Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Riding High In April, Shot Down In May

Somebody in our high command let two former Navy SEALs die fighting off eighty radical Muslims. They fought bravely for seven hours and they could have been saved, but someone made a political decision that they should be left to die. Was that our commander-in-chief? Looks to me that it was, but soon we’ll have a full-scale investigation to answer that forty-year-old question: “What did the president know and when did he know it?” This isn’t what I started writing about for my weekly column but after watching our indignant president’s arrogant performance at the press conference Monday, my blood was boiling.

Uh-oh. We're screwed
We know he’s a political animal. All presidents are. A huge ego is necessary to even go after the job, but most maintain basic human values and decency while functioning in the Oval Office. Did President Obama? He was running for a second term and election day was six weeks away. He’d been bragging about killing Osama Bin Laden and putting al Qaida on the run. Then, on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, an al Qaida group murdered an American Ambassador the president himself had appointed. Ambassador Stevens’ body was photographed being dragged through the streets, and there are unconfirmed reports that it was degraded in other ways before and after death.
It can’t be proven yet, but it’s obvious to millions of Americans that President Obama made a political decision that it was bad for his campaign for al Qaida to draw American blood again on the anniversary of September 11th, and on his watch. So, he tried to make it seem like it was something other than a terrorist attack, and hoped to ride it out until after election day. With the cooperation of our lapdog Mainstream Media, who either believed or pretended to believe his lies, he did.
This writer is not foreign policy expert or a White House correspondent. I’m a retired history teacher, but I knew right away it wasn’t a “demonstration” against a Youtube video. It was a full-scale terrorist attack by radical Muslims bent on killing Americans. People don’t bring rocket-propelled grenade launchers to demonstrations. So, when I watched as President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied to the families of the slain Americans next to their coffins at the airport, I was enraged. When I watched UN Ambassador Susan Rice go around the Sunday morning talk shows, I knew she was lying too. Right away I got on my laptop and started typing to give vent to my anger. The next day, September 17th, I posted it on my web site and it ran in the newspapers the following Thursday, the 20th.
For weeks afterward, I had to listen to President Obama tell the same lie on several television programs and at the United Nations. I vented my increasing rage again in a web post September 25th, which ran as another column the following Thursday in various newspapers. I watched as the Mainstream Media jumped all over Mitt Romney for even commenting on the attack. I watched as CNN’s Candy Crowley helped President Obama keep the lid on his lies during the second presidential debate which she moderated. Then I watched Romney wimp out on Benghazi in the third debate - and Obama cruised to victory.

Now, finally, it’s unraveling. The Mainstream Media is being shamed into covering the emerging scandal they’ve studiously ignored for eight months. They know they can’t ignore the testimony of the three, brave whistleblowers last week. Monday I watched their faces at the press conference as their hero embarrassed himself with his continued, arrogant stonewalling. They weren’t going to be his lapdogs anymore, but he hasn’t realized it yet.

The president also denied knowing anything about his Internal Revenue Service officials targeting conservative groups and pro-Israel Jewish groups for harassment until it was reported as a Friday-afternoon story three days before. I don’t believe that, and, as I watched their faces during the press conference, it looked like those reporters didn’t believe it either. They knew that history was about to repeat itself as members of the House of Representatives - controlled by the opposite party - will soon form up and ask the same question over and over: “What did the president know and when did he know it?” According to our Constitution, the House has sole power of impeachment.
The worst part of this, however, is the brave soldiers who died at their posts because someone twice gave the order for their rescuers to “stand down.” Then there’s Sean Smith, the State Department computer expert who died with Ambassador Stevens. His mother commented Sunday: “I want to wish Hillary a happy Mother's Day,” she said. “She has her child. I don't have mine because of her.”


George said...

What else can extreme right wingers do but keep trying to blow life into their little politically motivated side-show?


Anonymous said...

Once again Tom reaches into his bag of old columns and rehashes some old slop.


Anonymous said...

Why does it have to be terrorism, the victims are just as dead and apparently neither President or Madam Secretary Clinton cared enough and then got upset when they were caught lying about it.

Anonymous said...


Good luck with that....lol.

I'm sure our Mainstream Right Wing Media will try and keep this alive as long as they can.

They won't get anywhere NEAR impeachment...get real.

But then again I am talking to somebody that is so far out of touch with reality that he was sure Romney would win in a rout!

Back here in the real world we sit and laugh at those in the bubble!

Mr. Brown said...

So it seems that the latest hyped-up Republican balderdash regarding the White House response to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi centers on the discovery that the talking points developed for U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice were edited.

Pardon me while I yawn.

Seriously, this is the big, damning revelation that’s going to make Benghazi a bigger scandal than Watergate? Please. This is a bunch of hyped-up horse crap that doesn’t mean diddly squat, except that it is being used as a political cudgel by a bunch of hypocrites who engage in the same, largely innocuous practices on a daily basis.

This isn’t about national security or a “cover up.” This is about the Republicans’ ongoing efforts to find a silver bullet against a president who, just like Bill Clinton, they couldn’t beat fairly at the polls. It’s also an attempt to preemptively destroy Hillary Clinton, whom they know they can’t beat at the polls.

Yes, this will get some play with the mainstream corporate media, because scandals, trumped up or otherwise, are good for ratingsand sales.

What’s really going on can be summed up in four quick points:

1) The fact that Republican members of Congress, in order to impress their political base, must attack the president constantly. Any Republican who doesn’t appear sufficiently aggressive against the president (see Charlie Crist, Chris Christie, etc.) immediately gets torn apart by the conservative base.

2) The fact that Republican politicians have never gained any traction in their constant attempts to stoke hatred against the president and thereby weaken his personal brand. It has driven Republicans like Tom crazy.

3) The desire to bog the Obama Administration down in defending itself against ridiculous attacks rather than continuing to create uncomfortable pressure on the Republicans on actual issues, such as background checks for gun purchases.

4) The previously mentioned fear (and hatred) of Hilary.

Anonymous said...

These frothed up wackos SO SO SO very badly want to entangle Obama in a scandal that they probably have wet dreams about it at night.

Their desperate attempts are SO weak and laughable.

It is absolutely killing Tom that the feeble attempts have not, and will not, work.

Keep it up, Tom, get mad, let those ears of yours turn red.... froth, rant and rave.... I'm lovin' it.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I see the Harpies have gotten their Media Matters talking points.

That's all I have time for. Been busy lately trying to fend off Obama's IRS.

Tony said...

Tom, knowing how he has frequently been called out for running and hiding like a sissy, has chosen to preemptively declare himself "too busy", before he gets called chicken yet again...


Anonymous said...

Great post, Mr. Brown, but keep in mind one fact. Tom is not bright enough to really grasp your 4 points. Tom really does believe what he is getting spoon-fed. He is just regurgitating the malarky he hears by those who, because of the 4 reasons, are trying to spread this bs to gullible sheep like Tom. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Any fact that Tom has already decided not to believe he writes off as liberal propaganda spread by a supposed liberal media. Like the election. He did not want to believe that Obama was going to win so he tricked himself into believing that the incredibly strong evidence of all the polls was somehow not to be believed. Because, hey, Fox told him too. Thank god Tom's ilk was not the majority during the witch hunt days of Mcarthy, and thank god they are still the tiny, albeit screaming, minority today. What is right and true will always win out in the end.

Henry said...

I figure I better let Tom know the reality going on outside his bubble.

From Media Matters: "Fox Uses Newly Released Emails To Falsely Suggest CIA Never Linked Benghazi To Anti-Islam Video"

Wow, what a surprise. Faux news is trying to create it's own reality?

But the bigger bombshell is this:

"One day after the White House released 100 pages of Benghazi emails, a report has surfaced alleging Republicans altered the emails for political advantage.

The CBS News report says that the leaked versions sent out by the Republicans had differences than the batch the White House later released. Two major correspondences CBS News highlighted included one from the National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and another from State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland."

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/350322#ixzz2Ta1BqAbe

Holy crap, what scumbags. Shameless bastards are trying to trick gullible and naive suckers out there like Tom. If you can't win fairly.....

Enjoy your hiding, Tom!

Tom McLaughlin said...

Okay Henry, although I'm busy writing next week's column on the other scandals of the Obama Administration, I'll indulge you a bit:

Are you aware that the president of CBS News, David Rhodes, is brother to Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Advisor who is making the accusation you refer to?

You should also consider that CBS News has muzzled its own reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, because she was "wading dangerously close" to several things on Benghazi, including the incestuous relationships between the Obama White House and Mainstream Media liberals who were helping cover it up.

The leftist cabal that is the Obama Administration is unraveling, Henry.

Henry said...

Oh, how you would love an unraveling.

Sorry Tom, but as you have foyund out with the election and many other issues, wishful thinking and willful ignorance will not make it happen.

Winston Smith said...

Thank you all. Thank you oh so much! Your willfull ignorance and outright stupidity is helping to end this country as we know it. I thought, or used to think, that my fellow Americans weren't dumb enough to fall for the two party paradigm bullshit. Guess what? I was wrong. Very, very very wrong. You half wits actually believe the shows called " news programs" ? Really? Do you realize who,owns those shows? The newspapers? Etc? They tell you gay marriage and abortion are the big issues and you morons fall for it! Every friggin time! Guess what ass$&@/ ? While your yapping bout Jesus, babies and homosexuals the real business is taking place! The wiretapping, the drone murdering, the gun grab, the illegal federal reserve, Benghazi, etc.

I used to think the fake "right" was easier to dislike than the fake "left". Wow. Was I wrong. You pathetic so called liberals are the worst kinds of human beings on this planet. The worst. Obama continues to out shine W's policies, both foreign and domestic, with zeal! The drone murders tht routinely maime and kill innocent women and children are appalling and evil. Yet you spineless vapid shitheads defend it! And Obama!......Absolutely pathetic and shameful. Have fun in hell.

This country has produced a populous that is easily duped and incapable of critical,thinking. Any point of view contrary to the corporate states is a " conspiracy theory" . The people are divided by fake political factions tht are operated by the same people. Hello! Wake up!

You've only proven you have no clue. Not one.

You are all, both republicans and democrats, helping to usher in the corporate fascist surveillance state Orwell warned us of. Thank you! Thank you for not thinking! Thank you for sticking your head in the sand!

Turn off the god damn television and start connecting the dots people. You owe it to the rest of us.

And Tom, please stop peddling this non sense. Wake up man. You are being played and deep down you know it. Left vs right? Really? Divide and conquer. They love guys like you. Anything that distracts from the truth!