Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Left & Right Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Stow, Maine resident and former Maine legislator and Washington consultant Jim Wilfong sits again in the left chair. Jim has a depressed immune system right now so we’re wearing masks. 

The first question is about Q-Anon and should Trump accept their support in his campaign. I don’t know what the organization is, but Jim says it’s an individual. The producer’s question alleges Satanic involvement and pedophilia, which leads instead to a discussion of Jeffrey Epstein’s shenanigans involving many powerful people internationally.

I speculate that, along with great ambition often comes a powerful libido. Jim agrees. They can buy their way out of accountability and that leads to more aberrant behavior.

Jim says video can be created that seems real but is falsified, that it’s very realistic and had enormous potential for abuse even more than spying on people digitally through the NSA.

We discuss the value and importance of reputation. Jim mentions how vulnerable it can be for damage given this new technology and the difficulty in countering it.

Jim relates a story about Ed Muskie with whom he used to work, about the difficulty of being in politics and concludes it with a Harry Truman quote: “Politics ain’t beanbag.”

We discuss violence in Democrat-run cities. I contend Antifa is run by Democrats. Jim says they’re anonymous and would not take anyone serious who hides his/her identity.

We discussed a possible vaccine, would we take the it during current virus and compared that to other epidemics like polio when we were children.

Finally we discuss the possibility that masks will be mandatory in Massachusetts or, if Biden wins, nationwide.


rhondajo said...

As a polio survivor, who, now that I am older, is now suffering with PPS (Post Polio Syndrome), I have to say that I don't see how a flu like virus with a 99.5% recovery rate can be compared to polio. There were not many polio deaths, however, most victims suffered with some form of paralyses that affected their entire lives. PPS comes back to haunt them in their later years, in the form of deteriorating brain neurons, muscle atrophy and extreme fatigue.

I got polio during the summer of 1952, when I was 2 years old. Most mothers were stay at home moms back then, and they kept their kids indoors during the summers in the early 50s. But kids still went to school. People still went to work. The economy was not shut down, as it should not have been this year. People still lived their lives, as we should be doing now.

If you are sick, please stay home. If you have a serious health issue and/or if you are scared, please wear a mask, but please do not take my freedoms away by forcing me to wear an ineffective mask that forces people to breathe carbon dioxide. Either your mask works, either it really truly works, or it doesn't. And if it doesn't then what is the point? If your mask works then why are you worried about whether or not I am wearing one?

Brian said...

I don't want to belabor this mask thing, but I will answer your last question: "If your mask works then why are you worried about whether or not I am wearing one?"

Because doctors believe that the virus can also enter through the eyes, and if a maskless person sneezes or coughs...

Also, the carbon dioxide argument is not one that holds water with health experts.

Brian said...

Tom, how convenient that you don't know about QAnon, yet seem to be so riled up about Antifa.

Educate yourself about the group. They are the wackos that brainwashed some sucker into storming a pizza joint with a semi-automatic looking to uncover Hillary's sex-ring.

West Point terrorism experts are very concerned about it, pointing it out as a threat to national security and saying: “QAnon also represents a militant and anti-establishment ideology rooted in an apocalyptic desire to destroy the existing, corrupt world to usher in a promised golden age,” it said. “This position finds resonance with other far-right extremist movements, such as the various militant, anti-government, white nationalist, and neo-Nazi extremist organizations across the United States.”

But for some reason you do not seem to care about terrorism or violence that comes from the right, only that from the left. Fair and balanced?

And one might contend that QAnon is run by Republicans as easily as contending Antifa is run by Democrats.

Steve said...

It’s easy to let what I hope will happen influence what I think will happen. I clearly know what I hope will happen in November, but I’m far less clear what I think will happen. Many conservatives thought Romney was going to defeat Obama and most liberals thought Clinton was going to defeat Trump, and both had polls supporting those outcomes. I now don’t get interested in polls. So I have to cobble together little anecdotes here and there that might suggest one way or another how November turns out. Trump had 3+ million fewer votes than Clinton. His electoral-college victory was razor thin with about 77,000 votes in a handful of critical districts in three swing states. Before a single vote was cast, he claimed the election was rigged, of course, making no effort to substantiate the claim. He, like most of us, probably believed the polls we were seeing that showed a Clinton victory.
So what is happening now that might indicate which way the vote goes in November? Recently, over a hundred McCain and Romney staffers and dozens of former Republican members of Congress announced their intention to vote for Biden, and, I think, more significantly, over 70 defense officials announced their intent to vote for Biden. Here is their signed statement: This isn’t a case where these people will slip into a voting booth, vote for Biden and no one will ever be the wiser – quite the opposite. Like the founding fathers articulating their case for independence and then signing it for all the world to see, these individuals are announcing who they will vote for. Some prominent signers are Richard Armitage, William Webster, John Negroponte, Chuck Hagel, Michael Hayden, James Kelly. I encourage you all to read their complaint and who all signed it. It’s an impressive list of highly accomplished individuals. We have, on record, these people who have devoted their careers to the inner workings of government, serving this country and even serving this President, all avowed Republicans and all announcing their intent to vote for Biden. I can’t recall such significant party defection in all my life. Trump’s ex-Secretaries of State and Defense, Chief of Staff and NSA all publicly spoke out against Trump while he’s still in his first term and actively seeking reelection. That’s the big four right there. Has that ever happened? They’re speaking out because they want to influence conflicted voters. They want to influence independents and moderate Republicans, and as we saw in 2016, they only have to convince 77,000 voters in very strategic districts to change the election. I ask of the forever Trumpers on this board, what is it about him that you all know, that these people do not?

Reality Check said...

All Trump supporters can do is turn a blind eye and stick their fingers in their ears.

Brian said...

Trump supporters turning a blind eye? Like they are doing by ignoring the questions posted to them by people like Steve, and why they are ignorant of things they don't want to hear, like QAnon, with their heads stuck in the sand like ostriches? I guess that way they can ignore how incredibly un-patriotic and vile their chosen one really is!

Brian said...

Here is another question for Trump supporters. When they listen to him say outrageous, erroneous statements to Hannity, such as "Our numbers are great with the corona virus, we did a great job", and "We have by far the record amount of jobs now", do they believe him? Do they believe such easily checked BS? Are they OK with a president that lies to their face?

Oh, right. Trump supporters hide from questions that threaten to burst their bubble of ignorance.

Brian said...

Trump sure summed up both his intelligence and the mindset of his followers when he talked about the virus and "herd mentality"!

Brian said...

Trump also sums up his clownish lack of integrity with just one sentence in a recent tweet. FOUR false claims (lies) in ONE sentence! That is hard to do!

Steve said...

“I could stand on 5th avenue and shoot someone, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Thankfully that claim was never tested, but the comment always baffled me, because it’s essentially an insult. Either he thinks his base is too stupid to see the gravity of that, or they’re too cultish in their devotion to him to be impacted by it. I plan on voting for Biden in November, but if he shot someone, that would be a deal breaker for me. We now know through Trump’s eighteen interviews with Bob Woodward that what he knew about Covid was far different than what he was telling us. He freely admitted he down played the severity of Covid and continues to do so. He knew it was deadlier than he was letting on. He knew it wasn’t just the flu or the sniffles. He knew it impacted young people more than he was letting on. He knew all of it, but still tweeted that states should be “liberated.” He ridiculed some in the press core for wearing masks because they were being “politically correct.” He wanted to collect as many of his supporters as possible into a confined space even though he knew the disease was airborne and deadlier than the flu. But now he’s telling us that it was done intentionally, because he didn’t want to panic us. So I want to ask the forever Trumpers on this board, can you think of other instances when Trump down played a serious situation so as not to unnecessarily panic us? Because I can think of times when creating panic was his intended and obvious end game. A caravan of migrants were walking essentially the length of Mexico south to north to try and gain asylum in our country. He told us it was an invading hoard of disease-ridden murderers and rapists. He said Alabama was in the path of hurricane Dorian. It was not. But in a bizarre attempt to prove himself right, he put up a four-day old NOAA map of the storm and drew, in Sharpie, a herniated bulge in the hurricane’s path to clip the corner of Alabama. In February 2020, he predicted of the stock market, “If I don’t win, you’re going to see a crash the likes of which you’ve never seen before.” As of February 29, 2020, there were still seven Democrat Presidential candidates in the race, but he knew for certain that all of them would tank the market. He’s warning suburban housewives their neighborhoods will be overrun with housing projects, crime and MS-13. And, of course, there’s the ubiquitous claim that Democrats are going to take our guns. That’s a heck of a lot of panic. Realistically, we’ll never have to find out if he will lose votes after shooting someone of 5th Avenue, but we’ll know in November if he loses votes after helping to facilitate the deaths of 200,000 Americans, and counting.

Brian said...

If any Trumpers were getting their courage up to stick their heads up and address any of the issues here I'm sure they just sunk quickly back down again into their cowardly bubble of denial and ignorance after reading Steve's post. They can't even talk about it! Too much reality! Too much to deny and have to make up "alternate facts" about. The little snowflakes will melt when the mean ol' peacenik liberals "attack" them with discussion. So they hide. It seems they have no integrity, no moral compass, and no balls.