Monday, May 17, 2021


As I ran errands in Fryeburg today, businesses still had their mask mandate signs up. I carried a mask but didn’t put it on. I was waiting for someone to tell me to but that didn’t happen. Fryeburg business owners all know me as a conservative so perhaps that was it. When I asked a few why they still had the mask signs up, proprietors told me our beloved mother, I mean governor, Janet Mills said we can stop wearing masks on May 24th. 

“I assume she informed all the Covid virus particles that May 23rd is the absolute last day they’re allowed to infect us. Am I right?” I asked one woman. She and a clerk who overheard burst out laughing. Everyone I saw in that store had masks on.

My daughter and grandson arrived in Maine last week after driving across the country from Portland, Oregon. They reported that no one was wearing masks in the midwest except for the Chicago area. It’s only on the coasts that people wear them. Should we expect people in middle America to start dying now?

A woman from the CDC told us we can use our own judgement now about whether to mask up, socially distance, wash hands every ten minutes, and all that. What’s changed? How come government now trusts ordinary citizens to make up their own minds? They have no clue how many of us have been doing that right along.

People on the coasts have obviously decided for themselves before the guidance from the CDC. Coastal blue people, when asked why they continue wearing masks respond that they don’t want to be mistaken for conservatives. I’m not kidding. They actually say that when interviewed by reporters. Others say they keep wearing a mask because they want to show how much they care for others. These people are so virtuous! I feel like a sinner in their presence.

Covering up half my face for the past year has improved my looks, I’ll admit, and the elastics that pull my ears forward has improved my hearing. Although that aural gain is offset when other people’s words are muffled from being spoken through cloth and from behind plexiglass.

It was so nice to watch Senator Rand Paul expose the lying Anthony Fauci in a senate hearing room. The previously-sainted Fauci denied funding “gain of function” research during his lifelong career with our government — and said Senator Rand Paul’s accusations to the contrary were completely incorrect. As it came out over the next few days however, that Fauci approved our tax money be given to an NGA that, in turn, gave it to the Chinese in Wuhan, China for that research. So he didn’t fund the “gain of function” research. They did.

I have to look up “gain of function” research to learn that meant scientists were researching how to enable viruses to infect humans. Why in God’s name would they ever want to do that, I wondered. Then I learned that President Obama had banned such research years ago. Well, how about that? Something Obama did that I can actually applaud. Fauci and another scientist, however, found a loophole that enabled them to continue funding it, although indirectly. 

Have you noticed that Fauci’s halo has been removed? He’s not on television every day anymore either. Do you miss him? I sure don’t.

Another thing: it’s no longer racist to call this “The Wuhan Virus” or “The China Virus.” The former head of the CDC told us he believes the virus escaped from lab in Wuhan that got money through the formerly-sainted Doctor Fauci to do that “gain of function” research. Apparently it didn’t come from some Chinese person eating a bat purchased from a wet market. Will anyone who called me racist now apologize? Probably not.

I’ve read where a few brave scientists are suggesting that all the economic shutdowns, the social distancing, the mask-wearing — none of it had any effect. The virus was going to do what it did regardless of all that. We could have avoided all that misery. All the businesses that closed didn’t have to. All the schools that closed didn’t have to. Imagine. Are they right? I suspect they are. If so, will our political leaders ever admit it? You know the answer.

Many Catholic schools remained open throughout, and not a single infection can be traced to a student. Were Catholics immune? Were they holier than Dr. Fauci? Or was it all unnecessary? It sure was necessary according to the teachers’ unions and their Democrat allies — and they’re determined to continue with it all. Have the teachers’ unions ever gotten anything right? Not that I can remember. I should have quit the National Education Association much sooner than I did. I actually paid them dues for over ten years. What a fool I was.

The main road through Fryeburg has been choked by construction for almost two years now. I know the back roads so I can avoid it during my errands, but I don’t see road construction projects taking nearly so long over the New Hampshire border a few miles away. Why is that? Let’s see: Democrats have been running Maine for the entire forty-five years I’ve lived here. Republicans have run New Hampshire for almost all of that time.

Could that have something to do with it?


Montedoro44 said...

"I should have quit the National Education Association much sooner than I did. I actually paid them dues for over ten years."

About 45 years for me. But there was no choice -- they declared "agency shop" = you had to pay whether or not you joined. In the old days, given NEA vs. AFT, NEA was regarded as the more conservative.

cowboy ted said...

Did it escape or was it intentionally released? First it was, "Russian Collusion, Russian Collusion"--truth was, the dosier to implicate Trump was an inside, deep state hit piece which was a false flag. Then the lefties started saying, in unison, "taxes, taxes, taxes," which was yet another elaborate rouse with their puppet FAKE news networks. That didn't work, so they figured even though they FIXED the voting machines and the FAKE absentee ballots, why not get some insurance and get this China made, but University of North Carolina concept, put into place to create a bioweapon--they knew it didn't come from an animal, yet all the FAKE news spread the propaganda as truth, when it was an abject LIE. The U.N.C. scientists sounded the alarms there, so they moved it to the CCP controlled Wuhan Lab.--merged 5 sars and presto, covid. As Trump was fighting the globalists/Marxists they decided to "accidentally" release this and blamed it on an animal--worked for a while, but all they needed was time to get FAKE Biden, a convenient puppet elected to do continue with the Salinsky-Marxist agenda--but now the audit in AZ is showing us that Trump won that state, but now the federal justice dept. is trying to prevent the truth from being revealed. Soon other states will have their audits and at the end of the day, many will have their suspicions validated that indeed, Trump won again. As far as Covid goes, it's a virus, and with all viruses, like the flu, sadly people succumb, but the majority is fine--no need for the lockdown, just a convenient test perpetrated by the globalists to see how many sheep they can corral.

CaptDMO said...

In the initial stages of Chinese (post Atlanta/ Galveston) Wuhan Level 4 lab Novel gain-of-functon, horseshoe bat Coronavirus-19 "SHUT IT ALL DOWN" Political Science sociology, just over the boarder, NH took advantage of greatly reduced "stay home-work is CLOSED" trafic and BLASTED through a bunch of infrastructure maintenance with the roads, shoulders, and culverts! (We won't talk about the 10 foot wide painted lanes on Rt. 302)
Make no mistake, the "normal" North Conway Water/ Sewer Mains project was a disaster in terms of unnecessarily long term, torn-up artery, "shovel leaning".
"Free" fortified unemployment, WITH bonus, has made retaining ANY skill level of contractor for....well....ANYTHING, kinda' tough for a year.
Helps if you're a Renaissance do-it-yourselfer, have a history of prompt payment, AND "know" (several) someones.

Marty said...

Tom, last summer mom had to go to the hospital, so I bought her a N99 mask adjustable ear loops to tighten it. When I picked her up she was wearing a surgical mask. I asked her why she had switched, she told me the only mask authorized in the hospital was the surgical mask.
In other words they made her switch from about the only mask that actually would filter out the virus to one that, on its packaging clearly states that it doesn't protect from Covid 1984.
Here in central Florida even the Biden voters have stopped wearing them, the only time I wear one is if the business require it, otherwise 👎
DeSantis banned all local restrictions, and there hasn't been a state mandate since last.year.

Peter said...

Was it all unnecessary? Such a tough question. There were a lot of businesses and personal lives upended, no doubt. On the other hand, how many lives were saved because of the precautions? Was it over 100,000 like some studies suggest. Or was it just a fraction of that...30,000?...10,000? So it all comes down to what value one places on human life. I am certainly glad that none of my loved ones were one of these "numbers".