Thursday, November 08, 2018

Left & Right November 7, 2018

Libertarian Tony Zore, radio personality at WMWV sits in the left chair, though I could hardly call him a leftie. He may not be as conservative as I am but is still right of center and a thoughtful and insightful commentator as you'll see.

The producer asks our opinions about Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker compared and contrasted with Paul Ryan in the job. Tony is more forgiving of both than I am.

We try to envision what Democrats will do with majority power in the House. Contentious, warlike is the likelihood.

I contend we should leave Afghanistan and Tony agrees and we both explain why.

Tony elaborates on the passage of Questions 1 & 2 on the New Hampshire ballot -- both of them amendments to the NH Constitution. Question 1 makes it easier for NH citizens to sue government if they believe a law violates their rights. Question 2 protects against intrusion by government into private papers and would seem to include electronic social media as well. Libertarians like this amendment.

I lament the hyped, up-to-the-minute election coverage by virtually every media outlet. I can wait for morning to hear results. They won't change.

Polls accurately predicted election results this cycle but were way off in 2016. Tony claims RealClearPolitics averages were accurate both cycles.

We analyze other NH and Maine election results, state and local. I describe Maine results and Tony summarizes NH results.

I criticize Maine's experiment with "ranked choice" voting, that it's confusing and causes delays. Tony sings praises of ranked choice because it helps third parties like Libertarians.


cowboy ted said...

Another election, more voter fraud..the DNC at work to undermine Americans. Well, we have the judiciary, I figure with the senate Trump will choose very conservative justices to preserve the original intent of the Constitution. That's the good news. What is wrong with Maine is my question. A budget surplus and they choose the liberal Dem to bring us back to the spend, tax, and deficit ways associated with Dem run states. This just might be the final nail in the coffin. More handouts, recreation pot, and whatever else--more reasons for slackers to be in Maine.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Hard to argue with that Ted. Are you going to join Paul LePage in Florida?

cowboy ted said...

and leave this wonderful Maine winter where I can pay taxes for slackers to tread on me? What must I be thinking?

Jay said...

Some people are saying that democrats will not be happy with just the House. Folks I know think that they won’t be happy until they have everything back. They are still protesting and marching and vandalizing.
I’m inclined to think these people I know are correct. This may be the beginning of a new Civil War. I had truly hoped that if the dems got the house back they would shut up and actually try to earn the money they take from us. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.
2 years of gridlock, investigations and BS. Is this what we pay these democrats for?

DAWN said...

This is just so discouraging and frustrating to watch! It's actually sickening to be honest. But can we be surprised? Really? We are living in a culture that is teaming with cheating and lies all over the place.

Sad to say those who have integrity and common sense are trampled on by those working for the evil one! It's a spiritual battle that is bringing more and more darkness to our world by the minute. Thanks be to God we were warned, told to hold tight and wait for the end to all this. That is, when the cup of iniquity is finally full to overflowing, it will be finished. Then everything will be reconciled as it should be. There is hope. Hang onto that.

CaptDMO said...

Is Tony espousing Libertarian, or libertarian?
Free State folks from Roger's Campground want to know!

Brian said...

So now Trump has stooped to banning press who ask him tough questions he doesn't want to wimpy can one get?

And then they get caught trying to peddle off an altered video!! How dumb can one get? Did they really think they could get away with their Fake News?

Wait, it wasn't altered. Or says says Kellyanne Conway, it was sped up. (Which in reality makes it altered). Then the dopey woman says that they do it all the time in sports to check for first downs. No they don't, dummy. They slow it down. And who cares what they do in sports anyway?

The stupidity astounds me.

Jay said...

Yep B/S, you’re absolutely correct. Donald Trump is the FIRST President to ever kick out a heroic member of the heroic press Corp. and all because he didn’t like Acosta’s statement, I mean question.

And of course they altered the video clip. They altered a video clip that was experienced live by an entire room full of heroic press. They knew that nobody in that room could identify an altered clip cause they were just ......

Next time Brian/Spartacus, or B/S, try a little common sense. Pick up a box of it right next to the backbone box in the truth isle.

Brian said...

Huh? Really, no joke, I can not make out a single coherent thought that you are trying to express.

Jay said...

Of course not.

Brian said...

So not only was the Wimpy One scared away from a WW I ceremony (his hair couldn't take it?), but upon returning home he didn't even take the 2 mile trip to drive over and pay respects at Arlington. Just imagine the cries of "America-hater" had Obama done the same. What a self-loving, all-hating excuse for a human this Trump-wimp is.

Our sad little clown of a president is melting down. The Mid-term beat down, the Mueller investigation, having to answer questions from the press, it is all too much for a man of such weak character to handle.

Jay said...

The last comment is a prime example of the hatred the left socialists feel for our President. It is unfounded and based on inaccurate reports from the main stream media. It also lacks common sense.
This is what rational people have to contend with.
I have to admit though that when B/S started his diatribe referring to “The Wimpy One”, I really thought he was talking about Obama.
And “mid term beat down”? I don’t thinks so. Mid term election stealing? Very possibly. Somebody please remind B/S what the usual mid terms look like and how much different these were.

Brian said...

It is worth repeating the acccurate, indisputable reporting that our so-called President did not even bother to take a few minutes to carry out a generations old presidential tradition of lying a wreath at Arlington to honor our soldiers. Too busy sulking?

Jay said...

Is it your opinion, or fact, that the reason the President did not attend was because he was "sulking"?

Brian said...

Ah, you are catching on! That was an opinion. The fact here was the important thing.

Brian said...

Here is another opinion, this one from a US General. Discussing Trump skipping a veterans event during his recent trip to France, Gen. Barry McCaffrey says he thinks Trump "just wanted to stay out the rain, eat cheeseburgers, and tweet..."

Brian said...

Not only does trump skip the ceremony in France and then not respect the soldiers at Arlington, he is now trying to take away their votes in Florida, saying inexplicably that new incoming votes from troops serving overseas should not be counted and that they must just go with election night.

It's no wonder his own Generals are openly mocking him.

Jay said...

Don’t know where you’re getting your news from. There were reasons why the President missed those events. You obviously were never informed by the wonderful main stream media that you are umbilicaled to.
As to generals and Trump denying military votes, I doubt it. Seriously, you just need to use common sense. The President is a huge supporter of our military. 3/4’s of the military hated Obama. 98% of them are happy with Trump.
And besides, if that’s the best you’ve got to continue slamming our President, it’s pretty pathetic. It’s sad that some people feel they have to find things like this to slam our President. “The Loyal Opposition” is obviously a thing of the past for the party of the KKK.
The only voting irregularities going on are from the party of cheating and hate, the democrats.

Brian said...

Oh, so enlighten us as to what was more important than honoring our fallen soldiers. You had better enlighten the military General as well, as he believed Trump just wanted to eat cheeseburgers and tweet instead.

Trump said, an undeniable fact, that he wanted no more incoming votes to be counted. Many of these are the votes of overseas military. Facts. Deal with them.

Jay said...

You are free to look up the WH schedule.
You are free to assume any moronic thing you choose. Assumptions are just opinions. I really don’t care what your opinion is. It is, in the end, merely B/S.
I’m sure there will be a General out there who has a bad opinion of the President and chooses to say stupid stuff. Doesn’t mean it was true of course.
Again, use common sense. Do you really think the CIC would deny military votes? If you do, you’re misguided. I think you’re just trying to get a rise out of people.

Brian said...

Hmmm, I didn't see anything on his schedule that would stop him from taking less than half an hour to lay a wreath and pay his respects to fallen soldiers. As a matter of fact the France event was ON his schedule, but instead he chose to, in the words of a US General, eat cheeseburgers and tweet.

It is obvious we don't value each other's opinions. But facts are facts.

Which include Trump's very words saying the votes should not be counted. That SHOULD get the rise out of people.

Jay said...

You didn’t get the whole thing.
If you wanna believe that tripe go ahead. Your choice B/S

Jay said...

You can actually change the color of some plants by feeding them colored water. Just like feeding people poisonous fake news. Eventually people start showing the color of the water they’ve been given.

Brian said...

I agree 100 Fricken percent with that plant/people thing! That is why I will always use verifiable facts when creating my reality, versus going with a gut feeling and never admitting that it might have been a bad one, not stopping to consider any possibility to the contrary. Very Trumpian, I see why you like the guy.

As to "not getting the whole thing", do you care to quote the part that would have put this into a context that meant otherwise? Or would you like to dodge it, as you did with the matter of something being more important on president Grouchy-Pants schedule?

Some people have a knack for letting their freak flag fly, but you are pretty great at letting that white flag fly.

Jay said...

You use opinions.
All of your B/S BS is BS. Quoting some general and then proclaiming that Trump was indeed tweeting and eating a cheeseburger because that General was making a snide comment is not using facts. Lack of common sense. It’s showing the color of water you’ve been fed. All of your “facts” are just maligned opinions, and bad ones at that. They demonstrate no common sense and no knowledge of the subjects you purport to know about....oh wait.....that’s everything....
As to the WH schedule, if you can’t find it, that’s on you. That is, if you really DO want to find it.
Question for you B/S: do you honestly think the President of the United States would sit out those ceremonies because he was having a tantrum? Please tell us your answer for that. I want to see the colored water.
If I’m flying a white flag, why are you the one losing every argument? Could it be because all of your B/S BS is BS? Truth wins every time. Lack of common sense and highly opinionated BS don’t win arguments.

Brian said...

Jay, relax..take a deep breath. We already discussed that the General's comment was an opinion, remember? About a dozen posts back? Go refresh your memory. We are beyond that. We are now discussing the FACT that Trump missed both the French event, as well as a chance to redeem himself by carrying on the tradition of laying a wreath in Arlington......right down the road from his residence.

That is fact. I am asking you to believe no opinion. But since you ask for my opinion then I would have to honestly answer yes, I do believe that a grouchy Trump might have said "Screw this rain, screw the French, screw the mid-terms, I'm not going". Did he have a cheeseburger? Your guess is as good as mine or the Generals. Of all the nonsensical things he has done in the past though, why would this surprise you? Are you surprised at the circus when a clown smacks a pie in someone's face?

There, again I have shown you how to answer a question. Yet still I wait for your responses to questions asked of you. Again. What was on his schedule that was so damned important? What part of Trump's speech erases the part I quoted you?

And that, my friend, is why you are not a very good debater. That gut feeling of yours just doesn't cut it. You need facts.

Damn, I bet you wish you had Trump's power and could trample the First Amendment and just ban me. That's easier than answering tough questions.

Jay said...

You are confused. The discussion is about why those ceremonies were missed. Again your desire for self aggrandizement clouds your argument. The color of whatever poison you sprinkle yourself with shows with every post you make.
Your lack of common sense is evident in every word you utter.
Even if I could ban your diatribe in some way, I wouldn’t. I enjoy it too much. Reading your words helps me to deal with other self righteous liberals who think they know everything and have very little creative energy. Also I believe that other people who read these blog entries probably get a kick out of our back and forth. It does help those of us conservatives to read the words of liberals and see what they are thinking. It’s interesting, funny and entertaining. I look forward to your missives with anticipation to see what else liberals have to say, locked in their Trump derangement syndrome and hate for all things sensible.
Think of it B/S, with every post you make, you help conservatives deal with other liberals like yourself and show liberals how truly desperate they’ve become. You are actually helping to wake up any liberal who reads these posts. You are actually helping America here. Good for you.
Thank you. Keep um coming.

Brian said...

Wow, that was a long winded way of saying that you can't defend your position on what we both agree the discussion is about: "Why those ceremonies were missed"

You had claimed there were "reasons" that my media didn't tell me about. So for the 5th time: What reasons did your wonderful media tell you?

It's really simple...just answer the question that you insinuated you had an answer for.

Avoiding this is really making you (not all conservatives) look bad. Any liberals reading this are already "woke", I'm sure. And laughing at the butt-kicking you are taking. You are welcome, America!

Answer the simple question, or keep hiding with your white flag held high.

Jay said...

Typical liberal: can’t do anything for himself.
And besides, you never answer any of my questions.

Brian said...

You asked: "do you honestly think the President of the United States would sit out those ceremonies because he was having a tantrum?"

I answered.

I asked what were the reasons your media gave you for missing the ceremony and not visiting Arlington.

You threw up the white flag by not answering. Which makes you a loser in this debate.

Jay said...

I don’t really care if you think I’m the loser or the winner. I just enjoy your tactics. They’re humorous.

You really did not answer my question though, ya know. Seems to me, you’re the one dodging things. Again, do you really think the CIC would unnecessarily blow off those ceremonies? A little common sense please.i know you hate the guy and all that. I know you think he’s an even worse President then Obama, and THAT is saying something.

Brian said...

You not liking my answer does not affect the FACT that I answered it. So what did I dodge? I have a feeling that question will be another one that you dodge. Ironic, huh?

And the fact remains that you are unable to back your side of the argument by answering my questions. So enjoy being a loser.

Jay said...

Apparently you don’t actually read what I write B/S.
Even though you are apparently incapable of answering questions, let me ask you another one.

Let’s pretend that tomorrow all republicans decided to just give up. Let’s say that in 2020 every democrat running for office won, including the office of the President. There was no more republican opposition to anything democrats wanted to do. All remaining republicans in office decided to go ahead and vote for everything democrats wanted to do.

What would this country look like in 20 years?

I’m curious about your view of this scenario and how democrats would work to achieve it.

I’m also curious if you’d like to venture your opinion of what this country would look like now had democrats had their way in everything since say, 1960.

You don’t have to answer as I’m sure you’d rather continue on with your attempt at self aggrandizement. But do try. Make this loser smile.

Brian said...

Why do I keep answering your questions when mine are piling up unanswered? Anyway, such I'm not a wimp that won't answer, I'll amuse you. If your scenario happened I think we would have a much cleaner, less polluted earth, universal health care, and less of a gap between the top 1% and the middle class.

There. Now can you strap on a pair, man-up, and answer the questions I have repeatedly asked?

And you can stop your crap about me not answering, when I keep answering yours and you never answer mine. Who are you trying to kid? Anybody can just read the posts and see the truth for themselves.

Smile away.

Jay said...

I’ll ignore the mindless baiting B/S...

I was asked that same question in a slightly different way recently. A liberal asked me what this country would look like right now if there had been little or no liberal democrat influence since the end of WWII.
My response was something like this:

First off, there would be no north and South Korea or Vietnam. We would have been unfettered by liberal opposition during those conflicts and thus both would now be united free republics. China would likely have given over to a more western style government as well. The USSR would have faced a much more fierce battle to retain communism and the Berlin Wall may not have been built or would have come down much sooner.
Inner cities would look far different because there would be no Great Society programs. Inner cities would be flourishing and clean and minorities would benefit from a stronger family unit with much less single parent households. Minorities would also have a far greater hold on real estate and small business and would have a much more equal share of this countries GDP.
Colleges would be teaching the history of our country and fomenting patriotism and love of our Constitution.
The Twin Towers would still be standing since our countries military and international prowess would be totally unchallenged. Hence no war in the Middle East. Peace out brother.
The Kennedy Brothers would never have been assasinated as they would most likely have served smaller roles in government and there would be far less Radical leftist influence in the world to spawn such characters as Oswald. Their guidance and vision would still be with us today.
The media would look far different. There would be no Fox News, at least not as it is perceived today because there would be no need for it. Rush Limbaugh would likely not be the most popular radio talk show host. No need. He’d likely be Governor of Missouri.
The planet would be far “greener” then it is now because there would be no need for an EPA since companies who went green would be in competition with ever more Green companies and the US world leadership in Conservation would spread worldwide.
No antifa.
Smaller, less intrusive government. Far lower taxes and no more income tax withholding. Possibly a flat tax. Repeal of the 17th amendment.
Universal healthcare or, if you will, Obamacare, would not be needed as costs for healthcare and insurance would be about a tenth or what it is now. Competition for cost of services and drugs would drive prices way down.
In short, we would be the envy of the world, even more so then we are today but other countries would be better able to emulate our success. Our own standard of living would be far higher then it is now. Most all households would be able to afford a one person working economy. Thus our family units here would be far stronger then they are today.
If the democrat party still existed, it would be only an alternative view of how to do things and not the radical, socialist, whining, cheating, Nazi-like party that it has become.
And all of this if there were no liberalism since WWII.

Brian said...

That is some fantasy!

But still not enough cajones to answer a simple question.

What was so important on Trump's schedule to make him miss honoring our fallen soldiers? (6th time asked)

Brian said...

Although I hate to distract you from trying to answer a simple question, here is what I think we would be seeing if Republicans had full control for the last 20 years:

A world so polluted due to no regulations that it is almost unlivable. A big problem since only the rich could afford health care.

Due to hatred and bigotry run rampant, WAY more acts of terrorism. 9/11 would be just one of many such incidents.

An elite ruling class of the top 1%, almost no middle class, and a huge population of poverty stricken "workers".

Even more of a move toward authoritarianism than Trump is now attempting.

And probably a Civil War because of all of these things.

Jay said...

I thought that would make you spill you guts. Lovely view of the opposition party you have. Small wonder that folks with your mindset are so full of hate and despair and desperation. Small wonder that the democrat party can not work with Republicans anymore to actually do the work that government employees are paid for. Instead, the hatred just drives democrats to try to exact revenge instead of actually taking care of business. And now we’ll be faced with two years of gridlock because of the lack of civility and commons sense of the democrats.
Your opinion is a bellwether of the lingering hatred of the party of the KKK.
For the seventh time, I’m telling you to look it up. I’ve told you that many times. I sometimes wonder if you actually read what I write.The information is available. I know you know that. I also suspect that you know that you’re just trying to make a straw man argument here. Sorry. Survey says....
Again, a little common sense. Something democrats could use right now.
But do tell us more about how things would be without democrat rule. It’s fascinating.

Brian said...

Where is this "hate" you keep bringing up. You seem obsessed by it. Perhaps you should stop projecting your feelings onto others.

You keep saying that the question I asked you is easily available. Prove it. Put your cajones where your mouth is. I've looked it up and couldn't find a single excuse about something that was more important than honoring our fallen soldiers. Now is your chance to make me look like a fool by showing how easy it is to answer the question. You would leap at the chance to do that. If you could. But you have nothing.

So once again (7th time) What was Trump's excuse?

If you can't answer this time you are the ultimate fraud. C'mon big boy, prove me wrong...I dare you.

Jay said...

So once again ... look it up. I’m not your school teacher. Lord hep ya if I was.
I don’t have to try to make you look like a fool B/S. (For anybody reading this that doesn’t know, B/S stands for Brian/Spartacus, which is of course referring to that wonderful democrat voice of reason and towering intellect, Cory Booker, who Brian seems to identify with....just thought I’d clear that up).
Hey man, if you think I’m a fraud or by me. I’m not concerned with your opinion of me. In fact, if you really thought I was cool and groovy I’d be a little afraid. Your opinion of our President speaks volumes about your opinion forming matrix. If you’re too simple to look things up.....ask yer Mom.
So, you are fixated on this whole thing? Why? For the last 2500 posts of yours you’ve been worried about this matter. What I don’t understand is if you value our brave men and women in uniform so much to feign such contempt at a mispercieved and egregious faux paux, how could you possibly approve of Obama at all? He was hated by the military because of his (pardon me), B/S policies and lack of support. He and another wonderful democrat, Bill Clinton, both loathed the military.
Methinks you doth protest too much. Nice act. Nice try. Sorry. Survey says......

Brian said...

"Look it up"

Let me translate that into honest, real man talk:

"Whaaaa.....I got nothing, we all know it. Damn it I wish I could just provide a simple link or quote to prove that you are the fraud and not me"

Let me use this reasoning on you. It is proven that Trump is a mistake that got loose from a Russian laboratory. There is lots of proof that this is true. I don't need to prove it to you. Look it up.

Jay said...

You are very funny B/S.

Brian said...

Thanks! Sorry it is at your expense. If you are looking for humor yourself, try getting back to the coyote thing! How about....."I had a great list of excuses for why Trump didn't honor our military but...the coyote ate it!"

Jay said...

B/S, I especially like your little technique of injecting masculinity, or lack of it, into your empty slanderous comments. I like how you imply that you are a “real man”, or use “real man talk”. This kind of verbiage is a theme of yours and runs through many of your negatively charged dsimissive posts. One can only conclude from this sort of overcompensating projection that you are not entirely comfortable in your own skin.
Question? Is this sort of language supposed to make me feel weak kneed and afraid? Is this supposed to make me look up to your massive mound of modern masculinity and fear your reprisal?
Survey says....
I spent a lot of time in bars when I was younger, (believe it or not), and I always found it was the little guys who always started the fights. Bouncers always had the most problems with them because, I suppose, they were trying to prove something. I have also noticed that it is almost always the most confidant and self assured person who will be the last one to pick a fight. Why? They have nothing to prove.
Really B/S, aren’t you a little old to be having a pi**ing contest?
I understand that you refuse to look things up and I understand that you refuse to be proven wrong. Big deal. I still enjoy the dialogue, or whatever this is. Just maybe try to restrict your missives to facts, opinions and ideas without trying to let the whole world know that you’re some kind of badass who’s always right.
We might actually exchange some knowledge that way. I think you might be capable.
What say you?
(Now let’s hear some more self righteous mighty man babble)...(or not?)

Brian said...

Sound great! You say we might exchange some knowledge....let's start with this knowledge you say you have and can surely bestow upon me:

What was Trump's reason for honoring our soldiers?

Or are you still going with the coyote excuse? Or are you admitting that Trump is a Russian experiment gone haywire? God, I love this!

Brian said...

Ooops, big omission in the last post.

It should have said: What was Trump's reason for NOT honoring our soldiers. For NOT showing any respect. For NOT being able to create 15 minutes in his day to show that he understands the sacrifice soldiers have given. I mean he has already admitted that he likes only soldiers that are NOT captured, maybe he didn't visit the cemetery because he only likes soldiers who are NOT dead.

C'mon, dig that list out of the coyote's mouth, show some dignity, at least try and stand up for yourself.

Jay said...

I just finished watching last nights episode of South Park. I think maybe your last two posts are a continuation?

Jay said...

South Park illustrates the absurd with absurdity. Some folks are just.....well.....absurd.

Brian said...

I'm getting even more laughs out of you than I do with South Park, which is saying something. But it is really getting sadly pathetic watching you squirm over that one simple question. I know how incredibly bad you would love to shut me up by answering. I know how long you must have searched for just one shred of evidence that a good excuse existed and came up blank.

Tough facing reality sometimes, huh? Best to escape to make-believe buffoonery like South Park or Hannity/Limbough.

Jay said...

I have to admit B/S, this is pretty pathetic. Even for a typical socialist liberal.

Brian said...

Dang, how embarrassed I am. I “looked it up” and finally found out you were right....there is a very good reason why Trump decided not to honor our fallen soldiers both in France and in Arlington.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get that mess on top of his head to get wet and ruin that sweet Bozo the Clown look he’s got going.

It wasn’t that he simply huddled miserably chomping on cheeseburgers and tweeting (that only took up half of his time).

It wasn’t even that he had a big shouting match with Melania about who got to do the firing in the family and she sent him off to bed with no cheeseburger. That was only the evening hours.

It wasn’t even that he is a beaten, depressed mess who doesn’t give a crap about anything or anybody but himself. Well, that was a big part of the reason, but the main thing was….

….it turns out he had to fly off to the border to single handedly snatch a poor little immigrant child from the jaws of a coyote! Both times!

This is all true. Just look it up for yourself!

Jay said...

Is this what Darth Vader said to you right before you embraced The Dark side?

Brian said...

No, go with the coyote humor...this try was weak.

Brian said...

Ooops, I forgot to rub your failure (and Trumps) in your face again:

So....what is the top secret excuse that no one know but you for Trump skipping the chance to honor our nations fallen soldiers?

Jay said...

I have to admit I’m left wondering why you are obsessed with coyotes.

I also wonder why you can’t seem to find accurate information about anything.

I also wonder why you are so obsessed with some snub only you and some of the main stream media believe our President committed against our military when you supported a couple of presidents who had no use for the military at all. Hypocrisy? Nah....couldn’t be. Brian/Spartacus, or B/S for short, couldn’t be a hypocrite.

Your last 18,000 posts have been about this. Really? Supporting two different CIC’s who both loathed the military and seemed to do everything they could to ruin it and yet feigning outrage over something that isn’t true is a shining example of hypocrisy. Doesn’t surprise me. The left is intrinsically hypocritical. It is the hallmark of the democrat party and its leaders and acolytes.

Speaking of hypocrisy, shouldn’t we now be throwing porn star lawyer Avanatti in jail because someone accused him of something? Doesn’t that make him a Weasal, like you called Kavanaugh?

Brian said...

Aw, you don't remember telling me that Trump's border policy of separating children from their mothers was at least in part to save the children from being set loose alone and at the mercy of coyotes? Go back and check your old post! Great stuff!!

My last 18,000 posts were addressing your inability to back up your claim of a good excuse by Trump to honor our fallen soldiers. I'm done being drawn into your further distractions. Why talk about Avanatti or whatever until this topic is done?

So go ahead..finish it with a simple answer. Prove that you aren't just full of sh#* when you claim only you can find this information on Trump's excuses. can't. We all know it. So just man up and admit it.

Jay said... like coyotes?

Brian said...

Never thought much about them until you told me Trump was the shield between them and innocent immigrant children!

Oh....and what was Trumo's excuse?

Jay said...

So you now agree that the coyotes are a problem or do you still wish to make them some kind of joke. I’m trying to cut you some slack here.
No matter how many times you ask me, I’m going to give you the same answer. When my kids were young I didn’t clean their rooms for them either. Asking me over and over again does NOT make you appear intelligent.

Brian said...

So you never answered any question your kids asked you? Weird! Maybe your parents did the same to would explain a lot. You should have taught your kids to have the moral courage to admit when they were wrong about something . Your parents should have taught you the same. But it is strange that you have answered other questions I've asked. When you can't answer you have to make up some weird principle you have about answering questions? And you expect WHO to believe this?

And in case you haven't heard,, even Trump himself now admits he screwed up and should have gone to Arlington.

Why is it so hard for YOU to admit the same? Just being a loyal blind follower?

Oh, and I love that you are reviving the coyote bit! I must "look uo" this epidemic of coyotes eating immigrant children!

Jay said...

Okay. I was hoping to spare you the embarrassment and give you time to look it up. Just trying to cut you a little slack in the interest of sportsmanship.
Here is the second definition of a coyote, straight outta Webster’s.

2 slang : one who smuggles (illegal) immigrants into the U.S.
(Note: I added the word “illegal” above because that is who the definition is referring to)

Brian said...

The embarrassment is all yours. This did not give any good reasons Trump failed to go, he says he should have gone. So I'm still waiting on the good reasons you say Trump had to skip the ceremonies....France included.

And not separating infants from their mothers does not mean the only alternative is to throw them back to the coyotes. Duh. At least you gave up the "Clinton" started it malarky.

Jay said...

So you admit that you commented about a hundred times how stupid I was for complaining about the coyotes and you actually didn’t know what a coyote was.
Now you’re trying to once again obfuscate. I can only guess that you faiedl in debate class in 9th grade and now you’re overcompensating. I even hinted at it to try to let you figure it out.
Last time I cut you any slack, Jack. I mean, B/S.

Brian said...

So...what were Tumps good excuses for not giving enough of a rat's ass about our fallen soldiers to take few moments and honor them on Veterens Day?

I just love watching you fail on this one over and over.

Jay said...

Out of the last 50 posts of your, you’ve raised two topics B/S. The only reason for that is because you are trying to get me to admit that I’m wrong about something that I am not. And the other is because you refuse to look something up for yourself and are asking me to do it for you.
50 posts worth of this. Broken record much?
And now you are afraid to admit that you didn’t know what a coyote was.
Typical liberal.
Maybe you should get Avanatti to represent you.
Or maybe we should recount your posts until they come out like you want.

Brian said...

Your quote: "You are confused. The discussion is about why those ceremonies were missed."

That is why I am sticking to that topic. You obviously can't give any good excuses for Trump or you would. I showed you what childish thinking it is to say "look it up", instead of giving an answer. Because by your logic my assertion that Trump is an escapee from a Russian laboratory is just as likely as your assertion that there are good excuses for his spurning our veterans. We can both argue, hey...look it up.

I am not ashamed to admit that I didn't know some slang word. So? Did you know the slang for Kavanaugh's "devil's triangle" and "boofing"? Anyway, it is funny you brought coyotes up at all, no matter what the meaning is, as they are so totally irrelevant to the topic you said we were discussing. It would have been just as relevant and funny if you brought up boofing.

So I just showed you what somebody with character does when they don't know something. Here is your chance to show you have character as well, or are simply pitiful:

What were the good reason's Trump had to not honor our fallen soldiers on Veterans Day?

Jay said...

You are the one confused. And once again you fail to discuss issues and remain stuck with trying to defend yourself because a good little democrat can’t ever be wrong. And it’s pretty funny that you’re so full of yourself that you try to downplay the fact that you didn’t know a word and you were using your lack of knowledge about that word to try to make me look silly. Turns out it was YOU who looked silly. You can’t seem to understand that you’re an adult and not my student. I trained my own children to think for themselves and do for themselves which is why they are so successful now and not whining because somebody else won’t do their work for them.
This is a problem with the left in general. They want everything but are not willing to work for it. They make a mess because it “feels good” or it’s “the right thing to do”. They make a mess and don’t know how to clean it up. Then the adults have to come in and fix things.
But this is just a blog and an exchange of ideas. I don’t clean up your mess here.
I tried to cut you some slack. You missed the opportunity and now you look like the full of yourself, petty, always have to be right liberal that you are.
Your take on Kavanaugh was wrong. Your take on the border security was wrong. Perhaps you’d like a coyote to shepherd you over to Mexico if you hate this country and our President so much, now that you actually know what a coyote is. And by the way, anyone who discusses the border and it’s security issues should absolutely know what a coyote is. These coyotes are very bad actors and one good reason to tighten things up even more. When folks trying to cross the border in to this country employ one of these coyotes, they are in very real danger. Sometimes parents try to get their kids across and hire a coyote and the kids turn up missing. It’s a very real danger.

Your take on Trump not attending the ceremony was wrong as well. You actually come off as fake over that subject because you supported two presidents who literally hated the military. You are merely feigning outrage for your own ends. Pretty poor form and very very transparent.
In short, you’re a typical uninformed democrat who thinks he knows more then anybody else, which perfectly describes typical democrats.
But by all means keep it up. Your posts are good reading for the rest of us. I still enjoy the absolute abandon with which you go after anyone who disagrees with your superior intellect. It actually helps me better understand other democrats with whom I deal with.

Brian said...

jay: "You are the one confused. And once again you fail to discuss issues and remain stuck with trying to defend yourself because a good little democrat can’t ever be wrong."

I honestly stopped reading right after these first two sentences because I'm sticking with the issue you said we were discussing and your statements are just flat out wrong. I admitted I didn't know something (something weak people like you can't do) and I am not a democrat. Why read the rest of your long babbling BS?

So....What were the good reason's Trump had to not honor our fallen soldiers on Veterans Day?

So sad that "a good little" conservative can't ever be wrong!! So fun to use your hypocritical words against you!!!!

Jay said...

That appears to be your problem right there B/S. You only read what you want to.

Brian said...

I made the decision to hear people out until they say something untrue, and then call them out on it. With you, I seldom get very far. What good is it to go on to other things without stopping and agreeing on facts and realities?

The problem with you appears to be that you don't care about facts and reality and just barrel on through rambling about what you would like reality to be. Which is no good for anybody.

So....What were the good reason's Trump had to not honor our fallen soldiers on Veterans Day?

Ah, if only you could answer this and shut me up and prove me wrong about all this! It's just eating you up! Welcome to reality.

Jay said...

Ah. Again B/S, you seem to be projecting yourself onto others.
Again, a typical symptom of the modern day democrat party.
They lie and cheat and accuse the opposition of the same. They try to rob elections and accuse the opposition of the same. They are racists and bigoted and accuse the opposition of the same.
They don’t know how to do research and accuse the opposition of the same.

Brian said...

That is a lot of opinions coming from somebody that can't supply a single fact to back them up.

I love your old "I know you are, but what am I?" playground defense!

I no longer feel guilty picking on you because it is obvious you enjoy are some sort of masochist! If you didn't enjoy me rubbing your face in your inability to answer my one simple question, then you would answer and I would shamefully shut up, like a beaten man.

So, let's continue your fun with this gleefully sadistic question:

What were the good reason's Trump had to not honor our fallen soldiers on Veterans Day?

Brian said...

If this isn't enough just message back "Harder, harder!" and I will ask the question in all-caps.

Jay said...

Interesting to note:
On this particular blog there are 73 posts. Of those 73 posts there are 6 authors. Out of those six authors only 4 posted once. 5 stuck to the topic.
All the rest of those posts are all between B/S and I and are all concerned with character assassination. 68 posts of nothing but character assassination. 36 posts from Brian, 32 from me.
To sum up Brian, or B/S’ posts, ALL of them are attempts to smear the character of either President Trump or a person who is defending him.
The topic of this Blog was the left and right divide in this country at this point in time. I believe this whole accumulation of posts represent what is going on in this country. It’s a case of the left saying, “I hate Donald Trump and I will hate anyone who doesn’t hate Donald Trump.”
I believe B/S to be a typical democrat/liberal/socialist, with the exception that he seems to be able to write, put sentences together and not appear to be uneducated. It is sad that someone who can actually read and attempt to write refuses to apply common sense to things and think outside of the box. The main stream media has done its job with him and those like him. Not only do they tell people lies and half truths or not report certain things at all, they tell people to disregard other sources of news that might contain truths and knowledge that is not being shared by the MSM. They tell people to not trust these sources because they “lie”. So of course, some of these folks will be duped into believing just that.
I’ve been saying all along that the main culprit of our divide at this point in history is the main stream media. I believe these posts prove it. If an event happens and suddenly there are two different takes on that event, what happened?
In my opinion what happened is the media spin put on an event that causes otherwise reasonable people with reasonable intelligence to believe an otherwise unreasonable account of the event.
And thus you have a very sizable percentage of this country’s citizens believing that our President is some kind of buffoon, race monger, who actually hates our country. Very sad that the media still gets away with this stuff.
Some people say the msm is an arm of the democrat party. Some say the democrat party is actually following the lead of the msm. Either way, they are both in it together. It reminds me, as I’ve said before, of the relationship between the old Russian official newspaper Pravda and the communist party. I have many acquaintances who are in the news business and the common theme for an explanation seems to be that news organs now are in the entertainment division of the networks. They HAVE to make money. It is no longer a public service to report the news. It is all about attracting viewers to a set of spins that they will rally round.
News organizations are no longer reporting news. They are trying to generate ratings.
But, take heart. Average ratings for most of the msm are down. Way down. Fox News continues to climb. Election coverage ratings for Fox was the best by a factor of 2 to 1. 2 being Fox and 1 being all the rest of the msm combined. I’m not saying that Fox is perfect but at this time they are the only network actually reporting real news and actually reporting events good and bad for both sides.

Brian said...

I got several sentences in this time before hitting an untruth and having to stop...that's improvement.

No, asking you a question is not a smear.

As for the other dozens of sentences that came after, I wonder why you bother. I think you have moved away from the S&M and are now wallowing in the self-pleasurement of listening to yourself drone on and on. I'll credit you with stamina.

It's funny that even the untruthful media within your bubble can not supply you with an answer to what you so desperately hoped to find:

What were the good reason's Trump had to not honor our fallen soldiers on Veterans Day?

Jay said...

One thing you’re consistent about B/S, you ALWAYS prove my point.

Thank you.

I’m done with this topic. I think my point has been proven.


Brian said...

Ah, sweet victory!

Remember your lesson learned. When you say something untrue you may get called out on it and end up looking foolish.