Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The EUnuchs Are At It Again

There’ll be no more “Misters” in Europe. No more “Madames” or “Mademoiselles,” “Fraus” or “Frauleins,” “Senoras” or “Senoritas” either. The European Union issued a booklet for EU Parliamentary Staff instructing them to eliminate all “gender-specific” terms from its literature. According to “. . . terms, such as ‘statesman,’ are to be replaced with gender-free alternatives, such as ‘political leader.’”

The article didn’t say if this resulted from a vote in the EU Parliament, but if that’s what Europeans want, fine. As long as the United States is a sovereign nation and isn’t controlled by liberal EUnuchs or the United Nations, they can do whatever they want over there.

Feminists are a strong force in the UN and many of their proposals are bizarre. At several UN Conferences on women, they suggest eliminating all references to gender in humans. They think gender a social construct with no biological basis. They would eliminate men’s rooms and ladies’ rooms and replace them with unisex rest rooms. Others would force public buildings to add a “transgendered” restroom because persons whose “gender” changes from day to day would feel uncomfortable in a men’s room or ladies’ room. I don’t care whether they feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and I certainly don’t want my tax money being used to construct special bathrooms for them, but let the EUnuchs do whatever they want with their own money.

Other feminists disagree with the unisex approach. Instead, they would expand the number of sexes from two to five. Anne Falso-Sterling wrote an article entitled "The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough." She (and she’s not alone) thinks the five are: male, female, homosexual male, homosexual female, and bisexual.

The United Nations takes this stuff seriously. I’d be happier if my country resigned from the UN and evicted them from New York City. Let them to go Europe where they can build as many bathrooms as they like.

Some of this stuff is happening here too. The New Hampshire legislature votes this week on HB-415, which would allow “transgender” people to use whatever bathroom they choose on a given day, depending on how they feel. You don’t like that? Then you’re the problem, not the cross-dresser. claims: “Employers facing the restroom issue for the first time are legally inclined to apply the ‘Principle of Least Astonishment,’ which is that a person who presents as a woman will be less astonishing using the women's restroom than the men's, vice versa for a person presenting as a man. If a concern arises, from the corporate legal department or another employee, the employer must provide alternative solutions for the employee complaining - NOT the transgender individual.”

You’re astonished by the drag queen next to you? You’re homophobic and you need Sensitivity Classes.

Feminists see men like me as members of the Evil Patriarchy that oppresses women everywhere. They don’t like the Catholic Church either because it teaches that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered,” and it insists that only men can be priests. If women want to become priests, they can join the Episcopal Church, where they can be openly homosexual too, and even be promoted to bishop. Episcopalians are fading away, but they’ll probably hang on for a few more decades.

The Roman Catholic Church has resisted fads for thousands of years. We’re not without our feminists though, and they’re making inroads. While singing hymns at mass lately, it bugs me to notice that the lyrics have been changed on some of my favorites. One is “Be Not Afraid,” by John Foley SJ, which used to go: “. . . and if wicked men insult and hate you, all because of Me, blessed, blessed are you.” Having read and heard plenty of insults, and not a little hatred for my opinion columns over the years, I related to that line. Now, however, “wicked men” has been replaced by “wicked tongues.” Now I’m distracted by visions of disembodied tongues floating in the air and uttering nasty things about me.

Another is “Turn to Me,” also by Foley, with the lyrics “Turn to Me, oh man and be saved, says the Lord for I am God.” Now, however, it goes: “Turn to Me, oh turn and be saved,” and that bugs me. Did Foley agree to the changes? If he did, well, they’re his songs and he can do what he wants with them. But if it’s stealth feminists playing with my mind, I don’t like it. Those hymns became special when I learned them at a men’s retreat called “Cursillo” twenty-five years ago. They were written by a man; Jesus Christ was a man; but feminist Christians have a hard time with all that. Women can certainly enjoy the hymns if they want, but no one has the right to change them except John Foley.

In spite of what they claim in their academic treatises at university Women’s Studies Departments, men and women are quite different and they always will be. Confused men and women can change their language and cross-dress every other day. They can cut off and sew on genitals and take all the hormones they want. Just don’t ask me to pay for any of it, and don’t send out the PC Thought Police to arrest me when I call attention to their foolishness in this space. This is still America, and we still have a Constitution with a First Amendment - for the time being at least.


Daniel said...

Very well put. The phrase "give them an inch and they will take a mile" comes to mind. Political Correctness, also known as "censorship" has permitted our normal persepectives and values to bulldozed into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Stein: "A bathroom is a bathroom is a bathroom" - Both genders use the ones in my house. What is all the fuss about?

Anonymous said...

I see I can add misogynist to the list of descriptive nouns. Way to go, moron.

Anonymous said...

Excellent column, Tom. I lol'ed reading it. You are spot on.

Not only is gender/womyn's studies foolish, it is bad for women, too. The best way for women to get a good education and find good careers is to study real subjects, like philosophy of economics or physics or theology. People in the real world know that a gender studies degree isn't worth a hill of beans, or, for another metaphor, is worth, well, about the same as a degree in "education" or "teaching."

I know you are a teacher. So am I. I am not criticizing teachers. Just teacher education, which as vapid and P.C. as womyn's studies. Courses in both fields probably share similar textbooks and anthologies.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Tom. The same-sexnuchs are at it in Maine as well. The legislature will consider LD 1020...same-sex "marriage". If it passes, gender specific terms like "wife" and "bride" must be construed to be gender neutral for purposes throughout the law! How absurd is that!

What's more the bill says it affirms religious freedom. OK, I'm thinking of Gen. 2:24, "..a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall be two in one flesh."

Ain't no way the gender neutral idea is gonna work on this one.

Anonymous said...

...i remember seeing a poster at HQ when I was in the Air Force back in 1978.

It showed a close up of a rooster swinging its head every direction and the caption was:

"I'm so confused I don't know which way to point my pecker".

How fitting. 31 years later.

Plus I loved it because our sergeant had dark humor and used it as a 'motivational poster' - not like the cute cuddly PC ones we see now.


Anonymous said...

Do you relaize there is an ad on the side banner promoting gay vacations in Paris?

Anonymous said...

I remember an old cartoon in the National Lampoon many years ago, the story was about a planet with 12 sexes, and it took some time for the necessary 12 people to hook up in bars for a casual encounter. It was supposed to be a joke, but now reality is making it look very tame.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine your typical office bathroom, now unisex, on the first day. Two women are in the stalls already, and Ralph comes in to the stall in the middle. He unloads his 4 cups of coffee, bran muffin, and the chili he had for supper the night before, in an unholy symphony of flatulence and aromatherapy.

The next day, there is once again a Men's room.

pok said...

Clothing should be sold with a transparent square over the crotch, so that everyone will know who's what.

Bert said...

Fine. I'll make DOUBLE sure to leave the toilet seat up.

Amy said...

Funny. "Gender roles" are social constructs but homosexuality and various other sexual proclivities are perfectly natural and immutable. Including the "five genders." Nope, no social construct there.

If that makes sense to you, you must be a liberal, feminist, or UN member (but I repeat myself)...

Anonymous said...

You're a twat. Cheers.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Thanks for the feedback anonymous.