Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC 2010 - Saturday morning

Saw a great film "Atomic Jihad" this morning written and directed by fellow Family Security Matters contributing editor, Joel Gilbert. It'll be released Tuesday and I bought an advance copy. It's a great compilation of Islamic history and I'll definitely be using it in my classroom. I had to miss Andrew Breitbart's big speech to see it, but Joel is a great guy and I wanted to support him.

Ann Coulter is coming up next. She'll energize things and there's an overflow crowd down there. I'll get some pictures from the Bloggers' Lounge with my 270mm lens.She wrote a devastating speech. Started with Kevin Jennings, our Obama-appointed Safe Schools Czar "and his book: 'Queering Elementary Education.'" It's a whole series of one-liners.
She's referring to the Tea Party activists who are all over the place this year. "CNN is calling them 'Tea Baggers,' which is the gayest term since Anderson Cooper."
The crowd loves her. She ended her remarks with "Remember - Keith Olberman is a girl."

She's taking questions from the audience now and she's definitely fast on her feet. "Have you ever dated a liberal before?" some guy asked.

"Umm. They weren't liberal for long," she answered.


Anonymous said...

Tom Where are you buddy? Just got home from work eagerly anticipating the "Beck" was he??? Does Coulter ROCK or what!!!!! She is the most honest woman on the scene. No one clearly articulates current events like she! Laurie from Bartlett

Anonymous said...

Just heard the Bill Bennett radio show and he talked about Glenn Beck a little when asked a question about Glenns comment about (paraphrase) "the republican party being the lesser of two evils". Bill completely disagreed with this statement and cautioned Glenn to be carefull about such comments. My feelings when I first heard Glenn say this was "It's about time someone said it and hopefully they will take note and make necessary changes to rectify it". I believe that that is how most conservatives feel, and most liberals for that matter.
What are your thoughts of what was said there by him, (Glenn), and what was the reception of it and was anything else said that we would be interested in?
I wonder if Bill Bennett is out of touch on the general feeling of the country ... or am I?

Paul M.

DAWN said...


Here's the speech if you want to hear it for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody really just claim that Coulter was the most honest woman on the scene??!!?? What scene...the society of psychopaths and chronic liars scene?

The woman is a rabid ideologue that seems to have absolutely NO regard for truth.

Coulter lied and distorted to defend fake reporter “Jeff Gannon”; falsely attacked President Clinton’s remarks on the tsunami relief effort; falsely claimed that the New York Times op-ed page “outed” gays and quoted NYT columnists out of context to defend inauguration costs; distorted and attacked Sen. Kennedy’s major Iraq speech; claimed that reports of hundreds of tons of munitions being looted in Iraq were “false”; distorted a 2002 article by New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof that predicted the difficulties of the Iraq war; falsely implied that the group behind a December 21 attack on American soldiers in Mosul was not linked to Al Qaeda; defended Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by falsely claiming that a reporter had devised a controversial question a soldier posed to Rumsfeld; falsely claimed that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was unable to identify any African-Americans in Florida who had been wrongly disenfranchised during the 2000 election (”We’ve found more WMDs in Iraq than we’ve found disenfranchised blacks in Florida”); and printed scores of errors (as well as specious ‘corrections’ of those errors) in her books.