Tuesday, April 14, 2020

To Open Or Not To Open

This week I was determined to write about something other than the virus, but couldn’t make myself do so. More than two decades ago — way back in the 20th century as a matter of fact — I promised myself  I would write columns only about what was most on my mind any given week. I’d write only about what I wanted to write about, not what various editors wanted. That isn’t conducive to furthering a career as a columnist, but it s good for my equilibrium.

Often I start writing about something and as my fingers move around the keyboard, I’ll end up somewhere else and I think, “Where did that come from?” Writing is a way of thinking things through. What starts as a vague idea turns into something coherent as one constructs logical sentences with subject, verb, and direct object, then sequence them into paragraphs. So, what’s on my mind this week? The same thing that’s on everyone’s mind: the virus, but more specifically our individual and collective reactions to it. We’re all wondering when our lives will return to what they were, if they ever do.

Social distancing is easier for my wife and I as we spend most of our time with people to whom we’re closely related. I have a big family: six siblings, three children, six grandchildren, in-laws, as well as nieces and nephews too numerous to count. Several are in the health care professions and some of them are working directly with the virus. I worry about them and pray too. We exchange information I use to hone the working hypothesis to understand event around me. This is a new thing we’re dealing with, hence the moniker “novel” corona virus. Leaders from all over the political spectrum thought at first that this was just another flu. They made statements they now wish they didn’t. We all thought it killed only the elderly and weak, but have since learned that is not always true.
My daughter sent me this
Only three months ago, the World Health Organization said virus didn’t spread human-to-human. Now there are calls to defund the WHO and demands that its director resign. Only weeks ago someone at Oxford University projected over two million dead in the United States. According to the March 16 New York Times, that lead to the near-total shutdown of our lives and economy. Now we hear that projection was way overblown, but the restrictive policies we’re still living under are all based on that. So where do we go from here? Back to how we were?

Some say not until we have a vaccine, but that’s a year out at least. When we get herd immunity? We may be closer to that than we think with so few in California being hospitalized. Were they exposed earlier? We won’t know until they’re all tested. Should we have shut down earlier or has this all been an overreaction? We don’t know without more data. Who can reopen the country? The president alone? The governors? Both together? Democrat governors have been more restrictive than Republican governors. The left wants to maintain the shutdown. The right wants to open up. We had a total economic collapse but we may have a patchwork recovery.

Almost daily I watch Coronavirus Task Force press conferences on Fox because mainstream media don’t all carry them live. President Trump dominates, ,endlessly repeating how government response is terrific and everyone is doing a great job “like nobody’s ever seen before.” That’s true in the sense that never before have the president and governors shut down the entire country. Never before have we printed so much money so quickly. Never before have the stock market, GDP, and the employment tanked further or faster.

In this election year, Trump’s ace in the hole was a strong economy virtually guaranteeing his reelection. Since 2016, stories dominating news have been Russian collusion, emoluments, the 25th Amendment, Stormy Daniels, the Ukraine phone call, impeachment — stories that had Democrats and their mainstream media allies salivating. But none of it worked. Six weeks ago, Democrat hopes rested with Bernie and Biden and it didn’t look good for them at all.

Then, as if it dropped from the sky, the novel coronavirus appeared! Trump’s economy tanked and Democrat hopes were renewed. Now Bernie is gone but Biden looks hapless. Some say Democrats and their media allies are quietly pushing Andrew Cuomo to dislodge Biden at a virtual convention this summer. Liberals and conservatives both insist their policy recommendations are solely based on what’s good for the American people and have nothing to do with partisan politics. Some seem to believe that. Others do not.

Democrat governors say they decide when to open up. Trump says he does. We’ll see.


Nick Peace said...

There is definitely politics at play in the media coverage. I feel bad for Trump in a way (strange to say). This pandemic is global. Leaders across the world are struggling to balance slowing the spread vs. keeping the economy running. Across the world. Yet, the media is after him every day and he responds to criticism badly every day. The NYT tries to take him down. FOX tries to pump him up. All a bit ridiculous when we are dealing with a global issue.

And Biden. What a joke. How is it that of all the candidates that entered the race, we ended up with the absolutely worst one. The guy clearly has some kind of cognitive health issues. (Dementia?). Not to mention family corruption, possible sexual assault charges, and pro-corporate domestic policies. I get it that many Democrats want a return to life before Trump and Biden seemed safe. But seriously... how is it the most powerful position in the most powerful country in the world comes down to Trump vs. Biden? Are these really the two best candidates our country can put forth? Is this an argument for a true multi-party system? For ranked choice voting? I don't know.

Re: Coronavirus - people are going to die. The data still says it's mostly elderly and people with other health issues (aka comorbidities) but yes some others too. Why are we so uncomfortable with death? Whatever happened to realizing death comes to us all? People also don't seem to understand that we cannot beat this, that social isolation only slows it down. Sure, flattening the curve is a good thing so hospitals don't get overwhelmed. But we cannot stay in isolation for 12-18 months. Simply unsustainable. We do need an economy to pay rent, to buy food, to pay doctors, to pay policemen, to get gasoline. All the essential goods and services still need to happen and it takes money to do that. I hope in the next few weeks we have better data, we can make better models about Coronavirus in the USA, and we can make some wise policy decisions and start to open things up. We need to start opening things up in the next 4-6 weeks.

Kafir said...

“Alexa, how long will the corona [CCP] virus last?” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pQu6GQ3G5r4

Unknown said...

The German national newspaper "Daily" published an article entitled "Trump's Scapegoat", saying that since the emergence of a new crown epidemic in the United States, Trump has regarded China and the US Democratic Party as scapegoats, and is now spreading his anger to the WHO. Bring serious consequences. In the current crisis, WHO should receive extensive funding from all walks of life. Trump's move will shake WHO's foundation. Trump does not seem to care about the international response, but only cares about his image and the successful re-election of the general election.

cowboy ted said...

Bravo Mr. President to suspend funding to the corrupt WHO, aka-ChiCom PR Agency. It is becoming increasingly clear that Tedos, former Ethiopian government official, remains indebted to the ChiComs for their generosity to his country. Further, as the facts are becoming corroborated, the ChiComs were aware that the virus came from the Wuhan Lab, a level 4 certified laboratory. The ChiCom response was to engage in a cover-up at the highest levels of the CCP by altering or censoring the information from the lab. and ensuring that the good doctors from the Wuhan lab. would retract their statements which disclosed the human-human infections and accidental leak at the lab. The wonderful Chinese Communist Party (CCP, ChiCOM) made the doctors retract their official reports, and made some of the Wuhan doctors go "missing." Then, the ChiComs allowed Wuhan residents to board planes and to travel all over the road, a perfect way to spread a virus that kills. Meanwhile, back at the WHO, Tedos was telling the world that it was just a flu, not a problem and that other countries should not close their borders. See the conspiracy? The WHO of course is part of the UN--Some more cynical than me may suggest that this was not an accident, but rather intentional. I haven't crossed that divide yet, but with the ChiComs all things are possible, especially since the FBI had arrested a ChiCom national last year with vials of several viruses. Let's not forget the Harvard professor who was recently arrested for spying for the ChiComs...I think he was a biologist. Time will only tell. Meanwhile read the 2005 article by the Chinese defense minister where he clearly states a need for more land/space and his options in how to acquire them, one being conquering the West.


Kafir said...


Trump has finally done to the WHO what should have been done years ago. If you don’t perform, you’re FIRED! Hopefully, U.S. funding of the UN will also be eliminated or at least greatly reduced. He’s also 100% right to put America first. Period!

Reality Check said...

Trump is not putting America first. He is putting his pride, his finances, and his power first.

Kafir said...

Typically, you don’t watch the daily press briefings where you would get the facts. CNN and the major networks refuse to carry them in total. They prefer gotcha snippets. Not only do they lie, they make a concerted effort to bury the truth. It’s disgraceful.

Will said...

In a time of extreme financial stress I'd like to thank you (fake) Christians for supporting an apartheid state with 4 billion of our tax dollars. Thank you. Not only for supporting racism and brutal oppression ( how Christian of you) but for giving a nation with a very healthy economy and GDP, not to mention a top notch military, our hard earned tax dollars. We don't need that money, especially now. I sleep well at night knowing that money is going to help eradicate an indigenous population. Thanks! I'm sure Jesus would concur.

Steve said...

One of the fundamental tenets of conservatism is individual responsibility. We are all responsible for the decisions we make or don’t make. Yet we have a president who is a walking cornucopia of excuses. Everything is always someone else’s fault with him, and his base believes every excuse and deflection he has. Scapegoating the WHO is his latest. WHO has no authority, can go nowhere without being invited and is funded entirely by member countries. Yes, WHO commended China for cooperation and transparency, as did Trump in his 1/24/2020 “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The US greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi.”
On 1/12/2020, China published the virus genome, and the WHO pushed a Berlin team develop a diagnostic test. The test was offered to us, but the CDC turned it down. On 1/23/2020, China completely locked down Wuhan. Shortly after that, WHO director-general Ghebreyesus declared he hadn’t seen evidence of person-to-person transmission. “That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.” “This is an emergency in China, but it has not yet become a global health emergency. It may yet become one.” At that point, WHO held media briefings for months encouraging the world to take the virus seriously. Though WHO asked China to allow their experts in to investigate, China did not allow that until three weeks later. The idea that WHO bears all responsibility while Trump bears none, as he has declared, even grading himself with a perfect 10 for his handling of covid, is absurd. If we follow though cutting off funding to the WHO, then we lose our seat at their table. We’ll have no say or influence if what they do. You better believe China will still have a say.
While I’m on the subject of excuses, it’s interesting to me that out of nowhere, during a recent daily Covid press conference, Trump started talking about the rampant corruption and fraud in mail-in voting, which, of course is critical to dealing with global pestilence. Think back to the 2016 election. He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and then claimed, with no proof, that 3 million people illegally voted. I don’t recall reading any exit polling where people were asked if they voted legally or illegally, so I’m not sure how he arrived at that figure. Even more baffling is how he knew they all voted for Clinton. He even created the Voter Fraud Commission in a desperate attempt to find something, anything, to suggest there was voter fraud. It was eventually disbanded in 2018 after finding no evidence of voter fraud, but also ignoring the 2016 and 2018 election fraud that occurred by Republican Mark Harris in North Carolina’s 9th district. My guess is he realizes he has more head wind going into the November election than he had at any point since his election. He’s not running against Sanders, so he can’t use the socialist argument, which had traction with a lot of people. Unemployment numbers are increasing by the millions. If that doesn’t substantially turn around by November, his argument of presiding over a strong economy will be harder to make. His handling of Covid is going to be challenged. He’s going to need some kind of edge. With the fear around Covid, alternatives to in-person voting in November will probably be the highest ever. It’ll be some combination of online voting, absentee voting and mail-in voting. If he loses in November, I predict he’s going to challenge the integrity of the election and mail-in voting, and he’s seeding that ground now.

Brian said...

I am interested to see if anybody tries to counter any of these points or instead just make a blanket comment and deflect to something else.

Kafir said...

That would be me. Tonight’s briefing just started. Don’t have time to deal with Marxists.

Steve said...

Who on earth still believes in elections and presidents? Democracy? Grow the fuck up!!!!! This is what you get after dumbing down a once literate, creative, and prosperous society. We exist in an oligarchy without a fourth estate! How daft can you all be? Get the fuck over yourselves! The author of this blog pretends to worship Jesus while supporting apartheid! What the fuck!!!!!!!!

Brian said...

Let's translate Kafir to reality - "Don't have time to deal with all your facts". If he could, he would. But denial and avoidance is easier (and way wimpier)

Brian said...

...like a good Russian kafir does not like to miss his daily state propaganda

Kafir said...

I’m betting Steve is a former “contributor” to The Forecaster.

I actually don’t read posts by someone who, like Brian, has diarrhea of the mouth.

As for my contribution, I checked CNN after Sonny Purdue spoke about the $billions of relief designated to farmers. Some tool, don’t care which one, said Trump was just playing to his base. How’s that for stupidiity? As though the f’ing libs don’t eat. Actually, some libs do eat ice cream such as Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi. You must be proud.

The anti-Trump clowns need to re-visit an old Beetles’ song as their theme song, “I’m a loooooser”.

Brian said...

Sheep-speak: "I actually don’t read posts by someone who, like Brian, has diarrhea of the mouth."

Translation: "I actually don't like to read anything that doesn't come from one of my "safe places" as then I would have to deal with facts and reality that I have already decided is not true. I actually tried to read it but it was difficult as it wasn't in a snappy little talking point, and I got frustrated after seeing so many facts I couldn't dispute, so like a toddler president's tweet I call it diarrhea and call them losers"

I know what Beatles you are listening to, the same as Trump:

Back in the USSR

You should be listening to "Mad Captain" which McCartney said he wrote because "we’ve got a mad captain sailing this boat we’re all on and he is just going to take us to the iceberg"

Kafir said...

During the briefing Friday, Sonny Perdue explained what he will be doing to help out the farmers. I switched over to CNN, which wasn’t actually carrying the live feed, but one tool said that, of course Trump will be helping farmers, they’re part of his base as if Marxists don’t eat or derive any benefit from those who produce our food. How crass. It’s also where Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi’s ice cream originates. She’s the darling of the Left for a reason. She’s pure evil.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Steve: Please refrain from use of profanity in your posts or I'll delete them.

Kafir said...

CCP virus timeline, facts rather than lies:

Unknown said...

In response to Trump ’s accusation of WHO ’s “serious mismanagement and covering up the truth about the spread of the epidemic,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation issued a rhetorical question on the 17th: “Why do other countries seem to do much better than the United States in responding to the epidemic?”

The article said: "Every country makes decisions based on information from WHO."

For this question, the report on the 14th website of the Atlantic Monthly of the United States may have given the answer: "The president is not the cause of this virus, but he is the reason that makes the situation so bad. He has According to the testable and possible turning points, there were failures due to egotism, ignorance and incompetence, which ultimately led to a historic disaster. "

Brian said...

Lots of conveniently left out facts from that timeline. I wonder why it left these out:

22 January
Trump: ‘We have it totally under control’

While attending the Davos conference in Switzerland, Trump makes his first public comment about coronavirus. “We have it totally under control,” he tells the US cable channel CNBC. “It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

30 January
Azar warns Trump

As the World Health Organization declares a global health emergency, Azar, the health secretary, again warns Trump about the looming threat. Taking Azar’s call aboard Air Force One en route to a campaign rally, Trump dismisses him as “alarmist”

24 February
Trump: ‘Very much under control’ Trump tweets: The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA.

26 February Trump says that CNN saying this could be more serious than his gut tells him is "Fake News"

“The infection seems to have gone down over the last two days,” Trump says at a White House news conference. “We’re going to be pretty soon at only five people. And we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time.”

10 March
Trump lies: ‘When people need a test, they can get a test’ Trump says at a White House briefing.

All this undoubtedly led to many not taking this seriously enough to social distance, causing many more cases and deaths.

Brian said...

Looking into kafirs link to the far right site, I discovered that the sites president, Frank Gaffney, was banned from the CPAC [Conservative Political Action Conference] because its organizers believed him to be a 'crazy bigot'".

It seems obvious what type of people get their "information" from that source.

Sami Gay said...

Too crazy for CPAC? LOL. Kafir, you're a tool.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I was at CPAC when Gaffney was trying to prevent Suhail Khan from speaking there. Since we have mutual friends, I introduced myself to Frank Gaffney that year while we were both attending the same workshop on Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the US Government under Presidents Bush and Obama. Khan's parents were founding members of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is a front group of the Brotherhood and was named an un-indicted co-conspirator in the FBI's case against the Holy Land Foundation in Dallas.

The Holy Land Foundation was, and maybe still is for all I know, the largest Muslim "charity" in the USA. It was caught funneling money to Hamas, a Muslim terrorist organization, and the FBI caught them. Khan is affiliated with CAIR and he was cozying up to the American Conservative Union which runs CPAC. CAIR hoodwinked both the Bush and Obama Administrations into believing it to be a moderate group. Hoodwinked is probably not a good word for the Obama Administration's involvement with the MBA because Obama embraced them.

Gaffney raised hell with the ACU and demanded they disinvite Suhail Khan from the convention, but they refused. Khan is not a member if the ACU and it's a shame they didn't listen to Gaffney. He was right, and he's a good man. The only fault I find with him is that he's sometimes too much of a hard ass. He runs the Center For Security Policy, a terrific organization.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Typo: Khan is "now" a member of the ACU. I typed "not" mistakenly.

Kafir said...

For “Unknown” and others who believe Trump is mismanaging this crisis compared to other countries, here are stats from tonight’s briefing for “Deaths per 100,000” from Dr. Birx: Belgium 45.20, Spain 42.81, Italy 37.64, France 27.92, UK 21.97, Netherlands 20.4, USA 11.24 and CHINA .33. WTF?! For those who believe the CCP and the WHO aren’t responsible are simply Kool-Aid drinking ideologues.

There was also the study done by the GHS (Global Health Security Index) that rates the U.S. FIRST out of 195 countries to handle a pandemic with an 83.5 rating. Australia also does well but they’re 4th at 75.5. Fyi, China is 51st at 48.2.

The crony capitalist, Anus King, was called out tonight when a reporter brought up that he said Trump’s actions were a “dereliction of duty”. Trump referred to him as a Democrat, not an Independent.....which is true. Jumped out of my seat on that one. Hope you saw it, too. 😘

Brian said...

Kafir, you clown, that GHS number came from 2019, BEFORE the corona pandemic and Trump's botched handling of it. It will be interesting to see the 2020 ratings. Nothing you said changes the fact of Trump's moronic downplaying and lying about the pandemic, which has led to so many unnecessary deaths.

Kafir said...

Yes, I know this GHS Index study was before the current pandemic. But, it still applies. What about the stats in the first paragraph, genius?

Does the U.S. still have some improvements to make for the next virus? Of course, but Trump has been front and center EVERY day on this one. He’s not showing us his refrigerator.

You discredited the Center for Security Policy and Frank Gaffney which just exposes your left-wing bias. Their timeline is up to 130 pages long, but I’m sure you didn’t bother to read it. Facts aren’t relevant to simpleton socialists.

It’s likely you’re a also a believer of the SPLC, ACLU, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc. so what’s the point of these back and forths? Get ready for another 4 more years. 🇺🇸

Brian said...

The GHS Index study shows what a crap job Trump has done. It showed that the USA was ranked #1 in its ability to handle a pandemic, and so it should still be #1 in actually handling it, and not instead being the country with the MOST cases in the world. If things were handled competently then the USA would have taken the best advantage of its #1 ranked ability...that logic should be simple enough for you. There are many factors that go into death rates. The US numbers are being compared to many countries who have already gone through the worst and flattened their bell curve, while the US is still in the midst of it.

You haven't explained the parts left out of the CSP timeline, the ones I gave you proving Trump's lies and downplaying which cost so many lives. You would think in 130 pages they could have fit those in...unless they were biased and purposely cherry-picked. And now suddenly you love the fact it was 130 pages long...seems to be hypocritical that you aren't calling it "diarrhea of the mouth."

Trump has been "front and center"? Yeah, now, after his earlier lies and mishandling cost so many lives, and after the sleazy old reality TV star realized he could get what he wants most in life - attention, and his beloved ratings he brags about in the midst of a health crisis. It is always "Me, me, me" with this guy.

Kafir said...

Comrade Brian,

Were you, Steve and Unknown unwitting participants in the MK Ultra Project?

Brian said...

Kafir, do you know what Jim Jones told his followers the day that so many were poisoned? Jones told his followers that it was “all the media’s fault. Don’t believe them.”

Sound familiar?

Followers of a cult never see themselves as followers of a cult.

And....you never explained the left out parts of the cherry-picked timeline.

Steve said...

No one on this board is saying WHO and China are blameless. The centersecuritypolicy does a thorough job of enumerating their fault. Some of us are pointing out that Trump isn’t blameless either, and the center for security article that Kafir linked makes that case also. Trump praised China’s work and transparency on 1/24/2020. He praised Xi’s strong leadership and claimed we’re working closely with China on 2/7/2020 and said he’s handling it really well. On 2/10/2020, Trump said he believed China was going to have it all under control. “But China I can tell you is working very hard.” On 2/13/2020, Trump was asked by Fox Business News if he thought China was being truthful. He responded, “Well, you never know. I think they want to put the best face on it. So you know, I mean, if somebody — if you were running it, you’d probably — you wouldn’t want to run out to the world and go crazy and start saying whatever it is because you don’t want to create a panic. But no, I think they’ve handled it professionally and I think they’re extremely capable and I think President Xi is extremely capable and I hope that it’s going to be resolved.” On 2/23/2020, a reporter asked if Trump thought Xi should be doing anything different. His response, “No, I think President Xi is working very, very hard. I spoke to him. He’s working very hard. I think he’s doing a very good job. It’s a big problem. But President Xi loves his country. He’s working very hard to solve the problem and he will solve the problem.” On 2/26/2020, Trump told reporters, “And if you can count on the reports coming out of China, that spread has gone down quite a bit. The infection seems to have gone down over the last two days. As opposed to getting larger, it’s actually gotten smaller. In one instance where we think we can be — it’s somewhat reliable, it seems to have gotten quite a bit smaller.” The center for security article goes on with similar anecdotes of Trump’s praise for Xi. You get the picture. But the article also details all that China was doing to keep WHO and the rest of the world from getting any information from them about the spread of the virus. Interestingly, on 3/10/2020, WHO declared a world pandemic while Trump was saying, ““No, I’m not concerned at all. No, we’ve done a great job with it.” “The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power (it used to be greater!) to inflame the CoronaVirus situation, far beyond what the facts would warrant. ” “And we’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”
Are you sure you guys can trust the article that Kafir posted? The story links at least 12 Washington Post articles, 7 CNN articles, 3 NYT articles, 4 AP articles, 2 USA Today articles and 1 NPR story. That’s a whole lot of liberal media right there.

Brian said...

It's only unreliable "Fake News" when they don't like the facts, otherwise they will gladly cite it. lol

Kafir said...

One thing is for certain. Despite all the long-winded drivel from Brian and Steve, they have yet to make a dent in my overall assessment that the CCP caused this problem and Trump is masterfully dealing with it. Must be frustrating for you. It’s certainly fun for me.

Will either of you be attending the rally in Augusta to protest the lockdown imposed by Comrade Mills? I thought so. 😘

Brian said...

Sad and pathetic that people are so close minded and set in their ways that all the facts, truth and reality in the world does not matter. It is the exact reason why we still have flat-earthers, OJ Simpson defenders, and people like you. It must be frustrating to know that the majority of the people are smarter than you:


I do get a little guilty pleasure out of making fun of wacky conspiracy theorists. It is fun rubbing the truth in their faces with facts and watching them hide so that they can reality!

Steve said...

All of my drivel is from the article you linked and billed as “facts not lies.” Are Frank Gaffney and center for security policy drivel/lies or is it solid journalism? It can’t be both.

Brian said...

You are trying to reason logically with the guy, Steve. Can't be done. Facts and reality be damned, his mind is proudly made up. He will continue to ignore you because his only alternative is dealing with the truth.

Brian said...

Time for another little rubbing of kafir's face into a big mess of reality:

The #1 ranked country for being prepared to handle a pandemic has the MOST cases and deaths of any country in the world. Thank goodness for the orange clown's masterful handling of this, keeping out us out of whatever place is below the lowest.

Kafir said...

I don’t think I’ve missed a single briefing since they started. Tonight’s was extraordinary especially the Q&A. Did you catch it? Of course not.

Brian said...

Let me guess...he congratulated himself on the USA being #1 in the world with corona cases and deaths? He bragged about TV ratings? He had a tantrum because a reporter didn't give him a standing ovation? He made another poor taste joke about "models"? He kissed a photo of Putin? No matter what I guess I'm sure whatever he did was even worse. Jokes can't keep up with this guy.

Glad you didn't miss the show. I hear that Jim Jones followers never missed a "white night" either.

Kafir said...

During last night’s briefing, (which you didn’t watch & was carried by CNN), Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite of the Army Corps of Engineers announced that 164 miles of the wall was complete on the southern border. Now, with 22m Americans applying for unemployment benefits, President Trump signed an executive order calling for a nationwide moratorium on immigration. Oh, happy day!

Btw, the CCP is ramping up its propaganda campaign by sending video clips to the Middle East blaming the U.S. for the pandemic. What could possibly go wrong by adding gasoline to that fire that already exists?

Yeah, I know, I know, I’m a racist, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe, hater and fear monger.