Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Curiouser And Curiouser

As if understanding today’s America weren’t complicated enough in this wild election year, we have the Orlando Massacre to further confuse us. As people reveal their true character when they’re under stress, so do societies. We’re in the middle of an election that surprises everyone. Does Hillary exemplify Democrats? Does Trump exemplify Republicans? Each polarizes his/her their own party, not to mention in the country. Pundits need new roadmaps because everything has changed. It’s a wonder they dare provide analysis. I’d already written a column for this week, but I’m going to save it for another time because I have to address what happened Sunday.
There are at least four major themes: homosexuality, Islam, multiculturalism, and guns. I learned about the massacre at 6:00 AM Sunday while browsing online. I then turned on Fox News for a conservative perspective at about 8:00 AM and learned the scene was a gay nightclub and the perpetrator had Muslim connections according to an FBI spokesman. To watch how liberals were spinning it I tuned in to NBC’s Meet the Press at 9:00 where host Chuck Todd inserted coverage at the beginning of his show.
Todd must have known what the FBI was saying about the shooter’s ties to Islam, but never mentioned it. Instead, he brought on Pete Williams to emphasize the gay connection. Williams, who is homosexual, didn’t say anything about Islam either. Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw also stressed gun control, saying he was brought up with guns in the midwest, but lost credibility when mentioning a non-existent assault rifle called an “AR-14” He likely confused the AR-15, used in Orlando, Sandy Hook, and San Bernardino, and the M14, used by Americans in Vietnam. No one else mentioned Islam until their token conservative, radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, twice invoked ISIS. The rest of the panel, liberals all, kept bringing the conversation back to gun control and anti-homosexual hate crimes.
Later I went back and forth between liberal-biased MSNBC which continued emphasizing gun control and hate crimes, and conservative-biased Fox News which continued emphasizing radical Islam. President Obama gave a speech never mentioning Islam either, stressing gun control. Just last week, the Homeland Security Advisory Council prohibited the Department from using the words “jihad”; “sharia”; “umma” and others because they would disrespect Islam, which Sharia itself prohibits. How can DHS fight radical Islam while complying with Islam's own mandates? With zero evidence, President Obama insists that Guantanamo’s existence is a recruiting tool for terrorists and must be closed. There’s voluminous evidence that ISIS’s existence is the real recruiting tool, but Obama only pretends to fight it.
Referring to Florida law that allows concealed carry but not in an establishment serving alcohol, a conservative commenter online asked how many would be dead if Omar Mateen tried to shoot up a country-western bar instead of a gay bar. He seemed to be making the case that gun control is not the solution, but the problem. If the bar’s patrons were packing, Mateen would have been shot much sooner.
Regular readers of this column know I used to be liberal until conservatives converted me by presenting facts that didn’t fit my liberal world view. Now I’m wondering if any of today’s liberals will question liberalism’s dedication to multiculturalism when presented with the paradox they’ve avoided for decades and which Orlando is rubbing it in their faces: Two or their most cherished victim groups — Muslims and homosexuals — are incompatible. It’s always been true, but the Orlando massacre is forcing them to confront it.
Muslims countries regularly execute homosexuals under Sharia Law. A poll by Washington DC’s Center For Security Policy reported in 2015 that most American Muslims believe they should have the choice of being governed according to shariah. Should we really be surprised when a Muslim fanatic shoots up a gay bar? His parents come from Afghanistan where 99% of the population supports sharia law and his father seems as crazy as he is. Seddique Mateen supports the Taliban and declared on his TV show in California that: “Our brothers in Waziristan [Pakistan], our warrior brothers in Taliban movement, and national Afghan Taliban are rising up.” However, Afghan Muslim men are notorious for raping pubescent boys — another paradox.
How can Islam, a religion which teaches that homosexuals should be executed, that wives can be beaten by their husbands, and that no other religion should be allowed but Islam be compatible with the multiculturalism so beloved by liberals? According to the Washington Post, Omar Mateen’s ex-wife said: “He was not a stable person. He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.” Multiculturalism insists that all cultures are equal, but are they? Omar Mateen was a registered Democrat and evidence is emerging that he may have been homosexual as well.
The more we learn, the more complicated this gets.


Paul Gallant said...

We are heading into some really scary times here in this country. Other countries have dealt with this for some time yet still can't seem to come to grips with the issue or what it will take to unite everyone against it. Once all law abiding gun owners here become instant criminals due to more "common sense" gun control laws, what next? To believe that one who does not harm to others unless attacked can somehow become the criminal is beyond comprehension.

Shawn said...

Question----?----- Everything.

Anonymous said...

I used to question everything, at a certain age.
I dare say I would have caused our host much concern (or amusement) in his former arena. Unfortunately for many college tier "teachers", I began to recognize patterns
WAAAAAY before I got there, making many of the "new ideas" useless to me.
Granted, Rathskeller lubricated conversations with fellow elementary/secondary/higher students NOT from my personal sphere of influence were FAR more valuable to me than
what credentialed experts were "professing". Again, pattern recognition.
*sigh* I COULD cite "esteemed" folks famous for being famously "complex", and references to literature oriented toward children are easy pickings. Sadly (I eventually realized), not everyone is familiar with the same 2000 year old "truisms". SOMETIMES, I'm forced to plagiarize, the plagiarists.
From the movie Tommy Boy-"I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take a butcher's word for it."

Shawn said...

Who is the butcher? In this case, where "news" is concerned, the butcher is a corporate stooge pushing an agenda .do you think fox or CNN will be running the story about Romania and Israel being caught supplying ammo to Isis yesterday? Or the fact that one of the Orlando survivors is an actor, who on the IMDb web site has a a credit for being an actor in something about an Orlando nightclub!! Yup. Can't make this stuff up. Question it all.

The fact that the author of this post had to switch between channels representing two opposing factions to get the report on Orlando says it all. Why on gods green earth would you need to do such a thing in a supposedly free country? The news should not be pushing an agenda. It becomes merely propaganda and pr. Isn't this obvious?

Dawn said...

I was just mentioning to my father that when we were kids we never even knew what a Muslim was. I mean barely. To us Muslims were far far away and part of our history books with little to no reason to even think about them. Muslims and the Crusades were centuries ago and ancient history. My how just a few decades have totally changed that thinking. From my Christian POV I see and understand how and why this has to all take place. You might want to pick up two books. Both by Joel Richardson. The first is called "The Islamic Anti-Christ" and the second is called "The Mid-East Beast." He's got a good handle on where we're going and why and how Islam is not going away anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that the author of this post had to switch between channels representing two opposing factions to get the report on Orlando says it all."
Had to? or simply DID. Frankly, I'd like to think that MORE than two "sources" were reviewed, but "from two different factions" does INDEED say it all. It's EXACTLY why THIS blog is but ONE of my OWN "more than one source" regular haunts, regardless if I feel comfortable, or agree, with the content, or not.
I'm biased, in my own discrimination, like that. Just in the HIGHLY IMPROBABLE, unthinkable, preposterous, case of "Hmmm, am I MISSING something?" *sheesh*

Anonymous said...

san-bernardinoThis is especially so because the storylines and evidence offered to demonstrate events including the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston bombing, the Umpqua College “shooting,” the San Bernardino “terrorist attack” and most recently the Orlando nightclub shooting event are so weak and implausible that journalists and the public alike, with an Orwellian combination of cognitive dissonance and fear, automatically place even modest critical faculties in abeyance and defer to state officials taking turns at the podium.

Sometimes, however, the media’s deceit is much more forthright. For example, one may conclude that strong evidence along these lines exists if a major newspaper chain inadvertently publishes a detailed story on a mass shooting across its platforms from a major wire service before the event has transpired. This appears to be what Canada’s Postmedia did with an Associated Press story its outlets published one day before the San Bernardino incident allegedly took place. The posts, captured in screen shots here, have since been scrubbed from the company’s sites.

James Tracy memoryholeblog.com