Monday, January 25, 2016

Agreement Designed For Iran To Get Nuke -- Ted Cruz

Last Tuesday’s interview with Ted Cruz was the one I was waiting for. He’s the most conservative candidate in the race and I’ve leaned toward him from the beginning. But I got only one question. I asked him if he knew who the 12th Imam was, the Mahdi, the figure Iranian President Achmadinejad would invoke each time he spoke at the UN.
“I do,” he said right away.

Then I asked him if he knew the significance of Iranian belief in the Mahdi for American policy. Well, did he ever! I’d asked the question of at least five other presidential candidates and Senator Cruz’s answer was by far the broadest and deepest. He hit my question out of the park and the ensuing discussion took up much of the interview.
“It’s an important question because it helps understand the views of the Ayatollah Khomenei,” said Cruz. “The 12th Imam, the Mahdi, comes in an apocalyptic final battle where they believe he will usher in the victory of Islam worldwide. And it’s one of the reasons why a nuclear Iran is, I believe, the greatest national security threat facing the country. And, just a couple of weeks ago we had a moment that really drew it in sharp relief — the magnitude of the threat — which was North Korea allegedly testing a hydrogen bomb. We don’t have that confirmed but they appeared to be testing a hydrogen bomb… If you look at North Korea, and go back to the 1990s when the Clinton Administration relaxed sanctions against North Korea — led the entire world in relaxing sanctions — billions of dollars flowed into North Korea in exchange for a promise not to develop nuclear weapons. They turned around and took those billions of dollars and developed nuclear weapons.
“The lead negotiator for that North Korea deal under the Clinton Administration, was a woman named Wendy Sherman. When President Obama was elected, Obama and Hillary Clinton recruited Wendy Sherman to come back and be the lead negotiator in Iran. She’s literally the only person on the planet who screwed this up once…”
“And she got a second shot!” said Lloyd Jones, sports reporter for the Sun.
“…and she got a second shot,” Cruz echoed. “And she made the exact same mistake. She negotiated effectively the same deal — except in this case it’s a hundred and fifty billion dollars going to Iran for the same empty promises which nobody believes.”
Then he turned to me again and said: “But your question highlights why Iran is qualitatively more dangerous, which is — Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un were and are both radical and extreme  — both father and son are both megalomaniacal narcissists. Which means, hopefully some degree of rational deterrence is possible because they both agree if they ever use  a nuclear weapon, their regime would be over. The danger with Khomenei, and this goes to the apocalyptic, theocratic view of Khomenei and the mullahs, is that they glorify death and suicide. They welcome the apocalypse to bring the coming of the Mahdi.”
“And in my view,” Cruz continued, “the North Korean nuclear test is essentially a crystal ball foreshadowing where this country goes if Hillary is elected. That in three, four, five years, Iran, just like North Korea will be testing a nuclear weapon but, given the apocalyptic views, the religious death cult of the leadership, I think the odds are unacceptably high that instead of testing the weapon underground, they’ll test it in the skies of Tel Aviv, or New York, or Los Angeles.”
Mark Guerringue, Sun publisher, said: “Well you’re obviously against the agreement, but what about the agreement? The Iranians… I mean basically you believe the Atomic Agency — the International Atomic Energy Agency — the six countries: Russia, China, France, Germany, Britain, us, that we’ve got a program. You don’t believe it?”
“I do not believe it — at all,” said Cruz… While the deal was being negotiated, ambassadors would come by my office complaining about the enormous strong-arming and pressure that was coming from the Obama Administration to get on board. This was the Administration that drove our allies, did real damage by unraveling the international consensus on sanctions. But this agreement was designed on its face to facilitate Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.”
“Why do I say that? Number one: we were initially promised anytime, anywhere inspections. That promise got quickly discarded. Under the terms of the agreement, the Iranians get effectively 24 days notice before any inspection. Now, if you’re designing an inspection regime — and I’ve used the analogy before — Imagine if the state of New Hampshire passed a law that said before you can execute any search warrant on a drug lord, you have to give them 24 days notice about the place to be searched. Now that’s an inspection regime that is guaranteed to insure you’ll never find anything. Even the dumbest drug lord on earth, with 24 days notice, would avoid anything being discovered — but even worse, under the terms of the agreement there are some locations that are completely off limits from inspections. And, there are other locations that the Iranians are instructed to inspect themselves!
“Anyone looking at this agreement knows, to a metaphysical certainty, Iran will use this agreement to acquire nuclear weapons. I would note — while this agreement was being negotiated — the State Department is sitting down with the Iranians — a senior Iranian general tweets: “The annihilation of Israel is not negotiable.”

“No one is disagreeing there are radical elements in Iran,” said Sun Publisher Mark Guerringue.
“No-no-no-no,” said Cruz. “It’s not ‘radical elements.’ It’s the leadership. This is not a democratic world where you’re worried: ‘there’s this faction.’ This is an absolute dictatorship. The Ayatollah Khomenei — what he wants — he is the ‘Supreme Leader.’ So it’s not elements. It is the Iranian Revolution that has seized… It’s a theocratic, homicidal — in the middle of this agreement, while it was being negotiated, the Iranian navy set up a mock US Navy ship, did war exercises bombing it. That didn’t cause the Obama Administration to stop. In the middle of negotiating this agreement, the Ayatollah Khomenei, to the assembled masses, joined them in burning American flags and Israeli flags and chanting: ‘Death to America!’ Literally — we’re negotiating with someone who is chanting ‘Death to America!’ and burning our flag!”
And then last week, Iran seizes two Navy ships, does everything they can to humiliate ten sailors — brought them to their knees to humiliate them — and the Obama Administration not only thanks them, heaps praise upon them, and then is now releasing billions of dollars and Iran today is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism! This week we saw something that has never occurred in the history of… which is, the Obama Administration has become biggest financier of Radical Islamic terrorism. We know with absolute certainty that Khomenei is going to take those billions and give money to Hamas, to Hezbollah, to the Houthis, to radical Islamic terrorists. And they will use that money to murder Americans.”
The full Ted Cruz interview podcast

I could go on because I’ve only transcribed half of Cruz’s answer to my question. Suffice it to say that I have no more doubt about who I’m supporting for president in 2016.


Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz….that’s your guy?

Let’s take a glimpse into what type of man Ted Cruz is. This is pretty revealing:

In 1997, Michael Wayne Haley was arrested after stealing a calculator from Walmart. This was a crime that merited a maximum two-year prison term. But prosecutors incorrectly applied a habitual offender law. Neither the judge nor the defense lawyer caught the error and Haley was sentenced to 16 years.
Eventually, the mistake came to light and Haley tried to fix it. Ted Cruz was solicitor general of Texas at the time. Instead of just letting Haley go for time served, Cruz took the case to the Supreme Court to keep Haley in prison for the full 16 years.

At the Supreme Court hearing, Justice Anthony Kennedy—left incredulous by Cruz’s position—asked him: “Is there some rule that you can't confess error in your state?”

WTF? What kind of creepy, mean spirited SOB pulls that crap?

Peter said...

It is astonishing how many people are susceptible to blatant, balls-out fear mongering. People like Cruz play to these fears like a master fiddler, got you all convinced that our lives are in such jeopardy "cuz some of them wacked out, funny looking people from somewhere else are on the verge of killing' us all...(or even worse - sneakin' into our country)

Considering Islamic terror killing an average of 3.2 Americans per year since 9/11(45 deaths divided by 14 years) this Chicken Little cry might be more suited to the dangers of cows.

Yes, cows. According to the CDC, cattle slay an average of 20 Americans every year. While these deaths occur mostly among farm workers, dogs kill 28 Americans per year, spiders kill seven, and venomous lizards and snakes kill six. All of these animals are still more likely to kill an American than the caliphate and other Islamic boogeymen.

Or how about the fearsome Television: the deadly devices kills 176 people a year. Literally. They fall on people. That’s 55 times more deaths than Islamic terror claims annually.

And then you have the great elevator menace: Elevators kill 27 Americans per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

And of course there is lightning: People often quip that one is “more likely to be struck by lightning” when they want to highlight an event’s improbability. However, even as the number of deaths from lightning decreases over the long-term, it is still higher than the number of people killed by Muslim terror attacks each year. Forty-nine people per year die from being struck by lightning — more than 15 times the rate of death from Islamic extremist murders.

But a real threat to humanity, like our rapidly heating planet? (which YOU are far more likely to die from...say a prayer for the grandchildren)

Let’s dismiss that because that is just science based malarky involving "facts" and "evidence".

Ted Cruz: “for the last 17 years there's been zero warming, none whatsoever”

What?!? We have been breaking the record for years! It just came out that 2015 broke the previous record for hottest year - 2014 - by far!

“This individual understands less about science (and climate change) than the average kindergartner,” say Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania State University meteorology professor, wrote of Cruz’s statements. “That sort of ignorance would be dangerous in a doorman, let alone a president.”

As somebody says (and more people should):

I am not terrified of the terrorists; Rather, I am terrified of the terrorized; terrified of the bovine masses who are so easily manipulated by terrorists, governments, and the corporate media into allowing our country to slip toward totalitarianism.

Mr. E said...

How can one not bring up the disgusting fact that he is such a proven liar?

It’s not just that Cruz is dishonest, it’s that he almost seems completely impervious to the truth. You really can’t be as dishonest as he’s been over the last couple of years without either being a delusional pathological liar or someone who’s blatantly trying to lie to the American people.

It's hilarious. Cruz has been left in the pitiful position of having to argue that he is more believable than the Pulitzer prize winning Politifact and the other fact checkers. Of the first 47 statements checked by Politifact, only one has been rated as “True” – and it was about toilet seats.

Spouting his crowd-pleasing BS at CPAC is one thing, but standing on the national stage seeking to be president is another. If he somehow wins the nomination his untruthfulness will sink him like a stone in the long run.

Brian said...

I know how sensitive conservatives are about being labeled "racist", but what is one to otherwise make of how Cruz proudly proclaimed that we needed “100 more senators like Jesse Helms” – the epitome of a racist who opposed the Civil Rights Act; supported apartheid in South Africa; frequently tried to block the appointment of African-American judges; and used a filibuster to try to prevent naming a federal holiday after Martin Luther King

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Tom thinks of Cruz saying he wants to ban Syrian refugees, and deport illegal immigrants when Ted’s refugee father Rafael, fought alongside Fidel Castro, bribed his way into this country, was granted political asylum, got a green card, ungratefully moved to Canada, became a Canadian citizen, and had a son, Canadian-born Ted.

Hmmm. Sounds like if Barack "Hussein" Obama had such an upbringing Tom would be in a suspicious tizzy.

Anonymous said...

Undeclared. (AKA Independent to our foreign friends)
My largest concern, which will probably nag me until the morning of the primary voting, is not who has the best "ideas" as presidential candidate, but who can pull it off, who they can get on board, and if they can simply push the rent seekers BACK into the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, what THIS guy said. (about what Trump does)
OK, maybe 85% of what he said.
Of course, one can fill in the blank using ANYTHING with a Mad Lib.

America First said...

Iran? Oh right, the Zionist owned media in this country needs a boogeyman to distract from the reality that Israel, who has never signed the nuclear proliferation treaty by the way, and, as a result, makes our monetary assistance illegal, is literally getting away with murder. And stealing land. And the narcissistic megalomaniac Netanyahu wants more American tax payer dollars!
This propaganda you spew is fantastic bs and fear pron for the military industrial war machine.

You should've asked why the only foreigners arrested on 9/11 were the five "dancing Israelis" then you should've asked why they were returned to Israel after being detained by the FBI.
Then maybe you should've asked about the non signing of the non proliferation treaty and the billions a year we give them in aide; and how that's legal. (Hint--- it ain't )
Did you ask Cruz how many Iranian/Muslim owned media outlets there are in the USA as opposed to Zionist owned?

What will happen to all of the Zionist traitors to this country once the truth is revealed? In other words, how are you gonna react when you realize you've been lied to and had a hand in selling this country out?

Thanks to all of you brave zionists for betraying our once great nation for the great state of Israel! Hope it was worth it!

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz: "Blue Cross Blue Shield cancelled all their individual (health care) policies in the state of Texas, effective Dec. 31."


Ted Cruz said: "Mike Morell testified and told Congress that the reason Obama has not bombed ISIS' oil fields is they're concerned about global warming."
'completely nonsensical'

Rated FALSE and 'completely nonsensical'

Ted Cruz: The Iran deal "trusts the Iranians to inspect themselves."

Rated FALSE (Up to 150 international inspectors within nine months)

And "The Iran Deal will facilitate and accelerate the nation of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons."

Rated FALSE (Even in worst-case scenario, deal would make it harder to get a bomb)

Says Ted Cruz said, "There is no place for gays or atheists in my America. None. Our Constitution makes that clear."

Rated PANTS ON FIRE (Does he even know what the Constitution IS?)

Ted: ISIS is "right now crucifying Christians in Iraq, literally nailing Christians to trees."

Rated FALSE (No evidence at all)

Says Barack Obama "began his presidency going on a worldwide apology tour."

Rated PANTS ON FIRE - this one even got lemmings like Mclaughlin repeating it despite being unable to name ONE apology!!!!

Just another politician for whom words having meanings is a difficult concept.

Brian said...

Ted Cruz seems to be the polar opposite of Bernie Sanders. Cruz will change his positions to whatever will help him politically. Zero integrity. With Sanders, on the otherhand, what you see and hear is what you get. He says what he believes, consequences be damned. A man of integrity. Just check their honesty. Sanders has ZERO Pants on Fire ratings on PolitiFact. When Cruz's statements were examined for truth, TWO-THIRDS of the time he was lying!!!

How people can support a "man" like this is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

We've just seen a case of political dishonesty blowing up in people's faces. How great is it that those lying scumbags who put together the video in a lame attempt to attack Planned Parenthood are now being indicted!!! To think that some sheep bought it hook, line and sinker and bleated along with the rest of their naive herd. It was so obviously fake, and now that has been proven and the guilty ones are getting rightfully screwed. I just love a happpy ending.

Anonymous said...

The lack of anybody trying to defend Cruz speaks volumes.

Mr. E said...

It is amazing that despite having, for many years, been part of the most insider, elite group imaginable, Cruz sells himself as an “outsider” to Washington. Even more amazing is that people like Tom seem to believe him. It is very easy to check out his long record of working closely with Washington insiders. He clerked for two Republican judges. He practiced law in Washington for a law firm well-connected to Republicans on Capitol Hill. He worked for George W. Bush's presidential campaign, then had two jobs in Washington in the Bush administration. He was then appointed solicitor general of Texas by Rick Perry, who succeeded Bush as the state's governor. And Cruz has been a U.S. senator since January 2013. In Washington.
Obama was much more of a Washington outsider than is Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Is there some mistaken impression that "Washington insiders" means the folks actually in office, or those subsequently rewarded with an "appointment" to "administer" contra-Constitutional "new rules"?

Anonymous said...

A Washington insider is somebody who has worked for many years in Washington with the major power brokers. In otherwords, Ted Cruz.

Steve said...

The link is to your 1/25/2011 blog post about the conversation you had with your students regarding the possibility Obama wasn’t born in the states. I give you credit. You took a real-time national discussion and used that to get them reading relevant Constitutional provisions. That’s good teaching in my book. My observation is the difference in tone between that blog post and this current one. In the 2011 blog, you’re genuinely uncertain if Obama was legally allowed to be president should it be discovered he was born in another country. In this blog, however, knowing Cruz was born in Canada, you're convinced of the Constitutional legitimacy of a Cruz presidency. Why the difference?

Anonymous said...

Even Tom has no answers or defense. I guess it is hard to defend an unlikeable man with little integrity.

Derik said...

What's with this "integrity" bullshit? Bernie sanders supported the bombing of gaza in the summer of 2014 and will continue to commit genicide in gaza. He will continue to send American tax dollars that number in the billions to a country who has refusesd to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Guess what? That's illegal. Israel is not only treating Isis wounded ( documented fact) they are buying Isis oil! And stealing land. This chicken shit country is built on lies. The most egregious lies. And the American half wit swallows it hook line and sinker.
Integrity? Do the congressman who support Israel over their own country have integrity? NO. Does an Israeli dual citizen serving in AMERICAN govt have integrity? Hell no! How are they even allowed in? Integrity? Like our pathetic corporate media, owned by zionists? How much integrity do they have? Hahha...

It doesn't matter on iota who the president is. Didn't Obama teach you people anything? A Nobel peace prize winner who has murdered countless innocent women and children via a purely evil drone campaign. This alone deserves impeachment. But how about the support of ndaa? The patriot act? Gitmo? Fast and furious? Not one banker in jail. Not. One.
Etc. etc. don't matter who is in the Oval Office, the agenda continues. The "election". Keeps the people feeling like they have a say. They don't.

For a history teacher I don't see any evidence of knowledge of history beyond what one would find in a middle school text. In other words, propaganda and lies...Might as well have been published by Winston smith in the ministry of truth...

It amazes me how Americans grovel for Israel. Especially when it's based on nothing but lies and distortion. More amazing is the tremendous amount of power aipac wields while we turn a blind eye. What's more, this has not one thing to to with Judaism. Not. One. the saying goes-----look at who you aren't allowed to criticize....wake up America.

Anonymous said...

ok Derik, now go away and pretend that children were not murdered at Sandy Hook. Nobody can take anything you say seriously after hearing that. When you can just claim that something is a "documented fact" when there is no proof you sound like Ted Cruz.

Snap out if out, man.

Derik said...

anonymous, waste no time with the deflection huh? Par for the course. When you can prove otherwise in reference to ct. let us all know. Haha.

Now on to the relevant topic. Yes they are treating them , duh, they are backing them. Cui Bono. This isnt rocket science.
Funny they've never been attacked by these "radical extremists" huh? Considering geography that's nearly implausible.
As for who is purchasing Isis oil. That's been reported many times.

How about fun with facts? How does this country get to give billions to a foreign nation with a massive stockpile of nukes they refuse to report? Because under American law we cannot do such a thing. Golly gee, who owns who here? And it seems highly unlikely that it is legal for aipac to operate as it does---- they need to register as a foreign agent. We have dual citizens in congress! Hello!! I wonder what James Madison would think of that?!?! Any comments you have concerning how this is legal would be appreciated. But I suspect some bs defection as response.

Ask Cynthia McKinney or James trafficant about the oath ALL congressman must sign to pledge allegiance not to America but Israel.
( and research what happens if you refuse to sign)

Who was arrested celebrating on 9/11? Wasn't a group of Palestinians or Muslims. Hint, it was a "our great ally".

Snap out of it huh? Ha! I did .Years ago. I am loyal to America.

Anonymous said...

Derik said..."Now on to the relevant topic."

The topic here is Ted Cruz.

Derik said...

Actually, according to my post, it was "integrity" as it's been mentioned in the comments here. I pointed out how sanders doesn't have any. Neither does Cruz. Obviously. And that they are both shills for Zionism--- promoting genocide and death. Also both back an illegal drone murder campaign. Integrity? Hardly. They also both care more about Israel than America. This is extremely relevant as it relates to regular Americans. Especially in an election.

It was you who brought up Connecticut. Not me. So....pot, meet kettle.
Ted Cruz is a Zionist war mongering shill. So is Bernie. And Hillary. Etc.

Feel free to address the unbelievable power that this tiny little country wields over you and me. Our sons and daughters are dying for them---- kinda relevant. No? ( my guess is you will deflect, call me anti-Semitic, and stick that head back into the sand. Without addressing one thing I mentioned earlier.)

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, as I have many of the same feelings about Isreal, but I just can't bring myself to try and have a rational conversation with someone so wacked on conspiracies such as Sandy Hook. It would be like talking to somebody about global warming knowing that they deny the earth is getting warmer and that all scientists are lying to us. When people believe such outlandish thoughts it is best to just ignore them. Their minds are made up, facts be damned. Babble on, but I will not read more or respond.

Derik said...

Huh, pretty convenient way to not engage. Cry crazy conspiracy theory. Except it doesn't fly with me or the myriad other Americans waking up to this bs. You'd have an argument if the events of that day were cut and dry And evidence easily and readily available. But they aren't. That's why there is a growing movement of critical thinkers who smell something wrong. We are talking phd's and scholars here, not some basement dwelling half wits. The evidence that something is off with this event is ample. More than ample. Which is why documentaries have been made and books published. Let me repeat that. Movies have been made and books published. One of which was removed from Amazon. Golly, I wonder why in a country built on free speech. Professor James Tracy has been fired from a university over this!! Hello! A tenured professor! Unlike you I have read and watched every available resource representing both sides. The conclusion I come to repeatedly is that we were not told the truth. Just like 9/11. It's that simple. The "official" narratives do not hold water. I have listed them here before and your refusal to comment on these things ( I'm talking real engaging subjective commentary, not rehashing someone else's point of view) tells me all I need to know. You're scared that there is some truth to the idea that sandy hook isn't what it appears. And quite frankly I don't blame you. The implications are horrifying.
"Me thinks thou protest too much"
You claim that the Sandy hook narrative is rational and factual. If so, why so many people questioning? Why so many documentaries? Why so many scholars calling bs? Why ban books? Fire professors? Hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

I feel ashamed engaging you further. I have a weakness for letting ignorance going unchecked.

Why are so many people "questioning" Sandy Hook? You may as well ask why so many people question the moon landing, or believe in palm readers, or believe in Christianity, or believe in esp, or ghosts, or bigfoot, or are global warming denialists. Obviously there are people still making money off of suckers like you. As long as they do, books and documentaries will get made. Did one get banned from Amazon? I guess you are talking about the totally debunked Fetzer book. Was it banned? Was it pulled by Fetzer to get publicity? Where is the proof either way? Amazon sells other Sandy Hook conspiracy books.

If some professor was fired for spouting sandy hook bs, then I feel the same way as if they were fired for denying the holocaust, or making racist comments. Good. Besides, Tracy had been badgering the parents of one of the victims. A-hole move. Just like all the bastards that say horrible things to other parents. People like you make the unthinkable horror of these parents even worse.

I feel gross talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"I feel ashamed engaging you further. I have a weakness for letting ignorance going unchecked."
So it would seem...

Derik said...

Spoken like good little fascist. I see you've been programmed well and don't even realize it! What should I expect from someone responding on this blog I guess?
What happened in ct., the official story, is full of holes, anomalies and outright weirdness. So trying to compare it to the moon landing deniers, a pathetic and intellectually lazy tactic.
Sorry nothing has been "debunked" either.
My god how does one become so blind? You can't even acknowledge the inconsistencies in reporting of the event, which are documented. You're playing pretend with yourself!
Alas you reveal yourself in the last paragraph. You're a fascist who detests freedom, just like Tom. Fire people for exercising free speech? Are you f?$!&@! Kidding me?! Book banning!!! In America!! Wtf!! And you cheerlead this shit! Shame on you!! THE TRUTH CAN WITHSTAND SCRUTINY. Jailing dissenters only confirms the lies, genius.
And no, James Tracey wasn't harassing the pozner phony. My god, do you worship at the altar of corporate information?

You must love this world we currently live in. A dumbed down populous who believe freedom exists in one of two corporate Zionist puppets. Mindless TV and Internet to distract from the reality of limited freedoms and endless war and a phony economy. Hell, you probably think the federal reserve is not only federal but necessary. Spineless adherence to oligarchical rule and corporate propaganda--- and god damn it silence those dissenters and people who question anything!!

Well, the dumbing down of America is complete. Thank you. And thank you for serving the interests of a fascist oligarchy. Thanks for being a spineless cog in a wheel of lies. You represent everything that is wrong with this country and I would highly suggest reading the federalist papers and the constitution. You clearly lack any knowledge of freedom. Especially free thought. Oh, and maybe try and unlearn what you think is "history".

Anonymous said...

Derik said: "What should I expect from someone responding on this blog?"

Hey Einstein..YOU responded on this blog as well.

Why do YOU worship at the alter of "Anything goes, make it up, non-fact checked" websites?

I don't believe the book was banned. Prove it. Not using one of your websites as described above.

A college has the right for getting rid of professors that are ignorant and taunting grieving parents.

Deal with it.

Now run along and continue to be just another sucker in the world of delusion and conspiracy. Why bother thinking for yourself.