Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's The Religion, Stupid

It amazes me what lengths to which the left will go to avoid mentioning terrorism and Islam in the same sentence. During the days between the bombing Monday and identifying the two bombers early Thursday, the left desperately wished they would be American white guys. Leftist Salon.com ran the headline: “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a white American.” Writer David Sirotta invoked the leftist creed of so-called White Privilege “There is a double standard: White terrorists are dealt with as lone wolves, Islamists are existential threats.”
Caucasian Terrorists

US Representative Peter King (R-NY) has tried to investigate links between Radical Islamists in the US and terrorism, but he’s accused of bigotry for his efforts. He proposed it again on Fox News Sunday with Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Cal) when she said: “I — I don’t think all of this is very helpful.  . . . I don’t think we need to go and develop some real disdain and hatred on television about it.”

Would this help?
Three years ago, Radical Muslim Major Nidal Hasan shot forty-five soldiers and killed thirteen at Fort Hood while chanting “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great), but our officials in Washington still refuse to call the incident terrorism. The Pentagon’s 86-page report on the shooting refused to mention Islam as a motive! Texas Congressman John Carter whose district includes Fort Hood was appalled. “People are afraid to speak out and label someone because they’ll be accused of being a racist or accused of profiling or being prejudiced against a certain religion or race of people,” Carter told POLITICO. “But in a time of national crisis, which I believe we are in, all identifiers must be discussed.”

How about this?
An officer in the US Army, Hasan publicly identified himself as a “Soldier of Allah” on Army documents, yet the army’s top officer - General George Casey said of the mass murder: “as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse."

So General, political correctness is more important than the very lives of soldiers under your command?


Our leftist commander-in-chief suffers from the same willful blindness. “Why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and country resort to such violence?” asked President Obama last Saturday.

It’s the religion, stupid.

Obama’s Mini-Me - Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick - said on Good Morning America last Sunday that he had no idea why the Tsarnaev brothers would do such a thing.

It’s the religion, stupid.

Former Maine Governor John Baldacci, a very liberal Democrat, played down Muslim association when he hosted a Saturday morning “Inside Maine” radio talk show last Saturday. He claimed poverty was the major factor in motivating the Tsarnaev brothers to bomb the Boston Marathon. Fellow liberal Ken Altshuler was Baldacci’s obsequious parrot and strongly supported this foolish contention.
They drove BMWs Governor

It's the religion, stupid.

MSNBC has been trying desperately to disassociate Islam from the Boston bombings. Before the Tsarnaev brothers were identified, its guests tried to blame the Tea Party. After they were identified as Muslims, another MSNBC guest insisted the Chechen Muslim backgrounds of the brothers “had nothing to do” with the bombings.

So, why does the left so desperately want to portray the Tsarnaev brothers as domestic terrorists? Because it would play into their world view of conservatives as redneck, cretin Neanderthals who “get bitter [and] cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them” as President Obama described them.
Bitter clingers won’t vote for progressive elitists and they have guns. Progressive elitists would disarm them by ramping up gun control and dilute their influence during elections by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who’ll vote Democrat. Gun control and amnesty were before Congress when the bombs went off. That riveted America’s attention and unraveled carefully-crafted, progressive spin. Already skyrocketing, gun and ammunition sales increased even more as more Americans were suspected their elected leaders were either fools or worse - they were covering up something.

They’re wondering, as I am:

*If the Tsarnaevs needed asylum from Chechnya, why did the parents move back?

*If they all feared for their lives, why did Tamerlan Tsarnaev go back to visit for six months?

*What were the chances that a Saudi national with relatives in Gitmo being at the finish line and close enough to be wounded by the blast?

*Why did President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have emergency meetings with the Saudi Foreign Minister while the Saudi national was held in the hospital as a “person of interest”?

*Why was the Wednesday FBI press conference postponed again and again during all this?

*Why was the Saudi national living in Revere, Mass. when his student visa was for a college in Ohio?

*Why does Janet Napolitano profile terrorists as pro-life demonstrators, pro-gun activists, and Iraq veterans - but not radical Muslims?


Texas Transplant said...

Excellent questions, Tom.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance is dripping off this one.

The Right continues to base everything, ever, on fear and safety. Fear of Muslims, fear of the government, fear of immigrants, fear of China, fear of terror, fear of socialism, fear of literally anything and everything that is not a mirror image of themselves and the lives they've chosen to lead.

It's pathetic, obvious, sad, and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

James Eagan Holmes- Aurora Shooter, Death toll: 12, Injured: 58, Religion: Lutheran. It's the religion, stupid.

Timothy McVeigh- Oklahoma City Bombing, Death toll: 168, Injured: >800, Religion: Roman Catholic. It's the religion, stupid.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold- Columbine Shootings, Death Toll: 13, Injured: 24, Religion(s): Roman Catholic, Lutheran/Jewish. It's the religion, stupid.

Seung-Hui Cho- Virginia Tech Shootings, Death Toll: 32, Injured: 17, Religion: Raised Christian. It's the religion, stupid.

See how this logic doesn't work? Every religion has its nutjobs.

Greg Benton said...

Correction to my comment above:

'You also choose to not distingush between mental illness that is at the root of most domestic killing with that of religious zealotry.'

Just as the Left turns a blind eye to the obvious reality of Islamism, so also do they refuse to see the enormous gap towards effectively responding to and containing the violence that exudes from the mentally ill.

When it comes to the slaughters mentioned above it is largely the failure of our society to keep us safe from unbridled psychosis.

Anonymous said...

You're very right, Greg, on many things. I was pointing out that at this point we have no idea what the motivations of these sickos was. Just because they're Muslim does not mean it was their religion. It may be. And if it is, I'd say that they misinterpreted a text that millions of people around the world peacefully choose to believe. Jumping to conclusions right now is how we breed intolerance.

The Commodore said...

OK, a good analogy full of bullshit by Anonymous. At least some left loonies leave their name and hold to their distorted views of reality. Leftists are NOT Loonies, they are mostly committed people who are not intelligent, just led by by collar by parents, teachers,unions an and hold to ideals that they believe, without question, without intelligent or deliverative thought, just bearing heavy poluted water arguments the don't hold thoughtful, intelligent scrutiny. I detest the muslim ideology, as it is against evolved belief of Mankind in this time.

Crazy people (not PC) should be adjudicated and separated from society like convicted criminals, but the lovely left said they are humans, not convicted and must be allowed to run around all of us, medicated or not and csuse havoc.

Nut cases and Jihadists are the same and should be stopped from their plans, or eliminated.

Federal Laws make this very difficult for Law Enforcement, due to the mamby pamby crap from congress. The Constitution does not allow this sort of behavior and that is why the current Administration is crapping on the Constitution. The Prez is most likely an idiot, without substance or intelligence.

Miss interpreted text my ass. I am intolerent of anyone who misinterprets text of a religion or the U.S. Constitution.

Mooched Metro said...

Thank you for your calm and reasoned response, Mr. Commodore. Or should I call you "The?" If you're going to call out people for being anonymous (everyone is anonymous on the internet) at least don't be a hypocrite.

"Crazy people (not PC) should be adjudicated and separated from society like convicted criminals, but the lovely left said they are humans, not convicted and must be allowed to run around all of us, medicated or not and csuse havoc."

Define crazy for me, please.

buttercup said...

Deval Patrick is Obama's mini-me? Why is that Tom?
What would cause you to make that connection?

Tom McLaughlin said...

Anonymous above writes:

"I'd say that they [radical Muslims] misinterpreted a text that millions of people around the world peacefully choose to believe."

This is the tragic flaw for so many leftists. They believe radical Muslims misinterpret the text of the Quran and the Hadith which they think are peaceful. However, it's the radicals who understand those texts correctly AND THEY ACTUALLY FOLLOW THEM. When I say, "It's the Religion, Stupid" I'm not just playing on the old Clinton mantra. I mean it. See here for edification:

The peaceful majority (so far) of Islam do not follow those basic Islamic teachings. They ignore them. Moderate Muslims are like professed Christians who don't actually practice Christianity.

Radical Muslims are ascendant and moderates are in decline - and the so-called "Arab Spring" accelerated this trend. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is taking over so much more territory, is the original radical Muslim organization begun almost a century ago in Egypt. It spawned al Qaeda, Hamas, and all the rest.

My hope is that the Boston Marathon Massacre will serve to wake up at least a few closed-minded leftists to this reality.

Mooched Metro said...


Every religion is interpreted, stupid. When was the last time you sat down with a Muslim and discussed how they read their holy text?

Tom said...

Mr. McLaughlin, you wrote this: "Moderate Muslims are like professed Christians who don't actually practice Christianity."

As I understand you are a Christian. Is that correct? Practicing? Catholic I believe? If true, after reading many of your columns sir, I can state with absolute certainty that you are one of those who don't 'practice Christianity'. Name calling and innuendo against 'your neighbor' is not 'practicing' Christianity. You really should take the log out of your eye, grab the Bible, read it, and pray for discernment.