Friday, February 05, 2016

What Have We Become?

Women working at his Houston abortion clinic saw Doctor Douglas Karpen kill babies by “twisting their heads off their necks with his own bare hands.” Sometimes he stabbed a surgical instrument into their heads or snipped their spinal cords just as Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia did, and this happened every morning according to one of the witnesses. “Sometimes he couldn't get the fetus out... he would yank pieces – piece by piece – when they were oversize,” [Karpen’s ex-assistant Deborah] Edge explained. And I'm talking about the whole floor dirty. I'm talking about me drenched in blood.” The women took pictures surreptitiously with their cell phones.
These are Doctor Karpen's assistants quoted above

Philadelphia’s Dr. Kermit Gosnell is serving three life terms in Pennsylvania for his crimes, but what happened to Houston’s Dr. Karpen? Nothing. A grand jury shepherded by Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson refused to indict him. What about the testimony of four eyewitnesses? What about the photos they took with their cell phones? We don’t know if any of that was shown to the grand jury by Ms. Anderson because according to a statement from Anderson's office: “Texas law forbids this office from disclosing the proceedings of the grand jury, including the names of the witnesses who testified, the documents they subpoenaed, and any speculation into why the grand jury chose [not to indict Dr.] Karpen.”
So, we don’t know what Ms. Anderson showed the grand jury or didn’t show them. We don’t know what she said or didn’t say to the people on that jury either. Thirty years ago New York Judge Sol Wachtler observed that district attorneys have so much control over grand juries that they could convince them to indict a ham sandwich. Evidently, they can also persuade grand juries there’s no such thing as a ham sandwich. Did Dr. Karpen get away with murder? It sure looks like it. As Dr. Kermit Gosnell sits in his Pennsylvania prison cell, does he wish he had moved his clinic to Houston?
Doctor Kermit Gosnell enters prison in Pennsylvania

All that occurred in 2013. Fast forward to January, 2016 and District Attorney Devon Anderson was investigating Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts from its abortion clinics. You’ve all seen or heard about the infamous videos that came out last year, right? Well, “Surprise-surprise!” as Gomer Pyle would say. Ms. Anderson’s grand jury not only absolved Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, it actually indicted the two people who exposed their horrors! They were charged with misdemeanors for “buying” baby parts and a felony for making a fake ID!
Not tough with abortionists though

This is truly a bizarre story. DA Anderson claims to be a pro-life Republican who just applies the law regardless of her personal beliefs. Well, she is a Republican, but is she pro-life? One of the fellow prosecutors she hired is a board member of Planned Parenthood. She got at least $25,000 from Attorney Chip Lewis for her re-election campaign in late 2014 and guess who Chip Lewis represents? None other than butcher abortionist Dr. Karpen! And who are Chip Lewis’s other clients? They include the wealthy accused serial killer Robert Durst, who appears to keep him on retainer to handle his Houston legal troubles while he faces murder charges across the country. Lewis also donated at least $12,000 to Anderson’s late husband, which went to her after his death.
Chip Lewis, Robert Durst, Devon Anderson

What are some of the Houston legal troubles transgender millionaire and accused serial killer Robert Durst has? Well, according to Houston oil and gas executive Don Hooper, Durst was arrested for urinating on some candy a his local CVS store. Chip Lewis handled it and “Devon Anderson’s office reduced the charge to a fine-only class C charge.” Why didn't Anderson hold him and notify officials in two other states who wanted to prosecute him for murder? God knows.
Drag queen gave makeup tips to Durst

The more I looked into this story, the worse it got. I felt soiled and stunned by what I was learning. When Robert Durst was on trial for the murder of Morris Black in 2003, he admitted to dismembering Black’s body and dumping it in Galveston Bay. He claimed Black pulled a gun on him and while he and Black struggled, it went off into Black’s face, but authorities never found Black’s head, so “Prosecutors were unable to present sufficient forensic evidence to dispute Durst's account of the struggle.” Durst was acquitted!
No wonder Republicans are in wholesale rebellion. The failure of “leadership” in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood was the final straw for millions of conservatives. We have a president who vows to shut down the entire federal government if Congress doesn’t give them $550 million. We have a Congress too timid to confront him, and we have a “pro-life” Republican in Houston who not only protects notorious baby killer Doctor Douglas Karpen, she prosecutes those who expose the butchers at Planned Parenthood.
What evidence did Anderson's grand jury see?
We refuse even to look at the evil in our midst and we prosecute those who would force us to look. What have we become? 
Discussion of this begins at 22:00
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Anonymous said...

Tom said:

"You’ve all seen or heard about the infamous videos that came out last year, right?"

I wonder why there is such a difference between the heavily edited videos used as "evidence", and the actual unedited video.

Why do Planned Parenthood opponents have to twist, spin, edit, and lie their way through their arguments?

Just look at what a fool Florina made of herself by claiming to have seen videos that did not exist. If they did exist, surely she would have mentioned where she saw them so others could see them too and know her "truth".

Why can't people just let the facts speak for themselves instead of trying to manipulate them into what they want. Why does the truth mean so little to some people?

What have we become, indeed?

Tom McLaughlin said...

We don't twist or spin. Planned Parenthood butchers more than 300,000 babies a year, some of it paid for with our tax money. Continuing that is the Democrat Party's -- your party's -- biggest, most important issue. What does that make you?

See the video yourself here:

If you dare.

Tom McLaughlin said...

This is what Carly Fiorina saw.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, abortion is an awful thing, and if some of these accounts are as told, the law should come down hard. And it does - just look at that Gosnell creep. The footage of the baby moving it's legs is heart wrenching indeed. It is just very purposely misleading to combine the footage with some technician's tale who never even worked for Planned Parenthood. For Florina to imply that this video came along with audio talking about harvesting the brain, or that this video is some sort of Planned Parenthood video is also purposely misleading.

Carly is entitled to her opinion about whether Planned Parenthood should be federally funded, but to combine an unsupported anecdote with some other video is skirting the truth. Which was my original point.

Mr.E said...

As to the silly notion that Obama would be at fault for the government shut down, let's see what somebody who would really know says.

This is John Kasich:

"I think there is a way to get this done by giving governors the ability to be able to act to defund Planned Parenthood. But when it comes to closing down the federal government, you gotta be very careful about that.

When we shut the government down — if we have a chance at success and it’s a great principle, yes. The president of the United States is not going to sign this, and all we’re gonna do is shut the government down, and then we’re gonna open up — open it up, and the American people are gonna shake their heads and say, “what’s the story with these Republicans?”

The "we" to which Kasich keeps referring is certainly not Obama.

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones had an article discussing this:

"Conservatives imagine that this is all abstraction to abortion-happy liberals, but to most real-life adults it isn’t—which makes the straightforward shock tactics deployed by many abortion protesters ineffective. False or unsupported allegations of savage criminality might be more effective, but they're also plainly dishonest. And yet, Carly Fiorina and her supporters are dressing the former up as the latter. Thus, even if you ignore her descriptive errors—that her retelling is set at a Planned Parenthood clinic when in reality it occurred elsewhere, that it includes a fabricated quote, and that it mistakes a stillborn baby for an aborted fetus—the attack line would still be troubling. It includes the implication—a slander—that Planned Parenthood is killing viable babies for profit, and employs a ghoulish description of fetal organ procurement as a sleight of hand to condemn the abortions that precede it.

If conservatives think that “shock[ing] the squeamishly pro-choice” is a good way to influence the abortion debate, they can do so without justifying the failed sting that produced the images, or the dishonest ways conservatives like Fiorina have come to talk about it. When they chose not to, it's a tacit admission that the anti-abortion movement is choosing deception over persuasion."

Michael Corthell said...


You are a coward and a dishonest one at that.

Anonymous said...

Mike, could you be a little more specific? What did I say that was dishonest?

And considering that Anti-abortion extremists are considered a current domestic terrorist threat by the US Department of Justice, and are responsible for many killings, bombings, arson, etc, I would use the word "cautious" rather than "coward".

Anyway, you can call me Al. You don't need to know more. Now let's see if you are too cowardly to have a rational discussion about the matter.

Al said...

Tom, I am not a Democrat. You know what assuming does, right?

So whatever they do does not make me anything.

Personally, I do not condone abortion unless there are extreme circumstances - like the mother's health and rape.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, "Anti-abortion extremists"!
I wonder if there's ANOTHER name for such folk?
"a current domestic terrorist threat by, well, you know, the CURRENT US Department of Justice..."
What? Do they fly Gadsden flags, or something?
Now that PP ACA magically covers "health",, let's cut off EXTRA gub'mint money, for SPECIAL Women'"wellness", and see how it goes from there!
Full disclosure: I AM an Older, pinkish in the winter, unconfused penis person, and recognize that SOME may seek to eliminate my voice and "vote" on such fairly simple "political" science/economic matters, based simply on um...demographic parity in outcome.
(Not HERE of course)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Failed to signify pertinent correction of information in one quotation snippet above.

GenWTF said...

Aaaaaa, "unconfused penis person"!
I wonder if there's ANOTHER name for such folk?
Always"entertaining" deciphering the SPECIAL ramblings of the "pinkish" Capt.,"sigh"
failed indeed.

Anonymous said...

The previous column saw a mistaken burst of "thunder", then not a whimper after presented with the facts.

Here I see name calling..."coward", "dishonest", but again no refuting the facts.

It must suck not being able to defend your positions.

Tom McLaughlin said...

For Democrats, abortion is the most important issue. It is the party of abortion. It's the litmus test for appointment to the Supreme Court. When Obama says he would refuse to sign any budget bill that doesn't have a half billion for Planned Parenthood, he's reinforcing that position.

Please don't quote John Kasich as if he represents anything related to principled conservatism. He was endorsed by the New York Times after all. I spend ninety minutes watching people try to pin him down on anything. Kasich is Mr. Malleable Milquetoast himself. I tried three times to get a straight answer out of him on one question and could not.

I hope that by reading this column you've gotten a taste of what goes on in "women's health centers" all across the country. This is the left. This is Hillary. This is Bernie. This is "progressivism." It's ugly and it's evil and we cannot bear to look at it.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a crap about "Democrats"

And Sure, little you knows more about government workings than John Kasich.

By reading this column I learned that dishonest conservatives are still trying to win the abortion argument by presenting the "Florin video" set at a Planned Parenthood clinic when in reality it occurred elsewhere, that it includes a fabricated quote, and that it mistakes a stillborn baby for an aborted fetus, and that Planned Parenthood is killing viable babies for profit, In other words hat the anti-abortion movement is choosing deception over persuasion. That is the Right. that is "conservatism", it's ugly and it's evil.

And after all this there is STILL no refuting the facts!!!

Tom McLaughlin said...

Little me. Yes. If I'm so little, why don't you go elsewhere and read the "big" people? Why do you hang around here so much?

Anonymous said...

Because somebody needs to point out all the spin and flat out lies that you present. Why, are you scared of having a counter point presented? I know it must annoy you because you are almost never able to refute the counter arguements.

L. Mason said...

It is interesting how many wives of anti-abortion conservatives have pro-choice feelings.

Anita Perry, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Diana Cantor, and Cindy McCain are some that have made their pro-choice sentiments known.

If men got pregnant the abortion level would skyrocket tremendously and there would be very little debate about the matter.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Anonymous: You've been here more than 200 times since the first of the year. There are other sites, you know, where you'd fit right in. I hear Bernie is starting one called when he's elected. Make sure you check it out.

L. Mason: My wife is more vehemently pro-life than I am. So are my four sisters and three daughters.

Why do so many women regret their abortions? Because they feel guilty about having killed their own children. Because they see other women excited about their ultrasound images and they realize the feminists who told them it was only a "lump of tissue" were lying. They imagine how old their children would have been if they'd lived.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Forgot to mention that my mother as well as my four sisters are vehemently pro-life. Mother worked in a pregnancy crisis center.

L. Mason said...

I'm not saying there are not a lot of anti-abortion women, and I'm sure all the women you mentioned are fine people. But this going back and forth calling each other "evil" does nobody good whatsoever. And there is no convincing me that if men got pregnant there would be very little debate about abortion. Unless a part of me can live on it's own then the fate of that part of me rests on my decisions about what to do with my body. Especially if something beyond my control caused it to be there in the first place. Claiming that I am "evil" for such a choice is simple-minded thinking. And playing around with the truth in order to make a more dramatic and shocking case is also a sign of weakness.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I've never called women who have abortions evil. I think doctors like Karpen and Gosnell who do late-term abortions are though.

Anonymous said...

Well, why not? If abortion is evil, than anyone involved is too, except the unborn. Seems to me to be a bit sexist to blame it all on the man, as if the woman is incapable of making her own decision. Yawn, it's what I've come to expect from Tom's column: a complete lack of logic.

Anonymous said...

Any abortion is clearly murder no mater what stage of the pregnancy it is. These people who take any part in these abortions are complicit in this act of murder. Only God has the right to take a life, He is the one who created it only He has the right to take it.