Thursday, December 19, 2019

Left & Right Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mark Guerringue again sits in the left chair.

The producer asks us if we think Mitch McConnell can administer an impartial Senate trial and if not should he recuse himself? I say, yes, he can. He’s a partisan, but he can be fair as much as anyone can, but Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over things.

Mark thinks this impeachment is much more partisan than previous ones, especially Clinton’s. He thinks Trump is guilty and cited reasons why including seventeen high government officials who testified before Schiff’s Committee. I begin picking apart some of that testimony but Mark interrupted me to say he didn’t want to talk anymore about impeachment — except to say one more thing. Then I respond to that and he responds to me… and on it goes.

We move to the Horowitz Inspector General report, which Mark says admits there’s no proof of shenanigans by the FBI and other Obama intelligence agencies. I counter that it says there was no documentary or testimonial evidence, in the first paragraphs of the 400-plus page report, but the rest lays out plenty of evidence, some of which I begin to cite. Then Mark interrupts again, but I go on.
Mark then brings up a discussion from a previous show about American oil production. Mark said I credited Trump with increasing production and he produced a chart showing steadily increasing production from 2008 when Obama took office to 2020. I accept the data on his chart and tell him that what I said on a past show was that Obama attempted to restrict hydrofracking activity by petroleum companies but was unsuccessful. He also restricted drilling on federal lands. Nonetheless, oil and gas production increased anyway. Trump, however, has cut restrictions on drilling and production has continued to increase at the same rate.

Mark then brings up a discussion we had last month about the Daleiden Trial in California. Daleiden was sued by Planned Parenthood for secret video and audio taping of conversations with abortionists at public conventions by Planned Parenthood. Then-Atty General Kamala Harris seized Daleiden’s computers and videos not yet released and criminally charged him. So, he was facing both civil and criminal charges for his actions, the only journalist in California ever to be so charged. I had claimed it was legal to secretly record a conversation if they were about crimes. Mark claims I was wrong about that.

I bring up how dangerous it is to wear a MAGA hat in public, especially in a “blue” area like Portland Maine. I had a 21-second video cued up of a 14-year-old Florida boy on a school bus being beaten by eight black kids for wearing a MAGA hat. Mark said he didn’t want to see it, but something went wrong with my laptop signal anyway so I couldn’t show it. He said I was looking for trouble when I wore my hat in Portland, and I found it. I said my objective was to show how intolerant the left is — that I should be able to wear a hat in support of the sitting president of the United States in an American city without being assaulted.


Reality Check said...

According to a statement posted by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, “misinformation has been passed along with the video.”

The investigation concluded: "It is implied in the post that the altercation occurred because one of the students involved was wearing a political hat showing support for President Trump. There was no evidence found during the investigation that indicated the student was wearing any of this apparel at the time of the altercation or that his wearing of such apparel on a prior occasion motivated the incident. The incident began with a verbal altercation between two students that escalated when additional students became involved."

Brian said...

Pretty dangerous to show you are against the Supreme Being Trump....

Frazier, 29, got out of his truck and repeatedly punched a 61-year-old anti-Trump protester in the head outside a Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, in August 2019. He was charged with assault.

For a big list of violence in the name of Trump:

CaptDMO said...

I find the Conway Daily Sun to be valuable resource for local economics, health care,
and reading the classified ads.
I muster great self esteem in reading letters to the editor, of the overwhelming ilk that ARE printed, reinforcing my position on the right hand side of the Bell Curve in my area, and the opinions from areas far away that are sometimes printed.
It's venue for Legal notices is valuable of course.
The comics, crossword, and SuDoKu are nice for distracting my brain after skimming
the "national" source reprints of interpretive news.
Admittedly, the price of The Conway Daily Sun is right, thanks to the local folks that advertise there.
I laud Mr. G for "I don't want to talk about THAT". My eyes, ears, and brain have been glazed over by diverse "others" consistent ignorant, disingenuous, non sequitur, dreck.

Me? Biased? Yes. That happens after an issue has been weighed and measured, and like "common sense", is due no further need for discussion, From Chutes and Ladders vs. Candy Land, to revised BitCoin Chainlink vs gold coin.

But it would make for a very short "discussion/ debate" show I suspect.

Karma said...

If a saw somebody wearing a hat supporting an A-hole who teased a grieving widow about her husband being in hell, I'd probably have a hard time from giving him a whomp myself.

PtL said...

"To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior. Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come?

... we are playing with a stacked deck of gross immorality and ethical incompetence."

Steve said...

That’s the second time you wrote about being assaulted when someone knocked your MAGA hat off your head. First and foremost, no one has the right to make someone fear for the safety. That you and your wife faced that is deeply unfortunate. But after this blog: , you forfeited the right to expect any sympathy at all for such an altercation. In this blog you link an article about a Canadian woman – a liberal – who accused her arresting police officer of sexually assaulting her. In the comment section of the original article, someone with the handle StanM, wrote “I doubt Alicia Ridge was sexually assaulted. There is a picture of her with the story.” His implication and your inference is that she’s too unattractive to be sexually assaulted. You delighted in his insulting dismissal of her assault claim so much that you included it in your blog making sure it didn’t go unnoticed by your readership. You expect tolerance FROM the left. Are you sure you’re sufficiently tolerant OF the left. You lose the moral high ground when you apply a stricter set of rules to others than the set of rules you expect others to apply to you.

Francis said...

Ptl-----trump is no Christian he just has the whack job evangelical Zionist base because he is Israel first. Obviously. The evangelicals are the only ones dumb enough ( well not quite the only ones, but...) to sell out their own country for some fantastical biblical end days fantasy. It's crazy. I am shocked that you guys didnt bring up trumps loyalty to another country and how that jives with the left vs right paradigm. A sitting president has signed orders to ban criticism of another country. In addition, he has called on Americans to love this country more. We have 27 States who no longer uphold the constitution because of anti bds legislation. Trump is also condoning the illegal settlements by ignoring international law (and human decency)This is truly unbelievable. Where's the justification from the right? Who has the balls to claim this isn't treason? Why would any american support an apartheid nation that has not only attacked them but stolen from them as well? God damn it my tax dollars are being used to bully and steal and murder! Wtf!!!!!!!!!

Zionism is the antithesis of Christianity.

Scott said...

This is the president of the United States folks! How does any American support this treasonous bs?

"If the impeachment process gets too hot for President Donald Trump down the line, he could always seek political asylum in Israel. No one would be a more sympathetic host than Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who sees in Trump not only a staunch ally but also a kindred soul.

Having just added to his impressive résumé the dubious distinction of being the first incumbent PM in Israeli history to be indicted for abusing his power for political and personal gain, Netanyahu would be doubly empathetic to Trump’s legal predicament.

Trump has a standing invitation from none other than Yair Netanyahu, the PM's brash son and a favorite on the evangelical lecture circuit. Netanyahu junior, who at 28 can no longer be considered an enfant terrible, lets his fingers do a lot of talking. Much of it is racist, nasty invective directed at, well at anyone who disagrees with his father, which provides him with endless Twitter targets.

A president who keeps on giving

One of his latest tweets was a photo of Trump with the caption “That's my president” — a response to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who took Yair's father to task for calling Israel’s 21% Arab minority an existential threat to the state.

“The vast majority of Israelis adore America and adore President Trump. He is a real rock star in Israel,” young Netanyahu said this year in an interview on conservative Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV.

Indeed, Trump is probably more popular in Israel than Yair’s father, who was recently indicted on charges of bribery. The president has been lavished with even more praise since Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reversed decades of U.S. policy and essentially announced that the United States no longer considers the Jewish settlements in the West Bank as occupied Palestinian territory.

No coherent plan: Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo shift on Israeli settlements is U.S. foreign policy at its worst

A week before the settlements announcement, Trump told Orthodox Jewish donors in New York that his approval rating was around 98% in Israel and joked that "if anything happens here," he could become prime minister there.

He wasn't far off. He's certainly more popular in Israel than almost anywhere else in the world, according to a Pew Research Center survey last year. Israelis have never seen anything like this president who keeps on giving.

First there was his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (just about the only country in the world to do so despite Israel’s unilateral annexation of the predominantly Palestinian eastern half of the city), then he moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, cut U.S. funding to the Palestinians, recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and then ignored international law and the positions of all U.S. allies with this month’s recognition of Israeli settlements.

And Israelis were grateful. The suburban Tel Aviv town of Petah Tikva named a city square (with a bizarre looking fountain) after Trump, and Netanyahu named a whole settlement after the 45th President. Well, perhaps not a settlement. Right now it’s only a sign that reads “Trump Heights,” located on the disputed Golan Heights that Israel captured from Syria — but hey, it’s the thought that counts. "

Brian said...

It is incredible, and certainly very revealing, that Trump cannot find one witness to step forward under oath in the Senate and vouch for him!

Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff; John Bolton, former national security adviser; Robert Blair, senior adviser to the acting White House chief of staff; and Michael Duffey, associate director for national security, Office of Management and Budget are all witnesses who could testify.

Trump wants to be exonerated in the worst way, even going as far as lying about the Mueller Report "completely exonerating" him. If these witnesses testified in his defense he would have his exoneration.

Hmmm, I wonder what possible reason there could be for them not doing so under oath.....

George said...

How did you ignore trumps executive order banning criticism of Israel on (publicly funded) college campuses ? This is monumental!! We have our president withholding money and denying students and facultys god given natural right, and constitutional right, to openly criticize and express free speech. This is, er was, the United States people! A foreign country now dictates your constitutional and god given rights as human beings.

How is this ignored? More importantly, how does any American justify this? I'd love to know!

Brian said...

No surprise that Putin doesn't want his stooge impeached. He knows there is no way he will ever get another so naive, so uncaring to inhumane deeds, and so pliable to his desires than Trump. Still wondering if Putin has something on him or it is just the case of bullies only responding to other bullies.

Steve said...

Brian, I’ve thought about that also. Trump’s deference to Putin is alarming and constant since the campaign. He had this to say in early January 2019, “The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there. The problem is, it was a tough fight. And literally, they went bankrupt; they went into being called Russia again, as opposed to the Soviet Union. You know, a lot of these places you’re reading about now are no longer part of Russia because of Afghanistan.” Why is the President of the United States repeating Soviet-era propaganda? This one is so unspeakably bizarre to me. Nowhere that I know of in the fact and folklore of this country does that narrative exist. Nowhere do we cite radical Islam as the reason the Soviet Union broke up. I was always taught Regan’s arms race with the USSR bankrupted them and brought about their collapse. But to add another inexplicable layer to this, Trump doesn’t seem to be CREDITING Islam for the collapse of the Soviet Union, which one would assume considering our decades long cold war with them. Rather, he seems to be BLAMING them for the collapse of the Soviet Union. But it’s equally mystifying to me why Trump stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with Putin and declared he believed our most committed geopolitical foe for the last 70+ years over the entire US intelligence apparatus regarding Russia’s interference into our 2016 presidential election. Trump said he believed Putin when Putin told him Russia didn’t attempt to interfere in our elections, despite all of our intelligence agencies telling him otherwise. Trump and Putin have met on a few occasions with only Russian interpreters.
It’s definitely possible that Putin has compromising information about Trump, but if he does, it’s a good bet Trump isn’t aware of it. What’s driving Trump’s relentless deference to Putin, I think, comes down to money. I think he still wants Trump Tower Moscow built. He’ll only be President for a finite period of time, but he’ll run his own company for as long as he’s alive, and it’s a naively quaint notion to think he doesn’t discuss his business with his sons who are running his company. During the campaign, Trump declared he had no dealings with Russia. The Mueller report revealed that was a lie. My guess is Trump is running his company as much as he’s running our country, perhaps more.

Tom said...

Russia? Putin? Wtf people are you all mad? There is no gd proof! Conjecture and hearsay. How about the facts we do have regarding foreign influence on our nation and its govt and its finances. Epstein was a mossad spy trafficking kids/whatever to politicians for blackmail! And we are gonna yap about Russian bs? This is unbelievable. Stunning really. We have a country blackmailing polticians in the most heinous way, a country we gave nearly 4 frigin billion dollars to last year despite the glaring fact they don't need our tax dollars ( look at their GDP for crying out loud) and are a bonified aprtheid state actively committing the worst crimes against human beings and you want to shove Russian bs down our throats. F off. We have a president who is actively and very openly raving like a lunatic about his love for and what h has done for a foreign aprtheid state. And signed an exuctive order banning criticism on college campuses stifling our right to free speech. And on and on. Oh, those 27 states who also shit on the constitution by banning criticism of bds. Shove this Russian bs. It's f@&$!) insulting to this country and to the humans suffering under apartheid.

Why you want to focus on make believe when we have actual proof of intense, active, and very very real Israeli influence is beyond me.

Dan said...

Agree with the above post. Why no mention of a foreign nation who has enough influence to essentially alter our constitutional right to free speech? Add to that the executive order banning criticism on college campuses and if you listen close enough you can hear the founding fathers rolling in their graves. Where is the outrage!!??? Unbelievable!!!

Will someone, can someone, justify this legally? I honestly can't believe this has happened. In America. The trump distraction is working very very well if no one gives a hoot about the ability of a foreign nation's ability to stifle my god given rights! Especially when the country is an apartheid state!!! What on earth is going on? A racist nation dictating American policy!!!!!! And not a peep from any of you?!?! Seriously?

Russia? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Does anyone have he balls to justify this treason? Didn't think so.

Kafir said...

I’m having way too much fun this time of year to even try to argue with the libtards commenting in this blog. So instead, here’s my lazy man’s response:

Happy New Year!


Steve said...

Kafir, you’re assuming those critical of Trump are libtards, a charming and high-brow word comprising abbreviated versions of liberal and retard. There are a number of very public conservatives who have renounced their Republican affiliation since Trump took office: Nicole Wallace, Joe Scarborough, Steve Schmidt, David Frum, Doug Jolley, Rick Wilson, George Will, Justin Amash. Get on youtube and see what Mulvaney, Pompeo, Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham had to say about candidate Trump. Now, those guys talked like libtards. Also consider the 2020 election. Up until Mark Sanford withdrew from the race a few weeks ago, Trump had three primary challengers. Presidential primary challengers are uncommon enough, but three? I’m 50, and I don’t ever recall an incumbent President being challenged by that many from his own party. The only reason Sanford dropped out, is because the Republican party in South Carolina – Sanford’s home state – decided it cost too much to have a primary vote. Democracy is too expensive? That’s not something you hear every day. I read the link you provided. Some of the enumerated accomplishments credited to Trump are actually traditional libtard initiatives. There are many environmental protections implemented. Mr. McLaughlin calls environmentalists like that greenie weenies – not the most stinging insult but an insult nevertheless. Trump also implemented deference and benefit for blacks and black colleges. Favoring one race over another is typically the bane of conservatives. It sounds a little affirmative actionish.

Joe said...

[Editor’s note: VT readers are well aware that 9-11 was an Israeli operation, but as far as the mainstream media are concerned, any notion of Israel being behind the attack is a crackpot internet conspiracy theory. However, judging by the ever increasing number of incidents such as this latest one in London, it appears that the truth is getting out to the general public.

I have said it before – Israel represents the greatest threat to world Jewry because the world will one day wake up to the appalling, murderous, bloodthirsty reality of Israel and when that happens, the world’s Jews will find themselves being treated in the same way Israeli Jews will be treated and it won’t be with kid gloves.

The truth about Israel’s criminality and some of their worse crimes, such as 9-11, will one day break through the mainstream media’s barrier of lies into the public consciousness and when that happens, Jews are going to find themselves about as popular and welcome as a hog roast at a bar mitzvah.

I am certain that many of the recent attacks on Jews have been the work of Israeli agents, a classic Zionist ploy that has been used many times, most prominently when thugs hired by the ZIonists carried out the Kristallnacht attacks in Germany in order to terrorise German Jews and demonise the Nazis on the world stage.

However, I do not see how promoting the ‘Israel did 9-11’ ‘conspiracy theory’ does anything to aid Israel, quite the opposite, therefore I tend to believe that whoever daubed this graffiti was genuinely hostile to Israel and Jews.

The mainstream media will continue to guard the truth with a bodyguard of lies, for they know full well the danger of allowing the public to wake up to the reality of Zionist Israel as a rogue criminal state and threat to the entire world. How would the American masses, with their fondness for bombing other countries in the name of spreading democracy and preserving freedom, react to the revelation that Israel exploded several nuclear weapons on US soil, killing thousands of US citizens and condemning hundreds of thousands more to highly unpleasant slow, lingering deaths from radiation induced cancers.

To mashup avian-themed metaphors – when Israel’s 9-11 chickens come home to roast, their goose will be cooked. Ian]

Veterans today

Tom McLaughlin said...

Francis, Scott, Joe, and George are, I suspect, all the same anti-semite troll.

CaptDMO said...

Same Troll?
IMHO, Pattern recognition is a blessing AND a curse, but as Master of the House, you ought to have access to the "metadata" of their origin.

Brian said...

In a 2011 video, Donald Trump predicted a 'weak and ineffective' President Obama would attack Iran in order to win a second term.

Hmmmm...I wonder why Trump decided to attack Iran.

CaptDMO said...

Mr. Trump didn't attack Iran.
An attempted siege on a US embassy however.....

Brian said...

.....sorry, let me be more specific.....I wonder why Trump is trying to provoke a war with Iran by calling for an assassination....couldn't have anything to do with his thoughts about Obama, could it?

CaptDMO said...

(Lifted from Samizdata)
Dude (and his entourage) were out of his country, in uniform, doing war stuff.

CaptDMO said...

(lifted from a post at Samizdata)
Dude, and his entourage, were out of their country, in uniform, doing war stuff.
Any "thoughts" concerning Mr. Obama should extend no further than the audacity of Ms. Rice "unexpectedly" reappearing to express HER demonstrably adulterated opinion on this matter.

Brian said...

It was either an assassination or a military strike (an attack) can't have it both ways. It is just what Trump said a weak and ineffective President would do.

Brian said...

Now Russia's orange buffoon threatens war crimes via Tweets. Wow.

Steve said...

What exactly constitutes "anti semitism" anymore----- criticism is anti Semitic? Especially criticism of a legitimate aprtheid state. That's anti Semitic? Please explain. Cite specific examples of anti semitism in the previous posts or apologize for slander. Cite one thing that is anti se,optic. Just one! I suspect you can't find an example and realize just how messed up it is to be supporting such horrific policies, apartheid, and overt terrorism while reconciling a supposed catholic faith.

This is unbelievable. Am I in America anymore wtf is going on. It's not as if all this isn't put in the open.

Cite examples when accusing someone of racism. That's how this works. Otherwise it's just libel.

Steve said...

Not surprising, in the least. The bottom line here is you can't be taken seriously if you you can't walk the walk. If all you can do is hide behind weaponized terms and accusations of racism/bigotry and have no evidence at all, none, zero.... well, how can you expected to be taken seriously? Seriously.