Friday, May 25, 2018

Left and Right May 23, 2018

Mark Guerringue, publisher of the Conway Daily Sun, Berlin Daily Sun, Laconia Daily Sun, and the Portland Phoenix, again fills in for Gino.

We start with gun control, shootings in schools, other pathologies affecting young white men and boys. Australia gun buy-back program. Russia/Trump collusion investigation is unraveling, Tom claims. Mark claims Trump is squirming. Mark claims Hillary is old news and questions whether she ever committed any crimes.

Tom says white farmers fleeing South Africa as their lands are confiscated and given to black farmers. They're also being killed. Mark cites increasing violence throughout the country.

Mark reveals that the Conway Daily Sun purchased the Home and Flower Show at Fryeburg Fair and 20 of the 120 exhibitors were cannabis related. He said they were the most popular exhibitors by far.

Canada requires use of transgender-selected pronouns by law. "Cultural Appropriation" movement. Backlash against PC culture on campus. Will new "radicals" on campus be anti-PC?


Anonymous said...

Mueller's investigation is "unraveling"? Is that what they are telling you on State run propaganda TV (Faux News)?

How cute.

Anonymous said...

Snopes: it’s undeniable that the firearms homicide rate in that country has decreased substantially since the implementation of the NFA. It’s not the case, however, that the overall crime rate in Australia has shot up since the NFA was introduced. The rates of various types of violent crimes (sexual assault, kidnapping, homicides of all types) have scarcely changed at all, and while the robbery rate rose substantially in the 1998-2001 timeframe, it dropped below its pre-NFA level by 2004 and has continually declined since then.

Fortune: So what happened after the assault-weapon ban? Nothing. Nothing, that is, in a good way. Australian independence didn’t end. Tyranny didn’t come. Australians still hunted and explored and big-wave surfed to their hearts’ content. Their economy didn’t crash; Invaders never arrived. Violence, in many forms, went down across the country, not up. Somehow, lawmakers on either side of the gun debate managed to get along and legislate.
As for mass killings, there were no more. Not one in the past 22 years. Nothing.

Australia’s murder rate fell to less than 1 killing per 100,000 people—a murder rate one-fifth the size of America’s.

Undeniable evidence that gun control laws work.