Friday, June 08, 2018

Left and Right June 6, 2018

Gino Funicella is back and we discuss several issues:

Can President Trump pardon himself? Tom says probably he can and cites the Constitution which says the president may pardon anyone for anything except in cases of impeachment;

Attorney Micheal Cohen's difficulties; Rosenstein should recuse himself because he's a material witness in the Mueller investigation.

Gino claims Dinesh D'Souza is racist. Tom scoffs at that.

Trump threats about tariffs: Tom says it's an effective way to negotiate. Gino worries about trade war.

Gino asked me about my column on Tommy Robinson, but he wasn't informed on the case. I explain.


Brian said...

Pardon yourself? That seems to be what Kings, emperors, and thuggish leaders can do. Like Trump fancies himself. I wonder if Tom thinks Trump should be allowed to. Trump may try it, and it may even work to keep him out of jail, but it would most certainly result in his impeachment.

RedSoxCollector said...

They walk among us, Tom. Keep up the good fight.

Brian said...

Huh? Is the last poster really suggesting that Presidents should have the right to pardon themselves?!? The most powerful person on the planet should be able to do whatever they want with no worry of consequences? You REALLY think that is the right thing?!?

I can only imagine how disgusted our founding fathers would feel about that notion.

Brian said...

Right Wingers heads would have exploded at the very suggestion that Obama or Clinton might try and pull that crap. And if you try and claim otherwise we all know you are lying your ass off. Which seems to be in vogue because of our trend setting president.

CaptDMO said...

"I can only imagine how disgusted our founding fathers would feel about that notion."
Historically, I suspect there's a LOT of things you can only imagine.

Brian said...

You are right Capt, it is impossible to do anything but imagine many, many things. Maybe you should change your name to Capt Obivious, but that name seems to be taken here.

Unfortunately, one thing I can only imagine is Tom actually trying to answer tough questions instead of always running away and hiding.

Brian said...

What can one make of Trump meeting with the "honorable" Kim Jong-un? I wonder what definition of the word Trump thinks fits this despicable thug? A historic photo is sure to come out of this meeting of this, like photos of Hitler and Mussolini. If only they could fulfill Trump's wishes and get Putin in on this too! Those three are made for each other as they are almost the epitome of cartoony villainy! Trump is already upset that his Russian buddy is not part of G7. This stuff is kind of scary once you stop laughing.

Georgie said...

I am curious as to why so many keep,sticking to this Two party system. It isn't working, clearly, and never has. Well, for the common man that is. Works great if you are at the top.

See,s to me the two party system provides the Illusion of participatory government.
When in reality there really isn't any difference in policy between them, especially foreign policy. They are both bought and sold. This is an oligarchy anymore and I wonder, truly wonder why the absurdist theatre!? Stop it already and focus on establishing a new system. How on earth is voting, or debating, within this system going to change ANYTHING? It isn't . Trump, Obama, cults of personality that mask where true power lies. Meet the new boss.....

The founding fathers detested political parties ( factions) yet you seem to be unable to function without them...why?

Fred said...

Georgie said:

" seem to be unable to function without them...why?"

Who is the "you" getting scolded here? Who has been giving accolades to the dopey 2-party system?

Fred said...

You gotta love a good Freudian slip in which the truth slips out:

Fox cohost Abby Huntsman refers to the Trump/Kim meeting as one between "two dictators"

Brian said...

Remember when all the collective heads from Fox News were exploding with the very notion that Obama might have been considering meeting with Kim jung Un?

But the sheep are blind to such hypocrisy.