Tuesday, January 05, 2021


It’s not the problem; it’s how you react to it. So goes the aphorism and 2020 exemplifies it. All the sum-ups of the year past proclaimed that Covid-19 made it the worst year of the century, and maybe it was. If so, it wasn’t because of the virus; it was government reaction to it — shutting down virtually everything. Many now believe those shutdowns have caused more suffering and death than the virus has.

By the end of last year, evidence to support that contention multiplied, but not enough for big government or its mainstream media spokespeople to acknowledge it. Instead, they’ve doubled down on fear hype. Recent widespread testing indicates that perhaps half the population has already been infected and has immunity. While more deadly than the seasonal flu, chances of dying from Covid are extremely low. In September, the CDC reported that the under-69 population of those infected had more than a 99.5% chance of surviving it. So why the continued shutdowns? 

And, why do teachers’s unions insist that schools remain closed when the CDC reports that children aged 0-19 survive Covid at a rate of 99.997%? Surely it’s not to protect them. Why do blue-state governors and superintendents acquiesce? Teachers’s unions are among the party’s biggest contributors. After Tuesday’s Georgia elections, Democrats could control the entire federal government, but is our country uniting behind them? A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll demonstrates that although most Americans accept that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, 39% think the election was rigged. That points to a seriously divided country.

Is this division a recent phenomenon? Many of us first became aware of roiling discontent within the electorate when the Tea Party emerged ten years ago. Most agree it was a grassroots conservative movement, but I can recall what happened when a large contingent of Tea Party activists first made their presence known at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Republicans were wary because it had no leaders and wasn’t part of the Republican power structure. CPAC’s 3-day conference program that year didn’t even mention the Tea Party.

I remember walking into the hotel lobby in Washington and the first thing I noticed was a man dressed as an original 1773 Massachusetts patriot complete with tricorne hat and waving a yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. However no one mentioned the Tea Party in any of the sessions I attended. It was as if it didn’t exist. And Democrats were not going to welcome them either, given the Tea Party first coalesced following the narrow passage of government-expanding Obamacare in 2009 with not a single Republican vote.

Here was an amorphous throng of citizens dead-set against big government — and shunned by both major parties. Mitt Romney ignored the Tea Party in his 2012 presidential run and lost. Looking back now, we should not have been surprised that an outsider with zero political experience and promising to “drain the swamp” won the presidency in 2016. If it weren’t for his narcissism he would likely have won a second term. Instead, he was toppled by an aged career politician who stayed in his basement throughout the campaign in fear of either Covid or making a gaffe, or both.

After the first two weeks in early 2020, many Americans opposed government’s massive response to Covid. Shutting down the economy and triggering a near depression, it then created trillions of dollars out of thin air and distributed them to citizens, businesses, as well as various institutions and organizations large and small. Federal debt, already out of control, went into the stratosphere. Governors, most of them in blue states, extended shutdowns again and again, and now into 2021. All but 13 states have ordered their citizens to wear masks everywhere.

When gubernatorial authority to shut down states is challenged in court, judges have so far ruled it unconstitutional — even though states do have authority to deal with infectious disease. Anthony Fauci objects to that though, claiming that federalism is undermining the U.S. response he coordinates. Evidence that shutdowns at any level are effective in controlling spread is thin.

 According to an article in Just The News, when states report Covid statistics, nearly all conflate patients hospitalized “with Covid” and “due to Covid.” As more people are tested and found to have antibodies, it’s inevitable that more hospitalized patients will too. Hospitals are not being overfilled with patients “due to Covid” as media and government repeatedly proclaim, but “with Covid.” That’s an extremely important distinction that few Americans recognize.

Covid is a problem, yes, but it’s much worse when government and media stoke Covid fear to justify seizure of power over the day-to-day lives of Americans — and further dividing our country. Two centuries ago, President Andrew Jackson advised Americans: “Never take counsel of your fears,” yet that’s exactly what we’re doing.


Kafir said...

Only 39% of Americans think the election was rigged? That means 61% are not paying attention and get their news from the Marxist media. I was disappointed with Collins, after supporting her over Gideon, when she was the first Republican Senator to congratulate Biden’s fraudulent win. The Swamp is still VERY deep.

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale yesterday where things are pretty much back to normal. Most people here are careful but do not live in fear...except those visiting from the Northeast corridor, particularly NY. I fear those leaving that communist state will move out and bring their “values” with them to Maine and elsewhere. 2021 will be another interesting year especially if Georgia elects two more deranged Leftists to the senate. We shall know tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

These are excellent points, Tom. I think you are right on.

Steve said...

I would’ve thought the percentage higher than 39, either way, the reason they think the election was rigged is because the most prolific liar in presidential history keeps telling them so. He started lying to his base about rigged and fraudulent elections when he lost the Iowa caucus to Cruz, which is part of the reason he called Trump a pathological liar and a sniveling coward. Then Trump continued to lie to his base when he said the 2016 Presidential election was rigged, and he’s continuing that tired, unproven refrain through 2020. The Republican party does seem to be at a crossroads. It’s true Conservatism vs Trumpism. They’re not the same and are actually incompatible. Conservatism is respect for the military. Trumpism is draft dodging and denigrating Gold-Star family members and a tortured POW who earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross and a Purple Heart. Conservatism is fiscal responsibility (at least that is what’s claimed). Trumpism is increasing the debt by 6.7 trillion, so far. Conservatism is personal accountability. Trumpism is blaming everything, EVERYTHING, on someone else. Conservatism is open markets and free trade. Trumpism is tariffs and isolationism. Conservatism is an oath to the Constitution. Trumpism is an oath to a man. Conservatism is democracy. Trumpism, as we are witnessing, is a desire for autocracy. Conservatism is free and fair elections and respect for the result. Trumpism is trying everything conceivable to reverse that free and fair election. Trumpism is proud sexual assault. Conservatism is not. After failing at the ballot box, Trump resorted to multiple recounts in each of the six contested states. After failing at the recounts, Trump brought over 60 lawsuits in those six states. After failing in the Supreme court and 52 lower courts, Trump tried to convince legislatures to simply overturn the election results and award him all of their electoral votes. After failing that, he his now meeting the Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell to discuss the feasibility of declaring martial law to seize the voting records of those six states. Thankfully, on Dec. 18, the secretary of the Army and the Army chief of staff publicly disavowed any intention of participating in a military coup: “There is no role for the U.S. military in determining the outcome of an American election.” But this is where the party of Lincoln has brought the country. We’re still seeing Trump, in his taped call with GA Sec of State Raffensperger, trying to overturn election results by arguably threatening him to make 11,780 votes materialize so he can win the state. Of course he lied about the nature of the call before the tape was released.

Imagine if these events were occurring in South Sudan or Belarus or Myanmar. Would you be cheering on those democratic patriots or would you be thinking, “poor, hopeless third-world countries.”?

The cult doesn’t outlast the cult leader. Hopefully, that will apply here, but I’m not optimistic, because Trumpism has existed for decades, it just took his arrival on the presidential scene to give it focus and a name. I have to hope there are enough true Regan conservatives left with enough courage to stand against Trumpism.

CaptDMO said...

For the generation saddled with sorting this out, fixing it, and carting some of us off in tumbrils...
"Home" schooling.
Or supplemental to Zoom/Public "hybrid"

Atlas Shrugged
Animal Farm
Watership Down
Bleak House

X Box?
Assassins Creed series
Fallout series.

Extra curricular civic service?
Steal the pallets of bricks mysteriously pre-deposited in planned riot cities, to subsequently be used for constructing central foundation basements of "modular" Little Red School Houses.

Peter said...

I am wondering if there is anybody here that represents the 39% of people who believe there was widespread election fraud who can give an explanation for why all the cases are being thrown out of court for lack of evidence, even by Trump appointed judges.

Peter said...

What a horrible day it was for the USA and for democracy. This will forever be the way Trumpism is remembered, as an out of control mob. This was a thuggish attack on law and order to the nth degree, an attack on our country. Terrorism. Encouraged by Donald Trump. As Lindsay Graham said, "Enough is enough, it's over". The people have spoken, the individual states have spoken, the courts have spoken. Yet so many refuse to acknowledge this and instead only listen to the words of one man. This is such a perfect example of how ruthless dictators gained control in foreign countries. So scary to see it attempted here, but heartening to see democracy win out.

Gaffer said...

As a believer and one who reads the Bible it seems obvious that Satan is in control of conditions currently. Whether or not there was election fraud, one thing is certain and that is that the electorate is not following His commandments. It is equally obvious that our government is corrupt for allowing the riots and not enforcing the rule of law. We are headed for dangerous times and it is not going to be easy.