one. The playground (empty) was one big bomb shelter. The town looked like a ghost town because of the fear. PTSD is a big problem. They can't sell their homes. Who would buy? The playground has been hit. Children have died....Jewish kids. We were there delivering pallets of food for them. They are so poor as a result of all this.

We have a Jewish Pastor friend in Jerusalem that tells us how the Palestinians were stabbing children and adults at the bus stops while waiting for the bus. His daughter was scared to go to school. You don't hear this stuff on the news. Why? Sorry are believing the FAKE news.

Take a drive around Israel yourself. Don't believe what they want you to hear.

Mr Ed said...

Wow Dawn

8000 missiles a year, is fireworks considered missiles, 22 hell fires every day then, Wow impressive considering the IDF controls every port, border, sea access etc. the idf must be the height of incompetence.

How many walls does Israel got build, how many ships you detain? really. more incompetent than Trump with with border non-wall

Shane said...

Yeah, seriously Dawn, your comments are woefully inaccurate, intellectually insulting, certainly misleading propaganda and total BS (which is the zionist m.o.) but anyone, anyone, with, well, an internet connection and a shred of common sense sees through the blatant lies and disgusting propaganda you peddle. What's worse is you apparently identify as "christian" which actually makes me physically ill. Shame on you. Seriously. I will pray for you and the rest of the "christians".

Tom McLaughlin said...

I agree with everything Dawn said about Israel, and I've been there too. I'm also a Christian.

Shane said...

No surprise. Though it's impossible not to ask how someone who identifies with the teachings of Jesus could support racism, genocide, bullying, lying, stealing and a constant stream of blatant propaganda. Like I said, it is intellectually an insult to any rational critically thinking person. This isn't difficult to discern. You either believe reality or some fantasy propped up by a stream of constant lies.

As an American it is even more baffling. Billions of our tax dollars going to a Nation who has been caught stealing our nuclear secrets?? Uhm wtf!!! Oh, they also attacked us but I can't mention that or I'll be painted an anti-Semite! Haha..can you imagine what the founding fathers would think of this "special" relationship? They'd be sickened. Please try and refute that, I'd love to hear the argument.

Anytime you want to make a logical argument as to why we Americans are incessantly pushed to fetishize and support this nation of genocidal racists please go ahead and try. You can't, I know, which is why there is never an attempt to do so. However, I am very much interested in how an American Christian can support such disgusting and evil behavior.

How many Palestinians arrested in NYC on 9/11? Zero....Israelis? Five. Caught celebrating and dancing and filming. But don't let facts get in the way.

Jesus would be siding with Palestine. But any real follower of Christ already knows that. Heck, even Jews are increasingly fed up with the bs from the wack job zionists---- the John hagee type followers, real intellectual bunch.

Jeff said...

Any American supporting Israel after watching the documentary "The Lobby" should consider moving and apologizing... Must see tv.

Shane said...

Tom, make your case for supporting the apartheid state. I'd love to hear it. Justify the "special" relationship with the law and constitution in mind.

I'll wait......

Tom McLaughlin said...

It'll take you a while to read my Israel archive, Shane, but if you're up to it look here:

Shane said...

I'm well aware of the Zionist talking points and couldn't care less about your regurgitated take on it. I get that and can easily refute such hyperbolic claims quite easily. Anyone with an internet connection can. However, What I am concerned with is how an American claiming to represent the teachings of Jesus can justify such a position. Keeping in mind such things as the constitution, the federalist papers and the actual teachings of Christ. Oh yeah, and basic human decency. Rehashed takes on propaganda are useless and intellectually lazy.

I'll wait.

DAWN said...

Socrates says those who have no argument attack the one giving one. Shane is a good example of this. I told you Shane I WAS THERE! Your rant is nothing but one attack on me after another because you have NO answer. Attack me because I'm a Christian? Well dude..I'm in good company.

It hasn't escaped my attention that YOU DID NOT answer my question. Have you EVER been to Israel? Why would someone believe you over someone like Tom and I who have been there? I've driven/flew all over Israel from the North to the South. I've driven thru the Muslim and Jewish quarters. There's a HUGE difference between the two. I was near the Gaza Strip even though we were warned it was dangerous. I wanted to see for myself.

If you take a drive to Texas and have never been, do you ask someone from Canada for directions or do you ask a Texan?

Shane said...

Sound logic there Dawn. You and Tom have been there so apparently that means Israel, poor wittle isweal, the constant victim, is not doing anything wrong. Heck, you've been there Dawn, so naturally there are no laws being violated, homes being stolen, kids being shot by snipers, spying and stealing from the USA, and Gaza isn't the largest open air prison in the world, it's really a resort. And on and on and on. It's all anti Semitic smearing. Those poor people, being bullied by a nation with no army, no navy and no Air Force who have no control over basic necessities like water, electricity and food. Sorry, my bad Dawn. Again, you make a sound logical argument.

Thanks though, your post explains everything. I, along with other true Christians, will continue to pray for you Zionist monsters.
Why on earth would I visit there? It's like visiting Germany in the 1930's. No thanks.

DAWN said...

You call yourself a Christian? Wow! I see no evidence here by your rants and your not so covert language of demons. The saying goes..what's in the well comes up in the bucket. You need to go to God for purification...seriously.

Also, you talk about some woman who lost her job? Have you not been paying attention? Christians have been losing their jobs all over the place because they will not put biology aside for gender identity. They are being forced to go against their Christian beliefs everywhere NOT to mention plain old Science.

And you pull up one Texas woman? Do you even know the whole story or are you just running with it trying to prove your point by giving yourself leverage?

I was banned from 66 Planet Fitness gyms because I reported to the front desk that there was a man in the ladies dressing room! That's it! I just said I didn't think men should be in there! So don't tell me about one woman in Texas that you heard about and probably not knowing the whole story when there's dozens of documented cases all over the place where we are being penalized just for believing in God's truth.

I'm done talking to you Shane, because as Mark Twain said: "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

Tom McLaughlin said...

Shane writes:

"Thanks though, your post explains everything. I, along with other true Christians, will continue to pray for you Zionist monsters.
Why on earth would I visit there?"

My question to you Shane: Why are you visiting here? It's getting very tiresome reading your posts.

You hate Israel. That's your right, but why not go spew at Anti-semitic sites? There are lots of them.

I'd like to put you in my rearview mirror.

Shane said...

Anti-Semitic? You do realize that term doesn't mean what you want it to, right? It refers to a group of languages. Sorry. And I'm also not the Jew hater you'd like me to be. Couldn't be further from the truth. I do in fact detest Zionism and the influence an apartheid state holds over my nation. But Jews? I love them, as I love all decent humans regardless of religious affiliation. I bet it's getting tiresome reading my posts. That subconscious of yours is running full tilt, cognitive dissonance keeping you up at night?

Why am I Here? I'm fascinated how Americans let another nation essentially run their lives. It's truly stunning. They have you arguing for them! Tossing around the old pathetic cry of anti Semite because you can't make a logical argument against my posts. Obviously.

The Irish have the balls to stand up to bullying and incessant propaganda.

The documentary called the lobby is essential viewing for every American. Wake up folks.