Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grassroots Rebellion

What the left sees as progress — a flood of diverse, multicultural, unassimilated migrants from Mexico, Central America, as well as the Muslim countries of Africa, and the Middle East, many other Americans see as the disintegration of America as they know it. They’re watching similar changes in Europe and worry that western civilization itself is unraveling. They elected a Republican majority in Congress to stem immigration and the enormous growth of the federal government, then watched that Congress capitulate to the president’s big-government, open-borders agenda. These Americans are not in the minority, but their view is scorned as racist and xenophobic by establishment leaders in government, in academia, in mainstream media, and in the entertainment industry, who consider themselves more enlightened.
They’re the people candidate Barack Hussein Obama spoke disdainfully of when addressing elite donors in Marin County, California back in March, 2008: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”
These Americans are rebelling now against what they see as an elite establishment coalition. As they watch the West decline, they’re realizing the leaders they elected, as well as the media who report on them, seem okay with the transformation of American that so worries them. So far the rebellion is political with Republican support for candidates they perceive as outsiders. Donald Trump/Ted Cruz Republicans believe big business and big government are symbiotic and prefer a smaller, decentralized government with more power returning to states. Others see no important differences between the two major parties and call for a third.
Their concern is exacerbated by increases in radical Islamic terrorism in both Europe and the United States that governments seem unable to deal with effectively. (Just Monday, however, the UK officially labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization — breaking with Obama who praises the MB.) A recent essay by historian of Islam Raymond Ibrahim sees Islamists rushing into a vacuum created by western decline in Europe and in the United States. Ibrahim calls the unraveling described above as the West becoming a self-hating civilization, and he takes a long view: 
“Once upon a time, the Islamic world was a super power and its jihad an irresistible force to be reckoned with. Over two centuries ago, however, a rising Europe—which had experienced over one millennium of jihadi conquests and atrocities—defeated and defanged Islam. As Islam retreated into obscurity, the post-Christian West slowly came into being. Islam didn’t change, but the West did: Muslims still venerate their heritage and religion—which impels them to jihad against the Western “infidel”—whereas the West learned to despise its heritage and religion, causing it to be an unwitting ally of the jihad.”
Ibrahim scoffed at President Obama when he: “counseled Americans to get off their ‘high horse’ and remember that their Christian ancestors have been guilty of similar if not worse atrocities. That he had to go back almost a thousand years for examples by referencing the crusades and inquisition—both of which have been completely distorted by the warped postmodern worldview, including by portraying imperialist Muslims as victims—did not matter to America’s leader.”
Many Americans have a limited understanding of historical Islam and don’t detect Obama’s distortion. Some do. Others just sense that his explanation is hokey.
The horrors ISIS and other radical Islamist groups are perpetrating today have been more the rule than the exception over the 1400 years of Islamic imperialism. We’re seeing is its resurgence enabled by the retreat of a breast-beating, mea culpa western establishment trying to do penance — Europeans for their colonial past, Americans for using their powerful military to curtail communist expansion and keep oil flowing out of the Persian Gulf.
Though establishment leaders play down resurgent Islam’s threat and trumpet “Islamophobia,” fewer Americans are buying it. They’re fed up with the flood of illegals from our south seeking “aslyum” as well as others from Africa and the Middle East who may or may not be refugees. Our establishment elite portrays both as oppressed, brown-skinned victims of Western imperialism. More Americans are seeing them as foreigners looking to get on the welfare gravy train and drive up the national debt, or, at best, as unskilled laborers who would take jobs away from them and drive down their wages. They also know thousands of illegals from our south have committed serious crimes and they question whether others from Muslim countries will assimilate as Americans.
They see both Democrats and Republicans belonging to the elite establishment and maintaining the status quo and they want to change course. I hope that comes through the ballot box and worry about what may happen if it doesn’t.


Mr.E said...

"Western civilization is unraveling"

Still? OK Chicken Little. That's what we've been hearing since they freed the slaves and let those women vote, and humanity started accepting homosexuals.

What is this self-pitying, "woe is me", persecution complex thing coming from the far right? OH, a "war" on Christmas!! (Huh? Christmas is everywhere, and thriving...look around you grinches!)

And now (cue the sobbing) "You can't praise western culture....or you can't blame any other cultures for anything"...Waaaahh! Really? Why can't you? Lots of others do, just open your eyes and ears. Buck up. Why so distraught over what some 'liberals" think? Speak your mind without whining about the consequences.

This grassroots "rebellion" of misinformed, angry old white men is wacky thing to behold!

Anonymous said...


Mr E... I recommend you give this website a look.

Mr. E said...

That was a good site. I sure saw a LOT of the things that Tom is guilty of week after week!

But I suppose you don't point this out to him, because, gosh, his logical fallacies evidently line up with yours. Turn a blind eye to that, right?

Anonymous said...

"Tu Quoque"

"Pronounced too-kwo-kwee. Literally translating as 'you too' this fallacy is also known as the appeal to hypocrisy. It is commonly employed as an effective red herring because it takes the heat off someone having to defend their argument, and instead shifts the focus back on to the person making the criticism."

Mr. E said...

Seems to be a lot of chatter but no counterpoint or mention of what was not correct in my initial post, so I'm not sure what your argument is at this point. Try to be a bit more specific instead of throwing out a page of fallacies and hoping one sticks.

Anonymous said...

Oh,a FEW of them "stuck".
Mindful, of course, that Logical Fallacy (nice handy reference guide by the way)is subject to JUST as much abuse as Robert's Rules, Congressional Point of Order, The Constitution, and EVERY "religious" manifesto ever written.
Pro tip: Don't waste time on "teaching", criticism, or doing "research" for, ANY source consistently citing a variation of "I know you are, but what am I?".
For what it's worth, I generally don't bother with "anonymous" either.
Consider making up a unique "marker", lest "credit, where credit's due"...isn't.
Unless, of course, "arguments", with ones imaginary sock puppet friends, are the contrarian goal.
In THAT case, the handy reference guide is the original APA DSM.

Brian said...

While Tom maintains his fantasy that Christianity is peaceful and Islam is violent, consider what the Washington Post had to say:

"Professor Juan Cole casually estimates that Christians chalked up roughly 50 times more violent deaths than Muslims across the past century.

Christianity can keep up with anybody in the murder contest. You can still find Christians today who will passionately defend the slaughters of the Medieval Crusades. You can use Christianity to kill abortion doctors, massacre Muslims in Bosnia or Kosovo, or launch a preemptive war. Jesus is more flexible than some people might think.

The most violent religion on Earth is any that have people in them. Those who are trying to win elections or ratings by telling us scary Muslim stories are playing a dangerous game. They are calling into question the basic humanity of others, making it easier for us to tolerate their persecution. They’ll get as far as our ignorance and cowardice will allow.

No matter what a religion teaches, some bloody-minded believers will twist it to justify their own dark urges. Religion does what people tell it to do. There is a clear connection between religion and violence – human beings."

Merry Christmas to all, and may all live in peace!

Yes, that dream may be ridiculed by some, but isn't it really the Christmas spirit - to hope and dream for better?

Imagine the Scrooge who would laugh and scoff at the idea of coexisting as we celebrate this Christmas season.

Tom McLaughlin said...

The Old Testament depicts God directing Jews to kill others, yes. The New Testament features a new covenant under Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus taught Christians to turn the other cheek and he went to the cross as an example.

Mohammed came along six hundred years later and taught his followers to make everyone in the world Muslim. If any resisted, kill them or enslave them.

Christians who kill are violating Christian teachings, unless it is in self-defense or in a just war. Muslims who kill in a jihad are fulfilling Muslim teachings.

Those basic tenets are the most stark contrasts between the two religions, Brian. There's no getting away from them.

Brian said...

Well, we will disagree on that, Tom, but since you bring up Jesus, here is what I have been thinking during this Christmas season...

Too bad we couldn't vote for Jesus for President. Would YOU vote for a non-violent radical who never spoke English, was not an American citizen, was anti-love-of-wealth, anti-public prayer, who never even mentioned abortion, was never anti-gay, never called the poor lazy, never fought for tax cuts for the richest, never asked a leper to "co-pay", and was a long-haired, brown-skinned, homeless, un-armed, community organizing, Palestinian Jew?

Anonymous said...


Islam is NOT the religion of peace.

86% of Muslim people polled in Egypt believe apostates (people who leave the religion) should be killed.

84% of Muslim people polled in Palestine believe adulterers should be stoned to death.

In Africa, 86% of Muslim people polled in Niger support making Sharia Law the law of the land.

In Europe, 43% of Muslim people polled in Albania believe you should face Corporal Punishment for Theft.

What do all these countries have in common? The vast majority of the population is Muslim. These people polled may not be part of ISIS. Maybe they will not crucify women on the side of the road, but they are just as dangerous as the people who do.

Christian Crusaders used to push their beliefs on others, and murdered those who didn't... but that was why we called that time in history the "Dark Ages". Christians no longer see a man working on Sunday and think... "Hmmm, we should probably burn him alive."

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Christians will see a gay man and think..."Hmmm, we should drag him behind our pick-up truck"

Anonymous said...

Love it when someone quotes statistics backed up by nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Can you
how the survey was conducted, how old and how many were the respondents, etc? Or is this something you crawled up Trump's butt to find then swallowed
and regurgitated it?

Kevin said...

Thank you Anonymous for showing the true hypocrisy of the left. You see the statistics, and you still have a hard time accepting them.

You try to throw my argument off base by criticizing my evidence. Yet, you do not hold yourself accountable for your own arguments! Did you look at the link I posted? They have cited all work, given the names of the people who conducted the polls, and there are even phone numbers.

You of course will not believe my biased view, so please, take your own eyes to the website and review the research yourself.

Kevin said...

And if it's hard for you to find this evidence, the answers to your specific questions can be found here: