Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Smelling Trump Supporters

Each time I enter Walmart in North Conway, New Hampshire I think about the 2016 text from former FBI agent Peter Strzok to his girlfriend, FBI Attorney Lisa Page: “Just went to a southern Virginia Wal-Mart,” Strzok wrote. “I could SMELL the Trump support.” Both were deeply into what now appears to have been a Machiavellian scheme to prevent Donald Trump from winning the 2016 election.

Walmart draws a different demographic than, say, a Sears Store, but it’s still in business while Sears is bankrupt. It sells almost every kind of item and usually at the lowest prices, so it’s no wonder the poor shop there. Often I hear condescending remarks about Walmart shoppers from people who think themselves elite sophisticates, a large percentage of whom I suspect supported Hillary. Where might Peter Strzok have smelled them? Whole Foods? Bloomingdales?

How many Walmart shoppers voted against Hillary after they heard her remarks about Trump’s supporters delivered shortly after the Strzok text above? “To just be grossly generalist, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call ‘the basket of deplorables,’” Hillary Clinton told donors gathered at a Manhattan restaurant in September, 2016. “Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that, and he has lifted them up.” Many pundits think that remark cost her the election weeks later.

Ken Langone
After shopping at Walmart, I will often go to the nearby Home Depot or Lowe’s for tools and supplies. I think about the shoppers there and wonder about their politics. Mostly they’re tradesmen or do-it-yourselfers looking for the same items I am. They’re purpose-driven, knowing what they need for a particular project. They know how stuff works and know how to fix things when they break down.
Bernie Marcus
In the parking lot are many pickup trucks. I might see a Trump sticker but almost never a Bernie or Hillary sticker. I don’t see very many political stickers because contractors don’t wish to put off clients. Most small businessmen keep their politics private. I suggest Peter Strzok would “smell” more Trump supporters at a Home Depot or Lowe’s than at a Walmart.

Strzok and Page, in concert with many others, did everything they could to prevent Donald Trump from winning. They also worked the Hillary Clinton email investigation that recommended she not be indicted. Then they worked on the “counterintelligence” investigation of Donald Trump that turned into a criminal investigation shortly after his election. Mueller eventually fired them after their caustic, anti-Trump texts went public. According to the Washington Post, some went like this: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok in August 2016. “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

Peter Strzok as he testified before Congress
Well, they didn’t stop it, but the two lovers were soon hired by Mueller to work in his dubious Russian collusion investigation, which they probably thought would lead to Trump’s impeachment. It didn’t, but Democrats are still hoping to impeach Trump for “obstructing justice” during the investigation into a “crime” for which it found zero evidence.

Electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and other tradesmen are called in to solve real-world problems. They diagnose, then figure out the easiest ways to make a repair. If they don’t solve problems they don’t stay in business. Neither politicians nor media operate under those constraints, however. Political problems like crime, terrorism, trade deficits, poverty, illegal immigration, deficit spending, unemployment, and so forth are reported by media. Politicians diagnose causes and propose solutions — but are not held accountable when problems persist or even worsen.

They escape accountability either by mouthing platitudes via teleprompter, by redefining the problems, or by proposing increased spending on heretofore unsuccessful remedies. For decades media assisted by glossing over failed solutions. When Donald Trump came down his escalator in June 2015, spoke plainly about what was causing our problems, and, without a teleprompter, explained what he would do about them, politicians and establishment media laughed.

When his poll numbers rose, media said it was a fluke and wouldn’t last. Months later he was brushing aside sixteen Republican opponents and cruising toward the nomination. A complete outsider with neither political nor military experience, he had it sewn up by June 2016 and the only thing standing between him and the presidency was Hillary Clinton — and she was under FBI investigation.

Together with Director Comey, Attorney General Lynch, and others, they successfully broomed the Hillary investigation, but Trump was elected anyway and Mueller found no collusion. Now the tables have turned and the investigators are themselves subjects of at least two investigations, one by another special prosecutor named John Durham appointed by Attorney General Barr.

Millions of ordinary people like the tradesmen I see at Home Depot have been watching this unfold right along. They know Trump’s solutions have been working in spite of vociferous opposition from Strzok and his ilk — whose chickens are now coming home to roost.


Brian said...

What is absolutely deplorable is the so-called president of the USA tweeting out Fake News of doctored video....or tweeting Fake News about how the Green Deal will result in no windows on buildings, etc, etc.

Every single person who remains loyal to this petulant little baby dictator wanna-be is deplorable.....or incredibly ignorant.

Tom, you seem so ignorant by printing the dopey poster of the FBI colluding to help Hillary win. Are you insane? Then why did they blow the election for her by coming out just before voting with Comey's statements. Duh.....think, man.

Steve Tanton said...

Opinions, opinions, opinions. We all have them for the most part. I don't know who this 'Brian' guy is, but I agree with him about as much as I agree with the last unvetted, illegal, un-American, 'deplorable' guy who sat in the Oval Office, like NEVER! Don't believe Trump put out the doctored video, but may have tweeted about it. I thought it was funny too. As for 'fake news', sorry Brian, but it's quite well-established, the lies, the twists, the made-up, yes 'fake' news from the MSM (Mainstream Media), yes too oft the NY Times, WAPO, HuffPost, LA Times, NPR, MSNBC, CNN and three old stalwarts ABC, CBS and NBC. And dude, please get your lines right, it's the 'Green New Deal', not the 'Green Deal'. And yes, it's so outrageous it would bankrupt America for sure - it is nonsense to the highest degree. Don't know if he talked about no windows on buildings, but as the Rev. Tim once said, "It don't matter." It is a really stupid idea from a really stupid person. One might think that the University of Boston would be embarrassed, but the arrogant usually aren't. As for 'petulant little baby dictator', name-calling is a sign of intellectual deficiencies. Can't argue policy? name-call and slander - Leftist modus operandi - Lenin, Alinsky, Soros, Steyer; you know who they are. As for ignorance, Reagan once said, "Liberals know so much that isn't so." I concur. And the lovely and talented Ann Coulter noted that "Liberalism is an emotional disease." Sorry Brian, Tom totally outclasses you with fact and character. He's right. Remember, Einstein told us, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Despite the vast evidence that socialism destroys, Democrats, the Left continues to push it. Barack famously said, "Maybe it'll work this time." It didn't. At this point I would go with Forrest Gump - "Stupid is as stupid does." The set-up, the collusion, the attempted coup, was all from the Left - from the Obama Administration, the Hillary campaign, 'Deep State' operatives, the dirty players in the FBI, the CIA and other covert bureaucrats. We know who a bunch of 'em are and Bill Barr is committed to get to the bottom of it, expose it all. You seem a little nervous with your attack-comment...you should be.:)

CJ Johnson said...

Poor Brian.
Thank you Steve!

Anonymous said...

Tom. Keep up with your great work. You are able to see what many others are blind to.
From a long time admirer now living in Florida but formerly from Conway. Allan

Brian said...

Steve said: "name-calling is a sign of intellectual deficiencies."

Thank you. It is rare for someone on the radical right to admit that our name-calling president has intellectual deficiencies!

As for the rest of Steve's diatribe, I noticed there was a LOT of accusations with virtually no details of evidence. Like claims that the mainstream media puts out more lies than Trump. I just listed two very recent ones from the clown, but they have been coming fast and furious for years. If you really want to go toe-to-toe, example for example, of obvious Fake News from Trump vs the MSM, let's go.

Can't you see how moronic you sound parroting the dopey talking point of "attempted coup"? Look at all the suspicious behavior layed out in the Mueller report concerning Russia. You are telling me that if it were Obama and not Trump, and some Muslim country instead of Russia, you wouldn't want a full investigation. C'mon, snap out of it and get real. If Obama had been caught so many times obstructing justice you would want his head.

And of course we should all be a little nervous with a low iq clown running the country, sucking up to to dictators (falling in love with them, as he says) as he fantasizes about how great it would be if he could become one himself....

Oh, but he is on your "team" right? Partisan politics are way more important than honor, truthfulness, and values, huh? Pathetic.

Bev said...

President Obama might be a good man, but he was not a good leader or a great President. President Trump might not be a moral man (I do wish he were more Presidential) but he is a GREAT leader and a GREAT President who loves the United States of America. He loves our military, our law enforcement, Israel, the people of America, etc. etc. He wants to protect our borders, and if possible, help the countries where those people are coming from, so they can stay in their own country. This does not mean he dislikes emigrants. This means he knows there has to be a limit to how many emigrants can migrate here. I know, I’m ranting. But thank God we have Presiddent Trump now. He is the right President at the right time. He is strong and unafraid to do what he must do. Like playing nice with that guy in North Korea and Putin. I shudder to think what might have happened if crooked Hilary had won. I am a proud ‘deplorable’ woman who is so grateful that President Trump is our President.

Brian said...

If you believe that Trump loves anything but himself you are being suckered, or being willfully blind.

I admire your honesty in admitting Trump is not a moral man. I remember not so long ago when morals were pretty damn high up on the list of what was important to Republicans and conservatives. Family values? They sure kicked that one to the curb. Remember the impeachment hearings over lies concerning oral sex and infidelity? Wasn't that over moral grounds? Yet the thought of impeachment for a man who has proven himself to be much more vile and immoral offends you because you like his policies and beliefs? How about the notion that there are "very fine people" that align themselves and march with Nazis? You good with that one?

Trump loves the military? Not enough to join it, pulling the rich entitled bone spur scam. Not enough to refrain from insulting Gold Star families. Not enough to not suggest that troops' midterm election ballots not be counted because they weren't delivered on time. Not enough to stop him from repeatedly passing up Veterans Day ceremonies that other leaders always make time to attend. Not enough to stop insulting generals by claiming he knows more than all of them.

Trump's fawning like a weakling over dictators is excused, yet I doubt you would have been loving it had Obama been chumming around and "playing nice" with enemy Muslim nations. After they had been proven to help the fight in getting him elected.

Trump loves only himself. To maniacal extremes. I admit it is fascinating to observe his egotistical bufoonery, but there is a lot at stake.

He is weak. Always has been. There was no bigger business failure than him from 1985-1994 when he lost over a BILLION dollars.
His daddy kept bailing him out of financial ruin. He is a joke on the world stage. His sophomoric tweets are obnoxious and unproductive. His childish tantrums get him nowhere. He is a clown.

But you are not deplorable Bev. The conditions that have led to you not seeing outside your bubble are deplorable. Things like the president himself feeding you misinformation and doctored videos. Go search for the truth....

CaptDMO said...

As it happens, I cross paths with quite a few local tradesfolk often.
Much like the rest of society, some are (actually) "elite", some are not.
Tradesfolk go "shopping" at trade supply stores, lumber mills(sometimes their own), gravel pits, etc.
Motor oil comes in 55 gallon drums, 'crete comes from truck chutes, smoke alarm batteries come in boxes of ten. Lowes, Home Depot, are fine for "just a few things". But like (eg) Wal Mart's imported "disposable", affordable, occasional use tools, the quality of imported parts and materials isn't up to snuff for tradesfolk with integrity. Generally-the same ones that don't NEED to advertise, and yet are swamped, and can't find "suitable" help.
Of course, some tradesfolk simply don't care, as long as the work will last long enough for folks to "forget" who did it.

Now, I don't really consider myself "elite" , but the nice folks at MENSA do,
and pro tip about actual "sophisticates" (as opposed to the arty), you won't see ANY bumper stickers, or anything hanging from the mirrors, EVER!
And if I see "Be Kind", or "coexist" stickers on cars in front of me, I tend to "lay back" a bit. There seems to be a transitive property for some of such folk to do something midwitted, and "unaware" in traffic. Ask a few wrecker/flat bed drivers, auto body folk, or "dealer" repair shop folk about that.

While some may be dismayed by (eg)what former FBI agent Peter Strzok says to his girlfriend Lisa Page, that's simply out of my sphere of influence. I tend to be dismayed by many of the chosen local "letters to the editor", and what I extrapolate from the classifieds and "public notices", in The Daily Sun, as well as what I read in Town/School annual reports.
Chatting with local(actual) movers and shakers, current and former? Half discouraging, half encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Strzok appears possessed by an evil spirit as do some of the people commenting on this accurate article. What will they do when the truth finally comes out....which it will?

RM said...

“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. When a subject of an investigation obstructs an investigation or lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of their government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable."


Show Low Yaqui said...

Great column Mr.Tom!

Thank you for taking the time to put it together and for your continually excellent, factual writing.

Brian said...

Yaqui giving a knee-jerk compliment about "factual writing" is a perfect example of Fake News spreading from the "president" to Faux News to goofy little columns and to their readers....

Tom claiming their was "no evidence" is just factually wrong, no two ways about it. In other words, lies pure and simple. Read the report.

Brian said...

White House Wanted USS John McCain ‘Out of Sight’ During Trump Japan Visit - Wall Street Journal

How petty and insecure can you get? The weakling-in-chief is too delicate to see remembrances of everything he is not - a war hero, a man with values. It is like his staff has to child-proof the world for him so as not to cause another temper tantrum.

This move is just another disgusting example of the pathetic creature in the White House. But his flock turns a blind eye or makes excuses.

Brian said...

The Fake News continues....all the following just from yesterday:

Trump said the Mueller probe cost $40,000,000 WRONG

Trump said Mueller had "unlimited access, people, resources and cooperation." Nope. Trump himself refused a sit down with Mueller. Trump campaign associates "deleted relevant communications" or gave conflicting information. Others lied to investigators and were charged with obstruction offenses.

Trump said, "Robert Mueller would have brought charges, if he had ANYTHING, but there were no charges to bring!" The exact opposite of the truth. Mueller's hands were tied by longstanding Justice Department guidelines that a sitting President can't be indicted. In his public comments this week, Mueller specifically said charging Trump was "not an option we could consider."

We have a Fake News spouting Fake President.

Steve said...

Of course politicians aren’t held accountable, because we keep reelecting them. During Obama’s eight years of fiscal irresponsibility, you wrote about that in apocalyptic terms. I lost count of how many blogs you concluded with the line, “I’m not sure if the republic will long survive.” (Cue the ominous organ music.) Trump essentially campaigned on a promise to raise the debt. As the debt tops, $22T, the highest amount ever, you’ve written nothing about that for over two years. Do you plan on voting for him in 2020?
Mueller declared his investigation was never going to produce a guilty verdict, because his intent was always to abide by the inability to indict a sitting President. Does that mean Mueller isn’t the reckless, conviction-obsessed renegade law enforcement official the Republican party was so quick to accuse him of being? However, if an innocent verdict could reasonably be determined, he would have declared that. Turns out a verdict of innocence could not be reasonably determined.
What does your gut tell you about the actions of Trump and of those he hired? Trump’s campaign manager and his chief of staff – Manafort and Gates, respectively – met with Konstantin Kilimnik to provide him with internal polling data and discuss swing states. All three left out of separate exits. Russian troll farms targeted swing districts in swing states. What does your gut tell you? Kushner sought to create a back channel to Moscow. Trump fired Comey and said it was by Rosenstein’s request, but told Lester Holt he fired him because of Russia. Trump Jr. along with Manafort and Kushner took a meeting with Russians for the express purpose of receiving “dirt” on Clinton. He then lied about the meeting, and Trump lied about his involvement in drafting the Trump Jr.’s public response. What does your gut tell you? Trump asked Don McGahn to fire Mueller. He refused threatening to quit instead. Then Trump asked him to deny that reporting. McGahn refused, and Trump lied about asking for it. Then Trump asked Rob Porter to tell McGahn to create a record – essentially manufacturing evidence – that Trump never asked McGahn to fire Mueller. McGahn refused. What does your gut tell you? Over a thousand federal prosecutors – current and former – signed a letter stating Trump committed the impeachable offense of obstruction.
Trump, Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Trump Jr., Sessions, Papadapolous, Cohen all lied about the single issue of did you communicate or correspond with Russian individuals. Eight individuals – that we know of – all part of the same team lying about the exact same issue. What does your gut tell you? With any of those lies made public, they could’ve been exploitable, blackmailable assets for the western world’s most committed geopolitical adversary for the last 7+ decades – the Russians. DUDE. IT’S THE RUSSIANS. Why is the Republican party and its base so utterly indifferent to that? I doubt Ronald Regan would’ve been.

Brian said...

You ask people what their gut tells them but it appears many people are gutless. They don't have the guts to examine the evidence in an impartial manner. And they certainly don't have the guts to try and answer you.

DAWN said...

Good article Tom! Totally agree with what you're saying here. Whenever I ask the Trump haters why they hate him so much they have no real answers. They say he lies. Lies about what? They call him a racist. How so? I point out all those of color who either work for him, he promoted, or support him. They say he hates women but yet he's surrounded by intelligent articulate women that he puts in high places. How does he hate women? Now they want to impeach him? For what? There's no substance when I hear their answers. They just don't like him!! They are NOT being honest.

I've been thinking this whole two years is analogous to a BAD divorce. Trump represents the father. The DEMS represent the vindictive wife. The kids (us) are paying the price.

Many of the decisions lately by the DEMS like the so called equality act or the aggressive infanticide laws (Illinois & NY) seem more geared to hurting or going after the Trump administration than anything else. They want him to pay for winning the last election. They are extremely angry and it shows.

The wife is very angry. She wants the house, the car and the husband dead. She will NOT be happy until she gets what she wants. In the meantime our country is paying the price as they fight it out in court. So sad to watch.

Brian said...

"They say he lies. Lies about what?" We've given numerous examples in this thread.

"They call him a racist. How so?" Well, by saying that "very fine people" march with Nazis. Also Trump’s real-estate company tried to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans in the 1970s and gave preferential treatment to whites, according to investigations.

"How does he hate women?" Well, he say he grabs them by the pussy because he can. He said "Look at that face. Would anybody vote for that?" about a female candidate. He frequently calls females fat or ugly.

"Now they want to impeach him? For what?" Did you not read any of the previous posts? Steves in particular layed in out very clearly.

See how easy it is to respond and answer people's questions? That is if you have guts. I must admit it is easier when you have the truth on your side, but the way you people run from anything that disturbs your bubble is pathetic. Wimps.

Reality Check said...

"AG Barr breaks with Trump, says he does not think Obama-era officials committed treason"

-Fox News

DAWN said...

So...again..Brian you basically gave me nothing. You take a quote out of context and go back to the 70's to give your racist proof? That makes him a racist? Not the fact that he has many people of color voting/working for him? He just had Tiger Woods in his office giving him a very prestigious award. He recently just promoted (if that's the word) the first female black general. But ...you want to go back to the 70's and say he's racist? Mmmmmmmm ok.

He made a derogatory comment years ago about a woman (what man has not?)in private and that's your proof that he hates women? So, you bypass Kelly Conway's position and Sarah Saunders position and the fact that he's got more women on staff than Obama but yet...well he said a woman was ugly....so that means he hates women? Mmmmmm ok.

And now the lies...again nothing.

And..truth is your side? Mmmmmmmm ok.

Brian said...

Mmmmmm....there are "very fine people" that march with Nazis? A suppose a gentleman that treats women with respect talks about sexually assaulting women because they have power over them? Mmmmmm, ok.

I listed lies above. You refuted none of them. You can't because of the truth.

What a shame how low the bar has gotten for presidential behavior and gentlemanly behavior.

DAWN said...

LOL...so you repeat what you already said (which I refuted with examples), and that's supposed to convince me? Well...it didn't.

You are a typical liberal. You don't go too deep, and you come up with nothing! That's what happens when you stay in the shallow waters. Dare to go into the deep waters with the BIG kids! :)

Brian said...

No Dawn, you did not "refute" anything. Refute means to prove something is wrong. All you did is take the "wrongs" performed by Trump and try and make excuses for them. "They happened a long time ago", or " it was just name-calling.", etc. And you did not explain how anything was taken out of context. That a couple of women speak up for him, or that he honored a golf hero is supposed to prove anything? There are many battered wives who defend their husbands, there are many who forsake their morals for money and power.

The example of Trump being a cretin are so numerous that even Trump supporters like Bev, who posted earlier, admit to his moral failures. The pattern of his grotesque behavior and outrageous lies over the decades are over-whelming. But even if you don't care if your president should be a role model when it comes to decent behavior, how about all the incredibly suspicious behavior that Steve brought up, that neither you nor anybody else has been able to defend? Nor did you refute any of the recent lies he told in the last few days that I mentioned. I guess that was all too inconvenient, so you ignored it.

Shallow waters? You are on dry land.

CaptDMO said...

DAWN said...
"You are a typical liberal."
Oh my. IMHO
The loony left gave up the SECOND expropriation of sheep's clothing "liberal" some time ago.
"Progressive" has been dusted off again, and variations of "Socialist" (with credentials of "woke" and "personal truth") are their Trojan Horses of the day.
You MAY find the APA D&SM #4 , and the "official" ancillary APA style guide, a more suitable glossary in finding descriptors of certain consistently unique contributions.

The minor problem I've found, here and elsewhere, is ultimate discrimination between amusing contrarians, wily agents provocateur, disgruntled emotional saboteurs, common liars, simple idiots savant, or the truly insane.
Not that it matters.

Brian said...

It is very telling that nobody can even acknowledge all the facts brought up by Steve. You guys really do not allow truth to penetrate your bubble! Just ignore it! How embarrassing and wimpy.

CaptDMO said...

More "expertise" from the lauded "Psychology Today."
It MUST be true, because...PhD, and it 's in a magazine!

cowboy ted said...

The things Liberals say and do that are most disturbing:
1. no border- stupid. How does a liberal define a nation?
2. Drag Queens reading to children - these people are not right in the head--who in their right mind would let their child within 20 ft. of a drag queen?
3. Free college - So, nobody gets paid to teach? Who pays? Why should I pay for somebody else's kid to get a choice education? Compulsory education is K-12, that's it...and by the way, I only see tax funded schools in W. Maine going down, not up--must be the focus on a '3', another liberal scheme to reward mediocrity-a step toward accepting equal outcomes--aka, socialism.
4. Recreational Pot--well, apparently the Mainers just did not read up on the increases in crime in Colorado over the past 5 years--good luck--go get high and addicted, good luck keeping a job, because when you get fired, then they steal to support their drug habit.
5. Raise taxes - so the so-called "smart and educated" actually think government will spend your money wisely? Have you driven in MASS lately --nice bumpy roads and not enough money to fix them--but the 20 year plus government employee is now sitting on the beach doing nothing for their full salary earned with complete job protection along the way.

I'm hoping a liberal (lefty) can address my questions.