Monday, February 23, 2015

It's Not Easy Being Green

Portland Harbor from South Portland February 2015

Portland Harbor froze over for the first time in thirty-five years. That presents a dilemma for people around the southern Maine area for several reasons. Ice breakers are necessary to keep shipping lanes open. Ferries to the islands get more difficult too, but the hardest thing is explaining how this could happen when you and your fellow greenies — the dominant species around the greater Portland area — have been wailing about the dangers of global warming for decades. The polar ice cap was supposed to have disappeared by now, but locals are looking over their shoulders this winter for fear that ice cap may creep south and take over our state the way it did four times before — and melting the last time only 12,000 years ago. This month will go down at the coldest February on record. 
Poor Adam (From Portland Press Herald)

Adam Souza’s car was destroyed in Portland last weekend when huge ice chunks fell on it from a five-story building. “They told me my insurance doesn’t cover an act of nature,” he said. I have to wonder: what if the car had been submerged by rising ocean waters the greenies predicted? Would he be able to sue oil companies? Would he have been able to insist it was human-caused, and not an act of nature? Other Portland residents are reminded they have to shovel snow off sidewalks in front of their houses, but they wonder where they’re going to put it. Snowbanks are already so high they have to drive halfway onto the street to see if there are any cars coming. Body shops say there are three times more cars with collision damage compared to past winters.

Then there are the endless stories from other greenies in Boston where winter snows keep piling up and below normal temperatures prevent any of it from melting back. Environmental cassandras like Robert Kennedy Jr and Bill McKibben are still insisting it’s all caused by global warming. “Climate change is a time test,” claims McKibben. “If we don’t act very quickly — well, Boston is getting a taste right now of what a changed climate looks like.” He’s the leading cassandra of the global warming movement and likely will be the last to admit it’s really mass hysteria.
Coo-Coo McKibben

Kennedy, meanwhile, is trying to convince Harvard to divest from fossil fuels to prevent catastrophic global warming. He wants to lead “Heat Week” sit-ins for students to pressure the university. They’re going to have to shovel out some space for the students to sit, unless they want fashion Cambridge’s enormous snow banks into chairs somehow.

Greenies at the Washington Post are struggling desperately to keep their “climate change” house of cards from collapsing with a recent headline: “What the massive snowfall in Boston tells us about global warming.” They just won’t give up, insisting: “It doesn’t yet for most of us, but sooner or later we’re going to have to get past the idea that global warming and huge amounts of snow are somehow contradictory.” Contradictory? Who would ever think that? Kermit The Frog warned us all a long time ago that it’s not easy being green. These are indeed very difficult times for greenies. As Kermit sang:

When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder?
Why Wonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful!
And I think it's what I want to be.

Penn State’s Michael Mann, author of the dubious “hockey stick graph” touted by Al Gore, still insists all this snow and cold is indeed caused by global warming: “storm[s] will be feeding off these very warm seas, producing very large amounts of snow as spiraling winds of the storm squeeze that moisture out of the air, cool, it, and deposit it as snow inland.” Warm seas? They don’t appear warm to me when I look out over the ice in Portland Harbor.
Portland from Bug Light Park last week

Scott Peck, a psychiatrist who had some best-selling books back in the 1980s, described the greenie dilemma well: “Our view of reality is like a map with which to negotiate the terrain of life.” He said we construct one in adolescence and try to use it without modification throughout life. It’s tough to admit we’ve been wrong even in the face of overwhelming evidence. “Life is difficult,” he said. To even consider we may be wrong about the way we understand things is hard enough. Admitting it to ourselves and others is even harder. Constructing a new life map is the hardest of all, so most of us never undertake the effort.
Portland Head Light last week

It’s especially hard for the head greenies like President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, who keep insisting that global warming is more dangerous to us than Islamic terrorism, I mean “extremist violence.”


Captain MOOD said...

Ah, the old "It's cold near me, therefore the ENTIRE GLOBE can't be warming on average." Jesus christ, in what other realm is it ok for people with absolutely no background in climate science to say "Hey, 99% of people with a background in climate science tell me that the earth's climate is changing in a drastic and dangerous way, but I'm going to listen to my own gut and other people with no background in climate science." "The police tell me that driving drunk is dangerous and kills innocents, but I heard online that that's just a myth. So I'm gonna get shwasted and take this baby for a joy ride."

Captain MOOD said...

You take care of properties (or used to, anyway). If I ask you how to protect my house from weather conditions, you will likely have a list of suggestions. These suggestions will probably be similar to what other property managers would tell me. My crackpot uncle will tell me "Don't use sealant, that's just a ploy by Big Sealant to get you to buy more of their product!" Should I listen to my crackpot uncle? Or you and every one else who has a background and makes their living from managing property?

Tom McLaughlin said...

You're aptly named, Captain MOOD.

The University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit was caught fudging data used by the IPCC. Penn State's Michael Mann fudged data for his infamous "hockey stick" graph.

I referred above to the last glaciation which I've studied rather extensively. Global warming melted it back 12,000 years ago. What caused that? Carbon from paleoindian cooking fires? I don't think so. Yes, climate change is real. Are we causing it? I strongly doubt it.

I've read translations of Icelandic sagas from a thousand years ago describing the northeastern North American coastline, which was under waters three feet deeper than today's levels. What caused that? Global warming. And what caused the global warming? Carbon in the atmosphere? I strongly doubt it. That's a warming period the allegedly renowned climatologist Michael Mann ignored.

I've read enough about this to smell pseudoscientific BS in the current global warming hysteria. I'm politically savvy enough to suspect it's being used for political purposes that have nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with gaining total government control of the energy industry.

I've had enough experience spending grant money to know that you don't get any unless you do research that looks only for what the granters want you to find. I know that academics and scientists can be purchased as easily as politicians with that grant money.

I'm not a climate change denier. I'm a former history teacher who knows it has changed many times and will continue to. I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to the claim that human activity affects it in any significant way.

Most importantly, I'm horrified that our government would make enormous changes in our economy that will affect everyone's quality of life because of computer projections based on faulty data.

Frostproof said...

I share your horror at yet another attempt by government to "help" us. That said, I know the science is settled: Bad theories produce bad forecasts.

Anonymous said...

"...still insists all this snow and cold is indeed caused by global warming"
I saw a fictional sciFi adventure movie based on that premise. It MUST be true!
Has anyone told the nice gub'mint folks in Hugo Chavez's trust fund
about Mr. Kennedy's petroleum free interests? I heard Citgo was practically GIVING away #2 to
folks without EPA-certified wood stoves!
Does Venezuela get alcohol for biofuel adulteration from the Bronfmans too?


Anonymous said...

Tom what does Bill McKibben have to do with the government taking over the energy industry? Your reference to the last glacier melting is 5th grade science. Thank you for being you. you are a good writer. You are able to write clearly opinions that I totally disagree with. That is important. You show many of us where not to go.