Saturday, March 31, 2018

Left and Right March 28, 2018

We start with John Bolton appointment. Gino defines an "extreme" Republican. Recent deal that added another trillion in our broken budget process. Tom wants to go back to an annual budget process in Congress. Gino is afraid of Russian missiles. Tom brings up black racism in Zimbabwe and South Africa who won't let white people own farmland. Tom points out media hounding Trump for congratulating Putin, but didn't mind it when Obama did. They criticize Trump for using Facebook data in his campaign but praised Obama when he did the same thing. Gino disagrees.
We compare special prosecutors for Clinton and now Trump whose investigations got out of hand beyond what they were charged to do. Presidents with strong libidos from Kennedy to Trump. We're asked about Trump tariffs. Marshall Plan in Europe.


Anonymous said...

We all know there is some sort of weird connection between Trump and Russia, (Never a bad word for Putin from the king of trash talkers?) and now we have Putin flaunting "Satan 2" in his/our face? It is times like these when a real president would come in handy.

Brian said...

When I read Trump news my first reaction is usually "this has to be fake, is it satire?", but the one I just saw that really has me wondering is: "Trump Declares April 'Sexual Awareness Month'"

Really? This can't be true, but it is coming from many reliable sources....

But then again, Melanie did start some sort of Cyber Bullying thing (was that a not so subtle dig at her husband?) I wonder if Melanie will reprimand Laura Ingraham for her cyber bullying of a high school student?

But is The Donald really rubbing the salt into the wounds of victims, or is this Fake News. An April Fool's joke? You never know with Trump, his whole presidency seems to be a huge joke. A bad, offensive joke.

Brian said...

Stunning how ill-informed our Fake President is! We'll let him slide on calling "Catch & Release" a law, but to think that "caravans" of immigrants are pouring in to "take advantage of DACA" is mind-blowingly ignorant! Nobody coming in can take advantage of DACA!! How can this be a hot topic he has been thinking about for over a year and he still doesn't have a basic grasp on it? What a complete bumbling, moronic clown!

Anonymous said...

I have to defend Trump on this one. He is NOT ignorant. He is simply taking advantage of his extremely gullible and ignorant base by lying his ass off to them because he knows that they will swallow it whole. Having no moral compass is NOT the same as being ignorant!

Anonymous said...

I did some thinking over the Easter weekend. It became quite obvious to me that most everything about Donald Trump is almost the polar opposite of what was preached by Jesus, from helping the poor, to turning to other cheek, to greed and the idolizing of money, to loving your neighbor, to lust and adultery, to repenting and asking for forgiveness, to doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, and on and on and on. It is almost like Trump is the anti-Christ. And yet supposed christians turn a blind eye to all of it. In the name of what? Keeping gays and women in their place? Supporting the rich? Keeping dark skinned people out of the country? Low taxes?

Like Emma says, I call B.S. There is no such thing as a true christian who is a supporter of Trump. Because you all know in your hearts that Jesus would despise the man.

How beautiful it would be if this whole Trump fiasco was the Lord testing his true believers.