Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Agents Too Busy

The FBI is embarrassed. They investigated three terrorists and decided they weren’t dangerous. Then Nidal Hasan and the Tsarnaev brothers went on to kill and maim hundreds of Americans right here in the USA.

We shouldn’t be so hard on them though. They were busy doing other things at the instruction of their superiors. Like what you may ask? Well, for one thing, they were investigating Catherine Engelbrecht, the kind of person designated to be more dangerous than the Tsarnaev brothers who blew up the Boston Marathon. Obama Administration policy is to go easy on Muslims and scrutinize conservatives when investigating terrorism. That extends to tax policy too.

According to a Wall Street Journal column by Peggy Noonan, Catherine Engelbrecht personally founded two conservative groups for which she requested tax-exempt status from the IRS. One she called the “King Street Patriots.” For this, Engelbrecht received a visit from the FBI in December, 2010 to ask about someone who had attended a King Street Patriots function. They came back the next month with more questions while the IRS sent auditors to look over her business tax returns. Throughout 2011 came more visits from the FBI, OSHA, and the ATF. She has a small manufacturing business and is a licensed gun dealer. Clearly, the Obama Administration considers this woman dangerous to have gotten so much attention from so many federal agents.
Meanwhile, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was visiting Muslim terrorists in Chechnya and Dagestan during 2011 and Russian intelligence several times warned the FBI of this, but they just didn’t have time to follow up being so busy with that cagey Catherine Engelbrecht. Maybe Tsarnaev was getting lessons in bombmaking from Radical Muslims, but Engelbrecht was organizing a group called “True the Vote” that would prevent dead Americans from voting Democrat. If all those federal agents hadn’t slowed her down, Engelbrecht and her ilk might have gone on to pressure our government to take welfare benefits away from immigrant terrorists like Tsarnaev.
Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano spent $12,000,000 last year to study what kinds of people the FBI should be keeping an eye on. Those would be “people who are reverent of individual liberty” and “suspicious of centralized federal authority.” People like that could very possibly be “extreme right-wing terrorists.” The guys who wrote our Constitution - people like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - were like that. If they were alive today, would the FBI and the IRS scrutinize them too? Back in 2009, Napolitano warned Americans that prolife groups, Iraq War veterans and people defending gun rights might be terrorists. We can see that the IRS has been very busy with those groups the past three years. Did the FBI investigate them too?

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom is similarly stretched. Some think it took them too long 20 minutes - to show up when a British soldier was run down by a car and beheaded by two Muslim terrorists on a London street. Bystanders had time to get a lesson in Islam from the Muslims who explained why they chopped the soldier’s head off. “We are forced by the Koran, in Sura al-Tawba, through many ayah in the Koran, we must fight them as they fight us.” said Michael Adebolajo. Passersby were asked to film this and post it on Youtube, which they did.
So, why did it take police twenty minutes you may ask? They’re busy fighting Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry and insensitivity. They even watch what people are Tweeting in the UK. According to the Daily Telegraph, a teenager was arrested for hurting the feelings of an olympic diver who didn’t win a medal by tweeting: “You let your father down!” Mustn’t let him go around writing stuff like that.
After the public beheading, an 85-year-old woman hurt the feelings of other Muslim immigrants while she was waiting for a bus near their mosque. “Go back to your own country!” she yelled. Immediately, police put her in handcuffs and took her away. People like her might prevent other British people from celebrating multiculturalism.

The left here and in the UK continue to insist these explosions, shootings or beheadings have nothing to do with Islam, the “religion of peace.” Just last Thursday, President Obama said these are just misguided individuals misinterpreting that great religion. Just because a million people march in  the streets of Iran chant “Death To America!” and thousands in Lebanon chant: “Death to America!” people get the wrong idea that there’s some large, Islamic movement against our country out there. Nothing could be further from the truth, Obama assures us.

As for journalists who may question the president’s wisdom? Federal agents have been busy investigating them too. I've always been curious why the FBI was never able to figure out what Mohammed Atta was doing in South Portland, Maine on the morning of September 11, 2001. Now I have a clue.


Anonymous said...

Tom would have us believe that the FBI and IRS have changed for the worse under Obama. You would think a history teacher might recall Hoover authorizing a program to “expose, disrupt and otherwise neutralize” groups and individuals on the left, in part by employing the IRS as a weapon in the secret federal campaign.

And that Reagan signed a 14 page Executive Order 12333, establishing operating procedures for the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies to restore domestic surveillance….it authorized the infiltration, manipulation, and disruption of domestic organizations by the FBI and CIA even in the absence of any evidence of wrongdoing.

And so on and so on.

Get over your moronic fascination with the "right" and the 'left" and wake up to real problems.

Rick said...

Tom is like a Red Sox fan ranting and raving about the Yankees payroll.

Blind loyalty in sports is one thing, but to carry over this juvinile, drunk bleacher-creature attitude of taunts and automatic hatred towards the "other side" is hideously immature and simple minded.

Some people just feel incomplete without something to hate and complain about though.


Anonymous said...

When they take away everybody's freedoms, they won't care that you voted for them, so I will say I told you so now.

Fred said...

I see you really riled up the flaming know-nothing liberals with this one Tom....good job. Keep fighting for America!

Just funning with you, Tom. But really, I do enjoy your columns to sum up for me in a little recap what the Far Right media is spewing out to it's blind, salivating followers.

Average American said...

Tom, you seem to have a lot of ex-students in here taunting you. I'm assuming they were the ones that got D's or less and blame you instead of themselves. Maybe if they had done a little studying instead of f###ing the dog all the time they may have passed.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second...you actaully believe this boston bombing story? Of course you do.

Do you guys question anything? I mean, come on...Sandy Hook! That story is some of the best fiction ever produced!

Question everything.
Remember, hitler once said something like the bigger the lie the more they'll believe it.

Anonymous said...

A Sandy Hook conspiracy nut? Really?!?

One of the only things worse than not questioning anything is doubting everything.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy nut? Uhm, the biggest "conspiracy" is the story peddled by the msm. You believe some pretty incredible stuff. Sandy hook? Myriad inconsistencies. Lies on top of lies. No real reporting. None.

They love people like you. Never questioning. Watching the tee vee news and believing it ( its a show genius).


Anonymous said...

I don't have a "tee vee" nut job. Go hang out one of those wacko conspiracy sites and talk about how the latest tornado was government made while you adjust your tinfoil hats.

I am VERY sceptical of news that I hear, but I refrain from playing your goofy conspiracy games, no matter how fun they may be.

Sam said...

I can only hope that "average american" was correct, and that those posts came from Tom's ex-students. How heartening it would be to see that his students have risen above his shrill rhetoric and shoddy research, and came out to be thoughtful young adults!

Anonymous said...

Some nut already tried to pull the Sandy Hook conspricy BS awhile back on this site. He was lambasted and destroyed. Give it up.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I don't know who these people are AA, except that most are local. Some are from within the Conway Daily Sun's circulation zone in Maine and NH. Others are in Vermont, and some link from "As Maine Goes" in Maine where I post each week. One, I think, is from NY. Several are whiney homosexuals who have been harassing me for years. They keep an eye on what I'm doing and they think their ridicule will bother me.

I also suspect that at least one has multiple pseudonyms and carries on conversations with himself.

Sometimes I'm tempted to delete them, but so far I've only deleted profane posts. As for the rest: I see it as affirmation. When I get their flak, I know I'm over the target.

Gaffer said...

As an AMG poster I suspect that there are those here that would try to ridicule you. However I am one who likes your posting and feel you are a conservative voice of reason. Keep up the good work!

Tom's make believe homo said...

Whiney homosexuals, eh?

Keep fantasizing!

Who are they all really, after the childish name-calling is through?

Thoughtful, intelligent, open-minded people. Why do they post on Tom's site? Well, they say opposites attract!

Anonymous said...

Why so defensive? Why so outraged at critical thinking? Anyone questioning the corproate media is a "conspiracy theorist"? Really? Wow....

And sorry, nothing about sandy hook has been "debunked". I suppose you also believe cave dwelling "terrorists" who could hardly fly cessnas hijacked four planes, flew around for nearly an hour off course without being molested by NORAD, and knocked down three buildings with two planes?

Keep an open mind and question everything these days.

You want to believe the corproate media? Go ahead.
Your anger regarding questioning the corproate media and using trite terms (tin foil hat) speaks volumes.

"In the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting public incredulity with the official version of events led to numerous speculations on what really happened. In short order corporate media marshaled pundits to disparage such alternative interpretations as “conspiracy theories” and the work of deranged and even malevolent Sandy Hook “truthers.”

The now-prevalent phenomenon where only the narratives authorized by law enforcement and government authorities are worthy of serious consideration suggests the unmistakable extent to which public discourse has declined. In such an ideational system journalists and academics are expected to either fall silent or perform the rearguard action of deflecting criticism from the state....."

professor james tracy
continued at memoryholeblog.com

Anonymous said...

It was ALL debunked. Simply google Sandy Hook debunked and read everything carefully, then think for yourself.

But deep down you know this. You're having fun. Strange how there isn't a single tragedy that happens in the world that conspirists don't start making crazy claims about. NOTHING just happens as it seems, huh?

Now run along and investigate the concentration camp under Denver's airport, or the faked moon landing, and c'mon, don't tell me that you have given up on proving that "Paul is dead".

It's all fun and games, but when you start your goofy hijinx when dead children and grieving parents are involved, then the fun stops. Those people harrassing the parents of Sandy Hook victims are 100% a$$holes, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Surprised Tom didn't also slip in his old linve about "fat feminists".

If Tom had any cajones he would just admit to the world that he is an unabashed bigot....he fits the definition to a "T". But he cowardly denies it. That makes it easier to admire someone like David Duke.

Anonymous said...


Debunked? By whom? The same entity that reported such bs in the first place? Please.

If you want real critical thinking that questions what passes for journalism these days go to memoryholeblog.com And read all about sandy hook. Though I doubt you'll have the will. It's a lot easier to cry tin foil hat and continue the charade. I get it. Head back in the sand. Challenge your world view. Go to memoryholeblog.com.
Challenge yourself, consider it fiction,I don't care, but to simply dismiss the thousands of people with legitimate questions and concerns regarding sandy hook is wrong and very scary. And, honestly, unbelievable. To think, that in a free country, questioning the corporate run media ( six companies own the "news") is considered " crazy"? Wow.....

memoryholeblog.com. If you can't take the time to visit that site and read then don't get back to me.

Anonymous said...

p.s. you said " think for yourself"....oh, the irony....uhm, that's EXACTLY what I am doing!

Au contraire my friend....

Anonymous said...


Ever hear of the norhtwoods documents? Operation gladio?

If not research them. Then get back to us about who to believe and why when mass casualty events happen...


Anonymous said...

I very much question the corporate media.

It is obvious you have not carefully read the many sources debunking the conspiracy theories, or you would not have to ignorantly ask "by whom". They are NOT from the same entities that first reported them.

Challenge yourself. You tell me not to dismiss the "thousands" of conspiracy nuts, how about you stop dismissing the millions that base their beliefs on evidence and reality. Again - investigate all sides and then really think for yourself.

But that was weird that Paul wasn't wearing any shoes on Abbey Road, huh? He has GOT to be dead.

Anonymous said...

There is NO evidence. Hahaha...by the way where is all that CCTV footage? Spent casings? Pictures of the crime scene? Coroners reports? Evidence? Nope. A lot of talk? Yes.

So, read the post by professor Tracy yet?Watch his interview yet? Oh, that's right you know the truth! As told to you by.......??? Who again?

You don't even know what your angry over? Because you don't even know what the true inconsistencies are! Purple van with nuns?


Just cut and paste the link from the previous post.
If you can handle it. I don't think you can. Or want to.

Anonymous said...

Northwoods documents? Oh, you already knew about that, huh?

Address these real issues and historic facts. Or, make an inane comment about the Beatles.


Anonymous said...

What is that "hahaha"? thing you are doing. Seems awfully close to what all the stereotypical conspiracy nuts sit around cackling to themselves as they examine the latest "evidence" about the government creating tornados, and other such hogwash.

Where is all YOUR evidence? Internet blogs? Web sites where anybody can say anything, alter anything, or claim as fact anything that they want? What have you, personally, seen to have you making such claims? Is there much of a difference between being a sucker to one of the 6 media corporations then to being a sucker to a wacky dude sitting in his underwear and spewing out "evidence" over the internet?

Purple vans and nuns? Really, man? Is that anything like Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

Look, I really do bear you no ill will. I am sorry you live with such a paranoid and negative vibe. Let me repeat how I feel about this...

Yeah, there is tiny little majority "in power", working the system in their favor and pissing all over the masses. Go way way back in history. Yup, they did it then too.....kings, lords, land barons, dictators, czars, and so on, they ruled the land with a much greater iron fist than they are able to get away with today. How can you argue? If you think these rulers were not much more outrightly beheading and taking what they wanted from the people then our presidents and CEOs are capable of today, you need to bone up on history. Sure they are trying very hard to become more powerful, but give the Constitution and the power of the the people some more credit. Buck up, man. They don't control you, you DO have a choice, you CAN worry about human rights, we CAN beat these SOB's....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing you know absolutely nothing about newtown. Nothing. Your pathetic attempt to paint me as someone ignoring the "facts" and the other point of view is laughable. I've logged hours of personal research. You?
That purple van I mentioned? That is easily available info. It was on the police scanner that morning. But I thought you knew everything that was "debunked". Hmm?

How is it you can sling insults without even knowing what you're talkng about? Regurgitating lame corproate talking points means nothing.

Your avoidance of answering real questions ( northwoods, memoryholeblog.com) and deflecting with every post says it all.

Your making assumptions that make you look like a fool.

Go to memoryholeblog.com and have fun. When you have the guts.....

Though you are funny..." Tiny little majority " ha! good one! Yes, you can just vote those people out! Obviously!

Anonymous said...

...by the way

..."How can you argue? If you think these rulers were not much more outrightly beheading and taking what they wanted from the people then our presidents and CEOs are capable of today, you need to bone up on history"

Who are you talking to? What are you blabbering about here? So, you make assumptions as your argument?
Do you realize how a debate works. I have to have actually have said these things..get it? I didn't. Weak...and intellectually sloppy.

Anonymous said...

..."“Conspiracy theory” is a term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly effective in defining certain events off limits to inquiry or debate. Especially in the United States raising legitimate questions about dubious official narratives destined to inform public opinion (and thereby public policy) is a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs.

Conspiracy theory’s acutely negative connotations may be traced to liberal historian Richard Hofstadter’s well-known fusillades against the “New Right.” Yet it was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term. In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” the dispatch played a definitive role in making the “conspiracy theory” term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question..."


Anonymous said...

Of course you can't recognize this. but here is a letter to an advice giving psychologist from a women who dates somebody in your conditions:

"...he says that becoming informed and making others aware is very important so that the New World Order cannot eventually take control some day. I can respect his beliefs, but sometimes he seems a little obsessive. I am a natural skeptic, so I don’t understand how he can distrust the mass media so entirely, but then put all his eggs into the alternative online media. I would love to hear from you or the readers if anyone has had any experience dating a conspiracy theorist, and whether or not this obsession is only a phase or if will become a lifelong thing. I really do love him and would like to make this work."


Oh, honey. Today, it’s babbling about 9/11 conspiracy theories and the New World Order today, and tomorrow your boyfriend will be writing on his bedroom wall, claiming to be the “true prophet of Jehovah.” Unless he gets mental help, this can’t end well. And even if he does get help, it’s probably still going to be a long and arduous road ahead for the two of you (certainly it will be for him).

I am suggesting that you consider that his behavior of the last four months is much, much more than a phase and that he — and you, if you stay with him — could be in for a serious, life-long battle with mental illness.
As for you and your well-being, you may want to start researching the connection between conspiracy theorists and mental health, as well as pay a visit to your campus counseling/wellness center. If you decide to stay with your boyfriend, you will likely face stresses and pressures you are inexperienced and unfamiliar with and it will behoove you to have a professional help you process some of your own emotions surrounding your boyfriend’s behavior and your potential mixed feelings toward him and your relationship. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

From Scientific American:

...conspiracy theories sow public mistrust and undermine democratic debate by diverting attention away from important scientific, political and societal issues. There is no question as to whether the public should actively demand truthful and transparent information from their governments and proposed explanations should be met with a healthy amount of scepticism, yet, this is not what conspiracy theories offer. A conspiracy theory is usually defined as an attempt to explain the ultimate cause of an important societal event as part of some sinister plot conjured up by a secret alliance of powerful individuals and organizations. The great philosopher Karl Popper argued that the fallacy of conspiracy theories lies in their tendency to describe every event as 'intentional' and 'planned' thereby seriously underestimating the random nature and unintended consequences of many political and social actions. In fact, Popper was describing a cognitive bias that psychologists now commonly refer to as the “fundamental attribution error”: the tendency to overestimate the actions of others as being intentional rather than the product of (random) situational circumstances.

Hal said...

Conspiracy theorists divide the world into "Everyone even remotely involved/qualified vs. Me," and decide that they'll win single-handedly. They're like Rambo with bullshit instead of bullets.

Conspiracy theorists display incredible attention to detail,an even more incredible ability to ignore details they don't like. Like why on earth would they declassify and release the Northwoods documents if they were about to really try and pull something off with the Twin Towers?

They tend to enjoy the ego-boost that comes with thinking of oneself as the only intelligent objector in a world of sheeple. When the government has to spend billions of dollars shuttling Elvis from Roswell to the Bermuda Triangle and back in black helicopters before you can feel good about yourself, you've got to be pretty tragic.

Larry said...

I find it absurd how much Sandy Hook conspirists base their "case" on discrepencies in media reporting. First of all, don't these people believe that the media are "in on it", and are out to mislead us? And if so, then why would they put out these varying stories???

Rather than attribute these media inaccuracies to a conspiracy, Occam's razor offers us a sounder explanation. The press reports were wrong because in this day and age of 24-hour news cycles and infinite competition, the mainstream media took whatever story seemed to make the most sense and ran with it. This is how the press is in America; rather than do honest journalism, it is easier to copy and paste whatever the Associated Press is reporting, slap a different headline on it, and call it news. This is why multiple, supposedly credible giant news outlets could all be so wrong at the same time.

I am not suggesting that there wasn't a conspiracy, only that the evidence would suggest that the simpler answer — media incompetence — makes much more sense than the levels of complexity and deception it would take to stage a shooting, fake the deaths, the LIBOR "cover-up," or any of the other implausible theories that are proposed. I would be more than willing to admit that I am wrong, of course, but only if the evidence points to a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

If you don't know who professor james Tracy is and what he has said then you have no idea what's going on with sandy hook. He was attacked by anderson cooper, et al.
You all claim to know what the " conspiracy theories" are yet you've never heard of James Tracy? Really? Sorry, that don't fly here..

Until you've listened to his interview regarding newtown you don't know what you're talking about.

The link is posted above.

Go back to sleep America, you're govt is control.

Anonymous said...


Found any evidence of a shooting yet?

.......didn't think so...( that's some reality you live in, just take someone's word that a tragedy happened, no proof needed). Then ridicule people who question the state! You'd fit right in in 1930's era Germany.

And, by the way, before you start trying to play grammar police on a blog ( pathetic) re-learn what a quotation mark is and how to properly cite other people's work.

Ignorance is strength!

Greg Benton said...

Tom, you write a hard-hitting post about the reality that is the evil that besets us and into the room come Nurse Ratchit's therapy group.

Since I have followed your blog, it would seem that it matters not what you say, the inmates will only seek to lash out at who you are.

It's a shame that they miss the opportunity that you afford to discuss the critical issues of our time...and to be able to even disagree intelligently without their immature ad hominem attacks.

What's going on in your country is beyond the imagination. Obama is ruling you all as if he was El Presidente of a Banana Republic...including controlling most of the media.

The 6th of June fast approaches. The distance between what that generation fought for and what our generation has permitted is cavernous.

God save us.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Gotta love it! Alex Jones? Not a big fan of his. But he occassinally nails it.

It's ok to be a " conspiracy theorist" when maddow tells you its ok to be one:


Ted said...

Yeah and this third chechneyan was sit six times while being questioned? What?

Something is very wrong with the boston bombing.

Why was a drill going on at the same time? A live bomb drill?!!

Ted said...


Nothing to see here. No big deal. If it ain't about Jesus or them queers it ain't news, huh?
It's only our food anyway.

"Mike Adams
Natural News
June 3, 3013
News about the GMO contamination of U.S. wheat crops seems to be spreading faster than the GMOs themselves. On Friday, South Korea joined Japan in announcing a halt on imports of U.S. wheat due to the USDA’s recent announcement that commercial wheat grown in the USA is contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically engineered wheat.
Some Americans may still not realize this, but GMOs are outlawed or shunned nearly everywhere around the world. Only in the USA have GMOs managed to avoid being labeled or outlawed — and that’s primarily due to Monsanto’s financial influence over lawmakers.
Monsanto shares plummeted 4 percent on Friday following the announcement by South Korea. This is completely in line with predictions made here at Natural News, where I said earlier in the week, before Japan and South Korea announced their wheat boycotts:
All wheat produced in the United States will now be heavily scrutinized — and possibly even rejected — by other nations that traditionally import U.S. wheat. This obviously has enormous economic implications for U.S. farmers and agriculture..."

Major-General Stanley said...

Quoting Peggy Noonan? For reals? The woman who wrote: "I first saw President Reagan as a foot, highly polished brown cordovan wagging merrily on a hassock. I spied it through the door. It was a beautiful foot, sleek. Such casual elegance and clean lines! But not a big foot, not formidable, maybe a little ...frail. I imagined cradling it in my arms, protecting it from unsmooth roads."