Thursday, January 18, 2018

Left And Right Show January 10th

Still no evidence of Russian/Trump collusion after more than a year. Comey hurt the Hillary campaign with his July 6th press conference claims Gino. I disagree strenuously. Will public schools ban "best friends" as exclusionary? Center For American Progress tips hand -- openly states it supports illegal immigrants because they'll vote Democrat. Steve Bannon is designated a loser. We discuss Fire and Fury.


Anonymous said...

From Newsweek:

There is definitive proof of whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election—and it exists in the email inboxes of Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, Hope Hicks and others.

"Email evidence already shows that the purpose of the meeting on June 9 was to bring incriminating evidence, supposedly emails about Clinton, to the campaign, but we don’t know exactly what they did with that evidence after that meeting,"

Get Real said...

Again with the claim of no evidence of collusion with Russia? I am not sure why Tom is being so obtuse about this matter. Does he not fully understand the definition of collusion (whether legal or not?) Or does he understand but not comprehend the June 9 meeting and all the many, many lies that followed, and the failure of our president to stand up to a country (Russia! The Soviets! Ye ol' Commies!) that without doubt F$^&ed with our country!!!

Wake up! Cut the partisan crap! There are more important things than your political side "winning" or "losing"!

Anonymous said...

Without watching yet...
Holy smokes, did recent revelations concerning "Common Core" escape the day?

Anonymous said...

OK, I actually made it through 45 min..
Mindful that "things have changed " a bit.
I'm in awe that you have the fortitude to "chat" with the same guy, again and again.
(Realizing you've invited others to the show)
IMHO, The thing that stands out MOST is that..., it seems a Norman Rockwell set, pot belly stove, two chairs, and a cracker (or maybe powder?) barrel, would be more suitable.
But, meh,I ASSUME the set is on the studios dime. And no, I'm NOT volunteering to design/produce a different one, so I'll just get back to my rat chasin', and lightnin' rod inspectin'.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Yes, it's all on the studio's dime.

There may be other guests in the near future. Talks are in the works. We need to innovate because the same-old, same-old gets dull, but we never run out of issues.

Peter said...

Interesting comments from a fellow conservative about whether or not the ends justify the means:

I may agree with the outcomes and ends that Trump set–such as exiting the Paris Accords, or appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, or beginning to dismantle the administrative state. These ends may actually help to restore the ability to govern through means and conservative values, but those victories are really incidental to the man who achieves them.

Therefore, regardless of what Trump might “achieve” in his ends, I cannot support him for totally ignoring the means. It’s not conservative–in fact it’s the opposite of conservative–to give no value to means over ends. It’s the liberal model, with ersatz conservative outcomes.

Like Ozymandias, a kingdom built on ends, without the supporting ideals of means, will eventually collapse. It cannot stand, because the ideals themselves are the means through which those outcomes are achieved.

Trump is building a building, erecting a bridge, trying to achieve a form of greatness, without the tools to make them stand. It’s all form and no function. It’s an amoral form of social engineering, that ignores the human moral consequences of cutting corners. And like a bridge built exactly to the engineer’s minimum standards, using the lowest quality materials that meet those requirements, it will fail.

Trump loyalist conservatives who stop and engage in some introspection know this. They know they’re investing in an illusory victory. But they want to get the bridge built, the building constructed, the MAGA completed. In the end, they’ll be disappointed. The results may last for a while–the Romans got Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius after Hadrian.

But pursuing ends over means ensures a society’s collapse. History shows it over and over again.

The Bible instructs us to value means over ends. God created man in His image. We have the capacity to discern moral goodness, or to abandon it for evil. God Himself controls the ends, but mankind controls the means.

That Trump does not accept this fact is the entirety of the reason I cannot place my trust in the man. Though I may agree with many of his achievements, and laud those when they advance the cause of conservative ideals, I cannot trust a man who is incapable of sharing those ideals.

Peter said...

Ooops, I meant to post this to the other more relevant thread.