Sunday, June 24, 2018

Left & Right June 20, 2018

We discuss "family separation" on the southern border which dominates media lately. We agree on most points, but Gino suggests that Guatemala, Honduras, etc. are suffering because of too many MS-13 members deported back there from the US.

I contend Democrats want open borders but won't say it outright. The "asylum" scam is widening and accelerating. Awesome display of media/Democrat, pro-illegal-immigration propaganda.

What is in Trump's core? Gino says he lacks one, that he's completely opportunistic.

I describe anti-white-men bias at Harvard Medical School, and in undergraduate university admission procedures. Lawsuit by Asians who have been discriminated against is proceeding.

Tariffs past and present -- good or bad? Trade war? I say Calvin Coolidge hands-off policies more effective than Hoover's or Roosevelt's federal control policies.

Gino compares the Great Depression to the financial collapse in 2008.  I contend the feds should have done nothing in both cases and let businesses collapse. Let other private firms pick up pieces after bankruptcies. That's what Coolidge did and it worked very well. Government intervention prolongs recessions/the depression with central control.


Uber_Fritz said...


Of course, the Democrats want to keep the borders open; that is the essence of their voter base. So long as the illegals are getting "free" stuff, then why would they not vote for the Democratic party? Rhetorical question, Tom, so no need to answer.

We should have an interesting Congressional show this week!

Brian said...

The majority of people I hang out with are very liberal and I have never, ever heard anybody wanting open borders. Claiming that is what the left wants is the same as claiming they want to take your guns, just another scare tactic.

Anonymous said...

Goes much deeper than your comments Uber_Fritz; Rules for Radicals/Saul Alinsky is a good primer to get a 60,000 ft view on this issue (FYI: Alinsky dedicated his book to Satan for those who view life and look at current events through a spiritual lens - Globalist supporters need to financially break the U.S. in order to usher in "one world order". A "no borders" policy will eventually cause financial collapse. Consolidation of sovereignty, as demonstrated with the EU, is step 1. This current administration's policies, along with Brexit, are but a fly in the ointment. Brian, to your comments, look at actions not words.

- Tom's Neighbor

Brian said...

Anon, I have never, ever seen anyone in my liberal circle perform any action that supports "open borders" (which they don't want), but thanks for the good advice anyway.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Well, Brian, consider these recent developments:

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. and vice-chairman of the Democrat Party proudly marched in a parade last week with a T-shirt emblazoned with “Yo No Creo En Fronteras”—Spanish for “I don’t believe in borders.”

Two days ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won 57.5% of the primary vote, defeating Joe Crowley -- chair of the US House Democrat Caucus. She campaigned to abolish I.C.E.

Brian said...

I can only vouch for all the liberals I personaly know, but If you want to talk crazy words on clothes, it doesn't get much worse than going to see caged children with a jacket boasting that "I really don't care".