Thursday, October 29, 2020


Regular readers of this column know where I’ll be putting my X on November 3rd. Four years ago, however, I was wasn’t thrilled about voting for Donald Trump. His personality was repulsive. His gratuitous insults were off-putting. It didn’t bother me, however, that he called his final opponent “Crooked Hillary,” because she was crooked. During one of their debates, Hillary said it was a good thing we didn’t have Donald Trump in charge of the law in our country.

“Because you’d be in jail,” said Trump. His timing was exquisite and I was thinking, “Who is this guy?” I could have kissed him.

It bothered me, however, that he had badly trashed his fellow Republican candidates in the primaries. Most of them were decent people and didn’t deserve it. During the ensuing campaign against Crooked Hillary, I agreed with nearly everything Trump said he would do, but doubted he would follow through. Politicians all make promises… you know the rest. Meanwhile, the Democrat media — and that’s just about all of it — gave him enormous attention. Trump charged up their viewership because no one who talked like he did had ever become the nominee of a major political party.

If mainstream media knew then how much they were helping his election chances with the exposure they gave him, they never would have done it. Against all odds, he won, making fools of media pundits. Hillary lost and “charitable” contributions to the Clinton Foundation dried up immediately. Liberals were in shock. They cried openly. Me? I found myself cheering, and that surprised me. I had to sit down and think about why I was so happy. Part of it was the shock on the faces of smug mainstream media pundits. They didn’t know what to say. They never saw it coming. Neither did I actually, but I liked it.

The day after Trump won, Democrats and their media allies began plotting to reverse the election and overthrow Trump, by hook or by crook and mostly the latter. Obama was still in office, so he and his lackeys in the intelligence agencies continued what Crooked Hillary was doing — working with Russians to smear Trump. They used the Steele Dossier which was bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee and tried to convince us all that Trump was a Russian asset.

Trouble is, they had no evidence. Nothing in the Steele Dossier was true, but that didn’t stop them. Trump haters in the deep state conspired to appoint a special prosecutor to dig up evidence.  There was none to dig up, but it took Robert Meuller and his huge staff two years and over $30 million before he was forced to admit it. They lied; they spied, and Trump was still standing. After Democrats won control of the House in 2018, they impeached him for a phone call he made to Ukraine about Biden family shenanigans, but he was found not guilty in the Senate.

Then, ironically, Hunter Biden left a laptop with a computer repairman in Delaware and forgot to pick it up. On it are emails indicating that both Hunter Biden and his father, Joe, were indeed involved in shenanigans with Ukraine — and elsewhere. Also on it are videos allegedly showing Hunter Biden having sex with minors. A further irony is that, four years ago, Anthony Weiner’s laptop fell into the hands of the NYPD pursuant to their investigation into Weiner exposing himself to underage girls online. Also on it were over 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump remains in need of a personality transplant — but he has followed through on his campaign promises. I don’t have to like him, but I am going to vote for him without misgivings. Why? I’ll quote a nameless young lady whose video explaining that in less than a minute was posted on Gateway Pundit here. A partial transcript follows:

Here she is

“If you are liberal and can’t stand Trump and can’t possibly fathom why anyone would vote for him, let me fill you in.  We can’t stand you.  You’ve done everything in your power by trying to destroy this country by tearing down our police, our borders, our history, systematically destroying our schools and brainwashing our kids into thinking socialism is the answer to everything. Demonizing religion and faith and glorifying abortion, violence and thug culture.  And calling us racists… We are voting for Trump because of you!”

Maybe it sums up why you too vote for Donald Trump. If he’s reelected, I’ll enjoy watching mainstream media pundits go nuts again, but I’m afraid of what their followers will do in the streets. Meanwhile, those pundits are trying to blame Russia for the Hunter Biden laptop scandal they're trying desperately to contain. Will it work?


Uber_Fritz said...

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged a whopping 7.6 million viewers on Tuesday for its exclusive interview with Tony Bobulinski, proving Americans are interested in the ongoing scandal despite other news organizations dismissing it. | Fox News

Anonymous said...

Your stream of invective is wasted up here. Your talents (or lack thereof) would be better served @ the New York Post. They ran the implausible Biden laptop story, so assume they would welcome your irrational, biased screeds.
Bon voyage

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Tom McLaughlin said...

I don't tolerate anonymous posts here. I'll let that one stand, but please put your name or choose a pseudonym of you want to be anonymous, then use it consistently. Otherwise I'll delete you.

Brian said...

Some comments on lines from Tom's column:

"no one who talked like Trump did had ever become the nominee of a major political party"

Of course not. Until recent times blatant A-holes couldn't talk about grabbing pussy, etc, and have had any chance in politics, nor in decent society. Remember when conservatives and Republicans used to pretend that morals and decency mattered, and talked about the lowering moral standings amongst the younger generations? Family values!!!

"If mainstream media knew then how much they were helping his election chances with the exposure they gave him, they never would have done it.'

Correct you are. They underestimated the public's fascination with celebrity culture, TV stars, and the cult of personality.

"Democrats and their media allies began plotting to reverse the election'

Just a totally BS statement, one conservatives have been running with for 4 years. There was no widespread effort to "reverse" the election or claims that Trump didn't actually win the election, despite losing the popular vote. They simply reacted to the crap he did after getting elected and tried to defend our country and it's Constitution.

"Nothing in the Steele Dossier was true'

That may be your opinion, but there is evidence to the contrary:

"On (Hunter Biden's laptop) are emails indicating that both Hunter Biden and his father, Joe, were indeed involved in shenanigans."

Pure unsubstantiated speculation. Tom shoots down the ideal of Innocent until proven guilty. And Tom and Trump seem to sometimes get confused about who Trump is running against. Hint - it is not Hillary, Hunter, or Obama.

"he has followed through on his campaign promises."

Like repealing Obamacare? Like building the wall? And making Mexico pay for it? Like investing 550 billion in infrastructure? Like bringing back manufacturing? Like growing the economy by 4% each year? He couldn't even do that before corona. Like clearing the country's debt? And on and on.

"We can't stand you! We are voting for Trump because of you!”

Now this really gets to the heart of the Trump supporter. For the most part, they are not supporting the buffoonish cretin because of policies. They simply hate. They hate liberals and act in a knee jerk reaction against them, blabbering nonsense about "brainwashing" the children. Oh, and keeping children as sex slaves for Hillary's grand pizza sex ring.

"I’m afraid of what their followers will do in the streets."

Oh, and so am I worried about how Trump supporters will react to his loss. How could one not, with the spoiled toddler in the White House saying he won't peacefully transfer power, asking white supremacist groups to "stand by", and lately talking about Biden being shot after the election. Nothing comparable has come from the other side.

"the Hunter Biden laptop scandal they're trying desperately to contain"

I do love the desperation of counting on a last minute made-up "scandal". Trump realizes the election was won for him in 2016 with Comey's last minute letter and prays it will happen again. Or he would pray were he a religious man. But wait! Trump is not even running against Hunter!

And no, the Russians didn't poop in the hallway, they pooped all over our country and our Constitution. But because of your hatred for progressives you ignore this and support the pathological liar.

Looking forward to 1/20/20. The end of an error.

cowboy ted said...

Damn straight it will happen again....lots, lots of people who haven't vote will be out for Trump..they know Biden stinks worse than a skunk in the morning. District 2 for Trump 2020.

Brian said...

Make that 1/20/21 for the date patriotic Americans will be dancing in the streets!

Brian said...

No, cowboy, all the trump supporters crawled out from under their rocks in 2016. He lost many of them due to sheer incompetence. But there will be a lot of folks who sat out 2016 because they didn't like Hillary, or didn't know just how awful Trump truly was, that will come forward this time.

Nick Peace said...

1) The Clinton campaign deliberately set out to build up Trump as a straw man that they thought they could beat.
2) Trump during his campaign was quite sharp. I'm not sure who helped with his messaging. Bannon, maybe some others. Most noticeable he offered a very different platform on trade and foreign policy. Radically different. His foreign policy appealed to even some Progressive Lefties like myself.
3) Nobody expected him to win. Not Clinton, not the Russians, not even Trump himself. His win was a big surprise.
4) Immediately the Clinton camp came up with the idea of blaming Trump's victory on the Russians. This simultaneously gave Clinton an excuse and ruined Trump's efforts at rapprochement with Russia. Quite brilliant actually.
5) We all know the Mueller report did not come up with anything substantial to prove collusion.
6) Trump's management skills have been terrible. His inability to keep staff is damning. Speaks to some level of managerial incompetence. Not sure if that's because people who are used to being the boss in the business world (giving orders) have trouble making the transition to the political/legislative world where negotiation and compromise are necessary. Or if it is just his personality.
7) On the other hand he has delivered some wins to his base, namely tax cuts for the wealthy and appointing conservative judges.
8) Tom, you are right. There is a culture war going on here. Liberals should own their part in creating that animosity.

CaptDMO said...

Some wins to his base?
Partial-(Granite Grok)
Golly, I was reading elsewhere that Mr. Trump's "base" was white males without a college education.

Brian said...

Granitegrok?! When one is forced to find a "reality" that suits them by murking up a couple of dudes in their basement posing as "fact checkers" it reveals true desperation. When I tired to find out about these two partisan clowns I came up with:

"Granite Grok remains a locus of mindlessness and bullshit"

So digging in that trash heap for "accomplishments" doesn't change all the failures and broken promises I previously mentioned.

And yes, by golly, Trump's base is mostly made up of uneducated, "proud" men.

Nick, the myth that the Muellor report did not show collusion is the first one that Time Magazine tackles here:

Read the whole article and you'll see how ridiculous it is to say that the proven Russian meddling was just some sort of excuse by the Clinton camp. And then to say this "ruined Trump's efforts at rapprochement with Russia." Huh? It's one of the only countries he DOES get along with. Along with his "lover" Kim Jung-Un, they make up the holy trinity of the world's dictators. Trump is a bit disturbed that he is now only Putin's Mini-Me and not a full fledged dictator, but with another term, Trump's attacks on our country's values will get him awfully close. We all know he is hiding something in his taxes, maybe they would reveal who has some control over him.

But for now his only hope is to suppress the vote enough to null the true will of the people, and try to wish a scandal into reality.

Steve said...

By referring to Trump’s call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky as just “a phone call” under sells it. Trump hid the transcript in a server designed to store only the most classified national intelligence. That shows he understood the call was unethical and damning, if not, outright illegal. By writing “…he was found not guilty in the Senate” is another attempt to undersell the situation. The Senate took the House’s guilty verdict and then effectively dismissed the case against him by refusing to call any witnesses. The could’ve subpoenaed testimony from Bolton, Mulvaney, Rick Perry, Fiona Hill, Gordon Sondland, Col. Vindman, Giuliani, Kurt Volker, William Taylor, Maria Yovanavitch, David Homes, George Kent, etc. Surely, if any of these people could’ve exonerated Trump they would’ve been called to testify. People under oath testified in the House that Trump wasn’t at all interested in Ukraine actually investigating Hunter Biden and Burisma, he only wanted Zelensky to announce an investigation. And as far as the Trump campaign’s conspiracy with Russia to influence the election, his campaign manager, Manafort and his advisor Rick Gates met with Russian intelligence in the Summer of 2016 where they provided Kilimnick with Trump’s internal polling data. If someone can offer a plausible reason why that happened for a purpose other than helping Russia influence our election, I would love to hear. It’s been over four years and the Trump campaign can’t explain it either.

Hunter’s laptop? So apparently Hunter dropped off his laptop with a shop owner whose eyesight just happens to be too poor for him to identify the individual who dropped off the computer, and the laptop just happens to have a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it, and the laptop just happens to have all this incriminating evidence against Hunter, and the shop owner just happens to copy the hard drive and give it to Giuliani’s lawyer and Hunter just happens to never return to pick up the computer. Hunter “forgot” to pick up the computer? Who drops off a computer for repairs and forgets to pick it up? That’s like bringing your car in for repairs and forgetting to pick it up. We’re on our computers every day. That’s a pretty fantastic story.

Some people like to hide behind the convenient notion: I vote for a platform not a person. So let’s look at that person. The Access Hollywood tape shows Trump is an admitted sex offender, and he actually bragged about that TO A REPORTER. He’s a draft dodger. I didn’t think Republicans held draft dodgers in such high esteem, but apparently they do. He’s incapable of taking responsibility for anything and blames everything on someone else. He’s a pathological liar. He was unfaithful to the mothers of all his children. He sleeps with porn stars and then has to pay them off. In the first debate, Trump felt compelled to mention Hunter’s dishonorable discharged to due drug addiction. To Biden’s credit, he didn’t make an issue out of Trump’s dishonorable draft dodging. I have an alcoholic in my family, and I would be crushed if someone made an issue out of that on such a national stage. In a recent interview with Hannity, Trump was thrown the softest of softball questions: What is your agenda for a second term. He couldn’t answer it but went on some rambling, disjointed speech about talent vs experience. The GOP announced they won’t have a platform for 2020. So when you don’t have a platform to support, then you only have the person, and what a person.

cowboy ted said...

China owned Biden on the way to defeat....


"I need to remind people that the poll back in July said at that point that Biden was ahead in Michigan by 16 points. Trump has cut that in half. Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states..." Moore told The Hill

Moore also noted that Trump has been strategically campaigning in 2016 Hillary territory in Michigan: "10 days ago when Trump had the big rally in Muskegon, Michigan - Muskegon County, over on the west side of the state on Lake Michigan - only two counties voted for Hillary on the west side of Michigan in 2016," said Moore. "Muskegon County was one of them. Trump chose not to go to a Trump county, because he won the state, he went to a Hillary county and had thousands of people there."

How many showed up to see Hidin Biden?? Maybe 10

CaptDMO said...

How many show up to "see" Mr. Biden, even when Mr. Obama is the opening "warm up" act?

Kafir said...

I’ve learned over time that Leftists do not listen to facts and reason. All they care about is power and wealth as do all totalitarians. I now think it’s much more effective and a lot of fun to mock them which they do at the website “Intellectual Froglegs” Enjoy!

Sami Gay said...

What kind of "journalist" uses juvenile memes in a column? What are you, like 12 years old?

Brian said...

But since he likes that sort of thing he may enjoy this...tomorrow is MAGA day:

Make the Asshole Go Away

Steve Tanton said...

I like Tom, but we disagree on this one - I don't find Trump's personality repulsive at all, in fact I find his fighting spirit to be quite refreshing - yes, he fights! "They drew first blood." - Rambo

Brian said...

Trump is a stone cold wimp. He doesn't fight as much as he whines, and makes excuses. He is so not a real man.

And you bring up Rambo! In trying to defend the wimp that avoided his duty with "bone spurs"! What a man.

Steve probably is also a big fan of that 5-year old at the grocery store screaming, whining and stomping because Mommy won't buy him candy.

Brian said...

My faith in America is restored. What a beautiful day!