Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Another Coverup

Pope Francis’s big sex summit is over and the reviews are coming in. National Review’s Michael Brendan Dougherty says: “The pope’s summit is trash and a coverup.” The National Catholic Register described a quintessential question asked by a reporter: “At the press conference on Feb. 22, longtime CNN Vatican reporter Delia Gallagher pointed out to Cardinal Cupich of Chicago and Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston that in 2002 the American Cardinals were in Rome working to implement a zero-tolerance policy, and the main figure in that was then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Why, she asked, should the American people trust them again?”

O'Malley and Cupich
Why indeed? Ms. Gallagher didn’t get an answer. She got the runaround and so did faithful Catholics the world over. Cardinal Cupich was appointed a cardinal by Pope Francis on the recommendation of the now-disgraced former-Cardinal McCarrick, then designated by Francis as coordinator of this newest coverup of deviant sexual escapades by clergy at all levels, not just priests. As expected, Cupich dodged Gallagher’s question with still more nebulous platitudes just like McCarrick used seventeen years ago.

McCarrick and Cupich
The sex summit never mentioned Cardinal McCarrick, yet he loomed large anyway — the proverbial elephant in the room. Pope Francis still denies prior knowledge of McCarrick’s predatory homosexual behavior or that McCarrick had been confined to a secluded life of prayer and penance by his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Immediately upon assuming the papacy in 2015, however, Pope Francis reversed Benedict’s action and greatly increased McCarrick’s influence — until last summer when proof of his deviant behavior emerged. The week before last week’s the sex summit Pope Francis defrocked McCarrick, evidently thinking the whole affair would go away by doing so.
It didn’t. Catholics still want to know why Francis hasn’t released documents in the Vatican and in Washington, DC where McCarrick was archbishop which would prove one way or another whether Francis knew about McCarrick’s deviant behavior and his suspension by Benedict XVI. None of that was addressed and the McCarrick affair remains a festering boil. So does last summer’s testimony by Archbishop Vigano who identified a homosexual network permeating the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide.

Media asked questions about the “gay” network too, but Cupich and other favorites of Pope Francis deflected them. At the summit was Robert Royal, president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C. who wrote: “So, was it dealing with the full truth of the current problem within the Church not even to mention the element of homosexual predation — to sidestep the greater problem… [and] making it appear that the problem is the abuse of young children and not basically homosexual grooming? And isn’t it undeniable at this point that there were and are “gay” networks of mutual cover-up, not least in Rome, even at the very highest levels?”

None of that was on the agenda. It wasn’t discussed. Bandaids were applied to those festering boils too. To lance them would have been painful, yes, but then healing could have begun. Instead, they were covered up yet again in hopes that the anger of faithful Catholics out there would dissipate yet again as it did after the 2002 Boston Globe Spotlight series. Remember, it was then-Cardinal McCarrick using his soothing words to convince us all that everything would be okay, that he would fix it. I fell for it then but I won’t this time, and either will millions of others out here in the pews. This is not going to go away. It’s going to get worse. That’s how infections are.

So now what? What will “get worse” look like? Will there be another schism? Another Reformation? Will faithful Catholics zip up their wallets when the collection plate comes around? NBC News reported last October that: “Thirteen states now investigating alleged sexual abuse linked to the Catholic Church.” They include Florida, Arkansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania (again), Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Vermont. The US Justice Department is investigating possible RICO violations by various dioceses as well.

Oh yeah?
Cupich calls for transparency at Sex Summit?
He's Archbishop of Chicago
Media will be all over press conferences when each state reports out, just like they were last August in Pennsylvania. American Catholics will cringe again, and again, and again… Doesn’t the pope know that confession is good for the soul? Catholics call it “Reconciliation” these days, but it’s not being practiced at the Vatican, not in any real sense. There was an opportunity last week, but the highest officials in the Roman Catholic Church let it pass. So what’s next? As Bette Davis said in All About Eve: “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”


CaptDMO said...

I keep missing the part where pedophiles in "The Church" are referred to DOJ/ Law Enforcement.
There ARE NO "Title IX" mere expulsions (at least not in the US)
"Influenced" Dept of Justice "prosecutorial discretion" is another matter of course, in what I ASSUME to be a vast majority of homosexual pedophilia and "grooming".
Oddly, I'm not seeing false accusations, recovered memories, #metoo, professionals popping up, despite the probability math, and history, in ALL such similar dilemmas.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right....healing cannot begin until the boil is lanced.
I honestly believe that the gay network is so large and entrenched that it will be nearly impossible to dislodge it.
I think the only way the message will be sent is via the collection plate, and any money we do put in is likely to go to paying off lawsuits and punitive fines.

Now we seem to be seeing the same thing in the Boy Scouts. In the past they had problems, so they banned gay scout leaders. Now, under intense pressure from charities like United Way, LBGT groups, and States like CA, they have succumbed to the pressure and are now allowing it again, as well as admission of girls. Unfortunately, it has not worked out so well. Sadly, the "Scouts" recently had to file for bankruptcy protection.

Our Society is now allowing the tail to wag the dog, and it is all very sad.

Mr Ed said...


Off topic

IS asmainegoes.com still functioning?

Brian said...

The Catholic church has been involved in sex scandals since the 11th century and they are still at it today.

Imagine a world without these organizations that create systematic abuse, and instead the world was full of people doing good because it is the right thing to do without the threats of eternal damnation for not "believing".

Mr Ed said...


I think Hollywood would fit that quite well also or how about the halls of Congress or take any military. Not to get into a conversation..............

Was just wondering whether that asshat Lance Dutson gave up the host?

Anonymous said...

Well being Catholic and having my father saying while he was an alter boy, having to punch "the fat belly of his priest and run out of the church" , who cares, now you have young teenage age men cutting off their dicks and thinking they are going to get some in return.

Western morals have become insane, there are no morals, it is immorality as the west devolves into a globalist one think. They and US, Justice, meaning Just them. The elite and the removal of the current inhabitants with migrants, give it 50 years

As a side note Tom Tired of the BS of am I a robot, I'm obviously a robot, I put up with the BS

Tom McLaughlin said...

Anonymous: I suggest you sign your name at the end of your posts, or make up a pseudonym and use it consistently.

Anonymous said...

As a Reformed Protestant I believe the Roman Catholic Church is explained in Revelation 17.