Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Left & Right June 6, 2021


Mark Guerringue sits the left chair for this program. We discuss the national debt and how much Trump added to it as well as how much Biden's proposals will add if they're passed. That leads to discussion of what is infrastructure and how much should the federal government get involved. Should it be done with private capital instead. I raise historical precedents like the Erie Canal which New York State paid for entirely. We discussed comparisons between last summer's riots in cities across the country and the events of January 6th in Washington DC. I see parallels, but Mark says they're "apples and oranges." We discussed Mark calling my columns "anti-black" but he denies calling me "racist."


cowboy ted said...

BLM is a Marxist organization as stated by the founder. Criticizing it is neither black or white, but American. A principal in Vermont was fired because she didn't support BLM--that is a communist school. With respect to debt, the government will just keep on spending, interest will go up from around 360 billion and that's that. The country is morally bankrupt and all things evolve from this. As Thoreau stated, the moral becomes amoral, and the amoral becomes immoral. All it takes is a disinterested virtue to sustain it.

Peter said...

I agree with Mark about comparing apples with oranges. Rioting in the streets is much, much different than an attack on our nation's capitol attempting to overthrow the will of the people. How could one even begin to compare an anti-democracy insurrection with street protests and rioting? This is the same type of denialist thinking which led Republicans to compare the mob to normal tourist groups and to call them "peaceful patriots". Insanely moronic statements from anti-American politicians attempting to white-wash the violent attack. The scary thing is that such outright BS seems to work on those that believe what they want to believe.

CaptDMO said...

Hey! where's sept. 1?