Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Our Ever-Widening Gulf

Have we become a mutual scorn society? As the gulf between left and right in America steadily widens, it’s gotten to the point where primary divisions in our country are not racial anymore; they’re political. According to an article by Yoni Applebaum in the latest Atlantic:

In 1960, less than 5 percent of Democrats and Republicans said they’d be unhappy if their children married someone from the other party; today, 35 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of Democrats would be, according to a recent Public Religion Research Institute/Atlantic poll—far higher than the percentages that object to marriages crossing the boundaries of race and religion. As hostility rises, Americans’ trust in political institutions, and in one another, is declining.

The right sees mainstream media (MSM) as in bed with the left while the left disdains alternative media like Fox News and AM radio as reactionary. According to a recent Gallup poll, 69% of Democrats trust MSM but only 15% of Republicans and only 36% of independents do. This should concern us because it’s a major shift. Gallup first measured Americans’ trust in MSM back in 1972 when 68% said they trusted it. In 1976 it was 74%.

It should be noted that that high trust level of 74% followed impeachment hearings against Republican President Nixon who had resigned two years earlier. As impeachment hearings on Republican President Trump proceed here in late 2019, MSM trust is down to 41% of all Americans. The widening trust gap isn’t just between Republicans and Democrats either. Only one in three independents trust mainstream media now.

When Democrats initiated impeachment hearings against Nixon, many Republicans in Congress supported them. Republican Senate leaders visited Nixon in the White House and advised him to resign. Impeachment hearings against Trump are completely one-sided and Mainstream Media coverage of Trump since his inauguration has been more than 90% negative.

When pollster Scott Rasmussen was interviewed recently by Sharyl Attkisson on her program Full Measure, he said:

78% of voters say that what reporters do with political news is promote their agenda. [Voters] think [reporters] use incidents as props for their agenda rather than seeking accurately record what happened. Only 14% think that a journalist is actually reporting what happened... If a reporter found out something that would hurt their favorite candidate, only 36% of voters think that they would report that. So voters are looking at them as a political activist, not as a source of information.

Ciaramella and Obama's pajama boy
On October 30th, Paul Sperry of Realclearinvestigations named the original Trump “whistleblower” as Eric Ciaramella, who worked in the Obama Administration at several levels including CIA and NSC, then continued under President Trump. Both MSM and Fox News still refuse to identify him. When Congressman Adam Schiff began his secret impeachment hearings, he refused to allow Republican committee members to ask questions about Ciaramella. Schiff still denies reports that his staff had contact with Ciaramella before he “blew the whistle,” and coached him about how to file his original report to the NSC Inspector General.

Obama's staff warmly welcomes Trump on his first day in office.
Eric Ciaramella circled
Sperry also reports that Ciaramella worked with Obama CIA Director John Brennan, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Vice President Joe Biden, and DNC opposition researcher Alexandra Chalupa who was investigating the Trump Campaign in 2016. If all that is true, it’s easy to understand why Adam Schiff won’t allow questions about him. Schiff, however, insists he is protecting the “anonymous” whistleblower from potential physical harm, ostensibly from Trump.

According to the Daily Wire: “Mark Zaid, the attorney for the Ukrainian whistleblower, stated just days after President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017 that the ‘coup has started’ and that ‘impeachment will follow.’” It’s hard to dispute that Trump-hating Democrats and Republicans have had their knives out for Trump from day one of his presidency — even before as the Justice Department Inspector General Daniel Horowitz is expected to report December 11th. Trouble is, it’s not just the pundit class that’s deeply divided on impeachment. It’s the entire American populace.

When extended families get together next week for Thanksgiving, the more prudent will avoid discussing politics because divisions run deep at that level too. In most families, however, there’s always someone who will bring it up. Then there will be someone else who cannot let a remark slide and will feel compelled to respond. At that point, whoever is hosting should respectfully request that discussion of politics be off-limits for the day.

Thanksgiving 2019 may be the last at which imposition of such limits will be possible. Next year’s Thanksgiving will come only three weeks after election day. No matter which way the voting goes, tensions are bound to get even higher.


Steve Tanton said...

The new 'civil war' is already here. There are no less than two dozen+ authors, experts and/or assorted politicos who have described the current verbal conflict/policy differences (and attempted coup) as a 'civil war'. Here are some of them: Michael Reagan, James Piereson, Michael Savage, Mike Adams, Dennis Prager, Patrick J. Buchanan, Daniel Greenfield, Joseph diGenova, William L. Gensert, Steve Bannon, Robert Reich, Charles Hurt, Carl Bernstein, Pamela Geller, Wesley Pruden, Rush Limbaugh, Jeff Lukens, Tom McLaughlin, Roger L. Simon, Kathy Schaidle, Doug Hagmann, Newt Gingrich, Louie Gohmert, Kurt Schlicter, Keith Mines, Judith Giesberg, Ron Charles, Gregory Downs, Eric Foner, Victor Davis Hanson and Bill Donohue to name a few. For the most part it has not passed the verbal stage, but do not kid yourselves, it is indeed war! (One author describes it as a 'revolution', the 4th since the Revolutionary War; la mismo.) And let us not be mistaken, this is not unusual in our history, but unusual enough that not every generation sees conflict this great, but historians and the informed are quite well aware of the significance of the political battles. And it wasn't really ever racial.. It was promoted as such to keep the black vote, the Hispanic vote in the Democrat Party, but many if not most of them are beginning to see through this falsehood, this con, and are voting their beliefs. My prediction is that Trump will have the largest of each group in modern history, ever, come 2020. And no, I don't think the right sees the MSM as 'in bed with the left', they ARE the 'Left' in a consortium with the Democrat Marxist Party and assorted Leftist radicals in Hollywood. While eduction was taken over by the Left in the early 60's and it left us with several generations of indoctrinated and ignorant, there's nothing like a mugging to turn a liberal into a conservative. Working class Americans have by in large figured it out; the young are working on it. Democrat policies don't just not work, they hurt people and right where it counts. There are plenty of ignorant millennials still left, chanting the talking points of the Dem Party and the MSM and assorted Hollywood kooks, but the movement of change is on. As Ted Cruz so noted, "When you raise the white flag, you lose 100% of the battles." And yes, just as it did with Lincoln, it took a while to stop the nonsense of embracing 'civility politics'; politics is like war - gentlemen don't win wars, warriors do. Dinesh D’Souza informed, “Enough of this nonsense about how we’re better than the Left and can’t stoop to their tactics. As Lincoln knew, when moderate men find themselves in an immoderate situation, they must adopt tactics appropriate to defeating their vicious adversaries. If not, the bad guys win.” And so it is. In the Scriptures, when God had an important mission, he always chose a less-than-perfect man to lead the charge, and when he was angry with his chosen people he would bring on a calamity to wake them up. God brought us Barack to do just that; he brought us 'The Donald' to return us to the 'Promised Land.' And there you have it with regards to today's tensions in America. As Nancy Pelosi turns to prayer, I wish her luck, because just as Lincoln informed us, "God cannot be both for and against the same thing at the same time." It's always a battle between collectivism and freedom & liberty - we shall see who prevails, shan't we?

Brian said...

Any column wanting to be taken seriously about our nation's widening divide would surely mention the divisiveness and name-calling coming from the Oval Office. But not once do you place any blame on the ultimate tone setter of our country.

And for the umpteenth time, why would you not expect 90% of somebodies news coverage to be negative when 90% of their actions are bullying, mean, moronic and divisive? Did you also whine about the biased media coverage of Bernie Madoff and Harvey Weinstein being so negative?

Also, trying to pretend that Fox News is not part of the Mainstream Media is ludicrous. Don't their ratings prove them to be perhaps THE most mainstream outlet there is? And speaking of ratings, how pathetic that Nunes followed the Trumpian tactic of trying to create his own reality by claiming during the hearings that "ratings are way down" for the hearings. Uh, no, they are not, but whatever. And what would it matter if they were. Do ratings equal justice? What a dope.

Your fairy tale talk of chosen ones is cute, but if true then God must have been really, really, really pissed to bring us the ultimate calamity that is Trump! God probably wanted to wake us up from this lingering racism that Trump represents. Good work then God, because it is working. 2020 is not that far away!!!!

Brian said...

That last paragraph was for Steve, not Tom.

Jared James Bristol said...

Brian, I surely knew you would be quick to comment here. Right in your unicorn wheelhouse.
The right and righteous hated and still hate your Obama even more then you hate Trump. But we sucked it up and stayed more civil while he set up and expanded this divide for 8 very long years. We're done with all that a.k.a. "Trump". His street-fighter style and transparent continuous comentary that calls a spade a spade (not an ounce of racism) is exactly the non-PC warrior we need to turn this ship of state around. You and your kind are going to experience the pounding of your lifetime in 2020. We will then finish the job of making America great again. I suggest you simply move out to any socialist garbage bin you prefer. Pathetic.

Kafir said...

Conservatives have shown much more restraint in the political arena than the hard-Left. These days, I’m not quite sure why we must be civil to the Left when they are trying to destroy our great country, our history, our values and our culture.

Communists/Marxists and the Islamists have formed a united front to dimish our sovereignty and become another tool of the UN global elites. With Trump, that just ain’t gonna happen. I’m 100% in his camp and I don’t care a whit about what Brian or his ilk think.

Why would I ever willingly sit down for a political discussion with a Nazi? No point. The same goes for today’s Democrats. Until Leftists believe 100% in the ideology of conservatism, there is no room for dialogue.

Steve said...

How secret are the impeachment hearings? The rules Democrats have been following prior to their formal declaration of an impeachment inquiry were set by Trey Gowdy when he initiated the eighth Republican lead inquiry into Bengazhi. A total of 48 Republican congressional representatives on the 3 Committees are free and expected to participate in the hearings. And when Matt Gaetz led his contingent of Republicans to storm the hearings demanding to be let in, 12 of them had full access to the hearings, which means the purpose of his stunt was nothing more than to give the male viewership of the Fox news their first erections in decades. The impeachment is not meant to overturn an election anymore than it was meant to overturn the election of Bill Clinton. Republicans set the tone for the modern impeachment when they sought to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about cheating on his wife. Did those 50 Republican Senators seek to disenfranchise those who voted Clinton into office for the second time?
Partisan Republicans have sold their souls, and they’ve done so for Trump. Get on youtube and search for Mick Mulvaney criticizes trump or Pompeo criticizes trump or Lindsey Graham criticizes trump or Rick Perry criticizes Trump and compare how brutal they were of candidate Trump and how sycophantically devoted they are to President Trump. Their complete 180 on Trump makes them all look like they’re pursuing naked ambition and a craven quest for power. Rick Perry is especially interesting, because a critical part of his candidacy was to eliminate five Cabinets – the Department of Energy being one of them – until Trump offered him the position of Sec. of Energy and subsequently got religion on the need for the Department he campaigned to eliminate. Watching Republicans question LT. Col Vindman’s patriotism to this country should be exceptionally galling. His family is the American dream. They are exactly what we want from immigrants. His father brought his family here for more opportunity, and Vindman and his brothers all served in the military and then in government. But Republicans are questioning his loyalty and using words like espionage and treason to describe him. Republicans have anointed themselves the sole arbiters of Patriotism and they, and only they are qualified to identify patriotism and who sufficiently revers the military and who does not. But Trump is setting a very different tone. He attacked McCain BECAUSE he was a POW. Trump attacked the muslim parents of a soldier who died in combat. Trump attacked decorated combat veteran Robert Mueller. Considering Trump served with distinction in the bone-spur battalion, I would have thought more Republicans would have spoken up about this, but too many of them have chosen the path beaten by Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry and Graham.

Brian said...

"we sucked it up and stayed more civil while he set up and expanded this divide for 8 very long years."

Good job! Way to jump right on that latest fantasy talking point. The radical right was Civil to Obama? Are you joking? Yelling "You lie" during an Obama address to Congress? Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) calling him a “tar baby.”? You don't remember how nasty Republicans were? What a convenient memory loss concerning unconvenient facts.

And now you suddenly demand civility or respect to a narcissistic clown who is selling our countries soul and siding with enemies like Putin and Kim Jong Un, and blatantly putting his concerns above that of his nation?

"Street fighting style". From that blubbery old wimp? Nah, more like nursery school tantrum tactics. Screw PC, I don't care about that. But a complete lack of humanity and decency is hard to stomach.

Looking forward to chatting with you after the elections, Jared!

And Kafir, thank you for perfectly illustrating just where the divisiveness and incivility is coming from with your sophomoric rant! Coming from somebody living in bizarro backward world, your Nazi comments are very revealing. Of course you shut yourself off from dialogue. You must be really sick of getting facts and reality rammed down your throat every time you attempt debate. Oh, how I love making you fraidy cats run and hide from discussions.


Kafir said...

Sorry, I have to watch “Growing Up Hip Hop”. I heard it’s your favorte TV show.

Brian said...

Kafir, your comment seemed very much like a Presidential Tweet! It had all the key ingredients:

* Childish
* Not based in reality
* A touch of racism
* Spelling error

The only things you forgot were random uppercase words and bragging/self-aggrandizing.

Now I'll try and get a glimpse into your world by watching The Twilight Zone and Honey Boo Boo.

Kafir said...

Anytime I can be compared to Trump is fine with me. Thanks.

Kafir said...

Brian, did you watch the Democrap debate Wednesday evening? I didn’t either.

Brian said...

Great Kafir, glad you agree, and that it is fine with you to be childish, not based in reality, a touch racist, and a bad speller. Trump seems to be proud of those things too...you guys really are alike! Actually I think being a bad speller is the only one of those things that Trump hates being....nobody likes being dumb. You're welcome.

Brian said...

Oh, and yes I did. They were really good....but not quite on level with the awesome impeachment hearings!

Kafir said...

What word(s) did I misspell? Democrap? That wasn’t a misspelling. Glad the impeachment hearings are going so well for you. It simply means 4 more years of Trump as president. 😆

Brian said...


Funny that the only thing you wondered about was the spelling, and not the disconnect with reality, childishness, or racism. Like Trump, you seem proud of these other things.

Enjoy your fantasizing about 4 more years of the corrupt, un-American, orange buffoon....you only have one more year to entertain that fantasy!

Brian said...

And yes, I knew that Democrap was not a spelling mistake. It was obviously just another example of your childishness. And again....I'm not a democrat.

Jared James Bristol said...

To Brian: I repeat myself, "Pathetic". In your response you said, "Good job! Way to jump right on that latest fantasy talking point. The radical right was Civil to Obama? Are you joking? Yelling "You lie" during an Obama address to Congress? Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) calling him a “tar baby.”? You don't remember how nasty Republicans were? What a convenient memory loss concerning unconvenient facts." Since you're so big on spelling, there is no such word as 'unconvenient'. I believe it should be inconvenient. I said "more" civil. Shouting "You lie" was the truth. Citing two sort of perjoratives compared to the continuous bombarment of President Trump by the entire left, to include your own childish "orange" references among billions of others by your ilk is, indeed, pitiful. You are pathetic... and get ready for another 4. Bye again.

Brian said...

I mentioned two out of countless examples of incivility. You mentioned NONE. Pathetic.

Brian said...

The party of Trump complaining about others not being civil is like Jeffrey Dahmer complaining about the eating habits of others.


Brian said...

Oh, and.....

a. 1. Inconvenient.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

Nathan said...

Tom, although trust in the media has edged down this year, it is well above the record low of 32% in 2016. Media is a very general term. I definitly don’t have much trust in talk show entertainment sources. Nor do I give much weight to opinion pieces. Most give no or little contrasting views and often try to mask their content as fact. Am radio has turned into a one pony show, since the 1987 abandonment of the Fairness Doctrine and now is used to market to a very specific demographic. The vast majority of conservative talk radio station listeners are males over the age of 54, with less than 10 percent of the listener base aged 35 to 54. I prefer NPR's drive–time programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered, which have surpassed shows like Rush Limbaugh in listeners. As for the unfavorable coverage of the president. It would be literally impossible to do straight forward factual news of Trump and not have it received as negative. Calling it a “The relentless War by media against Trump” is funny. Have you seen his tweeter feed quotes? I would say theres a “ Relentless War by the media against Kim Jong-Un” as well. I won’t go on and on here. We can talk more about it at Thanksgiving! Its good to have intergroup contact it helps to reduce prejudice.

Johnson said...

It's hard to take this seriously, especially from someone who fancies themselves a "history teacher". Anyone with a shred of historical acumen knows this country's founders detested political factions, for the exact reasons we see on display here and now, and warned against them. Yet you play along with it. Why? Corporations own ALL media and we haven't had a legit fourth estate in decades, if ever really. So to play along with this very rigged "two party" system is absurd and extremely unamerican. Divide and conquer. Pretty simple really. Civil disobedience is all we have left. There is absolutely zero hope in any democratic or republican. Obviously.Just more of the same with a different face. This column seems more like an ego trip than legitimate political dicpscourse, which I doubt you actually capable of. I certinaly don't see any indication of actual historical knowledge here. Just cherry picking to "win" silly arguments.

I guess when so called Americans, and so called followers of Christ, renounce their country's sovereignty in favor of a foreign power you can't expect much, right? Neocons, political zionists, whatever you want to cal it, its shamelessly treasonous and so opposed to the fundamentals of the American ethos its beyond me how you can consider yourself an actual American. Supporting, very enthusiastically mind you, an apartheid state that has not only attacked the USA, but stolen nuclear secrets with impunity, while murdering innocent women and children and shamelessly and patheticallly trying to constantly play the victim is so unamerican I don't know where to begin. Oh, let's not forget shitting on our constitution by bullying states into accepting and passing anti bds legislation! Truly stunning and unbelievable! A foreign power has shut down america's right to free speech! And you aren't railing against this???? Haha...And you want everyone to think you have knowledge of this country and it's founding philiosophy? I'll debate you anytime. You may want to do some reading beforehand.

The two party system is a corporate run dog and pony show folks. Orwell was right, we are living the reality now. You think voting for one of two hand picked corporate whores who will champion a foreign nations rights over yours is going to solve anything?

Will said...

What an absolute phony. Why pretend to love America when your true love is Israel? Why pretend do to be a catholic? You obviously know nothing of following Christ.

"Trump has recently revealed once again that his real boss is none other than Sheldon Adelson, the Jewish Neocon and billionaire who was accused of spreading prostitution in China.[1] Trump gave a speech to the Israeli American Council last Saturday, during which he made the following statements. This is very interesting:

I said to Sheldon, “What do you think was bigger? … Israel and the embassy going in, and it became Jerusalem, the capital of Israel? Or the Golan Heights [recognition as Israeli territory]?” He said, “Neither.” I said, “What do you mean ‘neither,’ Sheldon?” He said, “The biggest thing you did for Israel was breaking up and terminating the horrible, one-sided, catastrophic deal that was made by President Obama.” (Applause.) Right?

I said, “I never thought of it that way, Sheldon, but I agree with you. If you want to know the truth, I agree with you.”

Keep in mind that it was Sheldon Adelson who unflinchingly declared back in 2013 that he wanted the United States to drop an atomic bomb on Iran.[2] According to Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, dropping an atomic bombon Iran would show “a tremendous demonstration of American strength.”[3] Negotiations or dialogue with Iran, according to both Boteach and Adelson, is “a sign of weakness.”[4] Boteach added:

“When I heard Sheldon make his remark, my initial thought was that his purpose was to goad his more liberal critics into attacking the policy so that their double standards on nuclear threats against Israel could be exposed. I would hope that those who seem alarmed by Sheldon’s overstatement on the extent to which the United States should go to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon will at least protest that much more loudly against its actual development.”[5]

Trump knows for facts that he is a puppet of Sheldon Adelson. How? Well, back in 2015, Trump unequivocally declared: “Sheldon Adelson is looking to give big dollars to [Marco] Rubio because he feels he can mold him into his perfect little puppet.” Who’s a little puppet now? Who is prostrating before both Adelson and the Jewish lobby? Trump:

“We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more. I have to tell you that. We have to do it. We have to get them to love Israel more. Because you have people that are Jewish people, that are great people — they don’t love Israel enough. You know that. You know that. (Applause.)”
This is the president of the united states folks. Treason on display and the media doesn't do a thing. What's that tell ya? Who really runs the show! The author of this blog is an Israel firster masquerading as a christian American patriot. Pathetic.

Tom McLaughlin said...

The anti-Semite is back under a new pseudonym.

Will said...

Anti semite? Care to explain? I doubt it as that would require a response and actual logic. Not a surprise to see you pathetically puppet corporate mainstream media and the sellouts in congress. Dare to criticize an on going genocide? Apparently that's anti Semitic. Haha.
Anyone agreeing with trumps quote above obviously doesn't have America first. The fact that we have a congress who is letting a foreign power dictate the first amendment is beyond stunning. Sorry, you don't like the bds movement keep your mouth shut or lose your job. In America! And this clown McLaughlin cheerleader it! Haha imagine the founding fathers reaction! It's beyond iromoic.

There is absolutely no precedent for loving a racist state of Europeans pretending to be "Semitic". That my govt forces me to love it and support it is exactly why I detest it. Absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with religion. At all! This is about abusing power, playing the constant victim while bullying , stealing, and not having the balls to tell the truth.

Hide behind cries of anti Semite, all you want you're still backing a nation who purposely shoots innocent people. Recorded fact. And steals homes and land despite being told not to. The list goes on and on. Support of the apartheid state is so unamerican and anti Christian it's amazing any American buys this shit anymore. I understand some Bible Belt illiterate doomsday thumper listening to John hagee being duped. But come on. You want to be taken seriously by folks who have actually read the federalist papers. Your Israeli love fest flies in the face of everything the founding fathers hated. Care to make an actual argument supporting a foreign nation, an aprtheid state at that.

So go ahead, support racism, stealing of homes and land, burning of farmers crops, shooting innocent women and children, the operation of the largest outdoor prison on the planet, ph and the attack on the uss liberty and the theft of nuclear secrets. But don't expect to be taken seriously as either an American or a Christian. See how that works? You actually have to follow the tenets of Hesse things to be considered a follower of them. Isn't that hard Tom.

Anytime you want to lay out your support for a foreign nation as it relates to the constituon go right ahead, until then stop trying to frame people who criticize as racists. It's pathetic and beyond ironic. Do you even know what a semite is? Can you imagine what the founding fathers would say about a president who loves another country? Or supporting aprtheid? Hahha my god unbelievable

Gus said...

Can you please reference what constitutes "anti Semitic" in the previous posts? Or are you just parroting mainstream media where criticism equates to racism somehow? Because it's very irresponsible and intellectually lazy to just sling racist accusations around with no proof.

"According to Halper, Israel attempted to use tapes of former US president Bill Clinton’s steamy sex chats with intern Monica Lewinsky to leverage the release of Jonathan Pollard. Halper claims that during the Wye Plantation talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, held in Maryland in 1998, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled Bill Clinton aside to press for Pollard’s release. “The Israelis present at Wye River had a new tactic for their negotiations–they’d overheard Clinton and Monica and had it on tape. Not wanting to directly threaten the powerful American president, a crucial Israeli ally, Clinton was told that the Israeli government had thrown the tapes away. But the very mention of them was enough to constitute a form of blackmail,” Halper wrote, “according to information provided by a CIA source, a stricken Clinton appeared to buckle.”

This horrific narrative of how Israel allegedly blackmailed an American president initially surfaced in 1999. In his book Gideon’s Spies, author Gordon Thomas claimed that the Mossad had collected some 30 hours’ worth of phone sex conversations between Lewinsky and Clinton and was using them to blackmail the US or to protect a deeply-embedded mole in the White House.

The Clintons have often been referred to in relation to the Epstein affair. It is likely, that as with the young women Epstein abused, the Clintons and other prominent Americans were also ‘victims’ so to say.

I now believe that Epstein was just a player in a huge crime syndicate that often seems to operate in large parts of American life, its politics, culture, academia and, of course, finance. In such a vile apparatus Epstein ran an amusement park. He was never ‘a financier.’ He specialized in accumulating filth that could be used to extract dollars or other favours. In America in 2019 just about every politician at any level except probably Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib has been reduced into a Zionist puppet. Every prominent American is subject to direct or indirect Zionist pressure of one kind or another.

Igor Ogorodnev wrote yesterday on Russia Today that, “the media has wilfully misinterpreted Donald Trump’s words to portray the most pro-Israel US president in history as an anti-Semite. It makes more sense to chide him for sacrificing US interests to please Benjamin Netanyahu.” Here is my practical advice for Americans. Instead of accusing Trump of being an ‘anti-Semite,’ ask instead why your president is more loyal to Israel than most Israelis, let alone Jews. "

Wes said...

" The Israeli media reported yesterday that the Jewish State is “actively pushing Palestinian emigration from Gaza.” A senior Israeli official confirmed that Jerusalem is looking for other countries to take in Gazans.

Times of Israel reported that “Israel is actively promoting the emigration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and is working to find other countries who may be willing to absorb them.” We are basically dealing here with a systematic forced removal of the indigenous population from a given territory by a powerful settler state. In Yiddish as well as English such an act is called ethnic cleansing and is considered a crime against humanity under the statutes of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In a similar fashion to the German (Nazi) Government at the time of the Haavara agreement (1933) the Jewish State is encouraging Gazans to ‘willingly’ leave their land. The Israeli official confirmed that Israel “is ready to carry the costs of helping Gazans emigrate, and would even be willing to consider allowing them to use an Israeli air field close to Gaza to allow them to leave for their new host countries.”

I guess that Jewish State is making a real effort to redefine the notion of Jewish ‘kindness.’

According to the Israeli official “Israeli National Security Council has been spearheading the effort, with Netanyahu’s blessing, for about a year. The program has been discussed in the security cabinet several times.” However the official confirmed that despite the Israeli communication with European leaders and even countries in the region, so far, no country has agreed to participate in the Israeli crime and absorb the ethnically cleansed Gazans.

Maybe those reluctant European leaders and countries in the region are waiting to see whether Israel is willing to absorb the many suspects involved with the current Epstein’s #pedogate as this scandal is quickly unfolding into a global crime syndicate saga."