Friday, March 13, 2020

Left & Right March 11, 2020

Newspaper publisher Mark Guerringue again sits in the left chair. 

First question from the producer asks: “Do you feel confident that the government is competently managing COVID 19 in the US?”
I think there are three phases of competent leadership: monitoring constantly-changing information, adjusting logistics appropriately, and projecting an aura of confident leadership. I think the feds are good on the first two, but somewhat lacking on the third compared to, say, FDR’s fireside chats during the Great Depression.
Mark says at first it was: “What’s the big deal? It’s a little worse than the flu, but then he worries about healthcare infrastructure being strained — ICU beds for one. He sees politicization of response or lack of it in this election year  as impeding effectiveness in dealing with it. He thinks it will be Trump’s undoing.
I raise the border conflict between Greece and Turkey where Turkish leader Erdogan is releasing a million more refugees bound for northern Europe. Greece is fortifying its border. It’s getting violent and Erdogan is looking for leverage with the EU to have it recognize its claims to parts of northern Syria. He also wants plaudits from the world’s Muslims because he wants to be the next Caliph of the Islamic world.

Mark blames Trump’s pullout of US troops from northern Syria as the cause. I disagree, saying our troops were too vulnerable to attack from several different factions there and there was confusion about who were our friends and who were our enemies. I see the primary dynamic as Muslim designs on Europe — taking over demographically in a generation or two.

Mark asks who is more likely to beat Trump: Bernie or Joe? I say Bernie because he’s an outsider and may ride an outsider wave, whereas Joe Biden, who never was very bright now shows signs of dementia.

Mark claims: “That’s what they said about Trump.” I contend that Trump’s issue is more a chronic personality disorder than dementia. I see no signs that’s changing, whereas there’s plenty of evidence that Biden is deteriorating and he makes a terrible candidate. Mark tells why he chose to endorse Bernie. Biden’s campaign wasn’t organized and didn’t come to the Sun’s editorial board, that only him and Warren failed to make it because their campaigns were disorganized.

Mark thinks Biden’s surge is a big surprise and his victories in the previous day’s primaries, especially Michigan, means Bernie should drop out. He thinks voters are looking for moderate leadership from someone like Biden and not someone who wants to burn the place down like Bernie or a flamethrower like Trump.

I read a quote from Bernie from an LA Times interview in the 1980: “[I believe in] traditional socialist goals — public ownership of oil companies, factories, utilities, banks, etc.” Does that make him a communist?

Biden says dumb things, like pretending to know about guns for example, when he clearly doesn’t know an automatic from a semi-automatic.

We discuss conflicting information being put out about the virus and speculate about what will our world be like a year hence. Should we bail out cruise ships? Airlines? Insurance companies required to cover virus-related claims with no deductible? 

Tulsi Gabbard — why is she still in it?


Brian said...

We all should listen to Dr. Fauci instead of the pathological-liar-in-chief.

Listen when he directly contradicted Trump by saying that "Bottom line, it's going to get worse"

Listen when he again directly contradicted Trump by saying we are between a year and a year-and-a-half away from a coronavirus vaccine.

Listen when he said about the testing kits: "That is a failing. Let's admit it."

Kafir said...

The EU is now supplying special forces troops to protect Greece’s borders. This recent invasion of Muslims from within Turkey is a result of the EU no longer paying billions in extortion money to Erdogan’s regime.

There may be an overreaction to preventing the Coronavirus from spreading in the U.S. However, as Dr. Anthony Fauci has pointed out, the measures taken thus far will definitely mitigate the problem. The stock market will rebound and I’m guessing the strength of our economy will
withstand any long term damage.....much to the dismay of the Left and the NeverTrumpers.

Neither the communist nor the career political hack with dementia will beat President Trump in November.

Brian said...

Trump's pathetic handling of this situation and all his lying about the matter will result in his "impeachment" at the poll booths. Trying to pretend somebody has dementia is no counter at all to somebody who has proven themselves to be an incompetent liar.

Brian said...

Fox News: "It is so reckless and irresponsible for people to be speculating that this man, who very well could be the next president of the United States of America has dementia when there is no doctor backup."

Maybe Alzheimers was responsible for Reagan's performance? Even his own son said: "My father now seemed to be giving them legitimate reason for concern. My heart sank as he floundered his way through his responses, fumbling with his notes, uncharacteristically lost for words. He looked tired and bewildered"

Tom McLaughlin said...

If you think it reckless and irresponsible to speculate that Biden may have creeping dementia, you haven't been listening to him lately. I worked 36 months in a geriatric hospital when I was an undergrad and most of my patients had dementia.

I'm actually giving him the benefit of the doubt as many have suggested Biden has always been confused.

Brian said...

If you think it reckless and irresponsible to speculate that Trump is a deranged pathological liar, you haven't been listening to him these past 4 years.

I am not kidding when I say that I, along with many psychiatrists


believe Trump has a legitimate mental issue. He is incapable of lying even when it is in his best interest to tell the truth. I think he believes many of his lies. In other words he suffers from delusion.

Funny how when the far right realized that "gaff machine" was not going to work considering Trump's many, many gaffs/lies they all of a sudden moved on to "dementia". I noticed how Kafir quickly changed tactics to get in line with the rest of the flock.

The problem is, Trump shows just as many signs of dementia as Biden.

Burisma, fail. Gaff machine, fail. Dementia, fail.

Kafir said...

For Comrade Brian: Trump may have gaffs but he speaks off the cuff for an hour and a half. Biden can’t even read a prepared speech for longer than 7 minutes.

I was wrong in a previous post that 13,000 died during the Swine Flu in ‘09 - ‘10; it was 18,000. 60 million Americans caught the virus and 300,000 were hospitalized. Yet, Hussein was praised by the adoring media for springing into action but only after 1,000 had already died. We’ve had @40 die from the coronavirus thus far.

I’m beginning to think this is a huge overreaction by the media and it’s becoming an embarrassment for our country. Another thought that could fall into the conspiracy category is that this was a deliberate act by the ChiComs. What do they care about sacrificing their own people as retribution for Trump’s hard-nosed trade policies?

Time will tell, but I won’t hold my breath that Comrade Brian will see that he has bought into a nationwide scam. Russian collusion didn’t work and neither will this charade.

Brian said...

It's one thing to speak off the cuff if you are making intelligent statements and speaking the truth, but if, like Trump, all you can do is babble incoherent nonsense and talk about revolutionary war airports, etc, then what is the good in that? Did you notice that Trump's handlers had to reel him back in after spouting all those lies and misinformation about the corona virus, and had him read (quite poorly) off a teleprompter for his important speech?

As I mentioned about your post and link, check other sources. Fact check it. Fake News.

OK, the whole world is in cahoots in a big conspiracy to get rid of Trump. Ridiculous, but if that WERE true, it surely says something about what a danger the world considers Trump to be.

Your mind will not be changed. Anything that you or your orange idol don't like is labeled "another hoax". Pathetic.

Free Admission said...

"any narrative that attempts to pin all of the blame on Trump for the coronavirus is simply unfair.

Read the complete article by a Republican

Kafir said...

Did Comrade Brian watch the White House remarkable press conference with “The Team” including Dr. Birx today? It didn’t sound as though President Trump was out of his league to me, but maybe I’m just not as smart as Brian. Plus, the stock market rallied dramatically as a result. Even Washington State Democrat Governor, Jay Inslee, had good things to say afterwards. Not quite sure what planet Brian is from, but a National Emergency Declaration will bring the states and Feds together to mitigate this virus. It will also assure his re-election. Have a nice life, Comrade.

Brian said...

It is hilarious that somebody would say "I’m beginning to think this is a huge overreaction by the media and it’s becoming an embarrassment for our country." and then 4 hours later be seemingly thrilled that a national emergency was called over it! But that just goes to show the power a cult leader has over their followers. So of course Comrade Kafir was pacified by what he saw. No surprise, I am sure Putin was pleased as well.

Trump was propped up in front of a bunch of experts and flip-flopped drastically from his previous downplaying of the virus. But this is what he should have done WEEKS ago, while he was busy wasting time and talking about hoaxes and lying about the numbers going down to zero and tests being ready for anybody who wanted one. But it was nice to see that the adults did finally manage to get it into his head to start taking it seriously, late or not.

And it is always funny seeing Trump's inferiority complex over Obama rear its head, this time dopily trying to bash the Obama administration who declared a public health emergency months BEFORE swine flu was declared a pandemic. At the time that the Obama administration declared a public health emergency, only 20 confirmed cases of H1N1 existed in the United States. Aren't facts pesky things?

I'm looking forward to November!

Kafir said...

Will you be watching the debate tomorrow night berween Statler (Biden) and Waldorf (Sanders)? It’s down to two candidates from a party that claims to be all inclusive and which promotes diversity. One’s been a member of the ruling class for decades; the other is a communist.

Their “wokeness” won’t be enough to defeat President Trump in November.

Brian said...

It must be hard keeping up on which way to genuflect toward your idol. From “hoax” to “It’s almost over, no worries, the cases are almost down to zero” to “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!”

It’ll must make your head spin. You must have pressure to keep up with Hannity, etc so you know the talking-point phrases, and which tone to bleat in. I notice Kafir is often late on hearing the latest mantra. He still was using “gaff machine” before he was told “dementia” is now in. And he was still saying “embarrassing overreaction” when the flock had moved on to “our protector and savior is keeping us safe with a National Emergency!”

As to the debate, no I'll probably not be watching. You say Biden is "ruling class" because he has been working as a public servant. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, pampered, spoiled egotistical big brat. He has never had to answer to anybody, which brings out his dictator tendencies. The dopey democrats don't have to be "woke", they are running against the most "asleep" cretin imaginable. Now go back to your orange alter and bow down some more, he'll protect you from foreigners, powerful women, and all your other nightmares.

Free Admission said...

A huge difference between Biden and Trump would be that in no way does Trump consider himself to be a public servant. He would be insulted at the term. He considers himself much more of a king, not a mere servant.

Reality Check said...

The Trumpie Timeline





Yet most of his base stands loyally behind him. PT Barnum summed it up - "There's a sucker born every minute"

Kafir said...

It’s apparent that the detractors of Trump on this blog are getting their talking points from the Dems...

Brian said...

Nope, the timeline and the quotes come from your orange messiah himself.

You can try and fight truth, but you'll lose in the end every time.