Tuesday, April 21, 2009

County Clare

Weather is great so far here in County Clare, but that could change any time. Yesterday was a long day, but great. Ma(84) and Uncle Joe (90) are holding up as well as I am. We toured the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren before eating dinner at O'Connor's Pub in Doolin.

On to the Aran Islands today. Sleeping in Galway tonight.

Sorry if I mislead readers with my last post. I'm only here for a visit and won't be posting columns for two weeks - just short bursts like this one - unless Israel attacks Iran.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Why aren't you staying? I would! Ireland and Scotland are two places I've decided I have to visit before I die. But seriously, I wasn't sure what to make of your last note, either, but I'm glad to hear you'll be returning.


SboroMA said...

Thanks, Tom, for posting those breath taking pics and giving an update. Dad was so thrilled to go on this trip with you, Mary, and Rosanne. I'm glad he's keeping up with you. =) It's great he can revel in Ireland's beauty and history. Please tell him to continue having fun and I can't wait to see the pictures when he returns.
Hope you post again,
-Cousin Carol

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you and Roseann for sendind the DVD of your last trip to Ireland. Photos are great. Enjoy!!!

Jane said...

Glad to see and hear you all arrived safely! You are in the most beautiful part of Ireland in my opinion. Not surprised to learn Ma and Uncle Joe are keeping pace...they are tough Irish Americans!

Anonymous said...

...does Ma remember a lot of the places your visiting?


Tom McLaughlin said...

Hi Tom,
This is their first trip to Ireland and it's great to see it through their eyes. We're going to Crossmolina, County Mayo, on Friday. That's where their grandmother, Catherine McDonnell/Haggerty emigrated from in the 1880s sometime. They knew her when she was an old woman and they were children.

I'm going to film that. Got my movie camera in my suitcase. Maybe I'll figure out how to add video here, but it will be a while. After going to Donegal last year researching the McLaughlins, I made DVDs and sent them out to family.

Since you're a McLaughlin too, maybe you'd like one? Give me your snail mail there in Alberta and I'll send one along.

It takes me days to make one, so it'll be months before I can find time to do that for this trip.

dave said...

Well done tom. great blog. you have experienced one of the most beautiful places on earth.