Monday, February 17, 2020

Between Now and November

Democrats and their mainstream media allies hate Donald Trump, and that hate has been the central political dynamic of the past four years. By extension, they also hate Trump supporters which comprise more than 60 million Americans who they consider ignorant at best, or irredeemably racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic at worst. As someone who held my nose when voting for Trump in 2016 I shall likely do so again in November, only this time with relish.

Democrat voters interviewed by Mainstream Media during the New Hampshire primary last week were asked who they liked, but their answers were more about who they didn’t like — Donald Trump. They weren’t sure what Democrat to vote for and would make up their minds in the voting booth, at which time they would choose the candidate most likely to beat him. Bernie supporters were rabid for their guy but supporters of the other candidates were unenthusiastic. Democrat and media pundits are afraid Bernie will get the nomination and then be easily beaten by President Trump.

The pundits, however, still don’t understand the 60+ million Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 and likely will again in November. Neither did they understand the Tea Party movement a decade ago. Back then they went looking for Tea Party leaders to interview but couldn’t find any. They couldn’t comprehend that this was a real, spontaneous, grassroots movement against what an Obama Administration which was growing government. Obamacare was taking over the healthcare industry and the president was spending nearly a trillion dollars on supposed “shovel ready jobs” to stimulate the economy.

At CPAC 2010 in the lobby
Attending CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington during 2010 and 2011, I sensed a discomfort in the Republican establishment running the conference with the upstart Tea Party thousands of whose members invaded CPAC. Republican leaders were not sure where this new, amorphous, small-government throng would fit in, if indeed it could fit in at all. There were no clear leaders with whom dealmakers could meet and talk about making sausage. Meanwhile, Democrats in President Obama’s IRS like Lois Lerner obstructed the Tea Party’s efforts to procure 501(c)4 status for their groups which would enable them to organize and raise funds.

Facing Republican condescension and Democrat obstruction, it soon became apparent to virgin activists in the Tea Party that neither side wanted them in their respective Washington cloisters. Thus spurned, these pockets of the Tea Party returned to their rural enclaves and either organized locally or returned to political dormancy — until Donald Trump started campaigning around their country. He woke them up.

Previewing what Hillary Clinton would later say about Trump supporters, Democrat spinmeisters  ten years ago said the Tea Party was racist and xenophobic. In a September, 2019 interview with the leftist publication Mother Jones, Harvard government professor Theda Skocpol reiterated those accusations against the emerging Tea Party of 2010 who were later to become Trump supporters. She said Trump’s promise to build the wall pleased them and: “The other thing they like about Trump very much is that he ‘kicks ass,’ that he makes people on the left angry and upset. They love that,” she said.

They certainly do. While many former Tea Party types were put off by Trump’s incessant braggadocio, they could overlook it because he so enflamed the left. When Democrats and their mainstream media allies called Trump racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and all the rest, they recalled the same baseless slurs being thrown at them years before. The “Never Trumpers” included Republican leaders as well as Democrats and were the same people who spurned the Tea Party. Trump had the same enemies they did, so the old aphorism: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” took hold and held fast.

As facts continue to emerge about Obama Administration efforts to prevent Trump’s election, and subsequent efforts by his surviving minions and Democrats in Congress to bring down his presidency, Trump’s support only hardens and increases. At this point in the primary process, it doesn’t appear that any of the Democrats running can possibly beat Trump. He continues to tweet and say stupid things but the economy is humming along. He’s making trade deals. He’s getting judicial appointments approved. With nine months until the election, he looks unbeatable.

But nine months is an eternity in politics. Anything can happen between now and November. Like what you may ask? The Corona virus, for one thing. Chinese efforts to contain it have been futile. So have their efforts to censor information about how serious it is. Their economy is slowing considerably and likely to tank. Pulitzer-Prize-winning science writer Laurie Garrett has covered first-hand over thirty epidemics worldwide and she offers a very sobering account of what we may expect from the virus now being called COVID-19. “The economic and political repercussions are going to be enormous,” she says.


Brian said...

Yes, it is true that rich and privileged a-holes who brag about grabbing women by the pu$$y "because they can", and then goes on to cheapen and demean the office of president with childish insults and continuous lies is easy to hate.

By far the most telling lines in this column are when you admit how much you and Trumpers care about angering non-believers in your idol. Sounds like hatred to me.

What Tom doesn't seem to understand is that Trump was already outvoted by 3 million votes, and that was with a lot of people sitting it out because they didn't believe a cretin like Trump could actually win. There will be far less sitting it out this time with the soul of our nation at risk. Imagine how much of a dictator he will will turn into with another 4 years not worried about re-election. I honestly believe that when he is defeated he will make up more crap and not leave without a fight. There is a reason Trump is such a big fan of the Putins and Uns of the world.

Montedoro44 said...

Hi Brian, if Trump makes up more crap and doesn't leave without a fight, he will be copying 2016 Democrat behaviors. The era of decomposing American democracy this way has already begun. Or so the basket of deplorables would have you believe. I vaguely recall that some Obama non-enthusiasts warned us of the same thing, that Obama would not leave his 2nd term without manufacturing an emergency that could be used to propel him into a 3rd term. Brian, if when the time comes, DT does not do what you say you honestly believe he will do, will you revamp your belief about him?

Brian said...

Hi Montedoro, Obama left the way a president that has class leaves. Trump, on the other hand, was already making excuses and setting the stage for not excepting the outcome if he lost by claiming the election was "absolutely rigged". Why would we believe he would not do the same this time around? If he leaves without doing this I will be very surprised and give him the credit for doing so despite his horrendous presidency.

Brian said...

I find it amazing that so many will excuse the atrocious, child-like behavior and outrageous lies because of the supposed great job Trump is doing with the economy. The best you can say about this cretin is that he hasn’t yet screwed up the steady economy handed to him by Obama? Really? And when you get by his lies and boasts, the truth is that when it comes to most aspects of the economy he hasn’t done much. Take GDP growth. When compared with the last 10 president terms, Trump finishes 6th. In other words, Trump once again finishes in the bottom half of his class. Wage growth and business investment? Hardly anything to brag about. Last year the economy grew at 2.3%, marking the slowest annual growth rate since Trump took office. Growth under Trump has yet to hit his promised 3% mark annually. Then there are the massive deficits Trump continues to run up. Also, Trump vowed to erase the debt during his presidency, but instead has only added to it with the GOP tax cuts and short-term spending bills.

Let’s look at Tom’s fantasy of a quote: “facts continue to emerge about Obama Administration efforts to prevent Trump’s election”
OK, let’s hear them. It is easy to claim something without providing evidence. That is exactly what Trump is best at.

W.S. said...

Donald Trump is a few steps from becoming a new kind of autocrat — an elected one.

The typical paths to autocracy used to be through revolution or military coup. No longer. Today’s strongmen — Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and others — came to power through elections and then used the institutions of government to subvert democracy and expand their own powers. Trump regularly praises the current batch of autocrats and clearly longs to rule as they do.

Brian said...

Trump is a comic book-like villain with his mix of unethical behavior (funneling government money into his failing Scottish golf course), stupidity (the Continental army “took over the airports” during the Revolutionary war!), and nastiness (bragging about sexual abuse).

Which leads to Dictator-wanna-be statements like: "Article II allows me to do whatever I want”

If Obama had been dumb enough to say that, he would have been rightfully shredded to pieces by the very people who support Trump.

And now his flurry of pardons for his rich privileged friends. The Tsar speaks!

It is obvious that Trump is not quite right in the head. But since he angers liberals, bow down to your orange idol. He can do no wrong. He’ll tell you that himself.

Thanks for including that classic photo of Pelosi ripping up the un-patriotic pages of lies from the most un-Patriotic president in history! This photo will probably be in history books summing up how the world, outside of his cult-like followers, viewed him.

Cover Charge said...

Trump should be cloned so we can keep him President of the United States forever. I heard the Market hit all time highs again today. "Don't be rude" another classic Trump line.

Free Admission said...

And how exactly have "high markets" affected your life? I'll be waiting for an answer....

Also, I wonder if you were so elated with the markets when they were doing even better under Obama...

CaptDMO said...

Thanks to the big markets, and the falling price of petroleum, I was able to garner a 10 cent per gallon discount on heating my home amid all this global warming, by paying the bill in a prompt manner.

After surfing the papers, "news", and web, I can comfortably avoid any further consideration of contrarian political "candidates", and simply wait, and walk into the voting booth, in the district where I reside, on voting day, as usual.

Barring another crippling "unseasonal" Anthro Global Warming ice/snow storm, Vegan/SPCA-PETA riot, or NASA announced Sweet Meteor Of Death of course.

CaptDMO said...

Thanks to "big market" returns...that began climbing the "first hundred days" days following Mr. Trumps election, rather than his first day in office, I even had enough untaxed diesel fuel "left over" to clear away the last 7 inches of snow, in TWO old driveways, the "plowed in" end of the road (and access to mail box delivery) across the street, and the nearest fire hydrant!

It helps make garbage pick up, newspaper delivery, access for three local establishment workers, and local arts program "worker bee", domestic manufacturer, (AKA commerce, ecology, and social "safety" program) plausible!

I cannot lie though. Midnight, cold, in a Carhart "onesie" and insulated boots, below zero, using my own machines, on my own dime and time,...with NO ONE around to SEE me being "sufficiently woke",(except maybe a couple passing plow men) is a REALLY crappy way to flaunt my cucasian, rich, hetero, male, conservative, net tax payer, omnivorous, voting, local philanthropic,a-hole, privilege.
*sigh* At LEAST I have cup holders to carry a latte.

Free Admission said...

Researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland looked at movements in the price of oil and stock market prices and discovered, to the surprise of many, that there is little correlation between oil prices and the stock market.

Cover Charge said...

I will not answer your question, you are fake news. So great, Trump knows words, he has the best words. Just kidding, Markets crashed under Bush in 2008, Bush/Obama introduced massive stimulus/quantitative easing and markets recovered but did not regain pre recession levels until February of 2013, after Obama's first term. Though the market increased under Obama they were in the red his entire first term. They went positive early in his second term and continued climbing until early 2015 then stalled, the gas tank of stimulus was empty until Trump was elected and announced tax cuts. All of the gains under Trump have been new all time highs, a big difference. I am still in the wealth accumulation stage of my life so the benefit is being closer to financial independence, my parents are at the distribution stage so they enjoy a higher standard of living.

Free Admission said...

Cover Charge said..."I will not answer your question, you are fake news."

I stopped reading right there because it was enough to let me know that you had no answer (of course) and you have been blinded by your orange idol and brainwashed to simply and stupidly throw out the "fake news" label whenever you hear something you don't like. Enjoy your fake president while you have him.

CaptDMO said...

Price of petroleum is independent from the higher returns on investment that put the extra cash in my piggy bank, enabling me pay off my fuel bill sooner than expected, and avail myself of the "discount" (let's call it paying off my credit card in full and accruing zero interest charges for the "Loan" of heating oil)...setting the whole thing in motion.
It's a micro of The Big Picture that is impossible under ANY Progressive Socialist Communist "reign". And all while The President's opposition has made tantrums on the supermarket floor in front of the denied candy rack their SOLE raison d'etre.

Golly "Because I said so" on Twitter, the spanking by cancellation of tax payer "redistribution" extortion programs, and the replacement with NEW babysitters in the Supreme and Federal courts, must REALLY diminish Progressive Socialist PoliSci/Economics among the cool kids.
I can understand the additional rabid fury at installation of a safety gate at the
bottom of the stairs.

"Little correlation between petroleum (energy)costs an the market?
wr/ Preposterous. Your source is in GROSS error, and ignorant in BASIC economics.
For you to "cite' them reflects on a simple contrarian search/ cut/paste , no matter WHICH User ID sockpuppet you've chosen.

Free Admission said...

Hmmm, I guess I should believe your expertise over that of a Federal Reserve Bank and their studies.

Cover Charge said...

Free Admission for everybody "Sounds good, doesn't work". I do like the name though.

Free Admission said...

Free admission "doesn't work"? Tons of events have free admission and work just fine. Tons of events also charge a cover and work out just fine as well.

Cover Charge said...

It was another quote from Trump about socialism. My friends and I talk in Trump quotes a lot, sometimes its hard to stop, sorry.

Free Admission said...

That actually sounds fun! Here are some more entertaining quotes to use (the first one being very true)

"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?"

"I am a very stable genius, OK?"

'This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.'

"I don't watch the stock market."

"Everybody loves me."

"My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented"

"If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."

"I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women,

"We're talking about sand and death. That's what we're talking about."

"When during the campaign I would say, 'Mexico's going to pay for it,' obviously I never said this"

"Well, I haven't actually left the White House in months."

"how would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?"
"The USMCA, like the song 'YMCA,' right?"

"Nobody's ever been treated badly like me."

"I have nothing to do. Nothing. Nothing."

Brian said...

No surprise that intelligence reveals that Russia is still meddling in our elections to get Trump re-elected. They got him elected once, so of course they are going to try and keep in their boy. And of course crooked Trump wants this hushed, so of course Trump props up a new intel chief, one with with ZERO experience in the area, but one who promises to be a loyal toadie. A real despot move. But this of course angers patriotic progressives, so it must be a good move! Because we all know that more important than country is trying to rub it in the "other sides" face.

Reality Check said...

Here are some facts that Fox, Hannity and the like are conveniently ignoring concerning the economy.

Unemployment in Obama’s first year was at 10.2%. He brought it down to 4.8% by the end of his presidency, and Trump has so far managed to keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

After Trump’s tax cuts the annual budget shortfall has jumped by at least $400 billion a year with the deficit nearing $1 trillion, and this in prosperous times when we should be getting finances in order. Trump does not even show a pretense of fiscal discipline.

Trump predicted the Tax Cut and Jobs Act would spur annual growth from 4-6% but they have yet to hit even 3%.

Manufacturing execs predict global recession in 2020 saying the greatest impact on their companies by far were trade restrictions.

Stock market gains have been strong, but measured by the percentage rise in the S&P 500 index, Obama’s first 3 years outpaced Trumps, 57% to 42%. And for people without big stock holdings, these have hardly been boon times with hourly wages increasing by only 3% a year.

Sure, all presidents like to shine a positive light on their economy, but the hyperbole that Trump and his followers are trying to trumpet is not based in reality. Like Trump himself.

Steve said...

Don’t be too quick to assume never Trumpers hate him and his supporters. If you do, then you have to say never Obamaers hate Obama and his supporters. Do you hate Obama supporters? I’m a proud never Trumper, and I don’t hate him or his supporters. I’m mystified by both but hate neither. You assume never Trumpers hate him and you because your partisan victimhood conditioning requires it, but by your own admission, you had to “hold your nose” to vote for trump and will need to do so again in 2020. You had to hold your nose for one of two reasons: your distaste – perhaps, hatred – for his personality or his policies. I’m assuming you support his policies, which leaves his personality that tests your gag reflex and summarizing it all as simple braggadocio is an obvious attempt to sanitize the repellant and profoundly unpresidential words and actions of this man. When a 60+ year old man brags to a tabloid reporter about committing felony sexual assault and then dismisses it as “locker room talk,” that’s not braggadocio, and it’s only locker room talk if you’re a feral 18 year old who’s young, dumb and full of c**. When you cheat on the mothers of all of your children, that’s not braggadocio. When you are pathologically incapable of ever admitting you’re wrong, that’s not braggadocio. When you lie relentlessly, that’s not braggadocio. When you mock a handicapped reporter, that’s not braggadocio. When you use insults like, scumbag, sleaze, slimeball, rat, horseface, dog, lowlife, loser, no-talent, bozo, fat, low IQ, pencil neck, dumb southerner, dumb as a rock, that’s not braggadocio. Marco Rubio insulted the smallish size of his hands, implying he wasn’t packing much south of the equator. Trump stood on the national debate stage and reassured the world that we don’t have to worry about the size of his package. That’s not braggadocio, that’s just straight up, bat crap crazy. When you combine an amoral, repugnant personality like this – one that inspires even Republicans to wince when voting for him – along with many policies Democrats don’t support, you begin to see why never Trumpers are so emotionally committed. Four more years of this petulant buffoon scare the daylights out of me.

This is an interesting article about the growing anti-Trump contingent in the Republican party. If Sanders or Warren is nominated, it helps a Trump reelection. If Biden, Buittigieg, Bloomberg or Klobuchar gets the nomination, we’ll see some Republican defection.