Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Left, Right, Forward March

It’s time again to tell readers that I wasn’t always a conservative-racist-homophobic-misogynist bigot. No. Back in the day people though I was a weirdo-hippie-commie-pinko-progressive. I worked with Saul Alinsky radicals and then for John Kerry’s 1972 congressional campaign. I believed poverty caused crime and people were poor only because other people were rich - and got that way by ripping off the poor. I believed in big government because it was the only way to counteract big corporations who were our real enemies. I believed government worked best when it played Robin Hood and spread the wealth around. If I hadn’t grown up, I’d probably be working for the Democrat Party or writing for some progressive think tank, and I’d likely have voted for Barack Obama twice. Ugh.
But I did grow up twenty years ago, and I’m embarrassed it didn’t happen sooner. What can I say? I was a late bloomer. The process began years earlier, but the transformation wasn’t complete until about 1994. So, I was a diehard lefty from about 1970 to about 1990 or so, then the transition, and for two decades since I’ve been the thoroughly conservative writer with whom you’ve become familiar on these pages. It hasn’t been helpful for my bottom line though. I would likely have progressed farther income-wise if I’d remained a lefty both in education and in writing columns, but I just didn’t believe in that world-view anymore and I couldn’t fake it.
What caused the change? Too many things to include here. My book goes into detail about the transformation and I’m past the halfway point writing it. I should be ready to shop it around to publishers come early summer. It compares how conservative critics treated me when I was a lefty teacher/writer to how lefty critics treated me when I became a conservative teacher/writer. The latter part is much longer though. It goes into depth about how various “tolerant” and “open-minded” liberal individuals and groups tried to get me dismissed or silenced. Book-publishing is a competitive business, but I believe readers will find my book interesting and I’m prepared to give my best effort when selling it to publishers.
As a committed conservative, the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012 discouraged me deeply. Most of my like-minded friends have since given up hope of a conservative resurgence, but I haven’t. “Look,” they say. “The left controls the media, education, the culture (Hollywood), most of the judiciary, the White House, and the Senate. What have we got? Talk Radio, Fox News, some churches, and the House. That’s it.” They’re correct in all that, I know, but I have more faith in the American people. My pessimistic friends expect the fed to keep printing money, government to keep spending it, the debt to keep increasing, more people to go on welfare, fewer workers and businesspeople to pay taxes - and for everything to go on like that until it all collapses. 
That could happen, I admit, and it could happen sooner rather than later. A lot of Americans have become dependent on government programs of one kind or another - even a majority by some counts. There are many “low-information voters” out there and their numbers will increase enormously if amnesty for illegal immigrants passes. It can get discouraging, no doubt, but I guess I believe in the common sense of Americans more than most of my conservative friends. Most of us know as some deep level that it just can’t go on like this. According to Rasmussen, two out of three Americans believe we’ve become too dependent on government. That would have to include people who are themselves dependent to one extent or another, but they know the government gravy train will go off the rails eventually. Not enough of them went to the polls in November of 2012, but that can change in the next two election cycles.
More and more Americans will be discovering this year what was in the Obamacare bill Democrats rammed through in 2009 and they won’t like it. I think it’s safe to say that most already don’t like it, but that number will reach critical mass sometime in 2014 as millions more lose their coverage and are forced onto the exchanges. Others who think they’ve already signed up will discover how much more Obamacare is costing them compared to what they had before its implementation.

We’re in for some economic and foreign policy shocks, but I expect Americans to survive them and smarten up in the process. They’ll learn that, as Margaret Thatcher put it: “The facts of life are conservative,” and vote accordingly. We’re in a deep hole, but I choose to believe we can still climb out of it.


Showboat said...

Mr. McLaughlin - thank you for sharing your transformation from Liberal to Conservative. Your insights are always a welcome lesson into how the change takes place in reasonable people.
I look forward to your book being published - I want one!

Texas Transplant said...

Me too! ISBN information please - publisher and expected date of first edition.

Anonymous said...

"...conservative-racist-homophobic-misogynist bigot"?
I THAT all you got?
Sheesh, you left out all the really good, commonly mal-defined, evidence free, "popular" explicatives.
I guess wild vocabulary goes along with that early indoctrination when years of "upon actual observation and further consideration" finally kicks in.

Keep hammerin'.

Anonymous said...

"... a weirdo-hippie-commie-pinko-progressive"?

Don't feel TOO bad. Even "prize" winning David Mamet came to realize “The facts of life are conservative”, eventually.
"The Secret Knowledge"
(On the dismantling of American Culture)2011.


Winston Smith said...

Wow. You would think a history teacher would shun the two party paradigm as the farce it is. George Washington, James Madison, and more founding fathers, detested factions, poltical parties, because they saw how open to corruption such a system is. We shouldve listened..And boy is it ever a corrupt dog and pony show.
Divide and conquer is all this two party non sense is good for. Left vs right is an antiquated and obviously ineffective method of governing. How anyone fails to see that both parties are controlled by the same management is truly stunning.

Whatever you do don't actually exercise freedom. You can " vote", cough cough,, for your hero next election, and guess what! That stooge will continue the agenda that every puppet "president" has been carrying out for decades. And sorry tom you and I aren't part of that agenda. Democrat, republican, whatever...
The agenda is a corporate banker one world govt. and it couldn't be more obvious. Elections? please. Meaningless circus to let the serfs (that's us ) feel like they have a voice. We don't. Ya know who does? Corporations! Which are now people. So how do you figure what you think means anything..at all.. Voting? Uhm....seriously?

So you feel compelled to brag about participating in a form of govt that was detested by the founding fathers and that shuns true freedom and sovereignty. And you call yourself American? ha! Wow. Even consider switching from one controlled party to the other a sign of maturation!! unbelievable!! Laughable really..

I can see the lesson now..." Ok kids, today we learn that there are only ever two ways of looking at a problem and solving it. Are you a democrat or republican?"

It's because of this that we will never evolve and throw off the shackles. Thank you! real brave....

Tom McLaughlin said...

Ok Winston. instead of voting, we . . . What? Riot in the streets? Off with CEO heads?

Winston Smith said...

Well civil disobedience is what we have left.
Is that a surprise? Really? No need to use hyperbole Tom, "riot"? "Off with their heads"? Please..Why the excessive exaggerating? Are you that afraid to excercise your god given rights? Why?

Why is is that this is so scary to you? It's common when a people have been used and abused and blatantly lied to. Especially when "voting" doesn't mean a thing. Not a thing. Election 2000 proves that beyond a doubt.

You'd rather capitulate to a corporate state and keep pretending you have rights rather than get out and fight for your soveriegn rights? Don't you care about the world your children and grandchildren will inhabit?

You don't care one iota about freedom, liberty and individual sovereignty.....

Earl said...

It appears you were just as simple minded in your pre-bigot days.

"I believed poverty caused crime" No, it is just a contributing factor.

'...people were poor only because other people were rich" Very simplistic thinking. There are many reasons, but having 85 people with as much wealth as the bottom HALF of our country combined seems to be a problem. If this is not a problem for you, when will it be? When 8 people own as much as the bottom 90%? When 3 people own 99%. When one person has everything? That is what the snowball effect of wealth does under our system.

"I believed in big government because it was the only way to counteract big corporations who were our real enemies." Not the only way. But perhaps the most effective way.

"I believed government worked best when it played Robin Hood and spread the wealth around." Again, should it be spread around when everything is in the hands of a few individuals? You really believe in a system in which people "earn" billions of dollars more than firemen, cops, teachers, laborors, etc?, and should not have to contribute back to the system which made their vast wealth possible? The thought that they shouldn't have to give back because It's MINE, I earned it all myself" is dickhead thinking.

My grandfather passed away at the age 0f 96 a few years back. He was a staunch conservative until his 70s, when he saw what was happening to a once great Republican Party.

Get out of your simplistic mindset and perhaps there is hope for you yet.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Okay Winston. How about action under the 10th Amendment? States are organizing to deprive water and electricity to NSA facilities for example. Half a dozen including Maryland and Arizona have filed bills in their state legislatures to do the above.

I think a healthy dose of federalism would be just the thing now.

Tom McLaughlin said...

So, Earl. You think it's government's job to decide how much each person should have?

Winston Smith said...

Since when have we been able to exercise states rights?
Please..in theory, yes. But what actaully ever happens? Nothing.

Filing bills with state legislators is not going to accomplish anything. Sorry. It seems like a great idea. Don't get me wrong. But haven't we gone past the idea that using the diminishing tools we have left to keep them in check are useless and perfunctory. States rights? Not when our congress is bought and paid for. It seems you believe in a system that no longer exists. I wish it did. But it does not.

It seems the corporate takeover is complete. Super pacs placing whomever they want in office. It doesn't matter one iota what they call them--- democrat or republican-- what do they represent anymore? nothing but divisive regurgitated rhetoric meant to divide us. And it works. Quite well in fact. Which is why I mention the founding fathers and their ability to see how such a system is useless because its so easiy corruptible.

As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time..

I certainly can no longer rely on the corporate shills in d.c. claiming to represent "the people" to fight for my rights. By the way, do you realize what it takes today to run for congress? The money? There are no longer any "real people" left in congress.

Earl said...

No, Tom, I don't think it is governments job to decide how much each person has. I am saying that government should put a halt to the system in which the wealth so easily snowballs into a few huge piles on the top. I am saying that any billionaire "earning" more money through stocks and other Wall Street schemes should be taxed much more with no loopholes. I am for a system in which CEO's of companies that go bankrupt aren't still reeling in millions in "bonuses". I am looking for a system not tied to the bogus 2-party crap we have now. I am for a systme in which those at the top get punished much more severely for their infractions and can't hide behind their money.

Do you really not see how the wealth is rapidly moving into fewer and fewer hands. You did not answer any of my questions in my previous post. I am answering your question. So, at what point should government do more to intervene? When the wealth gets into how few hands?

Anonymous said...

Einstein never said that.

Also, did you have fun at Occupy Wall Street? Civil disobedience does *tons* of work.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Earl, I don't see that government should interfere with how people earn money, or how much they earn. They should not be telling companies how much to pay their CEOs or when.

In the cases where the feds bailed out companies (which I was against), they could have made compensation limits part of the deal in negotiations.

Right now, Obama is telling companies that if they lay off workers to get under some Obamacare limits, they have to file a sworn statement that they're not doing it to get under the limits. He had not constitutional authority to do that! He's using the IRS to strong-arm them against bad-mouthing Obamacare.

I fear government far more than I fear corporations.

Winston Smith said...

Anonymous, who cares who said it. Irrelevant.

Occupy? Thanks for bringing that up. The corporate media painted a pretty pathetic picture didn't they?
And, if you weren't smart enough to see past that then you were engaged in either mockery or apathy. Either way it seems pretty pathetic. Wall Street got away with everything, and most americns were either too spineless or to stupid to stand up for themselves. Letting the tv dictate their opinions! And the brave souls like yourself actually made fun of people! the banks just buggered you and you didn't have the sac to stand up yet you had the "courage" to point and
Laugh?? Hahaha....love your serfdom do you?

I wasn't at occupy. But I also realize that to parrot the mainstream medias take is silly. To laugh it off as some hippie fest is not only false but childish.

So it seems your just another two party lemming with nary an original thought. And I bet real freedom scares the sh@& out of you too....

Anonymous said...

First off, it does matter who says a quote that you use. If you're attempting to strengthen your ethos by using a "smart" name, at least fact check yourself. Otherwise, I'm going to be more critical of the rest of your argument.

And would it kill you to not make huge assumptions about everyone you talk about. I didn't laugh at Occupy. I hoped it would get off the ground. But the simple fact is it didn't. There was an Occupy at my school. I went to some of the meetings. It was basically an unorganized group who thought the best thing they could do is stay in the public library all day. See, the problem is, Winston, we Americans have pretty great lives right now. If you don't believe that, you can pack your sorry ass and enjoy some "freedom" in Somalia or Afghanistan. If you want people to mobilize the way you think, we're going to have to have quite a big decrease in standards of living.

Earl said...

Tom, in regards to my question, are you saying that despite the fact that our nation's wealth is snowballing rapidly into fewer and fewer hands, you would never have the government interfere? You would be ok with 2 or 3 families controlling everything? Please answer this directly.

You say you fear government way more than big corporations, but do you really not see that big business pretty much controls Washington with their lobbyists? I don't trust big business or government, whether a Republican or Democrat is in the White House, but i do know that big business couldn't give a rat's ass about the standards of our lives - their sole goal is more money. They pollute to get money. They lie about health risks in their products to get money. They cause huge financial disasters with their schemes. These are undeniable facts. Who is to monitor these behaviors? Only the government has any power against them, and it seems they have very little power.

Let me know where exactly you disagree with this post.

Anonymous said...

"I don't see that government should interfere with how people earn money, or how much they earn. "

So government should allow people to make money however they want? Child porn? Pretending their products aren't poisonous? Ah, so you do think the government needs to step in and regulate sometimes.

How much they earn? You would be fine with a company cornering the market on water, or wheat, or corn, and charging outrageous prices because they have a monopoly?

Tom McLaughlin said...

Businesses make money. That's what they're in business for. I'm okay with that. If they're successful, we're all successful.

I question the wisdom of free-trade laws that allowed them to ship what were good American manufacturing jobs overseas. Perhaps we can repeal some.

Anti-trust laws are good and I support them. Monopolies have always been bad for the economy.

We have laws against child porn and it looks like they're vigorously enforced. Good again.

If corporations buy politicians and people keep voting for them, the voters deserve what they get. If a majority of American voters are foolish enough to be manipulated by corporate money or wealthy donor money, then maybe we're too stupid to survive.

Winston Smith said...

First of all, no it does not matter. The message matters. the actual quote. Einstein is often attributed to making it. Hence my reference. I never fact checked as it doesnt matter if he said iit or not.It doesn't matter to me at all. Doesn't matter if Einstein or farmer john said it.

Secondly, sorry, no we don't have it good alright now. At all. Neither do the people we keep murdering. Such a statement only proves your naïveté and compliance with corporate media non sense that passes as "news".

And maybe I would got to Somalia or Afghanistan if I didn't fear obama dropping a drone bomb on me. Haha....

Winston Smith said...

And my assumption was justified. Your original post did not suggest support of the occupy movement.


Anonymous said...


I guess we just disagree about the quote thing. As Lincoln said: "Crackpots will be crackpots."

"And my assumption was justified. Your original post did not suggest support of the occupy movement."

Hm. What I said: "Also, did you have fun at Occupy Wall Street? Civil disobedience does *tons* of work."

What you replied: "And the brave souls like yourself actually made fun of people! the banks just buggered you and you didn't have the sac to stand up yet you had the "courage" to point and
Laugh?? Hahaha....love your serfdom do you?" "I wasn't at occupy. But I also realize that to parrot the mainstream medias take is silly. To laugh it off as some hippie fest is not only false but childish.

So it seems your just another two party lemming with nary an original thought. And I bet real freedom scares the sh@& out of you too...."

Let's break this down. Yes, I did not support the movement, because, unlike you, I saw it firsthand. I said it didn't work, which is true. Prove me wrong there. Your reply made assumptions about my intelligence, political leanings, and courage. So yes, you made unjustified assumptions. Basically, Winston, I'm saying that you are an unintelligent, crazy wingnut, who latches onto whatever "free though" ideas he can get his hands on off the internet. See, assumptions are fun! I wonder how an average day goes for you:

Winston gets up in his heated house, and uses his running water to take a shower and brush his teeth. Maybe he gets on his laptop (!!!!!) and uses the internet (!!!!) to look up some crackpot theories. He probably makes himself some food (!!!). I don't know, maybe he's old, and has diabetes, and manages it with his doctor (!!!!). Do you see what I'm getting at here? Please name me one civilization in the history of the world that didn't have it's fair share of problems ( or people like you to make them up), and had the amount of freedom and amenities we do today.

Winston Smith said...

First of all, the cute little "occupy" movement at your school isn't the occupy movement in NYC. Sorry. To equate the two is silly. I mean...really? Were cops in armour marching on you all? Pepper sprayed? In addition, as stated, the corporate media painted a certain picture of the movement. Even making fun of it. Golly gee, why? Could it be the corporate media and banks are somehow related? (Hence my previous comment on naïveté ) and woldnt ya know --- they own some televison stations! I wonder if there is a connection.......hmmm ???

Was occupy a success? No. In big part because most people took their cues from the corporate media who had a lot to lose if it was successful....get it? It's a big wicked scary world full of lies and deceipt. Sorry. That's not my fault. And it's not my problem if you can't comprehend that.

Yes, I was pretty harsh in my first criticism. I have little patience left for this bs. It's staggering how uniformd the American public is. More concerned with tv and themselves. And is not need the Internet to gain information. They are called books.

Finally, I don't know how anyone could claim we have it great right now. Unbelievabe really. Do you realize the rights that we have given up and or have been taken since 9/11? I for one am not ok with that. At all.
Do you even know what Ndaa is? you can be put in jail indefinitely now, with NO trial! Yeah, sounds awesome!! We have let obama drone murder two American citiznes with no due process! One was a teenager!! No trial, no jury, just someone saying he was a threat. ( have any clue how many innocent women and children we ve drone murdeered? ask them how great life is). Police violence is at an all time high! You know who kelly Thomas is? Fullerton ca.? Homeless mentally impaired man beaten to death by cops. There was a trial. cops got off. YouTube that video and tell me how great American is. I dare you to try and watch the whole thing. Or, how about spying? The IRS scandal? GMO foods? Poisoned food? fake war of terror? Big pharma poisoning kids and pushing real drugs on us all?

We have American banks laundering mexicn drug cartel money! We have marines guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan! look at how our vets are treated!

(Oh, by the way, what exactly am I making up? why lie?)
And how many bankers went to jail n 08'? Hmmm. None...great system..

We cannot provide adequate healthcare!! this is a true shame. The greatest nation on earth can't provide healthcare....eh, no big deal huh?

I suppose you enjoy a non federal cabal of international bankers calling themselves the federal reserve printing our money with not only nothing to back it but charging us interest in the form of income tax!! You like paying an income tax you don't actually have to pay?! haha....wow...(but you knew that already right?)

I'm not sure what planet you live on. But this one is a complete mess. But I guess you are satisfied with it and our dwindling rights. I guess the bar is set pretty low, huh?

Earl said...

Tom said:

"Businesses make money. That's what they're in business for. I'm okay with that. If they're successful, we're all successful."

So you you don't care about HOW they make money? Misleading consumers? If they are successful, we all are? How do you figure that? There are flourishing businesses in countries under a dictatorship. How does that help the people? And although you have admitted business need to be regulated by the government (I guess we are just arguing over how much regulation - I find your blind trust in corporations to be very naive) you STILL have not directly answered my question about the quick snowballing of wealth into fewer and fewer hands. Which is what is happening. When should government do something about this?

Anonymous said...

"If a majority of American voters are foolish enough to be manipulated by corporate money or wealthy donor money, then maybe we're too stupid to survive."

Well then, Tom, i guess your survival is in doubt, because you have been sucked in and manipulated to the hilt by corporate money. They have made you one of their little bitches.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Earl - It's not government's place to do anything. Read the Constitution. It's not very long. Nothing in there about it.

Anon: Corporations gave me my breakfast this morning, heated my home, made my car and truck, my clothes, the paint on my house, the lumber it's made from, the computer I'm typing on, the pump in my well, the water heater, my shower nozzle, my toilet - all relatively cheaply as well. I love corporations. I'm not jealous of CEO salaries either.

I'm happy, and you can't stand that, right?

Anonymous said...

"...Corporations gave me my breakfast this morning, etc.etc. - all relatively cheaply as well.
They produced mine. I decided to exchange my earnings for the ones I wanted.
Currently, Gub'mint, "produces" nothing, at prices and terms I can't negotiate and mandates the purchase under threat of confiscation/imprisonment.

All apparently at the whim of the few, the loud, the "special exceptions/protections".

Semantics? A bit.
"Interpretation", most certainly.


Tom McLaughlin said...

Very good point Captain.

Winston Smith said...

.."Anon: Corporations gave me my breakfast this morning, heated my home, made my car and truck, my clothes, the paint on my house, the lumber it's made from, the computer I'm typing on, the pump in my well, the water heater, my shower nozzle, my toilet - all relatively cheaply as well. I love corporations. I'm not jealous of CEO salaries either..."
Corporations didn't do those things. People did. Human beings. Likely the cheapest possible labor the corporations could buy. Which means more than likely not made by an American. More than likely an underage child was exploited to make it. More than likely the computer you are typing on was made in a factory in china that had to put nets around the building to catch the many workers committing suicide by trying to jump off. Boy, they must really love their jobs, and the corporation driving them to suicide. Heck, as long as we get iPhones heh?

And it isn't about being jealous of financial success. It's about applying logic and a sense of morality to the immense responsibility that comes with such wealth... and, not to mention, the mechanisms of a system that promotes lying and cheating. In fact, rewards it.

Corporations buy and sell politicians and presidencies. It seems naive to deny that anymore.

I'm all for companies producing things, whatever they are, and being successful. But we obviously have a serious problem with how the system functions. And it needs fixed.

Corporations aren't people despite what the Supreme Court said.

Earl said...

"It's not government's place to do anything."

But wait, Tom, didn't you say that you were glad for government regulating monopolies? They shouldn't do that either?

And it seems that you are afraid to get beneath your shallow thinking and really think about the logical consequences. You refuse to answer the question about what should be done about all the wealth moving into the hands of a few. Do you think it is good for our country for 5 families to own 95% of everything? We are already up to 85 people owing more than the lower half of the population combined and continuing to snowball.

If you refuse to address this directly yet again, it is obvious that your mind is simply short circuiting in it's rare attempt to think a bit more deeply.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Earl: I'll try to keep this simple, okay? Government should prevent monopolies through existing anti-trust laws. It should only regulate them in the case of electric utilities and other industries with infrastructure congestion issues.

I'm fine with rich people having more than I have, even if you're not. Our Constitution doesn't allow for government to determine how much anyone should have. I support the Constitution. Get it now?

Are you a communist Earl?

Winston Smitj said...

I'm wondering why a so called educator embraces a system that was not liked, one bit, by many of the founding fathers. As I have mentioned many many times. Funny you keep avoiding that...
Federalist papers nine and ten I believe. And geo Washington hated political parties too.

They saw what the potential for what we witness today. Collusion between two supposedly different parties for gain ( making deals) that they could be bought and controlled by big money ( they are) and the ridiculously limited and shallow thinking such a system promotes. And today both partis are merely banker backed corporate cheerleaders. It doesn't matter one iota which party wins! Which goes back to the founding fathers warnings.

So, care to explain your capitulation to a corporate banker backed two party system which was detested by the founding fathers for obvious reasons.

Winston Smith said...

Also, I mentioned civil disobedience and you made the leap to hyperbolic non sense. Again, you avoid a real issue. Why deflect with hyperbole? Do you not agree with Thoreau? At what point is enough enough for you?

Do you really advocate being complacent and doing nothing? really? Just "vote em' out" huh? things will eventually get better as long as you don't really pay attention?

Tom McLaughlin said...

If voting doesn't work, I may have to conclude we're too stupid to survive as a republic.

Meanwhile, I hold out hope.

Winston Smith said...

"If" ?? Uhm, so.....right...I forgot. Everything is ok..

"If"? Seriously?

If voting worked you wouldn't be writing this column...

And still you don't address the questions posed...

Earl said...

No, Tom, I'm not a communist.

Now let me put my question into simple YES or NO form.

Would you be ok with 4 or 5 families owning 95% of our countries wealth?

It is snowballing in that direction.

Yes or no, Tom?

Tom McLaughlin said...

You guys won't ever be satisfied until I agree with you, which I don't. Accept it.

Earl said...

Well, Tom, I see you are flying the white flag. When you are unable to answer a simple yes or no question then the whole premise of your arguement goes up in smoke.

And though you didn't have the guts to answer here, I know you had to answer to yourself.

Do ANY of your columns ever stand up to scrutiny and facts??

Winston Smith said...

Nope. I'd be satisfied with an actual answer to a question.
That's all.

( and voting doesn't work, hence, yes, we are too stupid.
Not only because of the old adage " it's who counts the votes not who votes", especially with electronic voting machines, but choosing one corporate puppet over the other seems a bit naive and dumb. No? )

The election of 2000 was a disaster. Fraud occurred and America sat back and took it. Indeed, voting works....I mean, what needs to get worse for you all to actually care?

Anonymous said...

"Well, Tom, I see you are flying the white flag."
Ooooo....failure to "compromise" does NOT equate to submission.
A mistake that many criticizing the legislature oftem make when citing "do nothing", when in fact, obstructing stupid is better known as Eternal Vigilence.

An answer to just ONE (non sequitur) question?
When every response begets "But...but...but.. what about....?? manner of moving the goal posts, (deflection, distraction, appeal to false authority), "one question" is NEVER enough, is it?
Especially when the challenge is clearly debunked. I guess it's all about the sport of anonymous antidisestablishment minutia, isn't it?
Now, what was the original topic at hand?


Another Dittohead said...

Yeah, i agree with captain DMO. Why should people have to answer questions and explain why they think they are right?

Why worry about "buts"? Why think through consequences and logical chains of events? What we believe seems good enough for us in theory, so why debate? Debating and answering questions means you are compromising!

So just stop thinking so much and accept!!!

Dr. truth said...

I urge you all to follow this link.

Sandy hook shootimg was staged. It's a lie


This is no "conspiracy theory". There are too many facts and coincidences and outright strangeness.

Homes in sandy hook given as free Xmas presents, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!!!

I just came back to check up on if you ever grew a pair of cajones and answered a simple yes or no question.

It is so much fun putting an ignorant "know-it-all" in his place!!!!