Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Our Leaders Are Losing It

Wilhelm Reich
I’m not the smartest guy in the world and I can still be fooled once in a while, but I’ve learned a few things and my intuitive BS alarm works pretty well. For example, as soon as I heard of Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus Complex — that we males are born with a sexual attraction for our mothers — I knew it was hokey. Lately though, my alarm is going off so often I have an  almost-constant headache.

Bernie Sanders
A few months ago, I learned that Bernie Sanders neglected his studies at the University of Chicago because he was obsessed with Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and Wilhelm Reich. “Wilhelm who?” you may ask. Well, driving around in remote Rangeley, Maine four years ago I came upon the Wilhelm Reich Museum. A student of Freud, Reich had been dead for more than a half century, but his research into human orgasm continues in rural Maine. Young people with dreadlocks, metal in their faces, and a wide-eyed spaciness greeted me when I got to the door, but I went inside anyway as one would to see a freak show at the fair.
Reich Museum in Rangely, Maine

On display were some of Reich’s devices including what looked like an old telephone booth but actually was an “orgone energy accumulator.” The UK Guardian described it as “an almost magical device that could improve its users' ‘orgastic potency.’” The Guardian article continued saying: “The accumulator was used by such countercultural figureheads as Norman Mailer, JD Salinger, Saul Bellow, Paul Goodman, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Dwight Macdonald and William S Burroughs.” Reich also recommended that his “patients” should be massaged while naked to “loosen their body armour.”
Woman in "Orgone Energy Accumulator"

Some of the Bernie! supporters I see around Maine and New Hampshire remind me of the starry-eyed docents I met at the museum. Do they know Senator Sanders continued his obsession with Reich until he was at least thirty? After moving to nearby Vermont, Sanders wrote articles referring to Reich in the Vermont Freeman, an alternative newspaper. Mother Jones reported that: “His early writings reflect a political worldview rooted in the fad psychology and anti-capitalist rhetoric of the era and infused with a libertarianesque critique of state power. Sanders feared that the erosion of individual freedom—via compulsory education, sexual repression, and, yes, fluoridated water—began at birth. And, he postulated, authoritarianism might even cause cancer.”

Authoritarianism may cause cancer? Some of us think it’s time for Sanders to retire to his orgasmatron, but he’s a leading Democrat candidate for president of the United States. How many of his supporters know about the his obsession with Reich? I’m afraid to ask, but now Bernie is claiming that terrorism is caused by "climate change" and not radical Islam.
Though Islamist terrorism in Paris put France into a three-month state of emergency a few weeks ago, the biggest concentration of world leaders ever is meeting there to “save the world” from climate change. It all reminds me of how crazy-worried our leaders were about Y2K, which turned out to be nothing. Our “leaders” pretend all that paranoia never happened but they’re right back at it with President Obama playing the role of Chicken-Little-in-Chief. He’s about to cripple America’s already anemic economy by jacking up energy costs “before it’s too late.” He insists climate change is a much bigger threat than ISIS, our $20 trillion debt, or anything else. So he says.
Hansen warns us to watch out for those boulders!

Retired NASA scientist and “world-renowned climatologist” James Hansen claims Obama is not going far enough. Hansen warns that climate change causes “flying boulders” too. It whipped up storms so powerful they blew boulders weighing thousands of tons up onto cliffs in the Bahamas 100,000 years ago. Hansen’s claims are so out there that even the liberal Washington Post worries that: “some critics wonder whether the man [Hansen] who helped spawn the whole debate about the dangers of climate change has finally gone too far.”

Only some critics wonder that?
Reich is buried next to his cloudbuster

Wilhelm Reich, Bernie Sanders’ psycho-psychoanalyst, also built a “cloudbuster" machine I saw at the Rangeley museum. He claimed it could be put into reverse and draw in “orgone energy” from the atmosphere, which could then be infused into his orgasmatrons. Is something similar on the table in Paris? According to Bloomberg, today’s climate geniuses propose “replicating the planet-cooling effect of a volcanic eruption… The idea is to mimic [Mount] Pinatubo by using a fleet of modified business jets to inject fine droplets of sulfuric acid into the stratosphere, where they would combine with water vapor to form fine sulfate particles that reflect sunlight away from the earth.”
As I said, I’ve learned a few things over my sixty-four years, like Rudyard Kipling's warning to “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...”


Laurie from Bartlett said...

You can't make this stuff up!!! It's CRAZYTOWN!!!! That Bernie...who knew he was all about the orgasm!! Thanks Tom for yet another reminder of "where we at" here in America!Hey..Did you hear about Putin letting Soro's know he is not welcome doing business w/ Russia? Who knew that Russian leadership would trump us at every turn! They are actually fighting ISIS!! Imagine that! Gee....fasten your seatbelt 'cause we in for a WILD RIDE!!!!..and it ain't got nothin' to do with an orgasm!!!

Unknown said...

Both sides have gone over the edge recently. It would seem that the voices of measured reason remain silent. What is scarier than the ideas from both the right and the left yahoos, is that they have many followers. By the way, ole Willy was the inspiration for Kate Bush's "Cloudbusters." A song from a while back. Donald Sutherland was in the video as I recall.

Anonymous said...


Holy canoli! This guy wants to be the President? I'll vote for Donald Sutherland first!

Anonymous said...

I have also been to the museum in Rangeley. Why not tell the whole story Tom? Wilhelm R
eich was invaded by the FBI and all his books were confiscated and burned and he was thrown in jail until he died. So much for the right to free speech! No matter if you agree with him or not it was wrong for the Feds to do that to him.

Anonymous said...

Inject fine particles of sulfuric acid? Using private jets?
Or...OR "we" could start burning more coal!
Daddy, what is acid rain?
Why do we pay for platinum infused mufflers on cars?
But...well...."science", and all that.
I've heard the new call to arms in Paris is "2 degrees" (centigrade/Celsius/Kelvin)
How many degrees has the planet been "tipped" from stasis by sequestering water in "green" power/"selective" redistribution- "hydroelectric"/flood control projects, as well as inter-waterway transportation canals?
Now let's look at why, and what, "crap" (including people) MUST be "high speed" shipped in the FIRST place.

B.I.C. said...

Judging from all the sexual hang-ups Tom has expressed in past columns, it is no wonder that he is uncomfortable with Reich's sexual works. I shudder to think what sort of sexual ideas Tom had in his twenties...or today for that matter. He obviously has issues he is trying to work out.

As for Bernie calling climate change a reason for terrorism, why did Tom not include the fact that the C.I.A. agrees with this theory? Oh, it wouldn't fit his spin, right.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for our local conspiracy wacko to tell us that the shootings in California did not really happen.

Brian said...

Has there ever been a column written with a more glaring under-statement than the opening lines of this one?

Tom McLaughlin said...

Bernie is a kook. He was when he was young and he hasn't changed as recent statements affirm. I know it's tough for you progressives to look at this, but the mainstream media that like to rake up stuff about Ben Carson's youth ignore Bernie's past.

Asinine statements about global warming causing terrorism are a final straw for any but the most dedicated moonbats. We can see who they are, can't we? The perfect juxtaposition of the Climate Change Summit in Paris right after Muslim massacres there has accelerated crumbling of the EU's multicultural myth.

These are painful times for progressives who cannot let go of their cherished shibboleths.

Brian said...

No, these are painful times for ultra conservatives who see their archaic beliefs get swept aside by liberal ideas - equal rights for all, taking care of the planet, and reining in corrupt elitists and the rigged financial game.

It's funny that you bring up "kooky" and Ben Carson. You can't get much kookier than his babbling about the pyramids!!

Dismissing the dangers of global warming simply for political reasons is just as kooky - kookiness that your grandchildren will suffer for. Here is something I know to be true. If Big Money were behind alternative energy, and if for some kooky reason it was Democrats that ignored science, you would be screaming from the mountaintops about how stupid ignoring climate change was. No use denying that. It is sad that some people base their beliefs on WHO is giving them information with no regard for WHAT the information is, or the facts involved.

Just curious, but I know you will wimp out on answering. Are there any other overwhelming scientific beliefs that you disagree with, or is it just this one?

Tom McLaughlin said...

I don't disagree with any scientific facts. What are scientific "beliefs"? Your vocabulary is non-scientific. Those idealogues and prostitutes calling themselves climate "scientists" will chase grant money and research whatever will bring them more grant money. That's the big money behind this pseudo-science of human-induced climate change.

It's the academic version of what happens "when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park" to borrow one of Bill Clinton's explanations for his numerous bimbo eruptions. Drag a grant check through a university and "scientists" will come out of the woodwork to verify whatever the government wants. I've watched it happen for decades. It's over, Brian. The jig is up.

The problem isn't climate change. That's been happening for millions of years and will continue no matter what government does. The problem is government takeover of the energy industry. That's what the progressives are after.

Brian said...

You are pathetically trying to make an argument that their is more money behind alternative energies and grants than is behind Big Oil? You are pathetically trying to say that all of the world's scientists are trying to just please the government? You pathetically ignore scientific facts? Yes, FACTS.

And most pathetic and sad of all, you do all this at the expense of your beautiful grandchildren. Wow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Mr. E said...

I wonder which fact Tom is struggling with, the fact that humans release co2 into the atmosphere, or the fact that co2 is causing warming.


Non scientists like Tom, who profess to know more than scientists (oh no, wait, it's that he thinks nearly every scientist in the world is corrupt!) are like first graders arguing with their teachers that 2+2 = 3.

Brian said...

Tom , you say that you don't disagree with any scientific facts. but you then imply that virtually all scientists are making up evidence in order to collect some grant money (as if there weren't tons of grant money to be had on the other side). My question now is, why on earth do you trust all scientific facts when you think it is such a corrupt field?

Derik said...

Hey anonymous, you still have a lot of work to do in regards to Sandy hook. You've been presented with a lot to explain and disprove in previous posts yet you haven't the sac to confront anything. Just toss out red herrings and deflect with bs. Get to work. Think for yourself. Something.

Of course man made climate change is a farce.
Who believes in the two party system anymore? Why the hell would you? The founding fathers hated the idea of parties yet you all seem to believe that this is the answer.

As far as fluoridated water--- who on earth wants poison in their water? Aren't you aware of the Harvard study that shows it impairs developing brains and lowers iq? Has mat teams are called in when it is spilled for crissake. But I'm a wacko for posting that out I guess!! Haha....oh what a world. Orwell was right, and you all prove it everyday.

War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength....

Derik said...

Since you asked anonymous:


Anonymous said...

Another faked shooting?

How hilariously predictable!!

How crazily funny is it that the most gullible man on the planet, willing to swallow up anything the conspiracy sites feeds him, thinks that it is other people that are misinformed!

As for Sandy Hook, why should anybody have to "disprove" any of your gobblygook when you have not proved ANYTHING your self? Wild speculation is not proof. Fairy tale "what ifs" and "maybes" and "sounds suspicious to me" are not proof.

ok, wasted enough time on you, but thanks for another laugh!

Erik said...

I'm with Derik. He actually does not go far enough into the real truth though. The reality is that there has NEVER been a shooting in the United States. Never, ever. Disprove THAT you mainstream sheep!

Anonymous said...

Tom, how does it make you feel that on the topic of there being a conspiracy concerning climate change, you are on the same page as Derik.

That conspiracy is just as wacky as all his others. Welcome to the wacko club!

Derik said...

Anonymous, quite the contrary. And, hey great job not addressing the issues yet again!! Deflect deflect deflect. Using the tern "conspiracy theory" is a pretty weak way to deal with these issues. And I don't need a website to tell me that the story is full of holes and anomalies. My critical thinking skills do that for me. That said, there are very good sites dedicated to actually reporting what really happened and questioning the mainstream media's accounts.. Yet, ironically, you think whatever your corporate entertainment "news" tells you. No question. And I'm gullible? Haha. I refer you to Orwell again. The lawyers for the alleged shooter have also called bs on this thing. Interviewed on CNN. It simply doesn't add up....to believe the official narrative is it believe some incredible and strange stuff..do you actually know what is being claimed? Do you Realize there was an " active shooter" drill taking place simultaneously?
And sandy hook? I've never claimed to prove anything. Only stated the "official" story is absurd. So...sorry but no..I've referred you to Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen, Wayne carver, etc. and not a peep from you regarding them. You do absolutely no research beyond being told what happened and I'm gullible huh? Wow....like I said earlier, Orwell was right...

Anonymous said...

Derik, you said that I have been presented with a lot to disprove about Sandy Hook. Again, how can I disprove what has not been proven?

I have read many conspiracy sites, news sites and conspiracy debunking sites, so don't be an ass and tell me what I have done no research.

You better get to your "trusted" conspiracy sites so they can tell you what to believe.

Anonymous said...

It appears the last question to Tom about trusting scientific facts was too tough to answer. He probably considers it a "gotcha" question.

Steve said...

Mr. McLaughlin, your position on this is masterful. You're convinced global warming is not man-made. Fair enough. And you're convince that the presence of money (grants) renders all scientific research into the possibility of man-made climate change, at best, suspect, at worst, outright manufactured. Scientific research is always going to be funded by someone or some institution. Their work isn't community service, and they're not Red Cross volunteers. But your position allows you to safely disregard all research into the source of global warming if it runs counter to what you, a layman of science, have already concluded.

Mr. E said...

Yes, he sure painted himself in a corner by claiming to believe all scientific facts, while at the same time claiming that scientists were corrupt and untrustworthy. You can't have it both ways, Tom. I guess that is why you have scurried away like a little wimp.

Don't you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself on your own blog?

Me said...

"government takeover of the energy industry. That's what the progressives are after."

Care to explain where you have gotten evidence of this, Tom? How exactly does it get twisted from trying to veer our country towards doing what could be both much cleaner and ultimately cheaper, to the government "taking over" the industry?

Any evidence to site?

Or are you still in hiding?