Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who's the Coward?

“Hello fellow cowards,” said Ward Connerly after stepping up to the mike at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) last month. Thousands in the crowd with me laughed uproariously. He was referring to what President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, said the previous week - that we are “a nation of cowards” because we don’t talk about race enough. He wants to “foster a dialogue between the races.”

I couldn’t disagree more. I got tired of talking about race decades ago and most people I know are tired of it too. Remember 1997 when President Clinton began his second term saying we needed a “national dialogue on race”? I was thinking, “Oh boy. Not again.” We talk about race way too much, but Democrats are obsessed with it - so on and on it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

On two different forms this school year, government asked my students to categorize themselves by “race,” even though that same government outlaws racial discrimination. Everybody in America is forced to do this over and over again in an ordinary lifetime. Government is obsessed with race but ordinary people are moving well beyond it. It compiles statistics endlessly about how “African Americans” score on tests, are infected with HIV, own their own homes, are aborted, are imprisoned, what their average life expectancy is, and on and on. If there are discrepancies between how blacks are doing and how whites are doing on anything, it’s assumed to be the result of racial discrimination by whites against blacks. Democrats in government proclaim that “Affirmative Action” is necessary to “remedy” the situation.

That generally takes the form of racial quotas in hiring, awarding contracts, admission to universities, and, most recently - writing sub-prime mortgages, according to economist Thomas Sowell. Community organizers like President Obama’s buddies at ACORN threatened to sue banks if they didn’t lend to “minority” applicants who too often couldn’t afford the kind of house they wanted to buy. This sort of “affirmative action” is at the root of the economic debacle we’re currently facing, but such a discussion is not the kind of dialogue Attorney General Holder wants to have - and I’ll probably be accused of racism for writing about it.

Democrats think their racial discrimination is benevolent. They tell themselves and everyone else that granting jobs, contracts, and college admissions to women, blacks, and other minorities over white and Asian males isn’t discrimination at all. Such doublethink is their stock in trade. That’s why they get 95% of the black vote and 75% of the Hispanic vote.

With the exception of conservative black men such as Ward Connerly and Thomas Sowell quoted above, there’s little or no inclination among most so-called black “leaders” to scrap the racial discrimination euphemistically known as “affirmative action.” Even though much was made of Barack Obama’s election as the first black president, and his appointment of Eric Holder as the first black Attorney General, those two men are making sure they play the same old victim tune previous unsuccessful black candidates like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make their livings on.

Speaking to a group called the “State of the Black Union” two weeks ago, President Obama said, “You know that tough times for America often mean tougher times for African Americans. This recession has been no exception.” He obviously intends to continue affirmative action, saying that he is “closing the gap between the nation we are and the nation we can be,” by including it in his “economic stimulus” bill.

About the jobs in that bill, Obama’s chief economic advisor, Robert Reich said, “I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals, or to white male construction workers.”

Victim mentality pervades the 95% of blacks who voted for Obama and other Democrats. They don’t tend to think of themselves as Americans first. They’re “black” first, and Americans second. Hence the now ubiquitous term “African American.” The dysfunctional numbers gathered for blacks by a race-obsessed government show a lead in nearly every negative category: illegitimate births, crime, unemployment, HIV infection, lowest life expectancy, and so forth. Black “leaders” and liberal Democrats desperately want something else to blame for all this and avoid examining their own culpability. Slavery and white racism kept blacks down for centuries, but the above-listed issues cannot be explained that way. Most flared up after the Civil Rights Act - and after Democrat “War on Poverty” subsidies nearly destroyed the black family, and after a gangster subculture began filling the vacuum created.

The Civil Rights Act was intended to outlaw discrimination and equalize public and private treatment of people regardless of race. Liberal Democrats, however, used it to substitute one form of discrimination for another, then masked it by calling it Affirmative Action. Hence the title of Ward Connerly’s latest book, “Creating Equal,” in which he argues for an end to it. He wants bookstores to take it out of their “African American Department” and include with all their other books.

If Eric Holder wants to talk about these issues, fine. But we know they’d be off the table because cowards like him are afraid to address them.


Anonymous said...

Culture of Excuse

Slave owners beat their slaves, says attorney Randall Vogt. Therefore, it's "justified" for black men to beat their sons. Vogt is defending Isaac Cortez Bynum, who beat his 2-year-old son to death, and says he'll use a "post traumatic slave syndrome" defense "in a general way" in Bynum's Beaverton, Ore., murder trial. "If you are African American and you are living in America, you have been impacted," says Joy DeGruy-Leary, assistant professor at Portland State University's Graduate School of Social Work, who originated the slave syndrome theory. The boy's autopsy showed he had been abused over a lengthy period and had suffered brain injury, a broken neck, broken ribs, and scores of whip marks all over his body. When shown the boy's autopsy photos, DeGruy-Leary said the injury pattern "falls in the rubric" of "normal" for descendants of slaves. (Portland Oregonian) ...Comforting words for the country's children.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you're right. We need to stop all these affirmative action hires. Instead of filling quotas by giving Supreme Court justiceships to people like Clarence Thomas, we should hire the most qualified people, who are more likely to respect the Constitution.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Justice Thomas uses US law as a guide when deliberating. I like that, and it makes him a much better judge than, say, Justices Breyer and Ginsberg, who use European law to inform their decisions.

It also makes him more qualified to rule on the Constitution of the United States, which all are sworn to uphold - not to re-write.

Anonymous said...

If Holder wants to identify a real coward, he need only look to his boss the psuedo-messiah. It takes a real coward to attempt to have returning wounded troops pay for their injuries sustained in battle, and then run like the true coward he is when things heat up.

Anonymous said...

Obama Hits the Ground Running
And just like when the Blagojevich thingy hit the fan [with news that Obama's team had been discussing the Senate seat appointment with Blago, after they had already denied having had any communications with him] Obama hits the road.

He didn't go to Hawaii this time...just as far away inside the continental U.S. as he could possibly go; California...

...where [I am told] he "hit the ground running."

It seems that, besides throwing parties and reading from his beloved twin-Teleprompters, that's all the work he's been doing since taking office.

He's everything Nancy Pelosi, Rangel, Durbin, Dodd and all the other veteran criminal politicians in the Washington Democrat Congress could have hoped. An inexperienced narcissistic pretender who will play along with any and every kind of corrupt political scheme as long as he gets to play the role of bigshot.

He has shown, through his writings and his associations that he has never had an original thought of his own. He has been a follower all his life of one "powerful personality" after another; people, unfortunately, who cater to the worst and basest of human instincts.

And having developed no positive personal self-image, he served as an empty slate and an empty soul to have his mind controlled and his soul tainted by the negative influences he surrounded himself with in his attempt to distance himself from the self that he loathed as a child.

The man has issues. He needs to have himself buoyed up by appearances on Jay Leno, or by visiting grade school children and such, when he is threatened with the potential for criticism.

All this is nothing new. All the warnings we have been giving throughout the past year, fell on deaf ears. All those that were unable to hear the truth could hear,was: "Hope" "Change" and "Yes we can."

The accelerated pace of his implosion is more than I could have ever anticipated...or hoped for.

Anonymous said...

We amoung the great unwashed are obviously thought to be real dullards as the left apparently feels it will take fours years for us to realize that "change" & "improvement" are not synonyms.