Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Selfishness and Harassment

My baby boom generation and the so-called generation Xers who followed us have aborted over forty million American babies since 1973. It would have required a great deal of personal and financial sacrifice to bear them and then bring them up to adulthood, and they declined. Now, we’re burdening babies we do allow to be born with crippling debt because we want things, we don’t want to pay for them, and we’re passing the bill to the next generation - and whatever children they may have. Congressional Democrats just raised our debt ceiling to $14 trillion. A baby born today inherits a $39 thousand liability and it’s going up. Meanwhile, we’re pulling stem cells from human embryos to prolong our lives.

Any other ways we can squeeze more out of future generations before we die? Christian News Wire tells us that: “Neocutis, a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology and skin care is using aborted fetal cell lines to produce several of their anti-aging skin creams. . . . Neocutis’ key ingredient known as “Processed Skin Proteins” was developed at the University of Luasanne [Switzerland] from the skin tissue of a 14-week gestation electively-aborted male baby donated by the University Hospital in Switzerland.” Support for this is, sadly, widespread, although most Americans still don’t approve of it. The Roe V Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 claimed abortion is a woman’s constitutional right and though some of us believe the decision to be deeply flawed, it’s the law and we must accept it until it’s repealed. Nurses, doctors and other medical professionals who believe abortion is murder have, at least until recently, been exempted from performing them.

However, according to “The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Catholic nurse who was forced to participate in an abortion, despite voicing her moral objections well in advance. Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo, a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, was instructed to assist in a late second-trimester abortion for a woman 22 weeks into her pregnancy. The hospital had known of the nurse’s religious objections to abortion since she was hired in 2004.”

The hospital told her if she didn’t assist in the abortion, she would be considered insubordinate and risk loss of her nursing license. Apparently, the liberal agenda will now be forced on the rest of us and no dissent will be tolerated. Don’t believe it?

Last month, a Maine social worker was threatened with loss of his license to practice because he appeared in a commercial for the recent “Yes on Question 1” [repeal homosexual “marriage”] campaign. According the Kennebec Journal: “Don Mendell, of Palmyra, is the subject of the complaint, filed Oct. 19 with the state Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. According to documents of the complaint, it was sent Oct. 19 by a person only identified as Ann’ and seeks to have Mendell's license as a social worker revoked.” The complaint states: “[Mendell] does not have the right as a licensed social worker to make public comments that can endanger or promote discrimination.”As a Maine public school teacher, I made the same commercial Mendell did on the same day, but his version was chosen over mine. Would I be facing similar harassment had my commercial been chosen? It wouldn’t be the first time. Austin R. Nimocks, Mendell’s attorney from the Alliance Defense Fund stated: “This threat to Don [Mendell], and his family and his livelihood, reveals that those who want to redefine marriage also want to punish and silence anyone who disagrees.” If there’s another profession more strongly influenced by homosexual activists than the my own, it’s Mendell’s. After receiving a letter from Maine’s Office of Licensing and Registration ordering him to “send a detailed response to the complaint within 30 days,” he got an email saying, “[B]oth executive boards of the Maine School Counseling Association and the Maine Counseling Association have labored over what appears [sic] to be ethical violations that were breached in terms of the advertisement that was aired on behalf of the Vote Yes on 1 campaign. More specifically, you were featured in an [sic] television advertisement and identified as a school counselor voting yes on this issue.”

“We certainly have absolutely nothing to do with this,” said Mark Sullivan of the “No on 1” campaign. Uh-huh. Homosexual activists claim all should be able to practice their beliefs and live according to their chosen lifestyle without harassment, right? Well, maybe not.

Larry Grard claims he was fired from his job as a reporter for the Waterville Morning Sentinel where he’d worked for eighteen years after a complaint about him from the Human Rights Campaign - the biggest homosexual activist group in the country with sixteen full-time lobbyists. CCL sign defaced by homosexual activists in 2005

According to Al Diamon of, “After Grard received an e-mail on Nov. 4 from the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC that blamed the defeat of Maine’s gay marriage law on ‘lies and hate,’ he sent the group a response that read, ‘Who are the hateful, venom-spewing ones? Hint: Not the yes on 1 crowd. You hateful people have been spreading nothing but vitriol since this campaign began. Good riddance!’”

As of this writing, Human Rights Campaign acknowledges the email exchange with Grard and emailing an objection to Grard’s editor. Grard’s union, the Portland Newspaper Guild, has filed a grievance about the matter on his behalf, and is waiting for an arbitration date.

Maine Today Media, Inc. which owns the Morning Sentinel, denies Grard’s claims.


DAWN said...

Sometimes God calls us to be a Daniel. When Daniel, a teenager, was carried away into captivity 600miles from his homeland he "purposed in his heart he would not defile himself against God."

So if a displaced Jewish boy, living in a mighty King's palace, can resist the temptations before him and face possible death for his convictions, so can we.

If I were that nurse, I would have refused. No one can force you to do something you have purposed in your heart you would not do.

Before Moses was born the midwives were ordered, by Pharoah, to kill all the male babies, but the midwives feared God more than Pharoah and let the babies live.

So it must be for us. We must purpose in our hearts that we will not defile ourself by the ways of the world. Christ said tho we are in the world we are not part of the world's system.

Anonymous said...

What a piece, Tom. Keep up the good work. When is God going to judge this country as he has done to other vile goverments and countries in the past?

Harvey in North Baldwin

Anonymous said...

When is God going to judge this country? I hope it is soon and he lets it known how pissed off he is with the state of religion today and the close-minded bigotry that it seems all-to-often to breed.

pinko said...

How many unwanted babies did you adopt, Educator McLaughlin?

As always, this piece would be far more enjoyable if you'd chosen illustrations from your enormous collection of gay porn.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I conceived four and raised them all. How about you, Pinko?

Anonymous said...

Matthew 24:32
Luke 21:29

Alex said...

I'd just like to address one point here, before scientists come out as being satanic, immoral baby-killers. I had the amazing opportunity this fall to attend a Genetics Update Conference with my AP Biology class. One thing Mr. Sam Rhine (the extremely knowledgeable presenter) informed us about was the current state of Stem cell research.

Yes, the "old" way of performing stem cell research involved destroying a human embryonic stem cell. This was to harvest "pluripotent" stem cells out of the blastocyst. "Pluripotent" means that, given the correct chemical signals, the cells could grow into any of the 220 somatic (body) cells in our bodies. Through the process of cloning, these cells would be exactly the same, genetically, as the donor. There is a wealth of information to be gained from these cells. However, the harvesting of them is morally questionable.

When the Bush administration cut off funding for the "traditional" forms of stem cell research, the media focused on that. What the news stations failed to mention was the international race going on to discover a moral source of adult stem cells. In 2006, this was found. I repeat: WE KNOW HOW TO GET HUMAN STEM CELLS WITHOUT EMBRYOS!

The process is known as "reprogramming". That is, a simple sample of any cell in the human body can be cultured and "reprogrammed" with chemical signals. The correct signals will change the "terminally differentiated" cells back into pluripotent stem cells. They are genetically the same, pluripotent, and 100% moral. No babies or embryos involved.

I find this really, really cool, and the trip has influenced my choice to study molecular biology. I felt like I had to clarify this, because not everyone knows that stem cell research doesn't have to involve the killing of embryos.


Tom McLaughlin said...

Thanks for the biology lesson. I've never taken it - a major gap in my education. You're a good teacher as well.

Yes - Peace.

Stopp Planned Parenthood of Southern New England Representative said...

It's only by the Grace of God that Maine has a right to petion a public vote on the ballot.
In Connecticut, every twenty years a public vote on the ballet may appear asking if there is anything the voters want to change in their state constitution, like including the right to petition a public vote on the ballot on same-sex marriage. The Connecticut Education Association then donates $80,000 to defeat the question.
Same sex marriage is voted in by Judicial Fiat in Connecticut as this state's constitution does not allow a public petition vote on the ballot for any issue. Now Gay Friendly curricular without an opt out option is leagal in Connecticut public schools K-5, 'teaching little Johnny it's OK for David to have two Mommies,' and in grades 6-12 students are taught that its alright to access Planned Parenthood of Southern New England for HIV testing without parental permission, doubling the access rate of their clients aging from 13-18 since it became legal one year ago. Once PPSNE gets them in there I'm sure their going to preasure them for birthcontrol and Sugical Abortion when that fails instead of reporting underage minor sexual activity to the police and DCF like their mandated to do. It's all about the for-profit $$$$ with PPSNE.
If Abstinence-Only Curricular is voted in on the local level Gay friendly curricular may not be taught.
So count your blessings everyday that same-sex marriage failed in Maine for now until next year.
Now the assisted suicide bill failed in the Connecticut legislature and the Compassion and Choices group of lawyers jump in (former Hemlock society) suing the state in hopes it can get it passed though judicial fiat stating, 'the poor HIV victims are unnecessarily suffering in pain,' but it only targets the elderly down the road.
All this makes Connecticut a vulnerable state for the Culture of Death advocates.
We also had the state of Connecticut repremand a Catholic employee working with battered woman with threts to resign for opposing a bill to have Catholic Hospitals pass out the early abortificiant Morning After Pill.
But good came from it when he went to work as VP of a pro-life Seminary instead.

DAWN said...


My son graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology and is finishing up his Ph.D program in Neuroscience. He's 27 and almost went to Stanford as a post grad himself. Instead he was accepted (full ride) to Tulane and got caught right in the middle of Hurricane Katrina days after arriving in New Orleans. He's also a very very strong committed Christian. So Scientists can be Christians contrary to what's going around out there.

He's working on a cure for epilepsy as he deals with the brain's functions. He works with mice 24/7 and speaks alot of stem cell research. He has alot to say about this subject. I'll rely what you said and get his opinion.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes God calls us. Now thats hypocrisy at its finest. You are using God as a convenience to make your point but when things are different you find another excuse. God gets the blame or credit for everything as long as the answer suits your needs. There is no middle ground with faith. It is either absolute or it does not exist. God controls everything or nothing. If you believe that your God created this world then you must accept the ways of the world he created. Why arent you out there helping the less fortunate by giving away all your worldly goods, why don't you take a vow of poverty and sit on a street corner begging for food, why is it you sit there smugly at your computer in your nice warm dry home full of worldly objects. I dont recall seeing that Jesus preached on television, lived in a mansion and traveled in a private jet. I could go on but if you havent gotten the real message by now you never will.

DAWN said...

To the last anon. You say:

"Sometimes God calls us. Now thats hypocrisy at its finest. You are using God as a convenience to make your point but when things are different you find another excuse."

Why is this hypocritical? You're not explaining yourself very well. You don't know me. How can you say such things?

How do you know what kind of lifestyle I have? How do you know how much I give to the poor? Did you know that I have had sponsored children thru World Vision and Compassion for years? What does it matter? You've already judged me because what... I have a computer?

God blesses some with riches and some with poverty. There were many Godly materially blessed men of God in scripture...Abraham, David, Solomon for a few. There were many poor as well. So what's your point? Jesus said we will always have the poor with us as expensive ointment was pour over HIS HEAD! You sound alot like Judas. Did you know that?

You have no clue what you're talking about.

pinko said...

Hey, Stopp

Jesus had 2 daddies.

love and kissies,


DAWN said...

Alex, my son sent this to you in reply to what you said about stem cell. His words cut and pasted.

"embryo-based stem cell work is considered the gold standard of stem cell science. scientists are generally not concerned with finding a "more moral" approach to embryonic stem cell research since they don't see anything morally controversial about it. although a couple of labs have been able to reprogam adult cells into inducible pluripotent cells, the usefulness of these cells is unknown and at least some of these groups still had to use embryonic cells to reprogram the adult cell.

what Bush did was he limited the use of HUMAN embronic stem cell lines to those that are already available (meaning no federal funding was going to be used to create new human ESC lines). this had very little impact on embryonic stem cell science as a whole since most research of basic mechanisms is first worked out in mice, fish or frogs anyway. and, this didn't stop private institutions such as Harvard (HSCI, or the state of California (CRIM, from funding the creation of new human cell lines.

tell him that i had dinner with a department chair from UC Irvine last week and we talked about how the large majority of stem cell researchers are doing bad science.

at the end of the day, the use of human embryonic stem cells in research requires the destruction of human life. so far, there is no way to get around this."

Anthony Tiani said...

"It's only by the Grace of God that Maine has a right to petion a public vote on the ballot"

Wow. And here I thought it was legislation made by our mortal, elected representatives.

I guess our vague, invisible scapegoat in the sky snuck that law in there when we weren't looking!

Anthony Tiani said...

So despite Tom Coburn's plea that we all pray that Democrats wouldn't make the health care vote, they still did. To me this means:

God doesn't exist.

He/she/it doesn't care.

Or he/she/it WANTS health care for everyone.

I wonder how long before someone trolls out, "He works in mysterious ways."

DAWN said...


God gives us the desire of our hearts.

That can be good or bad.

Anthony Tiani said...

How vague.

Anyone else have more wishy-washy platitudes they care to make up because it "feels good" to believe them?

I don't like relying too much on quotes, but one of my favorites; "We need to care less about 'right' and 'wrong' and care more about true and false"

I prefer to deal in truth whenever possible. Truth cares not for petty dogma or political affiliation. The truth isn't exclusive to Christians or Muslims, to conservatives or liberals.

It exists, waiting to be found by critically thinking, rational individuals.

DAWN said...

"I don't like relying too much on quotes, but one of my favorites; "We need to care less about 'right' and 'wrong' and care more about true and false""

I agree. If we took care of the truth right and wrong would be very clear now wouldn't it? The problem is most people aren't interested in the truth even tho they say they are.

Jesus said "I am the way, the TRUTH and the life."

If you're really interested in truth, that's the best place to start! :)

Anthony Tiani said...

Switching back to the abortion subject--am I the only one completely fascinated by the "sanctity of life" argument?

So let me get this straight. As long as you are in the womb, conservatives will fight for your "rights", but as soon as you slip out the birth canal you're on your own? Any kind of assistance from the government is considered socialism after birth? As if a newly born babe is anymore self-reliant than one not yet ready to pop out.

Another asterisk in the "sanctity of life" for conservatives comes with the death penalty--a system which makes murderers of us all. They STILL support the ancient, draconian practice when we know full well that innocents, I repeat, INNOCENTS, are put to death and forced to forever have their legacy tarnished.

And how could we forget war? Conservatives love them some war! Yessiree! They forget all that "sanctity of life" business even when children are orphaned, mutilated, and all around blown to shit from our tax-funded bombs.

Hey, anything for a tiny, false sense of extra security eh?

Thou Shalt Not Kill.....except when politically expedient.

Anonymous said...

Well seems the majority are at least skeptics. God exists to those who want Him to, I dont think it matters much.

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