Friday, April 19, 2013

How Will Leftist Loons in Cambridge and Boston Reconcile This?

Watching this unfold in the locked-down city of Boston, it makes me wonder if this is just one of many sleeper cells ready to activate when given orders to do so by whomsoever in Teheran, Pakistan, Gaza, Lebanon, some cave in Afghanistan or wherever jihadists hang out.

Who activated them? They've been in the country for a decade or more. They blend in easily. Were they recently recruited? Were they groomed by their parents? How connected are Hezbollah, al Qaida, Chechen radical Muslims? We'll know more in the coming hours and days.

Do the FBI and Dept of Homeland Security, etc. know there are scores or even hundreds of sleeper cells ready to disrupt our day-to-day life when activated? I suspect so, even as they simultaneously play down references to Islam in their anti-terrorist training and instead play up Pro-life demonstrators, pro-gun activists, and recently - Catholics.

How does leftist loon and Salon writer David Sirota feel now? He wished the Boston Marathon bomber would be a white American, and it seems like he got his wish, but then he wasn't expecting these heterosexual white Americans to be radical Muslims was he? He's dismayed I'm sure. I'm not. My hope is that at least some leftist loons in that very loony leftist region of Massachusetts will realize who the bigger enemy is. They've felt an affinity for Radical Muslims because they hate what America has traditionally stood for just as the jihadists do, under the concept of "The enemy or my enemy is my friend." It's an unlikely alliance, but it's very real. Will they wake up now that their lives have been disrupted?

Or, if not, what rationales will they concoct to reconcile these events in their liberal La-La-Land?


Anonymous said...

David Sirota is very very dissapointed

Jules H said...

Tom, thanks for having the guts to ask the questions too few people are asking!

Texas Transplant said...

I suspect the bomber(s) are young, white and ignorant of history except for the distorted pro-Marxist versions taught them in classes. Ignorance is not bliss; it is terrorism rampant.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Over on "As Maine Goes" where I also posted this, a reader commented:

"I hope he is caught alive so that America can learn more about his background, training, planning, assistance he has received from whomever whereever, and his motives."

I responded:

"If he is taken alive, I predict the F'nBI will arrest him, Mirandize him, and he'll get all lawyered up, just like UBL's son-in-law. They should send him to Gitmo and use enhanced interrogation, but that might bring out things our leftist administration doesn't want to see the light of day."

Anonymous said...

Based on these facts I’m guessing they are asking Chris Mathews to remove his belt and shoe laces and are sending over grief counselors.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you could have waited a few more days for your ranting. Hardly seems fair to the victims families.

Laurie from Bartlett said... "racist islamophobic bigot"..(as Pamela says..Truth is the new hate speech). How could you..a man who does NOT waste his time watching Dancing With The Stars and instead attends lectures of US anti-jihad heroes(protected from their fatwa w/self paid guards)..ya know,that religion of peace can get a bit do know Tom that the head of Homeland Security fruitcake was busy watching over the lawnchair lugin' Tea Party folk and senior veterans..we all know that THEY are more dangerous than the jihadists. Hey..just think how nice it would have been for the Watertown residents to have a 38special for personal protection!KUDOS my FRIEND for speaking TRUTH! We've only just begun! Important and timely, brave friend! True nobility is exempt from fear..Shakespeare ps..Perhaps after serving his jail sentence, the terrorist can get a job teaching future teachers at Columbia..or w/ the terrorist Bill Ayers in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Feel better now Laurie?

Steve said...

Mr. McLaughlin, you wrote, “They've felt an affinity for Radical Muslims because they hate what America has traditionally stood for just as the jihadists do, under the concept of ‘The enemy or my enemy is my friend.’ It's an unlikely alliance, but it's very real.”

Are you saying liberals have an affinity for Radical Muslims because liberals hate what the US stands for and as a result they see Radical Muslims as their friends because liberal American citizens see the US as their enemy?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Steve, that's exactly what Tom's saying. And this hate-filled fear-mongering imbecile was a public school teacher for over 30 years.