Friday, December 01, 2017

Left And Right Episode 11-29-17

Gino Funicella on the left and me on the right. We discuss the Republican tax reform bill. The Alabama special election, A Muslim supermarket in Portland Maine that defrauded government, University of Connecticut students shouted down conservative speaker and rioted. Senator Franken, Congressman Conyers, Matt Lauer, etc. allegedly harassed women, Journalistic standards or lack thereof -- publishing stories from anonymous sources, due process in sexual harassment cases, media bias, Nina Burleigh statements on Bill Clinton's sexual harassment, winners and losers, flat tax benefits.

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Brian said...

Video highlights: at 46:27 Tom comes close to actually smiling! Tom talking about "twinks" was delightful!

Also, a question for Tom about how people should be given a chance to speak without being shouted down. Do you think that a declared Nazi, or a KKK member, should be given respectful silence to speak on a campus?