Monday, September 19, 2016

Sympathy for Refugees Wearing Thin in Maine

Catholic Charities Maine (CCM) came to St. Joseph’s Parish in Bridgton, Maine last Friday night to talk about refugees and it was spirited. Chief Operating Officer Dean LaChance opened the meeting, but I don’t think he expected the skepticism voiced by many of the more than fifty people present. Quite a few raised their hands to ask penetrating questions before LaChance could get his prepared program going. The previous Sunday’s parish bulletin had announced the meeting:

Why are refugees in Maine? What sort of help do you they get? What would you do if you were faced with the same decisions? “In Their Shoes” is a dynamic workshop that will help you understand the path of a refugee and invite you to walk a moment in their shoes. This program will be presented on Friday evening, Sept 16th, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at St. Joseph Church in Bridgton. “In Their Shoes” will engage you with staff from Catholic Charities Maine Refugee Program to learn about the refugee process, the population currently settled in Maine and the challenges faced by the state’s newest arrivals. All are welcome!

Well, the half-dozen CCM staff who came never got an opportunity to launch “In Their Shoes.” LaChance started easily enough with a brainstorming, word association exercise asking the audience what words came to mind when he said “immigrant.” We got a clue about how the evening would go when someone shouted out “welfare,” which LaChance dutifully wrote on a chalkboard. Someone else said, “hijra(h),” and had to spell it for LaChance. If you google hijra(h), most links say it’s an Indian word for a cross-dresser, but Robert Spencer, a researcher on radical Islam, said it’s an Arab/Muslim word meaning “jihad by emigration.”
CCM's Dean LaChance

The word-association exercise continued and a woman in back shouted out “Adnan Fazeli!” That’s the name of an Iranian Muslim refugee who lived on welfare in Portland and Freeport, Maine before being killed while fighting or ISIS near the Syria/Lebanon border. A month prior, I’d written about him and a Somali Muslim who had also lived in nearby Lewiston, Maine and also died fighting for ISIS. LaChance said Fazeli had first come to Philadelphia. I wondered if he was implying that his agency had not been involved. The Portland Press Herald, however, had reported that Fazeli “came to the Portland area through Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services.” Fazeli also worked for CCM as a translator.
A man claiming to be a member of a local school board protested that schools incur enormous costs to provide ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers for refugee children. He soon got rambunctious and interrupted several times as LaChance, always polite, tried to recover control of the meeting. When several in the audience got annoyed with the man, he left. Others offering skeptical comments did so respectfully and LaChance seemed like a nice guy who believed his agency was doing important work. He said CCM’s refugee efforts fulfilled a social justice mission of the Catholic Church, citing Matthew: 25. Then he cued a woman to begin a powerpoint presentation.
In it, young girls speaking Kurdish with English subtitles described arduous day-to-day life in a refugee camp somewhere in the Middle East. LaChance said all refugees Catholic Charities brings to Maine are closely vetted by multiple US Government agencies and screened for health issues. Some in the audience, however, questioned how that could be done in war zones or in failed states. LaChance said refugees reported being raped and seeing family members killed. A woman in the audience suggested they could be lying to get into the US. LaChance shrugged.
CCM's Tarlan Ahmadov

I asked about a document required by the State Department of agencies like CCM called a “Reception and Placement Abstract.” LaChance said CCM files them and I asked if I could have a copy. The R&P Abstract outlines how many refugees would be coming to Maine each year and where they would be placed. First he said I could get one from the state, then said CCM would give me one. I’d heard concerns that Bridgton was a possible destination, so I asked if the R&P Abstract included any places in Maine other than Portland and Lewiston. LaChance looked to Tarlan Ahmadov, CCM program director for refugee services, who said, emphatically, “No.”
Types of female genital mutilation
Another woman in the audience said she had worked in the Portland, Maine school system where Somali refugee girls told her they were being taken to Boston for female genital mutilation. LaChance and Ahmadov acknowledged that and also other mistreatment of females by Muslim men. They said CCM was a mandatory reporter and they often warned male refugees they could be arrested for beating wives or daughters.
Somali refugees in Lewiston convicted of welfare fraud

I came away from Friday’s meeting thinking that if little Bridgton, Maine is any indication, there’s more grassroots opposition to Muslim immigration out there than people think -- and it’s likely to manifest on the ballot November 8th.


Anonymous said...

Well done! We need much more citizen action and many more articles such as this.

Dawn said...

Excellent write-up.
I'm a bit concerned though, that they only warn the men that they could be arrested for beating women, not that it's WRONG. Kind of sounds like a "Don't get caught at it" warning to me.

Anonymous said...

A day after the rambunctious man was driven from the meeting room by those who insist upon a certain blindness, pipe bombs went off in Manhattan and New Jersey, and a crazed Somali screaming "allahu-akbar" brandished his machete and slashed several innocent bystanders in St. Cloud, Minnesota. No one was killed, thankfully, and the rambunctious man, and a few impertinent town criers, are now vindicated.

Yes, once again, the devil overplayed his my opinion.

Deus Vult!

Eric said...

Of course many in little white Bridgeton Maine are opposed to immigration. Just like many in little Mississippi towns during the 60's were opposed to desegregation. It seems that people accustomed to living amongst all white neighbors tend to oppose "strange" and unfamiliar "colored" people moving in.

The fact is that both violent crime and property crime is lower in Lewiston since the arrival of somali immigrants.

So who gives a rat's ass if a bunch of ignorant people are bothered by immigrants? Let 'em bitch, whine and moan all they want. There are many bigots in the south, and everywhere that are still whining about the relative success blacks have had with their civil rights, just like there are still Native Americans bitching about the immigrants hundreds of years ago. But at least they have a reason - genocide.

Mr Ed said...

So Eric contends that the Somalis are responsible for the decrease in the crime rate in Lewiston. Now that is progressive

Eric said...

There goes the spin machine again, and this time by a talking horse. (Now that is the far right)

I did not say that the Somalis are responsible for the decrease in crime. I simply stated the FACT that they have not caused an increase in crime there, as lying scumbags like Trump would have you believe.

Lawrence Lockman said...

So Eric is OK with these "new Mainers" subjecting schoolgirls to genital mutilation? Have you lost your mind, Eric?

Mr Ed said...

It is quite obvious where Eric's bigotry lies, it is against paleoconservatives and the white race in particular and just like Obama and Clinton he could give a rat's ass how it affects the current socio-economic standards of the community.

They are going to cram it down our throats because theirs is some higher ideal or is their real purpose to usurp the community and fragment it so they the progressives can gain complete control. March on you progressive fascist pigs with your central bank control and police state.

Anonymous said...

Here's what liberals should do: send the oppressed to the well-evolved in Cape Elizabeth. Leave the ignorant and backward in under-represented towns like Rumford alone. Let the poor wallow in their bigotry. It's their way of life. The way life should be. Leave them alone.

Take a look at Utica, "the town that loves refugees." See what rich are doing to the poor. Refugees for thee, but not for me.

Erik said...

Again....I did not say I was ok with genital mutilation. If that is happening then it is deplorable and that practice should stop. It is almost certainly happening to a lesser extent than if they were still in Somalia.

As for Mr. Ed's further babblings, it seems that some horses can talk but they are not too good at rational thought. Same for anon.

Mr Ed said...

Here is Eric's rational thoughts: Let Obama and Clinton bomb and destroy middle eastern nations and then invite the brothers fathers families of these same people who have watched their family die to migrate to America.

I guess they must be Christians and will turn the other cheek.

Erik said...

Cripes, Mr. Ed, even for a horse you are dense. Who said I approved of the destroying of middle eastern nations? Why do you keep insisting on putting words in my mouth? Let's try and base our comments on the reality of what was actually said.

Peter said...

"it’s likely to manifest on the ballot November 8th."

Are you saying that Trumps horseshit and lies about Muslim immigration will scare enough gullible and ignorant lemmings into voting for him?

Some studies have shown that conservatives have more activity in a brain structure called the amygdala — which is most closely identified with fear and emotional responses, while liberals appear to have more brain cells in the anterior cingulate cortex, involved in decision-making.

But Evan Charney, a professor at Duke University whose expertise crosses the fields of public policy and brain science says that Trump trying to scare people could backfire.

"I think it was a profound mistake," Charney said. "I think he really overestimated the extent to which Americans really do feel the fear, the primal fear that he was depicting," he added.

"I think that is only going to appeal to a small segment of the Republican party. I feel he did nothing to expand his base to reach out to other voters."

Luckily, I think that the number of people that base their decisions rationally, with facts, outnumber the scaredy-cats.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though Eric is factually challenged and resorts, as liberals do, to using ad hominem attacks such as "ignorant" to make his case. Let's make it easy for him. We're not opposed to individual Muslims or the "religion" of Islam. We are, however, against the supremacist "political ideology" of Islamic doctrine known as Sharia which is gradually insinuating itself into our communities thanks to either ignorance, political correctness or willful blindness. Sharia law diametrically opposes man-made laws such as our U.S. Constitution. Keep in mind that as a Muslim becomes reformed or Westernized, he becomes an apostate and an enemy of the "True Believers" such as ISIS, al-Quaeda, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and so on.

The 5 Pillars of Islam (Testimony of Faith, Prayer 5x/day, Tithing, Fasting at Ramadan and the Pilgrimage to Mecca) are religious. Who cares?

The 5 Responsibilities of Islam (To Assemble, To Listen, To Obey, To immigrate, To Wage Jihad), which the media and our politicians don't know about, are political. You SHOULD care.

Furthermore, do we really want thousands of uneducated, unskilled, welfare dependent fake refugees who won't assimilate into our communities who are actually performing jihad through emigration (hijra) or do we want to help Americans first especially in this disastrous economy? If you choose the former, which I personally don't, then pay for them yourself and not force the annual $10b cost onto the taxpayer. Refugee resettlement is big business for the 9 major VOLAGs with 350 sub-contractors in 190 offices throughout the country which is why they so steadfastly promote that their motives are altruistic or humane. As always though, follow the money.

Mr Ed said...

You didn't do much to stop it did you Erik, when you support criminals you can expect criminal things. Or are you going to tell me you voted libertarian?

Mr Ed said...


I guess you liberals don't fear the 20 trillion national debt, nor the millions of refugees from the middle east that your liberal non-fearing Clinton and Obama have unleashed on the western world.

Anyone that doesn't fear where Clinton and Obama and the BUSH family has taken us is a bunny hopping through the clover.

Anonymous said...

Peter and Eric take a trip to Sweden, get lost, and end up in a no-go zone. Which one comes back to tell about it, and which one comes back with a discumbobulated anterior cingulate cortex?

Mr Ed said...

Well anonymous these liberals are so good at decision making that they could give a rat's ass what anyone else thinks, they are so good at decision making that they voted for Obama Twice, because he was really good at killing people.

They are so good at making decisions that they can't tell when a lying sob like Obama and Clinton are telling them how good the economy is, or when they cite same from the lame brain lying fossil media.

See us conservatives just fear things like too much debt, more welfare and jihadists coming to our shores after Obama murdered their families. We can't make any good decisions because our minds are filled with FEAR.

Geez I fear that my children will have to work as a peon their entire life and work to support some immigrants that milk a system that is already over taxed. Its the FEAR the fear, meanwhile hop hop munch munch. I think I'll lay in the sun under that eagles nest.

Erik said...

Mr. Ed, I am starting you think you are not a horse, but a jackass. You do not know who I support. Not Hillary.

Charles, I see Trump has probably scared up your vote. Of course you are against Sharia law, anybody that does not is deplorable. Anybody caught practicing this crap in the US should be jailed or thrown out immediately.

As for immigrants, illegal or otherwise, cost to society, educate yourself. The truth is that undocumented immigrants contribute more in payroll taxes than they will ever consume in public benefits.

I do know that I am as likely to get killed by lightning as I am by an immigrant, and WAY WAY more likely to be killed by a firearm. So are you. But are you worked up over those things? And, by the way, I nor Obama want to "take away your guns".

Anonymous said...

These liberals can't even decide which toilets or showers to use!

Mr Ed said...

I'm the jackass? you are the one who said the Somalis lowered the crime rate in Lewiston and then said oh no they didn't raise it any. I'm putting words in your mouth. Really

The only reason you think I'm a jackass is because you know your entire creed about not giving a rat's ass what a community thinks is maybe a bit bigoted and ignorant.

You completely ignore the danger of letting people in this country that our government has probably murdered someone they know.

It doesn't matter whether you support Hillary, the both of you have the same mindset to let potentially dangerous people into this country because you know the chances of them killing you are slim. WTG asshole, explain that to those they may kill.

You mention the genocide that Europeans did to the natives here but not a peep about the genocide that presently occurs in the middle east.

No you are just losing the argument and you know it, you can't justify why we should allow more immigrants in this country while our own citizens are in dire needs of jobs and income. I have talked to your ilk before, you would rather have a migrant work in America rather than a worthless redneck.

You hate your own people, I'd suggest you move your ass over there where they will welcome you with open arms

Eric said...

OK Jackass, why don't you point out the part of my post where I said the Somalis lowered the crime rate. You can't just make any meaning you want to out of words and facts. I already pointed out and explained to you (I feel like I am talking to a 3 year old) that I stated a fact, that the Somalis did not make the crime rate to go up as Trump implied.

So yes, when you repeat once again that I said the Somalis lowered the rate you are most certainly putting words in my mouth.

Funny notion you bring up - that my not giving a rat's ass about the feelings of bigots is bigoted! OK, you got me. I am bigoted against bigots.

How many revenge murders have the Somalis in Lewiston committed so far? And using your sophomoric logic about not letting any immigrants in because a minuscule fraction may kill, well that goes for letting in legal immigrants too. Surely you do not deny that those that come in legally may murder as well? So we let no one in? A country founded on immigrants. A country who has a Statue of Liberty proclaiming "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ..."

Come to think of it, why do we allow any more births in this country. Many of them will grow up to be killers.

You are letting fear control your common sense and decency.

Sorry I was not clear - ALL genocide is horrible.

Losing the argument? To a person who continues to pretend I said things I did not. What a joke.

And I love rednecks, probably many people would consider me one.

And to Charles, millions of NON immigrants in this country are also uneducated, unskilled, welfare dependent, who won't "assimilate" into our communities, and many of them murder other Americans. Shouldn't you be just as hysterically afraid of them?

I don't not care if you are an immigrant or not, all I care about is your actions.

Anonymous said...

It's not just about muslim settlement, fear, and biogty. It's also about the USCCB and Catholic charities looking more and more like a pitchperson for the federal government. (Enter the artful-dodger Dean LaChance and his sidekick, Smiley Ahmadov.)

FYI: Catholic Charities collected FY16 over $202 million dollars from the Obama administration, and for the money, is proving that it will do the bidding of its paymaster.

See Lifesite News article:

To be specific, Catholic Charities is now prioritizing muslim resettlement ($202 million) over its poorly paying pro-life movement. And through the process, is reportedly unusually quiet on the one presidential candidate's strong pro-abortion position. That's the perception, anyway.

“We hear much about ‘vote your conscience,’” Yore said. “This isn’t about conscience, folks. It’s about their checkbook.”

Anonymous said...

I TRY to stick to Aesop's Fables, but sometimes...
The Trouble With Tribbles
At one point in time SOMEBODY down South thought it was a clever idea to import the foreign invasive species called Kudzu.
Somebody thought it was a good idea to cross breed African bees with "domestic" honey bees, know... ONLY in Mexico.
Here in New England, (the usual) well intentioned folks imported and planted Bamboo. I have NO idea where Milfoil came from, but I know how it "gets around".
I'm sure the nice deplorable folks in Maine have no reason to expect
the same "issues" as the deplorable folks in Minnesota.
Dunning-Kruger trigger warning!(and irony alert) I suggest that ONLY a Rhodes scholar, paid in Krugerrand currency, can
develop a "new" Political Science/Economic/ Sociology studies college program for "our" best and brightest, to ameliorate the unintended consequences of Magic Dirt theory for The New World Order.

t^%8^76%87% said...

I TRY and stick to sanity, but sometimes.....
The tricks with Triscuits
At most points NOBODY knows what I am rambling on about but I think goofy cross breed references are charming, but....ONLY in Guatemala.
So the "old" Fairy Dust Theory for Ancient Civilization has intended repercussions on socioeconomic diaphragm intensive molecular structures found henceforth in subterranean nether regions, but only if studied under the bartering system used by the Greeks. The same as in Minnesota. I like Poptarts!

Mr Ed said...


Wow what a rant but not once did you mention how you think that inviting migrants into our country that had love ones or people they know murdered by our government might taint their involvement here in our communities.

Yes they all will just turn the other cheek and make sure they get as many uncle sammy checks as they can, to show their displeasure with American hegemony and murder.

Eric said...

Mr. Ed, I am not really sure what migrants you are thinking of that are here getting revenge. I was speaking about the Somali immigrants who are here due to a Civil War and starvation in their country, and should be very happy with the US for taking them in. Do you have any specific examples of terrorist acts that were committed in the US by immigrants living here with family members killed by the US? Or are you worrying about something that has never happened, like a toddler worrying that the giant Goofy character at Disneyland may eat her up?

I would think that a refugee or immigrant would feel better towards the US for helping them out. I know if my family were killed by a foreign government and then I was taken in and saw that the citizens were actually nice, friendly, and understanding, it would make me much LESS likely to want to commit terror. Getting called hateful names by some, and reading ignorant statements in blogs about me and my predicament wouldn't help, though.

Good job on finally realizing what I actually said about Somalis and crime!

Brian said...

"in terms of both crime and terrorism, immigrants are not the problem Trump says they are.

Study after study after study (see following link for details on the studies) bears out mostly the last part of his remarks: Immigrants largely commit crimes at a lower rate than the local-born population. Those numbers are true even of the children of immigrants"

So it seems it actually may be true that the Somali immigrants in Lewiston did indeed lower the crime rate by being there. Much like they are most everywhere. Which leads more creedance to the notion that we ought to be more worried about our own homegrown population instead of turning immigrants into boogiemen.

Aw, but c'mon, they are dark and different, I don't trust them. And some of them have proved themselves to be terrorists and criminals!

What a pathetic mindset to have.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

There you go, it isn't the migrants that are the problem it is the people that live here.

Anonymous said...

Facts are facts.

Anonymous said...

New Sweden

Anonymous said...

1. Question and minimize the statistics.
Hundreds of thousands of young, male Africans and Arabs are streaming into a small country of just 8 million inhabitants, severely warping the female-to-male ratio in the younger age groups. Obviously this is nothing to worry about, since it only increases the "diversity".

2. Attack the motivations of the truth-tellers.
Anyone mentioning genocide of ethnic Swedes is a racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe sexist and Nazi spreading hate speech.

4. Emphasize the strangeness of the victims.
Whites are responsible for most of the world's evil. Western civilization is the reason for the inequality and horrible things happening around the world. Mass immigration and their extinction is their redemption.

7. Avoid antagonizing the genocidists
Anybody even mentioning NGOs like the Open Society Foundations and their mainly Jewish financiers like George Soros is a racist anti-semite.

8. Justify denial in favor of current economic interests.
High mass immigration is the only solution to the demographic crisis. Low birth rates of ethnic Swedes can be compensated through mass immigration.

9. Claim that the victims are receiving good treatment,
Sweden is a rich country! We are just being humanitarian! Nobody is saying that there can't still be some ethnic Swedes! Swedes can still be Swedes, but they have to adapt to new Muslim traditions!

10. Claim that what is going on doesn’t fit the definition of genocide.
The most important point. Anybody mentioning the violation of the UN Genocide convention is branded a conspiracy theorist.

11. Blame the victims.
Swedes are racists, responsible for slavery, oppressing minorities, exploiting 3rd world workers and not being tolerant enough. Their culture is racist and hateful. They deserve being replaced.

12. Say that peace and reconciliation are more important than blaming people for genocide,
Helping people in need is more important! World peace can only be achieved when the peoples of Europe are replaced by a multicultural mix, devoid of their respective national identities.

According to the ad, the spot of land called "Sweden" is merely a "Safe space for people seeking refuge" (sic!).

Brian said...

For the wacky person hiding behind "Anon"

Brian said...

Genocide: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

There have been many horrific cases of genocide in our lifetime (Cambodia, North Korea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, etc). Trying to include Sweden in this category is utterly ridiculous. Are the Swedes being mass murdered and put into concentration camps? Let's get real. Was Anon just as outraged and vocal about these real cases of genocide, or did the lack of blond, blue-eyed deaths in these cases seem to make the issue less important?

Anonymous said...

“Bad actors … have exploited this program,” - DHS

DHS admits refugee fraud ‘easy to commit:

Thank you for your article, Mr. McLaughlin. Thank you for helping to expose the deceptions taking place.

Anonymous said...

Every few decades we have this spasm of hatred and fear-mongering against the latest group of immigrants to come to America — Chinese, Germans, Irish, Italians, now Latinos.
And all of this goes back to tribalism and the psychology of the right-wing mindset, which is hyper-reactive to perceived threats from the outside, threats to our collective identity and to the purity of our bloodlines. That’s why Trump is so wildly popular among white supremacists, because his policies dovetail perfectly with their vastly exaggerated perceptions of threats to the white tribe.


Eric said...

Remember all those dangerous Japanese people we had to round up and put in interment camps.

How did that turn out?

syndicated columnist Henry Mclemore wrote at the time that “If making one million innocent Japanese uncomfortable would prevent one scheming Japanese from costing the life of one American boy, then let the million innocents suffer.”

I guess we haven't learned a thing, and are back at it again with muslims and mexicans.

Mr Ed said...

"I would think that a refugee or immigrant would feel better towards the US for helping them out. I know if my family were killed by a foreign government and then I was taken in and saw that the citizens were actually nice, friendly, and understanding, it would make me much LESS likely to want to commit terror. Getting called hateful names by some, and reading ignorant statements in blogs about me and my predicament wouldn't help, though."

Erik what are you a 14 year old girl?

Eric said...

Mr. Ed, you get torn to pieces in an argument and that is all you can come up with?

I'm not even sure what it is you think a 14 year old girl would do - be more likely to bring terror to ignorant,hateful cretins than to friendly and nice people?

C'mon, let's have better effort.

Mr Ed said...

Did I get torn to pieces, I didn't notice, that is why I think I'm talking with a 14 year old girl, who if her family was murdered would be comforted by being accepted by her family's murderers and not being called bad names on the inter tubes.

I fell into an aol chat room, who knew

Eric said...

I think you under-estimate the ability of a 14-year old girl to distinguish, and to understand, that we are not all responsible for the actions of our leaders, and would not view all Americans as "her family's murderers".

Which gives a good insight into your own mindset. It seems that you WOULD see the population as one and the same as the actual murderers. Just like you, and so many others, see all Muslims as the murderers that killed in terrorist attacks. There is a word for that.

And of course you didn't notice how torn apart you got. Only someone dim enough not to notice could have ever been so torn apart in the first place. OK, that was probably too much for you, you better go lie down.

Mr Ed said...

I am talking with a 14 year old girl who has the world experience of same, we won't be lying down girlie, be assured of that, not for you but for our own children

Eric said...

There is no doubt that a 14 year old girl would also destroy you in a battle of wits and world knowledge. Your "girlie" talk reveals your sexism to go along with your bigotry and xenophobia. Not even sure what you are gibbering about at the end of your sentence....been up hitting the sauce at 2:33 in the morning?

You have obviously given up trying to argue your points and a sore loser who just throws out goofy insults is boring, so I will leave you to post your last juvenile comments for nobody to see, but for you to feel better.

Deplorable Catholic said...

Some good brave priests are speaking up about the urgency of the November election. They understand we might not have a Church to go to if we don't vote the right way in November.

Religious freedom and free speech are on the ballot. Sovereignty is also on the ballot.

"If the Churches do not agree with our interpretation of women's reproductive rights, they'll just have to change their doctrine."

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is being threatened quietly for the sake of political correctness.

The Federal government will tell churches they must pay for abortificants. It's already with the Appeals courts.

Please listen to this brave priest!

Encourage your friends and Pastors to vote for Trump.

Mr Ed said...

Erika I believe you are only 12. lol

Mr Ed said...

Also Ericka your diction shows that American English is not you native language, you struggle making your point and you don't write a comment like an American would, no you are a migrant yourself or a wanna be.

Anonymous said...

You really want to live in a theocracy like a Christian version of Saudi Arabia?

In the 1860s many churches in the U.S. supported slavery because it is very clear that the bible supports slavery. Most of them have changed their doctrine since then.

The Mormon church supported Polygamy because it is clear in the bible that God supports it. They changed their doctrine.

Many fundamentalist churches in the U.S. have no issue with sexual abuse of children. The bible clearly says that women were put on earth for the pleasure of men and there is nothing written in the bible against child sexual abuse. They still get arrested when caught even though they believe that they are doing Gods work.

The bible states that if your children misbehave it is perfectly moral to take them to the gates of the city and stone them to death. They still get arrested for it even though it is God's law.

There are many rules in the Bible that are against secular law. Death penalty for eating shrimp, wearing mixed fabrics, etc.

The only time that the Governments get involved with the church is when they are breaking the law. For example, fire laws. I remember when someone set up a church in an ordinary house in NJ and held services until 3 in the morning. The neighbors complained about the loudspeakers keeping people awake and the cars double parked for blocks around so the local residents couldn't get in or out of their own driveways. The church had over 500 people crammed into an ordinary home. If it ever caught fire they'd all die.

Or how about the laundries run by the Catholic church in Ireland. When teenage girls got pregnant out of wedlock, they were sent to the laundry to work and they were not allowed to leave for the rest of their lives under the law. This didn't end until 1983.

Obeying the law is now a form of political correctness? The church does not have special rights to disobey the law. The first amendment gives the church to say anything it wants to without government interference. It does not give individuals to break the law. The church can still stand up and say what ever they want about abortion.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Do you remember when Teddy Roosevelt banned Islam from America? He did so "by banning the entry of “all polygamists, or persons who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.”

Those were the days my friends!

Mr Ed said...

I never thought of polygamy being practiced by muslims, I don't think that issue has ever been raised by the lame stream media.

The politicians are pushing mass immigration to divide this country, the politicians have allowed this country to be taken over by central banks and corporations, anything they can do to distract the American people from this political theft is a win for them.

Open borders and forced acceptance of migrants keeps us divided and not looking at the thieves.

Mr Ed said...

It all makes it easier for the corporates and central banks to take control of a "diversified" America.

Diversification meaning fragmented and divided with no common goal such as the protection of our god-given rights and the morals of our founding fathers.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Ed", I see no indication from this writing that Eric is not a native speaker. However, as an English language speaker, I do see more than a few grammatical and sentence structure errors in your rants.

Islamic Invasion said...

"Catholic Charities under the auspices of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is an active agent saboteur working in tandem with the State Department and the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), getting paid federal US tax payer dollars completing their pseudo-philanthropic mission; which in my opinion is tantamount to treason against the USA."

Tom McLaughlin said...

I clicked on the link. That's quite a story and I thank you for sending it along.

Islamic Invasion said...

The under-represented towns in Maine have no clue what's coming their way.

Unknown said...

They can send that piece of shit statue back to France along with the poetic sign.How about a new sign that reads. NO VACANCY.

Unknown said...

Tell that to Sweden.

Unknown said...

It is less to do about race and more to do about religion and culture. In the West we have to respect women and have tolerance for homosexuals. I am sorry but sharia law just does not fit into western judeo Christian society.

Unknown said...

You are comparing Apple's and oranges, sharia law will never fit in a western society that respects women and Jas tolerance for homosexuals. Everyone of the previous groups were either christian or come from a passive religion.