Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Remember the bloody sock? It became the symbol of the Red Sox World Series championship in 2004 that ended “the curse of the bambino” — an 86-year-long drought following the Babe Ruth trade in 1918. The sock was worn by pitching ace Curt Schilling who’d just had surgery. With a bleeding ankle, he still won the crucial game six of the American League Championship series against the New York Yankees. That put the Sox into the World Series in which Schilling won game two in a four-game sweep of the Cardinals.

Schilling is a hero to New Englanders, but not to the liberal Boston Globe which ran the Sunday headline: “Will Curt Schilling’s inflammatory rhetoric keep him out of the Hall of Fame?” Sports writers cited his conservative politics for their negative votes. Now Schilling’s scalp hangs in the cancel-culture hall of fame. No one can doubt that Schilling is one of the greatest pitchers of all time, but to liberal media his politics are deplorable, especially his support for Donald Trump.

Kati Couric

I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 — and I would again given the same choices. So would tens of millions of other Americans, but our vilification is accelerating. In 2016 Hillary Clinton called half of us “deplorable” and “irredeemable.” However, two weeks ago former mainstream media news anchor Kati Couric suggested we need to be “deprogrammed.” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson echoed that saying: “there are millions of Americans, almost all White, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.”

How would that be done? Gulags?

WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin

Fellow Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said: “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party” and leave no survivors. She also said we have to blacklist Trump supporters from universities and media. And it’s not just media; Former FBI Director James Comey said: “The Republican party needs to be burned down … It’s just not a healthy political organization.”

James Comey

Does that sound like inciting violence? Just as Cool Hand Luke was warned, you conservatives have to “get your mind right.” I only hope the above-named “progressives” envision only a night in the box and not life in a concentration camp or a bullet in the back of the head. But, then again, WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin said: “We have to level them, because if there are survivors… they will do it again.”

Leftists in academia control what students learn, but Pew Research said last week that almost all Americans increasingly get their news from their smartphone or tablet, often on platforms like Twitter and Facebook and Google. These are owned and operated by liberals who use their power to censor news like the Hunter Biden laptop story they spiked until after Biden won the election.

Smith College Professor Loretta Ross

For years now our colleges and universities have banned conservatives speakers. Now Smith College Professor Loretta Ross says Trump supporters must be: “treated with the same public condemnation that the Nazis received after World War II.” For Professor Ross, “The term “Nazi” is not even strong enough to convey the opprobrium and disgust human rights activists feel for those who brazenly claim they are simply patriots with different opinions.” It’s hard to believe students pay Smith $75,000 a year to learn this stuff.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley says: “Many professors admit…they are afraid to speak out… about the rising level of intolerance [for conservatives]… In over 30 years of teaching, I have never witnessed the level of intimidation at colleges and universities that we have today.”

Democrats, and some Republicans, are pushing impeachment of President Trump because of his remarks at the White House on January 6th, which they claim incited a violent takeover of the US Capitol the same day. In a column January 7th, I called on Trump to resign for the same reason, but what is the point of impeaching him after he’s gone? None I can see except spite and fear he might run again.

Now my newspaper column is affected by the leftist cancel culture. My piece last week explaining why I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 and listing his accomplishments was spiked in one of the newspapers that has carried it nearly every week for decades. The Conway Daily Sun had no problem running the previous column telling Trump to resign, but the publisher claims he spiked last week’s (and others recently) because of “factual errors.” I responded that he owns the paper and he can print or not print whatever he wants, but scoffed at his pretense of political objectivity. He has agreed to discuss his claims with me face-to-face on my local Valley Vision TV show “Left & Right” February 3rd.

That should be interesting.


Jared James Bristol said...

This is what you did to me last week!

Tom McLaughlin said...

What is?

Peter said...

Curt Schilling certainly is an interesting case. His regular season stats showed him to be a borderline Hall of Fame, but his post-season numbers help the argument that he should be in. One of the requirements for enshrinement, however, is “character”. One’s character can be debated, but I agree that one’s political views should not count against anyone. But there is also the argument that some of Schilling’s statements went beyond politics and were simply inflammatory and hateful. It certainly did not help his cause when he sided with the violent rioters and their insurrection. Backing a coup attempt of your own country does not sit well with many. Then there is the T-shirt he wore that gave a clear indication of his view on canceling the speech of those you don’t agree with. It read "Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required." Which makes it kind of ironic that you claim it is the silencing of free speech that is keeping him from the Hall of Fame.

I am a little confused about your thoughts on the DC rioters. My belief is that many of them were caught up in QAnon theories and other distortions of the truth by radical internet outlets. In other words, they were “programmed” to believe they were doing a good thing. It seems like it would be a good thing if they were “programmed” to not blindly trust random theories on the internet, but to follow the facts. I don’t know how this would be done realistically, certainly the drastic talk of “gulags” is not in question, but citizens do have to learn to distinguish facts from BS. Because many insurrectionists certainly will try it again otherwise.

What is the purpose of going after Trump with an impeachment even after he left office? What would be the purpose of prosecuting an employee who left any company after burning it down, figuratively or literally? The reasons are the same, to set an example, to let it be known that these things are not tolerable and will be punished. To help prevent it from happening again. If inciting a crowd in a coup attempt is not something that should be followed up on and dealt with, then what is?

Kafir said...

Cancel culture is also alive and thriving in professional golf. The Ralph Lauren Corporation quickly dropped Justin Thomas for using a homosexual epithet despite his immediate apology and continued groveling. Now, Citi has said they will not drop him as long as he donates a “meaningful portion” of his sponsorship fees to LGBTQ+ causes according to Brand Officer Carla Hanson.

Should he have called himself a faggot after missing a short putt which was caught on a TV microphone? No, but it happened when he briefly lost his temper. So where are the Left-wing SJWs who claim to be so tolerant and forgiving? Of course, tolerance and forgiveness is only reserved for their own.

You’d better not use the term “China Virus” either.

Peter said...

The so called “cancel culture” has been going on for a long time. Remember the McCarthy era when not only communists, but suspected atheists and gays were often “canceled” from their jobs and positions? Several years ago Colin Kaepernick was cancelled from the NFL for his thoughts. Lefty Bill Maher’s show was cancelled because of his statements. The Dixie Chicks were cancelled because of their statements. Donald Trump was constantly trying to cancel media that spoke out against him.

CaptDMO said...

And The Union Leader is making room for the NEW "personal Truth" employees
01/25/21, Front page, above the fold. "City Matters"
I think Mr. Marvel's recent Daily Sun piece hit it quite nicely, for those that can see.
And no, IMHO, it was NOT all about a local entertainment critic.

Kafir said...

There is cause for celebration within the Woke community. A Norwegian MP, Petter Eide, has nominated BLM for a Nobel Peace Prize. I wonder if he saw any of the violent riots this past summer lead by Antifa and BLM? Does he know that the three female co-founders of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza are avowed Marxist revolutionaries? They also receive 71% of the millions of dollars they’ve extorted from corporate America for consulting fees. Nice gig for people who hate capitalism.