Friday, February 19, 2010

CPAC - Friday afternoon

Wish I could be in several places at once down here. Just came back to the main ballroom while Congresswoman Michelle Bachman was speaking and it was standing room only. She was reciting passages from the Declaration of Independence: ...deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" and people were following along. I walked through the room and up to the bloggers' lounge to set up my work station again. Dang. Sorry I missed her.

John Ashcroft is at the podium now. Can't help but think about what a contrast he is with our present Attorney General, Eric Holder. Colonel Alan West
My mind is reeling, however, because from 10:00 AM until 12:30 PM, I attended Pam Geller's and Richard Spencer's "Freedom Defense Initiative." Colonel Alan West, Major Stephen Coughlin, Wafa Sultan, Simon Deng, and others.The room
It was the most powerful presentation of the conference so far as I suspected it would be.
Pam Geller
There's just too much to write about here. I'm going to need time to collect my thoughts and write a few columns on what I learned, and it's disturbing. Simon Deng is a human rights activist living in New York City right now, but...
Simon Deng
Congressman Dan Lundgren of California is speaking now in the Maine hall. We get video/audio feeds here in the bloggers' lounge. He's the former Atty General there - a measured speaker and he's talking about the Islamist threat. He's somber and the audience is too. So am I, after the Geller presentation.
Simon and me
... I went back to my room after that presentation which involved a circuitous walk through this huge hotel and, it turned out, Simon Deng's room is in the same tower and on the same floor as mine. We rode up together in the elevator, but we were talking so intently in the back that we rode it up and down several times while others came in and went out. Then we went out into the little lobby and talked some more. I have most of it recorded on my digital audio device and I'll be quoting from him in future pieces, but I'm going to have to do some more research on the history of Christians in southern Sudan where Simon grew up. His accent is still pretty thick and it was hard sometimes to follow all he was telling me.

Simon was kidnapped and sold into slavery for three-and-a-half years to Arab Muslim masters in the north...

Ovide Lamontagne just walked over and we talked about his race for the US Senate in New Hampshire. Seems like a good man. I recorded our interview. More later...

Now I just have to venture out and find a men's room. Back later...


Anonymous said...

I give Pam Geller lots of credit. She figured out that if she combined using what looks she has along with saying the type of outrageous, hateful and moronic things that right-wingers love to hear, she can make a lot of money for herself. She decided that her dignity was not worth the potential money to be made and went with it. Now all she has to do is skank herself out and get in front of a crowd of nasty wackos and say the expected things in order to receive money and adulation! She thought, wow, if that ugly bastard Limbough is getting rich of saying this stuff, imagine what I can do!

“Muslim’s suck!’




Unknown said...

Pamela Geller ROCKS!!! There is NO better fighter for the infidels of NH. Many understand, as Lt.Col.Allen West states so clearly. that the Koran is NOT a book about peace. Time for all Americans to WAKE UP and smell the "JIHAD"..the silence of Muslims in America renders them IRRELEVANT!!!! Anonymous has no idea of the depth of Pamela's research and commitment. As a regular reader for years now I understand why she is now #33 on the list of most visited conservative sites! Americans GET IT!!! We no longer have our collective heads in the sand! Again..Pamela Geller ROCKS!!!!! Thank You Pamela..God Bless and keep you safe! Tom..Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing "stories" of CPAC. Laurie from Bartlett

Anonymous said...

"Simon was kidnapped and sold into slavery for three-and-a-half years to Arab Muslim masters in the north..."

Sadly, this blog will probably be the only place one will hear about this.


Anonymous said...

Hey pettengill, you sound eerily similar to one of those Manson girs raving about Charlie!

Alex said...


This summer, Fryeburg Academy tried a "community reading" project; everyone in the school was required to read "They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky"- a story about the Sudanese genocides in the early nineties. The community was encouraged to join us. We wrapped up the project with presentations by two of the book's three authors, who survived the genocide.

People do no know enough about what has happened (and what is still happening) at the hands of religious extremists in Africa. However, there are those who try to raise awareness about it- (I can guarantee that you've seen a Save Darfur bumper sticker). Unfortunately, people do not want to know about it. That way, they can remain ignorant and do nothing.