Tuesday, March 26, 2019

No Hurry. I Can Wait

Americans got excited about two things last week: the arrival of spring on Wednesday and the release of the Mueller Report on Friday. However, not much change is noticeable in either case.

It’s been a long winter in western Maine. We’ve been buried in snow since last November and there’s still more than a foot of it on the ground — more than two feet in places. Sunday I had to walk through drifts up to my thighs to check a meter on a property for which I’m responsible. As I write this on Monday, my thermometer hasn’t risen above the thirties. The same is predicted for Tuesday. We still can’t see over the snow banks at several intersections and must nose out a few inches at a time before safely accelerating.

The Mueller Report was released Friday to Attorney General Robert Barr. Democrats demanded it be made public immediately and AG Robert Barr issued a four-page summary Sunday afternoon. House and Senate Democrats doubt Barr’s honesty because Trump appointed him and demand to see the whole thing. Years of saturation coverage by Mainstream Media have convinced half of all Americans that Trump colluded with Russia but Barr quoted from the Mueller Report as follows: “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” In spite of that, House Democrats insist their myriad investigations will continue. Expect little change for the foreseeable future.

In spite of our long, cold winter, Democrats claim global warming will destroy the world in twelve years. They want a “Green New Deal” which would eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear energy to rely solely on wind and solar power. It would eliminate 99% of cars within ten years. Any Democrats who disagree stay pretty quiet, especially the ones running for president. Neither polar ice caps nor Himalayan glaciers have melted as predicted. Polar bears are thriving too, but none of that has quieted global warming alarmists.

On election day, I go to the Lovell Town Hall and vote, but I don’t stay up late that night to see who wins or loses. On New Year’s Eve, I don’t stay up late to see the ball drop in Times Square either. I discover sometime after waking up in January that the ball dropped without me and things go on as they always have.

I’m in no rush to know things unless it’s either a medical emergency or someone is trying to break into my house. Break-ins are rare in rural Maine because most of us have guns and criminals know that. Medical emergencies, however, can happen to anybody, anywhere, and we have to wait longer for help out here. It’s a tradeoff if you prefer life in the slow lane, which I do.

I grew up way back in the twentieth century when mail came in envelopes. Telephones were attached to wires and there was only one line per household. When it rang, people answered it. They didn’t let it go to voicemail because there wasn’t any such thing. In my family of origin, I had four sisters and three brothers, so there was often a race to see who could get to the ringing phone first. Whoever the call was for couldn’t tie up the line long because there was always a sibling or parent either expecting a call or waiting to make one.

By the 1970s life in Massachusetts was getting fast and busy so I moved my family to rural Maine where only party lines were available. Our children were little and enjoyed playing with each other, so they didn’t need to talk on the phone to friends who lived miles away. That came a decade later — but by then we had a private line. With three teenage girls, I had to impose a ten-minute limit on each call. If someone was trying to reach me and the line was busy, they had to try every five minutes or so by actually dialing several numbers each time, then waiting for either another busy signal or a ring. Nobody “dials” anymore; we press buttons, but the word stays with us sans function.

Politics have always interested me. They still do, but I’m increasingly put off by breathless, sensational reporting on radio as well as affected eyebrow-raising and forehead-knitting by pretentious television news anchors and reporters. To avoid all that, I’m getting most of my news from reading text online.

By the time this appears in newspapers, it will have warmed up a bit and spring will have become less of a tease. Nearly all this snow will be gone in a month, but we can expect partisan rancor against our president to continue regardless of Meuller Report revelations. It may even escalate.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder why Millenials who have instant access to information with i-Phones, i-Pads and computers don’t really know very much about reality. Couldn’t possibly be because of their Leftist professors or that the lamestream media is corrupt, could it?

Tom McLaughlin said...

Nah. Couldn't be.

Jay said...

The German people found out all too late that their media was lying to them. The Russians had Pravda. We have NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN.
Yesterday many Americans discovered that they were indeed being lied to by their trusted media. Worse yet, as the Nazis had their media and as Pravda was from the loins of the communist party, the fake news media is joined at the hip with the modern day democrat party.
Yesterday millions of Americans discovered that our President was exactly correct when calling out “Fake News”. Let none of us forget this lesson.

Brian said...

How did Americans discover they were lied to by the outlets mentioned? The facts remain the facts. Russia interfered with our election. Trump and his associates lied many times about their dealings with Russia. It's not surprising no smoking gun was found that Trump colluded. I don't think he colluded, I think he was played by Putin who wanted his patsy in power.

Besides, as Trump himself tweeted "The Russian Witch Hunt is rigged". I won't argue with him on that.

Was it also "Fake News" that Smollett lied about a hate crime because charges were dropped? I guess you owe him an apology, or do you want to pretend his case is different?

So, unless you can name some lies that were stated as fact to support your dopey "Fake News" conspiracy, then just pipe down and keep getting played for a fool by your propaganda State outlets like Faux News and Hannity. These are the outlets dangerously close to what we saw in Nazi Germany. Oh, and keep voting for Nazis in your primaries...don't be scared to show your true colors.

Ernie said...

Russia has been messing with our elections since at least the 1960s. It is not necessarily to promote an individual candidate at any level though I'm sure they have preferred candidates, but the real objective is to destroy our trust in the election process. If they can do that, the probability of a revolution increases. One world government comes one step closer, and the American Dream is demolished.

CaptDMO said...

Ah yes...Springtime!
NOW I can look forward to finally picking up all the stuff that snow had graciously buried from sight, four wheelin' where the dirt drive turns to a sea of mud, pre-season once over on the tractor, with grease gun and spray paint, during change over from snow thrower to bucket arms (and tiller).
*sigh* Maybe I can let those sections of broken fence go for ANOTHER year!
Only a FEW places where I did damage to lawn and buildings, relocating snow, to repair.
And yes, I still have a 'puter hooked up to "dial" up! It crawls on it's belly relative to this spiffy wi-fi notebook, it SCREAMS a warrior battle cry, relative to the days when AOL ran out of modem tubes

Uber_Fritz said...


Nice piece reminding me of my youth in MA. I recall a party line and the only call protocol was speaking to an operator. Calling from Mansfield to neighboring Foxboro was characterized as long distance.

Upon the introduction of the dial phone, I broke it in by calling a relative a minimum of six times.

Perhaps in the future we will call using “think speech” but be aware of the “thought police” of “1984” fame!

Dawn said...

Smollett's case is totally different than Trump's. Trump was NEVER found guilty. There is NO evidence to support collusion. There is PLENTY of evidence showing collusion and deceit with Smollett. Apples and oranges.

Makes no sense. Over two years of searching for evidence on Trump (there must be something we can find)while Smollett left a trail of lies and deception (he must be innocent)rendering this whole debacle as backwards. One, we want to convict without evidence, and another we let go under an avalanche of evidence. Gives a whole new meaning to "get out of jail free" card; only this isn't a game!

Journalism is dead. Now justice is dead. The family is barely holding on. Religion is in chaos. God is kicked out of everything. One by one, the pillars that held this great country up are crumbling. It's only a matter of time.

Brian said...

Smollett was NEVER found guilty. There IS evidence of lying about Russian meetings and of Russian interference. There is a trail of such evidence with Trump and his associates. I believe both got let off under an avalanche of evidence, we can't pick and choice depending on who we "like". Also, I find it incredibly confusing how anyone believing in God's ways could possibly like such a despicable man as Trump.

DAWN said...

Do you have reading comprehension problems Brian? Where did I say Smollett was guilty? I said...There is NO evidence for Trump, but there is PLENTY of evidence for Smollett. I'm repeating myself so you can hopefully get what I'm saying this second time.

Smollett was indicted by a grand jury on 16 counts, but the whole file was SEALED before justice could be served. He surely, by the sounds of the Police Department and mayor of Chicago, be found guilty once he was finally tried. They said there was plenty of evidence the jury never even heard!!! They indicted him on just ONE piece of evidence that was very clear. Even the Prosecutor came out today and said he was guilty. They are just letting him go because he did some service work for JJ, paid 10K and they have bigger fish to catch.

Jay said...

The Smollett thing is just another example of liberal privilege.. if he were a conservative doing the same thing he’d have been locked up for a hundred years. Also the fact that he knows the Obama’s doesn’t hurt.
As you said Dawn, there has never been any evidence of collusion on Trumps part. Never. And now the truth is out and all of the fake news media that has been lying the last two years has been exposed.

Brian said...

Slow down there Dawn. I never said that you said (this is ridiculous) that Smollet was guilty. So think about glass houses when it comes to reading comprehension. And if you really think there is NO evidence against Trump then your safe-place is way more insulated than I thought. Even when the state agency of TFN (Trump Faux News) reports news instead of commentary, they may downplay, but do not deny the facts about all of Trump and his associates lies about Russia.

We haven't seen the Mueller report. It's SEALED. Just like the records on Smollett are sealed. BS in both cases. What is practically the definition of State Sponsored Propaganda is the bald-faced lying about the report "completely exonerating" him when the report says the exact opposite. No matter how thick your bubble, surely you know that so far only a few actual words of Mueller have been released, but those include “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”.

Let me repeat that for Dawn. "IT ALSO DOES NOT EXONERATE HIM”. I need to shout this to cut through the Propaganda telling you otherwise.

Steve said...

Years of media coverage are not why I suspect Trump is guilty, but these are some of the reasons why I do: 1) Trump and these advisors of his – Manafort, Manaforte, Rick Gates, Trump, Jr., Kushner, Sessions, Papadapolous, Cohen, Flynn – all lied about their contacts and conversations with Russians. When there are that many people all part of the same team all lying about the same thing, it begins to look suspicious. I don’t know of another single issue or topic about which all of those people lied, though I admit I could be wrong about that.
2) With the promise of dirty on Clinton from the Russians, Trump Jr. convenes a meeting in Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016 with Trump Jr, Manafort, Kushner, Veselnitskaya, Goldstone, Akhmetshin, Kaveldze and a translator. After the ever evolving account of it by Trump Sr and Jr. Guiliani, Hope Hicks, Jay Sekulow and Sarah Sanders, which culminated in Trump imploring, “Don Jr. is a good boy. He’s a nice kid.” Isn’t that how all parents of guilty children sound when they plead for clemency?
3) In July 2018 in Helsinki, Trump and Putin took the stage, side by side in solidarity and held a joint presser, where Trump declared he believes the Western World’s most committed geopolitical adversary for the last seven decades over his own intelligence apparatus.
4) Rick Gates admitted he, Manafort and Kilimnick met at the Havana Room in Manhattan in August 2016 and all three left the bar out of different exits.
5) Manafort shared 2016 presidential polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik.
6) Trump met privately with Comey against Session’s advice asking him to let go of the investigation into Flynn’s contacts with Russia. Comey said Trump demanded a pledge of loyalty from him. Comey was fired shortly after.
7) Related to the Russian investigation, Trump fired Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe and wanted to fire Mueller, as it’s reported.
8) Within the hour of the Access Hollywood tape where Trump proudly declared his penchant for committing sexual assault, the largest and most damaging trove of hacked Demo emails is dumped by wikileaks.

Jay said...

We will see. Time will tell. What we know for a fact now is that there was no collusion, even though the fake news media has tried to convince us that there was. The President has been saying for months now that he wants the entire report to be made available. He has said this many times. What is funny is how democrats are demanding to see the entire report as if it is somehow being held back and these brave dems are going to see to it that we all get to take a peek as if the President is against this. More lies.
Democrats and the media have upped their game to treasonous behavior and this must never happen again. The fake dossier and all of the crimes and subterfuge perpetrated by the democrat party, the fake news media, the Clinton machine and the Obama crime syndicate must be investigated and never allowed again. This whole affair has been an embarrassment to our country and our Constitution.
The lies must stop. Had Hillary been elected none of this would have come out. Time to get rid of bad rubbish.
This has been a dark time for American politics and will forever be remembered unless the democrats and fake media continue to rewrite history as they seem want to do.

Broan said...

"The President has been saying for months now that he wants the entire report to be made available. He has said this many times."

Oh, like the many times he said he would agree to sit down with Mueller? Or the many, many times he said he would release his taxes after he was in office? He has proven his words mean nothing.

You don't refute anything that Steve layed out, which taken as a whole show strong evidence of suspicious behavior that hints at wrongdoing, perhaps even treason. I asked you to point out a lie and you couldn't, just like you couldn't point out an error in Steve's facts. So what lies must stop?

And no. We do not know for a fact that there was no collusion. We know Mueller could not find enough of a smoking gun to indict. But the release of the report will clear things up.

Jay said...

For those who still worship the court of public opinion, yes, just wait. The report will clear things up.
I do understand how this works. If we follow the insane crazy train of the democrat party line in a few years we can be automobile free, fossil fuel free, take trains to Hawaii and Australia, do away with beef and most importantly, we can do away with the law. The court of public opinion is so important to democrats why not just do away with lawyers? Obama and the Clintons are great so let’s give them a pass for every crime they commit. Smollett too. If you have connections, use ‘em. Why not? If you fake a hate crime that could start a race riot, as long as you’re making a Republican look bad, what does it matter? Screw the law.
If you’re a Republican President you should expect one investigation after another, right? Screw the law. It’s about what democrats think, right? After all, Hillary should have won. If the report clears Trump, screw that! Oh wait, it did. But let’s deny it. For two years we’ve been told that the left would be vindicated by the report. Now that it’s been finished, the left is in fits.
So the 2016 election cycle was amhappy time for dems because they were sure their girl would get in. When she lost, the left went to war and attempted a coup d’etat. Now the report is out and they are not happy with the results. Whine whine whine.
Probably what happened is Mueller and Barr have been compromised by Russian operatives.
Yeah, dats the ticket.
More to the point, the crimes of the democrat party, Hillary and Obama and all of their minions, need to be investigated. The DNC should be held liable for the millions of dollars spent on a worthless piece of investigation. I should have put that last word in quotes.
Good has come out of all of this though. The fake news media ratings are down. Fox News ratings are up. People are starting to wake up. Most people don’t like to be lied to.
Maybe we can investigate that?

Brian said...

I know I should ignore your off-topic babble about the New Green Deal, but I see you have been duped into believing propaganda about it. Automobile free? The resolution does not call for that. It only states that transportation emissions should be reduced “as much as is technically feasible,” and suggests three ways of reaching that goal, including high-speed rail and zero-emission vehicles, which would include electric cars. Your frequently parroted talking point about trains across the ocean is cute, but as AOC says, “Obviously, no, we’re not trying to ban air travel.” Neither does the resolution say anything about cows or beef...once again the propaganda of your clown prince.

"Screw the law"? No, that would mean ignoring laws that are being broken and not investigating possible infractions.

Hilarious that after all the whining about clown boy being investigated, you call for investigations into Hillary and Obama. Nice hypocrisy!

Worthless investigation? Look at all the convictions that came out of it! You would prefer to just screw the law and let those criminals off scott free? We still can't even talk about the report....it hasn't been seen. Clown boy will hide it like his taxes.

And after complaining about mainstream news, you are now crowing that Faux News is more mainstream than anybody?!

Oh, people woke up all right. The proof is in the 2018 elections.

And still not one word to refute all that Steve said.

Jay said...

I’m not sure what your point is B/S, if you even have one.
Are you saying that you agree with the new green seal?
Are you saying that it’s okay that the Obama’s and the Clintons and half (or more) of the democrats in office today have committed serious crimes and the law has looked the other way?
Are you saying that you disagree with Fox News?
Are you saying you agree with fake news?
Are you saying that the tiny, wimpy gain the democrat socialists made in 2018 is “the voice of the people”?
Are you saying you stand behind the current crop of loony tune moronic democrat freshmen?
Are you saying that you think it’s okay to force-connect dots in Trumps case but completely ignore facts in the case of the current democrat crime wave?
Are you saying that the treasonous behavior exhibited by democrats and fake news is a good thing?
Are you saying that Fox accurately reporting real news is a bad thing?
Are you saying that we should continue to have a two tiered justice system in this country?
Perhaps we just kill all the lawyers and let dems do whatever they want and just submit all conservatives to endless BS investigations that when finished will be ignored anyway.
Dems gambled. Dems lost. The coup d’etat has been exposed and the participants in it will be held accountable. All of them, including the media will pay a price.

Brian said...

I am pointing out evidence showing you were duped by propaganda about the new green deal. In other words you were tricked by Fake News.

I have seen no evidence of Obama committing serious crimes (or Hillary). Are the same people that told you cars and beef would be outlawed, and that the clown was "completely exonerated" telling you this too? Hmmm....

You ask: "Are you saying that you disagree with Fox News? Are you saying you agree with fake news?" Those questions together pose an oxymoron. Isn't Faux where you heard about the cars and beef?

Your propaganda machine is telling you that the democrats made "tiny, wimpy gains" in 2018, or is that ignorance all your own. Democrats had the largest total victory in a midterm House election since Democrats defeated Republicans by more than 8.7 million votes in 1974, and they picked up the most seats since then.

There does not need much forcing to connect the dots Steve layed out. Where are your convincing dots concerning the dems?

No, the two-tiered justice system letting off the rich and powerful is horrible. I bet Trump likes it though!

The dems gambled? And lost? They uncovered a sea of sleaze and convicted many. The clown prince will be screaming coup d'etat after he is voted out of office next year.

Ooooooooh....we will "pay a price"! Scary!

Jay said...

Wow. How some people can twist words. Astounding.
The fake news media really has done a job on some people.
I have not been duped as you have. I believe the biggest mistake that I have made while following politics is trusting that BHO would be a trustworthy man when he was elected. I didn’t vote for him but he was now my President. I trusted in the system. My last case of naiveté.
When I began to see things he was doing and hearing his words I realized that here was another example of lying, cheating and untrustworthy democrats. The same machine that is now still trying to take down a duly elected President is being exposed. The depth of corruption is staggering.
And yet some people still refuse to open their eyes.
Hang on to your antiquated ideas. You are welcome to them. It’s your right. Even if you’re wrong at last you’re involved to the point of caring enough to write your missives and say your piece. I prefer that over a country full of apathetic citizens who don’t give a damn.
The report will be out soon enough.

Brian said...

Wow. I gave you several examples of how you were duped by your Fake News, and just like your adored clown prince, you are incapable of admitting when you are wrong. You just ignore it and pretend it didn't happen. Astounding how the propaganda machine is brainwashing people like you.

Don't hold your breath on the report to come out. Or for clown boy to utter true words.

In the meantime I will hold on to my antiquated ideas of truth, justice, and the American way despite how these things are under attack.

Jay said...

I don’t think you understand what is going on. I believe that YOU are the one being duped by your lame stream fake news media.
But don’t worry. After the 2020 win by “clown boy” your party will again try to impeach, obstruct and generally refuse to do anything that the American people actually want. The democrat party has been dying and this latest blow by the report will be yet another nail in its political coffin. Future efforts to hamper the will of the American people will only be your party’s death. Good riddance to bad rubish. Never have I seen more corruption and treasonous behavior then I have from democrats in the last 20 years. At least Carter was honest. A bumbling boob, but honest. The Clintons and BHO are full fledged criminals and we are finding out more and more each day thanks to the “investigation” prompted by dems. Thank you.
Enjoy your self righteousness while you can.

Brian said...

You think it is ME being duped (with no specific examples of how), yet I point out how you were specifically duped and the best you can do is plug your ears and hum.

Talk to me about the great rise of clown boy and the fall of progressives when the clown's favorability rises above 50%, otherwise you are just fantasizing about the "will of the people" (who out-voted him by millions to begin with).

I agree with you about Carter. Bumbling but honest. Now we have a bumbling dishonest fool, perhaps the most verified dishonest person in history, presidents or non-presidents.

Enjoy your bubble-protected ignorance while you can.

Jay said...

Damn B/S, I guess you dems had that right. Now that Mueller and his team of Hillary supporters have called out Barr as a liar and called a press conference to denounce the Barr summary. This could be a s**t storm.

Oh wait...I was just tapping into a democrat dream somehow. I guess that didn’t happen. Oh well.

Brian said...

hee hee....I love ignorance that is so easily and so quickly proven to be wrong.

Jay said...

So do I B/S.

CaptDMO said...

"hee hee....I love ignorance that is so easily and so quickly proven to be wrong."
Careful, lest it become a full blown addiction!

Brian said...

Another day, yet more lies from the dishonest clown boy at his circus last night....yawn.

TRUMP: “We’re bringing a lot of those car companies back. They’re pouring back in.”

False - The only automaker announcing plans to reopen a plant in Michigan is Fiat Chrysler, which is restarting an old engine plant to build three-row SUVs. It’s been planning to do so since before Trump was elected. GM is even closing two Detroit-area factories as well as closing factories in Ohio and Maryland.

TRUMP: “The special counsel completed its report and found no collusion and no obstruction. …Total exoneration, complete vindication.”

MUELLER REPORT: “While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”


Jay said...

Wow. I don’t think you wanna play that game. Your own party has told so many lies in the past 27 years it’s difficult to quantify. Some greats are “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski.”
The best democrat lie was when the Clinton machine paid for the fake dossier that started this whole Russian thing. Democrats have perfected lying. They have to lie. If they told the truth about what they really want to do, nobody would vote for them.
The report is coming. You might as well settle in for another 6 years of Donald J Trump.

Brian said...

Oh, I DO want to go down that road when we are talking about the biggest liar that ever walked this earth.

Here are 12 pages worth.


Add the few more from last night....and the few more he will surely utter today, unless he is too busy golfing (176 times and counting since becoming clown prince, costing us 10s of millions of dollars)

But what do the blind followers care?

Jay said...

Are you talking about Trump, Obama or the Clintons?
Only one of them will be re-elected in 2020.
Blind followers already took this country too far down a bad road with the others.

Brian said...

None of them will be re-elected, although if Obama were able to run he would win in a landslide and stop prevent us from going too far down this bad clown road.