Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Surprises at CPAC

Scott Brown just showed up to introduce Mitt Romney. He wasn’t on the program either. Said he had his pickup truck right outside - and he’ll need it to get around this city. There’s way more snow here than there was in Lovell, Maine when I left yesterday.
Romney said, “Whoever thought you’d hear anyone say at CPAC: Thank you Massachusetts!”

Then he said that Leanne Smith has to give back her medal because, as it turns out, “Barack Obama has been going downhill faster than she has.”

Those are good lines and Romney is a good guy. I've heard him speak many times - at every one of these conferences I've attended - and I've interviewed him once at The Conway Daily Sun. He seems to have everything but one essential thing - fire in the belly. He has never convinced me that he's got steel in him. I just don't sense it and that's something the next president is going to need desperately. Colonel West has it as you can see if you clicked on the link in the post above (sorry I didn't add it until just now). West has steel. He has fire in his belly. I don't know him well enough yet as to his positions on other issues, but I'll find out and I'll be watching him.

Author Richard Spencer and blogger Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs just passed me a reminder of their presentation tomorrow at which West will be speaking along with Stephen Coughlin, Wafa Sultan, and other luminaries who raise public awareness of our battle against Radical Islam. Looking forward to that one. More tomorrow.

Thaddeus McCotter, congressman from Michigan is talking. I like him. He's smart, and a low-key kind of guy. He's a good Catholic and a scholar. Someone said he can play the guitar behind his head, but that's tough to visualize while I listen to him speak.

Having so much fun I haven't eaten anything all day. Supper is going to taste good tonight.


Anonymous said...

Tom..WOW..WOW...Geller,West,Brown,Cheney,RUBIO!!!!!!! WOW!!! Laurie from Bartlett

Anonymous said...

Can't Brown open up his mouth without mentioning his truck? he is turning into a big of a joke as Palin. I bet you LOVED his nude posing though!!!

Long live male bimbos!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom - thank you very much for the reporting. It is good to be hearing encouraging words these days!
There is real leadership being shown in these meetings, it appears to me.
Thanks again - there appears to be hope in our nation's leaders.

Unknown said...

Hooray for you! Thank you for being there and giving me the opportunity to savor CPAC vicariously.

Irregardless NH said...

Anonymous wrote:

"I bet you LOVED his nude posing though!!!"

Anonymous: you make reading Tom's blog worthwhile...much more so than the tripe he dispenses.

Thank you!

Tom McLaughlin said...

So why do you keep coming back here? There are plenty of mindless liberal sites where you'd feel more at home. We wouldn't miss you.

Stephen said...

I'll tell you why I keep coming back, Tom. It's not so much your political stances, it is the manner in which you try to get across your point.....outrageous spin, outright lies, lazy regurgitation of Far Right propaganda without checking the real facts, and the nasty mean-spiritedness that permeates your columns. If you were to rant misleading and erroneous Far Left liberal garbage I would be on your case just as much. I simply have no respect for people that cannont make their point without straying from the truth and acting like rude bufoons. I'm sure that you know you come across this way, and my feeling is you enjoy causing a stink. I think you place scoring "points" and trying to make "the other side" look bad above making a sincere attempt at honest discussion and working on improving the political mess that both democrats and republicans are responsible for.

Tom McLaughlin said...