Friday, January 26, 2018

Left & Right Show January 24, 2018

Gino and I argue about DACA, Sh**hole countries, evidence for FBI and DOJ corruption in the 2016 election. Gino compares Trump to Hitler and calls him racist. Gino claims Trump didn't pay taxes for twenty years. I ask for evidence to support that claim.


Anonymous said...

For the show....
Has it ever been determined where Gino regularly gets his information from?
Where do YOU regularly get information from (new, NOT history, of course)

Tom McLaughlin said...

I ask him regularly where he gets his information. Usually he doesn't say.

I spend about two hours daily scanning various sites. Right now I'm watching "Meet The Press." Just watched "Fox News Sunday." Every day I check the Drudge Report at least twice and watch Bret Baier from six to seven. Every day I read the Portland Press Herald, which gets most of its stories from the New York Times and the AP. I read The Boston Globe until my allotted articles run out but I won't pay them for access. Ditto with the NYTimes and Washington Post. All three of those broadsheets I consider biased left. I also check The Daily Caller and Power Line which are biased right. I read stories from The Hill, Washington Examiner, Washington Free Beacon from which I get daily updates. I check Realclearpolitics, Steynonline, Jerusalem Post, Arutz, and several others. When I need to see where the loopy left is thinking, I go to and some other sites.

The above is a partial list.

Anonymous said...

Ah HA! NOW I see the vast difference in the way we each PURSUE THE TRUTH!!!!!!
In addition to the several unobstructed sources-warts and all approach, implied above...
Instead of The Portland Press Herald, I scan The Union Leader.
1. I'm in NH
2. I actually pay someone to huck it at my back door, at dark thirty, every weekday morning.