Saturday, August 04, 2018

Left & Right August 1, 2018

Newspaper publisher Mark Guerringue sits in the "Left" chair. We discuss 3-D printed guns and federal ban of blueprints for them.

Again we discuss media bias against conservatives and their ideas, manifested by contrasting coverage of Obama vs Trump. Mark still insists there is no left-wing bias in mainstream media. I'm not persuaded.

We discuss the Manafort trial just beginning. Mark relates a theory about why Trump threatens to shut down government before the midterm election.

Mark contends that Trump has made no progress with North Korea, and has given up more than he's gotten. I disagree.

We discuss homelessness in San Francisco. I contend that providing extensive services for homeless people may actually increase homelessness. Mark disagrees.

We discuss addiction treatment forty years ago compared to today and agree that it was perhaps more effective then.

We look at social media and the risk that it can be used by foreign agents from places like Russia to affect our elections. I'm not worried. Mark is mildly concerned.

Supreme Court ruling that government entities may not take money from paychecks of non-union members to cover collective bargaining costs. Loss of revenue for Democrats.


Brian said...

Excerpts from Mr. Snyder's excellent column in the Daily Sun on Trump supporters:

(a) either you’re an idiot, or (b) you willfully ignore the better interest of our beloved Republic — the oldest living Constitution in the world — a far worse crime! Time to wake up. This is no longer about your pet issue — whether that be taxes, abortion or coal — this is about the soul of our nation.

We have elected a buffoon. There is no way to sugarcoat this one. If you have read history, you are aware.

This is America. We are a Republic. We are a nation of immigrants. We do not support tyrants, and we will not be governed by one. This is not some petty dictatorship — Venezuela, North Korea, take your pick. Ours is the continental democratic republic that has liberated the free world several times over and my family has fought those fights. Today, our greatest threat comes from within: from a self-absorbed idiot, a commander in chief who kowtows to Kim Jung-un and buries his face in Vladimir Putin’s crotch.

It is cowardice not to stand up for the principles enshrined in our Declaration of Independence. It is cowardice not to stand for the principles that our fathers have fought and died for.

Trump is a traitor! Where do you stand?

Reality Check said...

Tom Said: "We look at social media and the risk that it can be used by foreign agents from places like Russia to affect our elections. I'm not worried."

Of course Tom is not worried. Why worry when a totalitarian tyrant like Putin is working on his side, the side trying to make make America more authoritarian (lack of free press, etc), and less a land of the people, by the people, for the people.

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