Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Voting And Dating

Do voting for president and choosing a mate have anything in common? In both instances, Americans are making an important decision: Whom do they want for a years-long relationship? Immature people and voters tend to look for the perfect mate or the perfect candidate. The more mature recognize there are no such things. None of us have to marry, but as citizens we have a duty to vote.

The end of a marriage or of a presidential term is often unpleasant, but the beginning of each is a honeymoon. The partners cannot get enough of each other, and both sides revel in a glow. During the 2012 election cycle, actress Lena Dunham of the HBO production “Girls” made an ad urging young women to vote for Barack Obama. In it she said: “Your first time shouldn't be with just anybody, you wanna do it with a great guy.” Although Obama was running for reelection, Dunham was pitching to young women or “girls” in her demographic who had just reached voting age and would be voting for the first time. As Dunham described it: “My first time voting was amazing. It was this line in the sand. Before I was a girl, now I was a woman.”
Most of us fall in love with someone we eventually marry. He or she seems perfect in every way, but as time goes by we notice flaws. Minor imperfections can be accepted as part of the package if the relationship is to continue. If we refuse to accept foibles, they lead to separation and divorce. Major flaws such as lies and infidelities are often considered unacceptable and catalyze wrenching divorces — or impeachments. Some of us, however, go to great lengths to deny deficiencies both major and minor, desperate to carry on the perception of perfection, accepting excuses for inexcusable behavior.
David Brooks

Some ostensible conservatives were infatuated with Obama during the 2008 cycle. One, New York Times columnist David Brooks, wrote about meeting then-Senator Obama for the first time: “I remember distinctly an image of — we were sitting on his couches, and I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant, and I’m thinking, a) he’s going to be president and b) he’ll be a very good president.” Brooks got over his Obama crush, but others have not. Leftist MSNBC host Chris Matthews was infatuated with Obama too, describing “a thrill going up my leg” when listening to an Obama speech, and evidently he’s still in love.
In response to the Lena Dunham “First Time” ad, the conservative “Independent Women’s Forum” put one out  called “Boyfriend” in which a young woman is talking to an older woman on a couch, above which hangs a “Hope” poster of President Obama. She opens saying: “I was so excited at first. He seemed so perfect.” The older woman responded, “They always do.” The younger one asked: “Why do I always fall for guys like this?” and the mature woman concluded, “You know you deserve better,”
“Boyfriend was followed up by “Feeling Guilty,” with the same young woman and another older woman who opens, saying: “Feeling Guilty?” The young woman angrily declares, “I supported him for four years,” then seems to soften, saying, “Some of the things that happened weren’t his fault.” The older woman then scolds her: “Why are you always making excuses for him?” The young woman responds, saying: “I miss the way he used to make me feel.”
About a 130 million Americans will cast a vote for president in 2016 and right now they’re sizing up the field, a process is not unlike “playing the field.” Suitors present themselves in their best possible light, as knights in shining armor who will come and save the day. The maidens must decide which “knight” may be suitable, but for no more than eight years.
Some terms are cut short earlier like those of President Carter and the first President Bush, both of whom were considered too wimpy to lead after only four years, but the average lately is eight. According to the McKinley/Irvin family law firm: “The average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is eight years.” 
Approximately 126 million people voted in 2012 and there were almost 59 million married couples that year, or about 118 million people. Campaigns seem to get longer each four-year cycle and maybe candidates’ flaws will be evident sooner. Maybe voters have wised up a bit and will make think longer before “tying the knot.”

Or, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Always makes me wonder what kind of ongoing unfunded liabilities might be in the offing, despite what was PROMISED, and perhaps an OATH.
While many males may dread that "meet the parents" moment, I always prodded for it.
It's always better to size up the folks who've been supporting, and grooming, a "candidate" before wasting too much time in investment.
I've always been able to afford to evaluate potential "instructors", and employers, in the same manner of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the voters thought long, hard and wisely the last two presidential elections. May the trend continue!

Derik said...

Marriage and elections, two useless phony govt created institutions. If marriage didn't exist, would you create it? Of course not!! Govt sanctioned "unions" of two people!? What a joke..its merely a business anymore, a moneymaking bs scheme. The diamond industry thrives because of it..antiquated and affected.
Elections? It is near impossible for me to believe any rational adult In this country believes in the presidential election. It's real hard to swallow that concept. Why? What adult thinks we don't live in an oligarchy? These "candidates" are chosen by those really in charge and this election horseshit is a dog and pony show meant to distract and give us the illusion of participation. Our vote doesn't mean shit. Not only because of the electoral college ( which is a joke in itself, why no article calling for a real popular vote) but because a. Voting machines can be rigged and b. so can elections. The election of 2000 proved beyond a doubt what a complete farce this process is...a joke....
Not to mention the founding fathers detested the two party system and factions/parties in general.

Yet we continue this big game of pretend pushed by a corporate media complicit in selling this egregious lie--- this idea we get to "choose" our leader. No we do not. We need to Stop playing pretend and grow up.

As a historian how about an article on the federalist papers renouncing the idea of factions/parties? Especially two party paradigm bs..
Or one on the scam that is the electoral college--- we don't vote, we make recommendations. Big difference.
Why do we even have the idea of govt sanctioned "marriage"?
Or how we don't live in a representative democracy but an oligarchy..
It seems the corporate media needs taken down too. Maybe an article connecting the dots between the military industrial complex, Washington, D.C., and current events?

Brian said...

Derik, you make a lot of good points. Why does the government have to sanction any unions people may decide to enter together? The two party system is a complete farce, and with the electoral college the shameless gerrymandering is out of control. How can one party win control of the house with over a million fewer overall votes? The corporate media? With very few exceptions, they surely are not out to serve the public interest and shine a light on important issues. With a less corporate, more progressive/libertarian media more people would have a better understanding of global warming, peak oil, population growth, political lobbying, government's role in a functioning economy, how much we spend on the military, and countless other issues.

What you’re more likely to see in the media, however, are stories designed to get you to buy their paper, or watch their show, or listen to their radio station. If it bleeds, it leads. This is why the media is concerned with scandal, celebrities, gossip, and fear.

If anything, our news consists of paid advertisements and outlets too scared of offending anyone to publish much of substance. Investigative journalism is also expensive; entertainment is cheap.

Where I disagree with you is to the extent in which you think the system is rigged, and that we are powerless. Corporations did not want Obama elected. Yes, having a rare candidate that is not entirely in their pocket only slows them down a little, but sometimes little victories are very important. It would be interesting to see them face some real integrity, like a Bernie Sanders.

The military industrial complex? Of course they have way too much control.

Thanks for not subjecting us to more outlandish, unfounded accusations concerning conspiracies. It is good to be on our toes, and leery of what we are being fed, but enough is enough with the name calling and condescending attitudes towards those that don't swallow whole all that certain outlets are selling. It's fun and flattering to assume that you're privy to knowledge that the general population is not. And of course, it's not exactly news that politicians and their mouthpieces lie to us at least as often as they tell the truth. But don't be fooled into thinking that there are not many out there exploiting the gullible for profit. People like Alex Jones rake in millions off this stuff.

Derik said...

The truth speaks for itself. And it seems a bit sophomoric to actually believe these puppets running for president aren't already bought. Obama? Look at the number of ex big bank execs on his staff. Big banks and corporations are one in the same as far as this stuff goes. Obama has done nothing that a "republican" wouldnt have done.his sudden appreance on the political scene in 08' was a brilliant move by the puppet masters. He was the perfect foil for bush, at least ostensibly, but quickly proved he is another corporate big bank stooge with absolutely no regard for our rights. And, in reality, he just continued the new-con agenda in the Middle East..but because he is articulate and black it's ok. Look at this drone campaign! Pure f'in evil. I don't give a tin shit what else he has done--- murdering innocent people, Americans included!!!, via a secret drone campaign in countries we aren't even at war with is beyond the pale. Sickening..he should be in jail for it. Along with W and Cheney. And how many bankers were jailed in 2008? Tells you all you need to know..

The two party system is used to divide and conquer and it is obviously working. There are no democrats or republicans in reality. Just name only. Obama has proven this.
And why wouldn't corporations want Obama elected? Seems a bit naive to me. The military industrial complex Ike warned us about ARE the corporations I mention. They love Obama!! More endless war! More billions for Israel, who essentially controls congress and our media, they also happen to be the biggest offender of human rights on this planet yet they've convinced the half wits in this country they are the eternal victim!! It's unbelievable, really!!

And your smug attitude regarding "conspiracy theories" is pretty funny. Apparently anyone challenging the corporate media's account of something is a conspiracy theorist? Hmm..the biggest conspiracy theory out there IS the official 9/11 commission report!! Talk about unfounded and outlandish!! Haha...Alex jones? He Is a paid shill, just another part of the game, jones is used to play the "crazy conspiracy theorist"role so people just like you think any form of dissent is "crazy talk" and the people believing anything other than the corporate lie are also crazy..it's pretty obvious really....

We live in a world where our reality is constantly being created for us. Most of it is lies and propaganda. Our history is re-written garbage used to justify the present. Look at this Isis farce. Seems like we helped create it, along with Israel and the UK. Israel is treating their wounded for crying out loud!

Brian said...

I agree that Obama has done very little to wrest control from corporations, but doing things like fighting the pipeline and encouraging alternative energies is surely not pleasing Big Oil. It seems you see things only in extremes, and can't see the nuances that make a difference. I think that they will be much happier with Hillary. (and ecstatic with most republicans)

The drone issue to me is somewhat like abortion. They both are horrible in and of themselves, but who is to know the total future ramifications of either. Will the drone strikes eventually result in fewer civilian deaths due to decreased terrorism? Would you pull the hypothetical trigger on an innocent citizen if it would save 100 other innocent lives? I wouldn't call either decision "evil", that would only thrown out by those who can't see shades of gray. You and Tom do have that in common. That said, I wish that another drone attack would never happen.

As for Alex Jones...for somebody acting the crazy conspiracy role, he seems to have you echoing a lot of what he spouts... 9/11...Newtown... How is one to tell the "crazy" half of what he says from the half that you swallow?

Derik said...

Extremes? No Brian. Just calling it like I see it. Yes, obama talks a great game, no matter the subject----alternative energy, oil, etc., but in reality does nothing. He can't. He's a puppet.....and Hillary? It's stunning she is even in the race. Says a lot about this so called democracy, huh?
And when corporations are considered people a la citizens United then what's the point? Corporations and big banks run the show. Period. To believe anything else is insanity.
Comparing abortion to the drone strikes is ridiculous and an obvious attempt at deflecting. No. Abortion has nothing in common whatsoever with the drone campaign begun by W and continued by Obama. Obama has assassinated an American citizen and his son for Petes sake!! Due process? Nah, he was a "terrorist"! And his son? Or the wedding party we "accidentally" blew up. Or the countless women and children, again, in countries we aren't even at war with!! It's criminal. We have not a clue as to who these drones are supposedly targeting. It is sneaky, and yes, evil. Ask the victims what they think. There is not one excuse for it. No,shades of grey. Sorry. It's good vs evil....imagine if we had a legitimate media? Doing their intended job of keeping govt in check instead of making excuses for them and running a PR campaign for them. It's pathetic.
And Alex jones is indeed a paid shill. Yes, he mixes legitimate questioning of mass shooting events with his insane delivery and directed deflection. It's intentional. It seems all very calculated and deliberate to me. Meant to paint the critical thinkers as "crazy conspiracy theorists." And it's obviously workings of an extent anyway.. Merely look at who jones doesn't criticize and you'll start to see who he takes direction from. Heck, apply that idea to the media too...

Brian said...

Obama does nothing? That is just silly because rejecting Keystone is something. And I am glad you brought up citizens united...I meant to also bring that up as something else important Obama has done - appoint a couple of supreme court judges who could one day overturn that horrendous ruling.

Another hypothetical...would it have been an evil thing if somebody had blown up Hitler along with 20 innocents in 1933? Shades of gray do exist.

It is great to be skeptical and not trust all you hear from politicians and the media - I sure don't. I am VERY suspicious about all that went on with 9/11. I DO believe that corporations and the military complex control much of what goes on in Washington. But people do not need an Alex Jones in order to make some of what you say sound nutty. I guess you are able to see nuances in certain cases, such as in distinguishing types of BS. Somehow, to you, Jones' "legitimate" questioning of mass shootings seems less crazy than the rest of his BS.

Derik said...

Oh boy, Obama used veto power! I'm not naive enough to think that means jack squat. I am more concerned with the fore mentioned drone murders, jailing big bankers, an actual answer to healthcare, and an end to the neocon zionist bloodbath in the Middle East where it is increasing fly clearer by the day that our American sons and daughters are being used as fodder for some bullshit war on terror that is indeed manufactured. And recall I don't associate or identify with either party. The two party scam is so unbelievably limiting and corrupt. We will never solve a single problem under it. Just more perpetuation of the current system that benefits the very few as the poor shed blood for them in the Middle East..
And why invoke the hitter reference? Seriously? Sorry, but no. Hit,et has nothing to do with the drone campaign. Again Brian, Obama is commuting international war crimes by dropping bombs in countries we aren't at war with!! Hello!!! Enough of the freakin excuses and equivocations. My god. And a peace prize winner to boot!! Murdering innocent women and children!! Wtf...

Just as the news is a registered entertainment entity, registered in imdb, Alex jones is an "entertainer" with an agenda. How do you think he got where he is? You can't spew the shit he does without help. Look who backs him, and connect the dots. It isn't rocket science. Just takes some research. Again contrived and deliberate lunacy. He is a by gone player in the so called conspiracy game. So many other legit sources out there. And, by the way, what's with tagging anyone who questions corporate media a " conspiracy theorist"? Seems a transparent and pathetic way to avoid truth to me. Do you realize the origin of the phrase "conspiracy theory"? And how and why it was used? Didn't think so. It involves the CIA and JFK. Maybe research it as it explains a lot.

And what exactly sounds nutty? I can't think of one question I have of these so called mass shooting events, or 9/11, that isn't as "crazy" as the official explanation. Haha. Again Brian, millions have questions about these events, they don't offer answers, just question the official narratives. Simple. Yet people like me get attacked for being fringe lunatics for questioning the corporate media! Wtf man.
Seems there is a lot more going on behind the curtain and it seems more obvious everyday that our culture and news is manufactured. Ever see the YouTube clip of local newscasters from around the country delivering the same exact lines on air, verbatim...scary....
It's more wicked and evil than we can imagine I think..and continuing to think the current system works doesn't get us anywhere. Believing in Obama, Rubio, trump, Clinton, whomever, will also get us nowhere--- they are all bought corporate stooges in a dog and pony show...

Brian said...

You are very naive if you really think that preventing Keystone meant jack squat.

I notice you didn't answer my hypothetical....too gray for you? You would let Hitler live?

And when did I tag anybody who questions the corporate media a "conspiracy theorist"??? Try to read more carefully. Here, take another crack what I previously posted:

"The corporate media? With very few exceptions, they surely are not out to serve the public interest a and shine a light on important issues."

and to

"not trust all you hear from politicians and the media - I sure don't."

AND that

"our news consists of paid advertisements and outlets too scared of offending anyone to publish much of substance. Investigative journalism is also expensive; entertainment is cheap."

So, it it should be clear with a second reading that I too distrust the corporate media. And I certainly never said I do not believe that conspiracies exist. And I DEFINITELY do not think that our current system is working. I DO think that you have a very nutty take on Newtown. I know your go to defense is that others have not done enough extensive research on the matter because you can't fathom the idea that people dismiss the freakingly far fetched ideas that you have bought into. Way crazier than the official explanations.

Just curious...do you believe Sanders is a stooge in the dog and pony show?

Derik said...

Keystone? It's all political theatre. More bs really. Yes, good for him for vetoing, but kinda loses its impact when the same guy authorizes murdering people via drone. Which brings me to hitter? Wtf, seriously? What does this red herring bs have to do with an illegal and immoral drone campaign run by a peace prize winner! So spare me the hitler bullshit. It's transparent deflection. Weak. Nope, sorry, no grey area here whatsoever. You either support this egregious terrorist drone campaign, or you don't. This absurd notion that we are stopping "terrorists" so it's ok to murder some innocent kids is f@&$&)& ridiculous.

And, a nutty take on newtown? No more nutty than the official story. Which is full of holes, glaring Inconsistencies, and very strange anomalies. And I'm still miffed as to why there is not one still photo from this supposed state of the art security system they had at sandy hook..I have no idea what truly, really happened that day. Though the more studying I do the more I realize what we have been told simply doesn't add up....at all....Have you not seen Wayne carvers press conference? Or Robbie Parker's? Or gene rosen's? Or even gene's "rehearsal" tape? Etc. etc. etc...There is sooo much more to this..And actual researchers not Alex jones-like shill clowns...again, I don't have the answer I simply don't accept the "official" story...how could I? It makes no sense..


Like I said, we live in a world run by sadistic evil scumbags who will do ANYTHING to further the agenda.they shamelessly lie to our faces and take us for gullible morons..I'm beginning to think we are..

One needs to step WAY outside the box and study what is really happening in America and the Middle East. Who is really running the show? What's the agenda? Etc. Our government is useless and inept and merely a facade for the oligarchs to pacify us. And, as previously stated, citizens United put the last nail in the coffin. It's over. You think voting is going to accomplish anything? I sure as hell don't.

Look at who wields the most power in d.c., who owns the major media outlets, and the entertainment industry ( which has sunk to new lows pushing their agenda of emasculation and perversion),....who can't we criticize? Hmmmm...

And sanders? Just another aipac tool. Who already swore to continue the genicide and atrocities committed against Palestine. No f'ing way would I ever back this traitorous fool. Complete phony. When he yelled at people who were criticizing Israel's slaughter of Palestinians in the summer of 2014 he told them to "shut up"....Not in the least presidential. None of them are. NONE.

Brian said...

So...would it be ok to murder hitler along with some innocent kids? But you'll avoid that forever, so on to your nutty Newtown crap:

State of the art security system? Prove it.

Sandy Hook Elementary School did not have security cameras. There was only a call box, buzzer system with a video camera, at the exterior of the main entrance to let people in, which did not have any recording capabilities.

It is discussed in CFS 1200704559\Book 1\00263454.pdf, page 17 (going by the page number on the document): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-vhpZ_3PTLaGRjcFJIcC1ETHc/edit?usp=sharing
It is also discussed in CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 32 (going by the page number on the document): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-vhpZ_3PTLWkFPVkdBaDNMekk/edit?usp=sharing

Wayne Carver?

Wayne Carver is stating that he believes the current statue, regulations and practices already address the issues that are in the proposed Bill 1045, thus he does not support the bill, finding it redundant and unneccessary.
"I believe that the proposed legislation is however, redundant of current statue, regulations and practices."
"I do however; believe that the current statutory and regulatory scheme covers the issues that I perceived to be addressed by the proposed legislation."

Raised Bill No. 1045, An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Autopsy Reports: http://www.cga.ct.gov/2011/JUDdata/Tmy/2011SB-01054-R000228-Dr.%20H,%20Wayne%20Carver,%20Chief%20Medical%20Examiner-TMY.PDF

Robbie Parker? Too much evidence, I may have to use two posts:

Exhibit_349\StartTime 2012-12-14 14-36-48 Logger 45170321 Channel 1 Radi.wav: https://soundcloud.com/mike-fl-1/starttime-2012-12-14-14-36-48-logger-45170321-channel-1-radi
The caller in that 911 call is not Robbie Parker. Robbie Parker was working at Danbury Hospital.
"PARKER: You know, it's hard for me to talk about, because I was at work at the hospital. And the hospital was in lockdown, so I couldn't get to the school right away." http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1212/15/sitroom.01.html
"Parker found out about the shooting while on lockdown in Danbury Hospital and found a television for the latest news." http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/12/emilie-parker-sandy-hook-victim-would-have-comforted-classmates-dad-says
"Robbie Parker and his wife Alissa moved to Newtown eight months ago after Robbie got a job as a physician’s assistant at Danbury Hospital. That is where Robbie was when he heard about the shooting. The hospital went into lockdown and Robbie went to the emergency room expecting that some of the children might be taken there. He eventually made his way to the firehouse, where his wife Alissa was waiting, desperate for any news about their 6-year-old daughter, Emilie." http://katiecouric.com/2012/12/17/tragedy-in-connecticut
"Robbie, a health care professional, worked at Danbury Hospital. When Checketts reached him there, the facility was on lockdown due to the school shooting. Robbie was on his way to meet his wife at the fire station in Newtown. She was there with other parents awaiting word on the children." http://www.jeffbenedict.com/index.php/blog/35-blog/317-grief
From someone who worked with Robbie, he was watched pacing all over the floor at warp speed with this look of complete anguish on his face. They got him calm, got him to change his scrubs to street clothes, and told him to go to his wife.
Robbie Parker running near the scene: http://imgur.com/fAUGnVK.jpg

Brian said...

Gene Rosen?

While Gene Rosen has reported that there were six children, what he was unaware of is that two were the bus driver's children.
From CFS 1200704559\Book 5\00003250.pdf, page 2 of the bus driver's interview: "(Redacted) stated that some of the children farther ahead, 5 to be exact, continued running and she later learned that they were picked up by another parent and were taken to the police station. (Redacted) stated that four of the children, two boys and two girls, had followed her directives and ran to her, telling her that there was a man in the school shooting people." https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-vhpZ_3PTLY1lrb0JBR3NkcjA/edit?usp=sharing

Now...do you have anything else that didn't make sense to you?

Derik said...

Thanks for proving my point. You claim to know the alternative assessments about what happened yet you don't know about the state of the art security system that was installed before the alleged tragedy? Haha..I will not do research for you. It was widely reported when the event happened. They had new CCTV's...kinda makes one wonder why not one photo was released...remember columbine? And the pictures?...do your own research, please...

And you are trying to paste transcripts, etc. concerning the press interviews instead of actually watching them!? Wtf!? Uhm, actually watch Wayne carvers press conference! And Robbie Parker's! And after you watch Parker please explain his demeanor as he approaches the mic. Oh, and I referred you to genes rehearsal video. Watch it, then watch all his other press conferences. Then, after you've actually watched them, you can try and give me your OWN account. Not someone else's. After all, isn't that why we are in this mess? Letting someone else tell you what happened instead of doing your own research...do you not have the ability to watch video? Why would t you watch them?

What you pasted doesn't even address the actual conferences I refer to btw...come on...

I find your reply pretty weak...and your reliance on others to do the work for you lazy and willfully ignorant...

M.E. H. Wayne Carver said it himself
"you can control the situation, depending on the photographer and I have very good photographers."

Brian said...

Waiting on the security system proof....

Watched the videos.

My account is a crazy kid went in the school and shot a bunch of people. I have seen or read nothing to make me think otherwise.

You are getting on me for having others do my work for me?!? What, di you go down to Sandy Hook with your Scooby Doo magnifying glass and do investigative research yourself?

Paranoia is a sad thing. I feel for you. I know you have good intentions.

We are getting nowhere. I'm done with this thread. Best of luck.

Brian said...

I realize that you might feel off the hook to prove your security camera nonsense since I said I'm done with the thread.

Feel free to do so...I'll read it and check out what you have to say.

Brian said...

"What you pasted doesn't even address the actual conferences I refer to btw...come on..."

Ah...you didn't tell me what problems you had with the conferences.

Derik said...

"Sandy Hook Elementary didn't take chances when it came to safety.

The school had regular lockdown drills, teaching students and teachers to stay quiet and out of sight, had instituted a sign-in procedure for visitors that required photo ID, and had installed security cameras outside the main entrance of a closed campus that locked its front doors after 9:30 a.m.

The Newtown school district spent 10 times more on school security training this year, ABC News reported. As its measures didn't prevent Friday's brutal attack, school officials and safety experts are debating whether current safety procedures are the best to follow in similar cases....."


I recall reading specifically about the cameras just after the shooting. But that was awhile ago. A recent search proved so many different accounts it only reaffirms my suspicions.

Let me clarify. It see,Ed to me you hadn't or haven't watched the press conference of Wayne carver. If so, I would like your reaction to his demeanor and the overall press conference. Same goes for gene's numerous taped interviews. Including one that has been dubbed his "rehearsal" video. And after viewing tit multiple times it seems like it truly is. Again, if you've seen these i was simply looking for your reactions. Not some link from a "debunking" website. We can cut and paste all day long. Doesn't do shit. But your reaction to the videos does. That's what I am concerned with. And Robbie Parker. I wanted Was your reaction to his press conference, specifically the beginning, as he approaches the mic. You gave me links to links about his job, life, etc. I don't give a shit about any of that really. I do, however, care about his behavior during the conference....so that's what I meant by having others do the research for you, it seemed you were just answering me by posting links without having dine the research. Apologies if you did indeed watch all these. And if you did I want to know what you think. That's all I ever asked. And yes, I have numerous problems with these collective videos. I will share those if you give me your reviews... That's it. That's always been it.

Brian said...

Here is a video for you to watch.


When you claim as fact that here was a camera security system, laughing at me for "not knowing", and have no proof whatsoever to back it, how can I not think that is how you approach everything else?

As far as analyzing how victim's handle their emotional shock and turmoil, who knows how I, or you, would handle facing the national media frenzy after such an incredibly horrendous ordeal. Research what psychologists have to say about this.

Derik said...

The above quote was from an article published 12/16/12 by the huffingtonpost. I provided the link, hello. This doesn't constitute proof? What? Seriously? How am I to take this seriously? It was also mentioned in other articles just after the event. I read them. So.....don't know what to tell you. I have done hours of research so I have encountered, as I have said, numerous accounts of the camera system. And, like I said Brian, this only reaffirms my suspicions. Why such confusion over such a mundane simple subject?
There is proof to back up both sides. Makes. No. Sense.

Your answer regarding the interviews is predictable. Robbie Parker's obviously acting to me. He is laughing, then seemingly asks "ready"?, before going into this hyperventilating routine. Yes, Of course everyone processes grief differently. That's a cop out answer though, as I see it. His behavior is calculated. And why even face the media so very soon after? What parent would do that? Maybe months down the road, weeks even. But hours? Seems highly suspicious.

Carver? You don't mention anything regarding him specifically so I assume you haven't seen the press conference. His behavior is bizarre, to say the least. No? And some of what he says....hmmm...

Gene? His interviews seem strange to me to say the least. What do you think of hiw "rehearsal" tape? It seems very very strange to me.

All this points to Some of these people possibly being "crisis actors" which are a real, very legitimate thing, that I didn't even know existed before my Robbie Parker research back in 2013...I don't know if any of them are just yet, but I have serious suspicions. The more research the more it makes no sense.

And this is the tip of the iceberg Brian. There's much much more to this supposed shooting. And it should be a cut and dry thing right?

Derik said...

Brian, by the way, who is the kid that published that video? I'm aware of the hochspurg letter. I didn't reference it. Or Wolfgang Halbig. Though Halbig has done some good work. I gave you proof in the form of an article published four days after the event. And you're going to claim I gave no proof, whatsoever? What kind of non sense is this?

Derik said...

Brian, I don't need a psychologist to tell me Robbie Parker was acting. It's very obvious. The attempt at explaining it away because we all "process grief" differently is absurd and laughable after watching his conference. And, again, why even give one?

No specifics on the other videos huh, but you've seen them? Hmm.. Why no thoughts? You're just not going to answer me I guess. But continue to pose questions to me..Interesting tactics Brian. I provide you with proof, evidence, of a camera system at sandy hook per your request and yet you pretend I didn't! Haha. Then you fail to address my questions! Brilliant...

Waste of my time...best of luck. Maybe do some actual research?


Brian said...

If you think you provided proof of a camera system then you are either delusional or dishonest. Either way I agree....a waste of time. You will always believe what y ou want to believe, facts be damned. Sad.

Derik said...

And.......STILL you don't have the sac to engage what I ask!! Have you no pride? Hahaha!!! Though that is hilarious and explains oh so much. And after posting a link made by some throat bearded basement dweller!! Ha! And, by the way, if YOU think you've proven there weren't cameras you are either delusional or dishonest...Somehow you have the "real" proof and mine is illegitimate!? Haha...You expect to be taken seriously? you seem very gullible and incapable of critical thinking. The world we live in requires the ol' big boy pants. Yes Brian, your "govt" lies to you! Sorry to be the one to break the news! And, by the way, my case doesn't rest solely on security cameras. Not even remotely so...that said, the FACT that I can provide evidence to support that there were and were not cameras is down right suspicious and not remotely normal. Why can't I get a straight answer to this query in a Google search? Makes no sense. And this is normal as you see it? Sorry, I don't believe for a second this place had no cctv's.

How many times have I asked for your own, original, responses to the videos I mention? And still not a response!! Just deflection after deflection. Did I not answer your questions? That's how a debate works Brian. Pretty pathetic tactics. Not to mention transparent.
Keep that head in the sand and just keep attacking me, that way you won't have to divulge the fact you have not a f'in clue!