Friday, March 29, 2019

Left & Right March 27, 2019

Mark Guerringue again sits in the left chair. We open with the release of the Mueller Report last Friday. I reiterate what I've claimed for two years: There never was evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians so it's not surprising Mueller couldn't find any.

Mark asks if I accept the results of the investigation given that I never believed Mueller to be the straight-arrow prosecutor he was purported to be. I respond that Mueller should never have taken the case because there never was any crime or evidence of one and he should have seen that.

Mark says there was lots of smoke in the form of indictments generated by Mueller that didn't rise to prosecutable levels but that Trump had too many contacts with the Russians. He thinks the clearing of Trump is good for Democrats because impeachment proceedings would have hurt them like the impeachment proceedings against Clinton hurt Republicans twenty years ago. He thinks Democrats should "move on."

I say it's likely now that the Trump Justice Department will rev up its investigation of the frame-up initiated by Obama intelligence officials in CIA, FBI, NSA, and DOJ that should result in indictments of them.

We discuss Obamacare and the lawsuit from Texas challenging Obamacare's constitutionality after Trump eliminated the mandate/tax provision. That was Chief Justice Robert's rationale for the legality of the legislation -- that it was a tax, which it isn't anymore.

We discuss the efficacy of Medicare. Mark praises it. I call it unsustainable because government pays providers less than the cost to deliver the services so other consumers must pick up the difference. I cite that Democrat candidates for president would abolish private medical insurance companies. Mark is against that. He prefers a free market. We agree.

I raise the Jussi Smollett case and cite numerous connections to left/Democrat people behind dismissal of his charges including Michelle Obama and George Soros and that one of Smollett's lawyers was indicted along with Michael Avenatti earlier this week.

Mark brings up security clearances and neither of us knows if a president has to obtain one the way others do, or does he just get one automatically after being elected and inaugurated? I contend that Obama would never have gotten one as a private citizen because of his numerous connections to radical Islamic figures.

Mark like Andrew Yang as a Democrat presidential candidate after he visited the Conway Daily Sun offices recently for a discussion. We discuss his idea of giving $1000 a month to every citizen of the USA. I'm skeptical.

Mark suggests that next show we discuss political bias in social media. I'll be in Ireland the next two weeks and will miss the regularly scheduled next show.


cowboy ted said...

Nothing less than a brazen coup by the left and deep state to unseat a democratically elected president. Those who willfully and intentionally misled the public must take responsibility and accept the consequences of this shameful behavior, if not outright seditious. The deep state is a cancer that needs to be removed from our republic.

Anonymous said...

The Trump Justice Department must now bring down the hammer on Obama, Clinton and their criminal allies. I’m not buying that we should just move forward now that the Mueller Report vindicates Trump. Otherwise, the scummy Leftists will continue its attempted destruction of the country. Drain the swamp!

Brian said...

Give it a rest. If there was some "deep state" then they would have got rid of the clown boy. When the Attorney General in charge of investigating the president got his job because of a 19 page memo blowing smoke up the clown's ass, then there is no fantasizing about a hidden 'deep state". Unless the clown is part of the deep state.

The clown prince is being investigated precisely because "those who willfully and intentionally misled the public must take responsibility and accept the consequences of their shameful, if not outright seditious, behavior." Don't worry, the "cancer" will be removed by the will of the people.

The Mueller report "vindicates" the clown? How do you know that, when some of the only 50 words from the report directly quoted are:

“while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”

So I'm not buying that we should just move forward either. Let's see what the report has in it and start draining the swamp!

Jay said...

B/S keeps talking about a “clown prince”. Is he referring to Oblah blah?
Seriously, I agree with all of those in favor of investigating the participants in this coup d’etat. This is the worst example of democrat corruption in my lifetime, and that’s saying a lot. I also believe the President should pardon some of the folks who have been ruined by this sham of an investigation.
We need to fix this two tier justice system. One tier has been for all of us. The other tier is for democrats. Hillary, Bill and Barrack should all be in jail. And that’s just for starters. Get rid of Pencil Neck and Comey too.

Brian said...

Russia interfered with our elections with the goal of getting trump elected, after which trump acts like putin's little bitch by sucking up to him and believing his word over that of his own country. He is then investigated for all the shady activity and lies concerning Russia, and it is determined by the Mueller report that he is not exonerated. So when you mention a "coup d'etat", do you mean in how trump was helped to power by an enemy nation?

Jay said...

Seriously B/S, you believe that? Who do you think the Russians would rather see President, Hillary or Trump?
The Clintons benefited from the Russians. Big time.
Use common sense. I know that’s not a leftist trait, but try.

CaptDMO said...

cowboy Ted-"
Those who willfully and intentionally misled the public.... must take responsibility and accept the consequences of this shameful behavior..."
Do you see the potential oxymoron here?
You're asking scorpions to enjoin a 12 step "frog sting abatement" program.

Brian said...

C'mon Jay, the FACT that the Russian's goal was to get their boy in office is indisputable. It is even verified in Barr's you even read these things, or are you like clown boy?

Jay said...

Again, try common sense. I know it’s difficult when you’ve been brought up on a diet of propaganda, but...

Brian said...

Common sense, Jay, tells one that they should examine the facts and the evidence. Such as Meuller uncovering many, many secret meetings and lies about Russian. About Barr admitting in his summary that multiple attempts were made to help trump. Common sense says that trump would have gone ballistic if he thought the Russians had been trying to help Hillary...there is no way he would then believe Putin over his own intelligence that they did not interfere. Common sense. He would not have continued to suck up to Putin and trust him and praise him. Obvious common sense. Trump had business dealings with russia...which he lied about.

Yet despite all of this common sense, you somehow disregard the part of Barr's summary that states Russian was trying to help Trump (as well as the part that says trump is not exonerated), and still try and use the summary to say trump is now totally cleared???? Wow.

Work on those common sense skills Jay. And break free of your bubble.

Mr Ed said...

Seth Rich, a DNC member and Bernie supporter, down loaded the Podesta emails on his thumb drive and gave info to Wikileaks. There were no lies in the emails ' it just showed how corrupt the DNC was in giving the DNC nomination to Hilliary and side railing Bernie.

Seth ends up dead with a bullet in his brain Wikileaks offers a 20 k reward for Seth's Murderers, capital police throw the murder in the dead file. Nothing done, Mueller doesn't investigate................

Again with the robot shit, you suck Tom

Mr Ed said...

PS Brain is a fn retard. He completely discounts how Trump has done nothing to promote Russia during his reign, he has sanctioned them at every opportunity, he has confronted them in Syria Ukraine Venezuela you name it and I'll have to say Trump will never get my vote again because he is a full blown neocon, and of course Brain.....

And again with the fn robot bs tombo

Jay said...

Some of the liberals out there remind me today of when the dems were all up in arms that Trump the candidate said something the dems misquoted as if he wouldn’t accept the election results for 2016 if Hillary won. Hillary and all the rest of the lying dems were so indignant and said that any good American would respect the results.
Not so much after the actual election.
They really thought the hilderbeast would win. When she didn’t they launched a coup to try to get rid of him. They are still not over it. They are still doing it.
“Wait until the Mueller report is released! Then we’ll get him!!!”
Now that the summary has been presented and the President is obviously not a Russian operative, (big surprise there), now the dems are balking about the report. Now the report is in error. The summary is in error. Barr is a Trump puppet. There’s missing evidence. Forget about two years of a multimillion dollar operation. Forget about it. It doesn’t say what they want it to say so now they’re angry and refuse to accept the results.
If the were a cure for cancer and If the president tried to pass an executive order giving all cancer victims the cure for free, dems would vote against it. If there were a vote for a border wall the dems would vote against it, (even if they voted for it under a previous administration). If Trump tried to pass an executive order that air would always be free to breath, the dems would vote against it.
This is all plain and simple to anyone with common sense. The reality is that dems don’t have any.
Any common sense.
Plain and simple.

cowboy ted said...

It should now be apparent to anyone with half a brain that today's democratic party is not the party of JFK. They hate America and what America was and is. When you have Holder, a scumbag, say that America was never great, what else do you need to know. So America was not great when Lincoln freed the slaves or when we defeated the Nazis along with the dictator from Japan. Or, when we ended the cold war? Or when we liberated the French. I'm sick and tired of the lefties who run education tell the kids how bad America is all BS. The actual theft of conscience is when the slacker Bernie wants to deprive people of their pride, work, and self-respect by making everything "Free." Really? Are the teachers and professors going to work for free? This is all crap. The deep state is the evil along with their partners. They are prostitutes and will sell their own for material gain. There was never a "collusion" but rather a convenient ploy to move their ignorant base to "resist" and to prey on people's cynicism. No, the irony is that the lefties want absolute control over us--so the hell with them. Go Trump.

Brian said...

What do you do when facts AND common sense aren't on your side. Whine and rant like the post above.

Meueller Report: “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also DOES NOT EXONERATE him”

Putin is getting a great chuckle out of the mess his boy is causing. Neo_Nazi's are getting great comfort that they have somebody in office who considers some of them very fine people.

The world laughs at our bungling clown prince.

Jay said...

B/S, I don’t think you understand the law and how the process works. But of course, they don’t explain those things on CNN.
The only laughing going on right now is the world laughing at democrats who have stopped trying to hide their contempt for the law and now just let their corruption be on display for the world to see.

Brian said...

Law 101: an investigation into suspicious presidential behavior is not a "coup d'etat" (Unless you are a middle school drama queen)

The world is laughing at democrats? Talk about projecting! Show me a poll that supports that utter BS. Here is what polls DO say":

After previously reporting a decade-high level of disapproval of U.S. leadership in 2017, Gallup, the Washington, D.C.-based global polling firm, released a new survey on Thursday showing that the world still doesn't seem fond of U.S. "We saw the most precipitous decline in the transition from the Barack Obama administration to the first year of the Trump administration (in 2017)," says Julie Ray, managing editor for world news at Gallup.

The world is laughing so hard that it is a struggle for satirists like SNL to out do the hilarious buffoonery being displayed in real life in the White House.

Steve said...

Trump Sr, his campaign manager Manafort, Trump Jr., Rick Gates, Kushner, Sessions, Papadapolous, Cohen and Flynn all lied about meetings with Russians. When that many members of the same team all commit to the same lie, it’s too suspicious too ignore.
When Trump Jr. was promised dirt on Clinton from the Russians, instead of going to the FBI, he took the meeting at Trump Tower. When asked if the meeting occurred, he lied. When he could no longer defend that, he said the meeting was about Russian adoptions, which was later proved to be a lie. Trump Sr. and Jr. Guiliani, Hope Hicks, Jay Sekulow and Sarah Sanders repeatedly stepped on each others’ toes with conflicting accounts of who actually prepared Don Jr.’s claim the meeting was about adoptions.
Rick Gates admitted he, Manafort and Konstentin Kilimnick met at the Havana Room in Manhattan in August 2016 where Manafort provided 2016 presidential polling data to Kilimnick who has ties to Russian Intelligence. All three left the bar out of separate exits. Who believes sharing polling data with our most devoted enemy since 1946 is standard operating procedure for a presidential campaign?
It seems like Mueller was unable to identify concrete evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian government factions to get him elected, but I think the Mueller report is going to be 400+ pages of circumstantial evidence like is listed above about their interactions with Russians and Trump’s efforts to block any investigation into a crime he promises never happened.

Steve said...

(continued from previous post)
I want to fold another layer into this: Trump’s pathological and infantile inability to admit even a modicum of defeat or failure. Trump claimed 1.5 million attended his inauguration after he heard the reported crowd size to be closer to 250K. He sent Spicer out to declared the 2017 inauguration was “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period…” Side-by-side photos began to appear of the 2017 inaugural crowd and the 2009 inaugural crowd, with Obama’s crowd being substantially larger. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority reported 517K subway riders by 11:00AM on the day of Obama’s 2009 inauguration and 193K by 11:00AM on the day Trump was inaugurated.
Trump claimed 3 – 5 million people illegally voted in his election, which coincidentally was his margin of defeat to Clinton in the popular vote. He never explained how he knew exactly how all of those millions of people voted. Trump even created the Voter Fraud Commission to find evidence of said 3 – 5 million illegal votes, but it eventually disbanded having accomplished nothing. Too bad, because they could’ve investigated the election fraud in 2016 and 2018 orchestrated by Marc Harris, Republican Rep from North Carolina’s ninth district.
Then there was Trump’s recent and completely innocuous slip of the tongue where he accidentally referred to Tim Cook of Apple as Tim Apple. He simply jumbled a few different thoughts at once, something every single human being in the history of mankind who possesses or possessed the power of speech has done. At best, this was a 1.5 second story, not even good for a laugh, because of its profound triviality…but no. Not to appear to the public that he suffers from the lumbering oafishness of imperfection that the rest of us mere mortals do, he declared that he actually said “…Tim Cook of Apple.” but that he said the “Cook of” part so fast, we couldn’t actually hear it. NOW it’s a story. Many networks slowed down the footage to show what everyone already knew, which was Trump accidentally said, “Tim Apple.” Feeling himself penned in with no way out, he revised his account of that speech. Now he claims he deliberately said Tim Apple, because the abbreviation saved time. I’m not sure what a Renaissance man like Trump would have done with that additional half second – travel, volunteer, learn an instrument, maybe. We’ll never know.
My point is this. If I’m right about the Mueller report in that it contains only 400 pages of suggested evidence of conspiracy without any concrete evidence, then you can bet the rent Putin has the concrete evidence. What lengths do we think Trump will go to to acquiesce to Putin to protect his electoral win?

Jay said...

I have never seen a bigger ego in the presidency since BHO. Not to mention that BHO was a bigger liar then Nixon or Clinton. That’s saying a lot.. BHO has been to all 57 states. And I could not keep my doctor and my healthcare costs went up 1,000% in two years. I am now uncovered. Thank you BHO.
Again, democrats will have a problem with the report if it doesn’t say what they want it to say. We all know this. Dems are still crying over a lost election. Plain and simple.

Brian said...

Oh, I get you know Jay! You are a comedian! You are actually a liberal whose mission is to make the far-right look ridiculously dopey! Brilliant! You are doing a fantastic job of it, while giving us all a laugh. The “spitting-out-the-coffee” moment was your pretending Obama had a bigger ego than Trump!!

Let’s play, guess who said:

“No one is more conservative than me.”
“No one is stronger on the Second Amendment than me.”
“No one respects women more than me.”
“ No one loves the Bible more than me.”
“There’s nobody more pro-Israel than I am.”
“There’s nobody that’s done so much for equality as I have.”
“There’s nobody who feels more strongly about women’s health issues.”
“Nobody knows more about taxes than me, maybe in the history of the world.”
“I have studied the Iran deal in great detail, greater by far than anyone else.”
“Nobody’s ever been more successful than me.”
“Nobody knows banking better than I do.”
“Nobody knows more about debt than I do.”
“Nobody’s bigger or better at the military I am.”
“I am the least racist person you’ll ever meet.”
“Nobody knows the system better than me.”
“Nobody knows politicians better than me.”
“Nobody builds better walls than me.”
“Nobody has better toys than me.”
“I can be more presidential than anybody.”
“Nobody’s stronger than me”
“Nobody is better to people with disabilities”
“There’s nobody that understands the horror of nuclear war more than me”

What next? Obama brags about sexually assaulting women more than Trump?

Obama played golf as president more than Trump?
Trump can jump higher than Obama?
Obama is more obese than Trump?
Obama has goofier hair than Trump?
Obama has been married more than Trump?

All good, but the ego one takes the cake!

This is fun.....tell me some more!

Jay said...

I may be a comedian but I’ll be laughing all the way to 2020.

Brian said...

...and then sobbing AFTER 2020, probably ranting about a coup d'etat or some other conspiracy theory.

Keep us laughing!

Jay said...

I’ll keep laughing while the President still packs rally’s with thousands. O blah blah and the Clintons had hundreds, or less.
It amazes me how you say the country and the world hate the president and yet he’s the biggest draw around. One of us is wrong.....and it ain’t me. Get over yourself and your lame stream fake news media. You can say and believe what you want but reality speaks. Over half the country admires what Trump is doing. The other half are swallowing propaganda.

Brian said...

"Rallies"! How cute. You base clown boy's popularity on his silly pep rallies, and claiming his crowds are bigger? Remember his inauguration crowd compared to Obama's? So let's just drop the silly, meaningless stuff and remember that by all the major poll, clown boy is shown to be the most unpopular president in history! The only president ever to have more people disapproving him than approving him after a year in office!

Can you show me the poll that shows "over half the country admires what Trump is doing"? You can't? No surprise. You know things are bad for the clown when even Rassmussen, the most "friendly/biased" poll towards trump shows more than half the population disapproving him.

And did you see that the clown prince is now backpedaling on releasing the Mueller report? What a shocker! Actually this is what I told you earlier. It is only a surprise to those duped by propaganda. To the rest of the's "Duh...of course he didn't keep his word...does he ever?" There is no way he wants all that information out about him.

Jay said...

Yeah. I guess that explains where all those people come from who want to see him. He’s just unpopular. That explains it.
Polls? All the polls had Hillary winning handily.
Don’t know anything about back peddeling the report. Traveling the last few days. All I know is that the democrats demanded to see the whole thing unredacted which I understand is not legal because of grand jury testimony. I also heard that the report by Comey about Hillary had the opposite effect on dems. No need to see the whole thing. Comey says Hillary is golden and that’s good enough for dems.
Two tier justice works well for democrats.
All I know is that if any democrat candidate could get the kind of crowds Trump gets, it would be all over the news and be “proof” of their popularity.
Fake news. Gotta love it.

Brian said...

This is like talking to a child...of course the clown is popular with the people that attend his circus shows. It is the majority of the population that does NOT attend that he is unpopular with. Yes, the polls showing Hillary winning easily kept many people home on voting day because they thought it didn't matter, and they really were not thrilled with her. Don't count on them not learning and staying home again. Like they didn't stay home for the mid-terms and cleaned house.

Redacting what needs to be redacted legally should take a few days at most. What Congress does not want is unwarranted redactions. You "heard" that the Comey report had opposite effects? How so? Dems also wanted that one out (and it WAS released immediately after completion) because it contradicted clown boys’s belief that the investigation was rigged to get Clinton off the hook.

So keep being content that the clown can attract as many people as a tractor pull event.

I love your sign off! "Fake news. Gotta love it." Thanks for the honesty as it is perfectly clear that you do love it, and believe it.

Jay said...

Rationalization is key with democrats. If they couldn’t do that they’d realize their own false reality. Instead they choose to live in an inane world and rationalize every misstep.
You go your way. I’ll continue to live in the real world.

Brian said...

hee hee....ok Mr. Delusional.

Brian said...

Delusional idols create delusional followers. How much more delusional can you get than repeatedly claiming that your father was born "in a wonderful place in Germany", when he were actually born in the Bronx? This clown has serious mental issues leading him to have no connection with reality.

Maybe this German fantasy of trump's has no connection with him believing some Neo Nazis are "very fine people".....