Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Big Brother Barack Moving Forward

It started when progressive Newspeak replaced “sex” with “gender.” Male and female isn’t biology, but sociology. Gender is fluid. Homosexuals are born that way; they cannot choose it, progressives insist. Males and females, however, are not born that way; they can choose it. Only hateful bigots would disagree. Schools must agree too or Obama withholds millions in tax money he took from their local citizens. Schools who don’t consent don’t get any of that money back.
In 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America. With his administration about to end, he’s making the USA into a combination of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. Only three years ago, the 0.3% of people confused by what sex they were suffered a mental disorder called GID - Gender Identity Disorder. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association, the APA, declared it wasn’t a disorder anymore. They published a new manual declaring them normal. By implication, the rest of us have a mental disorder if we don’t accept that a man can become a woman if he wants to, or a woman can become a man if she wants to. It’s all in the DSM-5 — the fifth edition of the Diagnostic, Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the APA bible for therapists.
President Obama issued a directive last Friday for the other 99.7% us: to make the 0.3% of people who used to have a mental disorder but don’t anymore feel comfortable, the rest of us must feel uncomfortable. We who believe the 0.3% still have a mental disorder must play along. We are mandated to call those born with penises “she” and those born with vaginas “he.” It’s in the decree. Barack Obama is forcing us all to cooperate with what most of us believe is insanity.
You think it only applies to schools, right? Well, those are public schools to which 50 million of our children go, and which we all support with our tax dollars. Obama controls those tax dollars, so teachers and students are mandated to act as if one’s sex is a choice. Parents and grandparents must instruct their children and grandchildren to act as if it’s all perfectly normal. If they don’t, they’re the ones with the problem. They’re “haters.” Does the person next to you in the girls’ shower have a penis? Deal with it. If it makes you uncomfortable, you need therapy.
Big Brother Barack’s decree came through the so-called Justice Department and the Department of Education, but it reads like a decree from Huxley’s Bureau of Propaganda and College of Emotional Engineering, or from Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. To The Party’s slogans: WAR IS PEACE; FREEDOM IS SLAVERY; and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, Big Brother Barack has added three more: MALE IS FEMALE and FEMALE IS MALE. Accept them or be ready for a visit from Big Brother Barack’s Thought Police.
And it’s not just about bathrooms. Under Big Brother Barack’s decree, schools must accept transgenders in “all facilities.” That means boys in girls’ locker rooms, showers, sports teams, and hotel rooms on field trips. What if teachers suspect that a boy says he’s a girl just so he can have himself a peek at girls when they’re naked, or just so he can flash his package at them? Big Brother Barack’s decree anticipates that. According to Attorney David French writing in National Review Online last Friday:

“Schools are prohibited from making any inquiry to ensure that the boys using girls’ facilities are, in fact, transgender. They can’t ask for medical documentation. They can’t ask for treatment information. They can’t ask for identification. They have to take the boy at his word.”

What could go wrong? As a retired public school history teacher who spent more than twenty-five years teaching fourteen-year-olds, I can tell you the answer to that question: a lot. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.
Along with the decree to schools last Friday, Big Brother Barack issued another decree for doctors and hospitals regarding the 0.3% of the population who declare themselves transgender. Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., research fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at the Heritage Foundation writes:

“These regulations will penalize medical professionals and health care organizations that, as a matter of faith, moral conviction, or professional medical judgment, believe that maleness and femaleness are biological realities to be respected and affirmed, not altered or treated as diseases.”

So, you’re a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim who believes what it says in Genesis 5:2: “Man and woman he created them.” Does Big Brother Barack’s decree require you to violate your religious beliefs? Yup, it does. Deal with it.
Male or female isn’t our sex anymore. Progressive Newspeak bureaucrats changed the language, so now it’s our gender, and that can change. Having trouble accepting that? Doublethink will help, moving forward.


RLK said...

How incredibly predictable and boring. As soon as the news came out I knew we would be in for yet another rehashing of Tom's favorite subject.

Aw, people feel "uncomfortable". People used to (and many still do) feel uncomfortable using the same restroom as a black person.

Tom predicts a whole slew of problems concerning boys using this to flash females, and I bet he can hardly wait until some single incident happens that he can claim is the norm. Well, let's see how this plays out. There have been unisex bathrooms and facilities around the country and around the world for some time now - why haven't we been hearing about problems yet? Maybe because for most this is not a big deal.

countryboy said...

There you go again with your ridiculous comparison of LGBT perversions to discrimiation sgainst blacks. It ain't the same. One is s perversion, a mental diorder and one is with regards to race. The problems are already out there, not to mention violations of The Constitution by the executive. Time to return to the tried and true values of our foundation and no longer embrace the perversions of chaos brought to us by the new totalitarians.

RLK said...

Get used to it, country boy. Whether we are talking ignorance about blacks or ignorance science, or ignorance about gender issues, change will continue to improve this great land of ours. You can't stop what is right. I guess it is a little sadistic of me, buy wow do I love to see you all squirm and shriek about your being "uncomfortable" with the change!!!!

Founding fathers? Are separate bathrooms in our Constitution?

Anonymous said...

country boy might like this redneck video about the issue....hilarious


Anonymous said...

How come the DSM-1 is so radically different from the DSM-5, in outlining what is to be deemed abnormal, anti-social, and defective?
What HAPPENED to all those folks once deemed Imbeciles, Idiots, and Retarded?
Why are the parents who "allow" their children to walk to grade school, or play at the playground "unsupervised", NOW deemed BAD, by...say CASA for children folks?
Are there unbranded dangerous folks out there?
The "free mental health" industrial complex, including "Behavioral Management Software" folks, sure seem to be booming. Ironically, sometimes right around the corner from
folks with an ASTONISHING (actual) taxpayer tab for "special consideration and accommodation". Just look for the red, or blue, flashing lights.
I USED to scoff at folks who screached "There's something in the water!" , and "Chemtrails are mind altering drug dispensing!" , as well as "Aluminum foil hats will protect you!" I'm more open minded now, but Personally, I blame Every Waking Hour "Smart" phone addiction. (and some folks actually sleep with them "too close to their heads")
How long ago did Ritalin (et alia)"officially" supplant a whack on the butt, for...um...children with "inappropriate behavioral issues" in their formative years?
If Mr.Obama (and his appointed "social management" bureaucracy) WASN'T hell bent on driving rifts into EVERY aspect of "civilized community", what would he have done differently? Seems kind of desperate with the game clock ticking, and (unexpectedly)doubts about an approved successor by "the Board".
For THAT matter, let's look a bit closer at "our" perspective local/County/State "leadership".
Disclosure: I can recognize that I'm NOW too infirm to Bell the Cat. Time will do that.
I regret wasting my *ahem* youth by merely attempting to live an honorable life of Chivalry as an example to others.

Peter said...

I go along with the notion that if you aren't harming anybody with what you are doing then they should not try and create laws to stop you from doing it. I don't believe laws should be created just because some people are offended or feel uncomfortable about something.

Country boy brings up returning to the "tried and true values of our foundation", but it was well over a hundred years after our country was founded that laws started to be created separating sexes into different bathrooms. I would think any people really concerned about a small and in intrusive government would be aghast at them stepping in and adding laws about who can go to the bathroom where.

If transgenders using other facilities makes you feel uncomfortable then stop thinking about it. Nobody is MAKING you look at all those "uncomfortable" photos you post concerning gays and transgenders. Go about your life without obsessing over it.

Now if and when actual harm DOES occur, then drop the hammer hard. If somebody enters a bathroom or lockerroom and engages in any behavior, lewd or otherwise, that would not be allowed no matter their gender, then deal with that scumbag for doing what they did. But stop this sky is falling nonsense and your panic over over things you think MIGHT happen. So far this has not been the case.

Anonymous said...

WHEN THE Massachusetts Senate finally passed a controversial transgender rights bill last week — 33-to-4 — every Democrat in that progressive chamber unsurprisingly voted “yes.” And, so did one Republican, Senator Richard J. Ross of Wrentham.

As one of only five Senate Republicans, Ross broke ranks with his tiny herd of colleagues. He did so after telling fellow lawmakers how he learned that his two children are gay. His then college-age daughter said she knew it from a young age. A few months later, his son said he, too, had something to tell him. Tears rolled down his son’s cheeks as he told his father he worried about the impact on his political career. Ross said he cried, too, as he told his son how proud he was of him. Linking that experience to the Senate transgender rights bill, Ross said parents are simply looking “for their kids to be whomever they happen to be, to be loved for whoever they are, and to be given the freedom to be who they are as individuals and to live successful and happy lives. And that’s what this boils down to.”

By Joan Vennochi GLOBE COLUMNIST MAY 16, 2016

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Obama for trying to help keep Big Brother out of our bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting FACT:

More GOP Lawmakers Arrested For Sexual Misconduct In Bathrooms Than Trans People

- See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2016/04/more-gop-lawmakers-arrested-for-sexual-misconduct-in-bathrooms-than-trans-people/#sthash.6VtzQy9I.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Another twist on this debate


Anonymous said...

The irony is that George Orwell would never have bought into this system to begin with. He would've seen through the absolute joke that is two party politics and called out the system for what it is, an oligarchy. As a wise man once said if voting mattered they wouldn't let you do it.
Orwell certainly wouldn't have been duped by the 9/11 myth nor the nightmare that is post 9/11 America either. In other words he would have fought this system, he wasn't an idiot.
I'm pretty sure Orwell would simply look at who controls the media/information in this country for promoting identity politics as something we are supposed to care about. And, obviously, in an oligarchy there is no real/true "news". It's all propaganda meant to distract from real issues we face and who really controls us. Obama is a puppet with no true power. He is as sadistic, blood thirsty and evil as his predecessor.

And the irony is Russia is now the true Christian world power. They have: forbid homosexual propaganda, closed casinos, rebuilt 23,000 churches, installed orthodoxy 101 in public schools, etc. what have we done?

La Verdad said...

Tom Said:

"Males and females, however, are not born that way; they can choose it. Only hateful bigots would disagree."

Tom, how can you write so much about a subject and be so clueless? Liberals say the exact opposite...they ARE born that way. They can NOT choose what they are inside. It may be a choice to have the operations and go through with the whole outward transformation, but what they know and feel inside is not a choice. Unbelievable that you don't even know the positions of who you are arguing with! And no, it is not just hateful bigots that don't understand, often times it is simply ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I know, like with climate change, you can't be dislodged from your position with mere facts and science, BUT:

Genetic variation, hormones, and differences in brain functioning and brain structures provide evidence for the biological etiology of the symptoms associated with GID. Twin studies indicate that GID is 62% heritable, evidencing the genetic influence or prenatal development as its origin.[22] In transsexual people who were assigned male at birth, GID is associated with variations in an individual's genes that make the individual less sensitive to androgens.[1] Zhou et al. (1995), in a study of six individuals, found that in one area of the brain, transsexual people who were assigned male at birth have a typically female structure, and transsexual people who were assigned female at birth have a typically male structure.[23] In addition, some aspects of trans women's hypothalamus functioning resemble that typical of cisgender women.[24]

The presence of typically female patterns of white matter and neuron patterns has also been observed in the brains of transsexual people who were assigned male at birth[25][26] and overall longer instances of the androgen receptor gene.[27]

Anonymous said...

You are really trying to use your religious beliefs as an excuse to not respect and affirm others? Kinda like the Taliban?

Suck it up and deal with the modern age.

Anonymous said...

Tom is once again unable to come up with a response to his weekly beat down. That seems to be what happens when columns are filled with only emotion and void of facts and rational thought.